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Vladimirvolegov : Painter (td)
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Vladimirvolegov : Painter (td)


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. 08.09.09 07:34 AM VLADIMIR VOLEGOV PAINTER Fausto Papetti Tempi d'amore
  • 2. Born in Chabarovsk, Russia, Vladimir Volegov began painting at the age of three and his talent would be noted repeatedly throughout his adolescence. After having attended the art school "Krivoj Rog" and having served in the army, Vladimir Volegov was admitted to the Lvov Polygraphic Institute in the former Soviet Union. Beginning in 1984 Vladimir Volegov began participating in, and winning, International Competitions for poster art .
  • 3. Vladimir Volegov moved to Moscow in 1988 and before long, Vladimir Volegov's career in commercial art was in full swing. Notable Russian publishing houses sought his talents to design posted and CD and cassette covers for musical groups. While working with the publishing houses Vladimir Volegov continued to work on his paintings and participate in exhibitions. In 1990 Vladimir Volegov began traveling to Europe where he earned money by painting portraits on the streets of Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna and other European cities. It is with this experience he further honed his skills in depicting the human form. Over the past fourteen years, his art has evolved into the striking figurative work he creates today. Vladimir Volegov's vibrant color palette and bold strokes coalesce to create evocative image that possess a timeless sensibility.
  • 4. Playing in the Park
  • 5. Out For a Walk
  • 6. Yellow Bouquet
  • 7. By the Seaside
  • 8. At Waters Edge
  • 9. Lost in Thought
  • 10. Low Tide
  • 11. Beyond the shea
  • 12. Sun Drenched Garden
  • 13. La Mer
  • 14. From a Rose
  • 15. Pretty in Pink
  • 16. The Harbor
  • 17. Poolosi de prose
  • 18. Lost in tale
  • 19. Bon Voyage
  • 20. Pretty in Pink
  • 21. Dames Sur La Plage
  • 22. Vidas Florecientes
  • 23. River of Dreams
  • 24. The Sweetest Moment
  • 25. Lakeside Reflections
  • 26. Secret Beach
  • 27. Sunny Day in the Park
  • 28. Seaside Sounet
  • 29. First reading
  • 30. Girl With the Boungainvillea
  • 31. Summers Novel
  • 32. Sunny blonde
  • 33. Tuesdays Stroll
  • 34. T H E E N D