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  • 1. Submissions: “Tech Age Girls’’ Name: Nguyen Thuy Hang. Date of birth: 17 – 01 – 1997. Who is your RC? (who directly or indirectly introduce TAG to you): Dinh Thi Thu Huong. Name of your school: Chu Van An High School. Class: 10A6. Home Address: 138, Cach mang thang Tam Street, Thai Nguyen City. Phone/ cell phone: (0280) 3.831.886. Email Address:
  • 2. COMMUNICATION ON HIV / AIDS Currently the HIV / AIDS epidemic is spreading dramatically in all regions from urban to rural areas including mountain areas, islands and remote areas of the country all over the world. HIV / AIDS is not only caused enormous economic consequences, economic development for countries throughout the European continent, but also to how misfortune for themselves, the spirit of people living with HIV / AIDS their families and loved ones. HIV / AIDS is the responsibility and obligation of the economic development of each family and each individual ... Currently there is no drug that can cure HIV / AIDS, know how to room and for the community as well as propaganda for everyone to know, is considered as a vaccine to prevent HIV / AIDS today. HIV / AIDS is not merely a medical problem that has become a problem in the workplace, challenging development process, causing social unrest and threaten the prosperity of all humanity. So propagation of HIV / AIDS in the workplace in the current situation urgently needed profound practical significance.
  • 3. I The need for advocacy on HIV / AIDS: HIV / AIDS is a dangerous infectious disease can strike anyone, can be spread in the community and into the agencies, organizations and businesses. Spread of HIV / AIDS, regardless of age, gender, occupation, social status ... anyone if you do not know enough about HIV / AIDS and do not perform safe behaviors are at risk for HIV / AIDS. Interaction process and integration of the world is changing some opinions, values​​ social trend to disregard the collective consciousness, cohesion in the community, reducing the positive lead to the ability to control social control and social adjustment significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the personal freedom are highly valued and the entry flow of books, movies promote violence and sexual stimulus from abroad more and more demand for sex and injecting drug users - ie increase the risk of HIV / AIDS. This is especially true of young workers. HIV / AIDS infection risk in the workplace because of communication problems, HIV / AIDS has not been adequate attention. In some sectors such as health and police - the nature of risk in the profession can be very high due to the employees in this industry are exposed directly or struggling with HIV / AIDS. However, the staff has not been fully provide good protection means to prevent HIV infection while on duty.
  • 4. II Things you need to know about HIV / AIDS: HIV is an abbreviation of "virus causes immunodeficiency in humans." AIDS is the abbreviated term for "eye immunodeficiency syndrome". AIDS is the final stage of the HIV infection process. During this period immunomodulatory system of the body is weakened should the patient more susceptible to diseases such as: infections, cancer,…etc…
  • 5. III The role of leadership, management, socio-political organizations at work in the propagation of HIV / AIDS: The role of leadership and management (especially the head) have a crucial role for all activities of the organization. If leaders really interested and determined to promote HIV / AIDS in the workplace, with specific program plans will have the necessary conditions for success. The role of Party organizations: Most agencies, businesses ... Party organizations. This organization plays an important role - leadership activities at the grassroots level in all areas under its jurisdiction. Major decisions related to the overall objectives, social responsibility and social welfare have the participation of party organizations. Participation in leadership communication, HIV / AIDS in the workplace of the party organization is a factor to ensure the propagation of HIV / AIDS in the right direction, in full compliance with the regulations of the Party and State. The role of trade unions: As a representative for workers and advise the leadership, trade unions play an important role in the propagation of HIV / AIDS in the workplace. Ability to mobilize the union that brings together members of the academic workplace, practice safe behaviors to protect themselves and the workplace before the HIV / AIDS epidemic, the care organization, support support workers with HIV, to help workers with HIV are entitled to full rights of workers: anti-fire, anti-discrimination, the opportunity to get a raise or bonus ... The role of socio-political organization: Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union as a mass organization of youth have the ability to gather, organize, educate young people make safe behavior. While youth is the object of infection, the operation of the Youth Union held an important position for the success of advocacy, prevention and control of HIV / AIDS in the workplace. Womens Association is an organization representing and protecting the interests of workers are women. Womens social group is very vulnerable by HIV / AIDS. The rate of HIV / AIDS in women and higher in families of people with HIV, they bear more burden than men. In addition to actively working to raise awareness for women about HIV / AIDS, gender, sexuality, family planning and sexually transmitted diseases, the Womens active encouragement, comfort mental, physical support and care for women in difficult circumstances and mobilize their members to participate in the propagation of HIV / AIDS in the workplace.
  • 6. IV Measures to reduce the incidence of HIV / AIDS: Develop action plans on HIV / AIDS for the whole population, plans to direct and guide the implementation of HIV / AIDS to all levels of education, the workplace, the plant, the company ... to provide basic knowledge about HIV / AIDS, infection control measures, especially focused on stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. Organized several workshops on reducing stigma and discrimination people living with HIV in public places, tens of thousands of documents and hundreds of DVDs to teach about HIV / AIDS to the subject in the school ... More practical current propaganda and education on HIV / AIDS is associated with the content of the lessons of related disciplines (such as biology, geography, citizenship education, Literature ...)form integrated to provide students with basic knowledge about reproductive health and HIV / AIDS, or through the educational activities outside working hours, thematic organization, report ... Home this also included similar activities in training colleges and teachers to students equipped with the knowledge and skills about reproductive health education, HIV / AIDS for teachers future, help them make good lecture on it in high school.
  • 7.  For these activities into order and to be effective, they must periodically inspect and evaluate the performance monitoring HIV / AIDS for each school, the workplace (public). Therefore, propaganda and education on HIV / AIDS is extremely important to work to the enthusiastic response of the school. In addition, the annual plan to guide the implementation of HIV / AIDS to other departments, organizations, departments and departments throughout the University. Organizing promotional activities, contests under a variety of forms, rich in anti-drug themes, HIV / AIDS and social evils periodically on days 1-12 every year (World HIV / AIDS), attracted the participation in the implementation and support of the people. Promote propaganda on this issue for students. This is core propaganda member to organize meetings, seminars, forums periodically to people on many different topics (such as sex education, reproductive health, HIV / AIDS, safe sex, family planning, etc.).Thereby contributing to help people stay away from social evils, HIV / AIDS ...
  • 8. THE END