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Thuat ngu-event

  1. 1. PHỤ LỤC: THUẬT NGỮ THƯỜNG DÙNG TRONG TỔ CHỨC SỰ KIỆNAccepted Practices Exchange (APEX) - an initiative of the Convention Industry Council. The mission of APEX is "Tospearhead an industry-wide initiative that brings together all stakeholders in the development and implementation of industry-wide accepted practices which create and enhance efficiencies throughout the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry."Accessibility - availability or approachability for all persons, regardless of a person’s physical or mental limitationsAccommodation - guest bedrooms occupied by meeting attendees accompanying person - any individual who comes with a participant, not necessarily involved with the meeting sessions;guest or spouse of an attendeeaccrual accounting - income is entered when it is earned and expenses are entered when they are incurred, not necessarilywhen they are paidacetate- transparent material on which information for an overhead projector is written; available in sheets or rolls advance registration incentives - complimentary or discounted goods, services, or fees that encourage attendees toregister for an event before it actually takes place, done through mail, phone, internet, or faxagenda -program of things to be done; specifically, a list of things to be dealt with at a meetingambient lighting - level of illumination from natural lighting sources already existing in an environmentamenities- complimentary items; often in the guest’s bedroomamplifier (amp) - device enabling sound to be intensifiedancillary - those events that are in conjunction with the conference/event, such as guest programsannual general meeting (AGM) - the yearly General Meeting of an association, corporationattendee - individual registered for a conference; people who actually come are verified attendeesattendee profile - a description of the typical delegate which includes such details as age, sex, point of origin, companions(demographics) attendee trend - a following of attendee profiles from conference to conference; to determine general tendencies over aperiod of time attrition clause - a specific provision in a contract that has been agreed upon in writing by the hotel and the meetingsponsor; provides for payment of damages by the sponsor to the hotel when the sponsor fails to fulfill its specified percentageof contracted room nights or its specified percentage of food and beverage or both audio visual aids - audio and visual support for meetings, usually taking the form of film, slides, overhead projection, flipcharts, sound and video equipment banquet event order (BEO) - detailed instructions for a particular event prepared by the facility; also known as a résumésheet or function sheet; includes detailed instructions related to room setups, food and beverage barrier free - absence of obstacles preventing persons with special needs from moving freely to all public areas within abuildingblue lines- a copy of filmed camera ready copy, one of the last stages before printingboom - Adjustable support for positioning microphones or lighting fixtures.booth area - amount of floor space occupied by exhibitor; same as exhibition area, stand area
  2. 2. brainstorming - group sessions in which all participants contribute creative ideas which are not initially judged for meritbreakeven point - the point at which revenues match expenditures (e.g., no financial loss is incurred) breakout session - small group sessions, panels, workshops or presentations, offered concurrently within the meeting,formed to focus on specific subjects; the meeting is apart from the general session, but within the meeting format, formed tofocus on specific subjects; these sessions can be arranged by basic, intermediate or advanced; or divided by interest areas orindustry segmentbulk mailings - large quantity of mail sent at one time at a special ratebudgetary philosophy - financial expectation of the meeting; generate a profit, break-even, or run at a deficitbudget reconciliation - a comparison of the budgeted figures for the meeting vs the actual figures achievedcall for abstracts - prospectus sent to potential sources of meeting presenter, exhibitors, speakers or panelist call for papers - an invitation to submit topic ideas for the conference program; document containing detailed instructionsfor submission of papers for assessment and selection by a review committee; often referred to as "abstract forms" cancellation clause - 1) provision in a contract which outlines penalties for both parties if cancellation occurs for failure tocomply with terms of the agreement; 2) (entertainment) provision with artist’s contract that allows artist to cancel within aspecified period of time prior to artist’s play datecarousel tray - circular holder used for projecting 35mm slides; same as round slide traycash accounting - a system in which revenue and expenses are counted as they are actually receivedcash bar - private room bar set up where guests pay for drinks individually Certified Meeting Manager (CMM) - Certification program offered by Meeting Professionals International; globalcertification in meeting management that focuses on strategic thinking and actions for senior level meeting professionals Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) - accredited designation offered by the Convention Industry Council; thisdesignation certifies competency in 27 areas of meeting management through application and examination chart of accounts - detailed list of the individual line items that make up the revenue and expense categories in a budget; anumbering system used to identify every line item in a budget, so income and expenses are posted to the correct accountsclient - a customer; may refer to the person/organization hiring the meeting professionalclinic - workshop-type educational experience where attendees learn by doingcommunications center - an area in the meeting venue for telephone, fax, Internet, or teleconferencing facilitiescomplimentary (comp) - service, space or item given at no charge complete meeting package (CMP) - an all-inclusive plan offered by conference centers; includes lodging, all meals andsupport services concurrent session - multiple sessions scheduled at the same time; programs on different themes or subjects offeredsimultaneously conference - 1) participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation; 2) an eventused by any organization to meet and exchange views, convey a message, open a debate or give publicity to some area ofopinion on a specific issue; no tradition, continuity or periodicity is required to convene a conference; although not generallylimited in time, conferences are usually of short duration with specific objectives; conferences are generally on a smaller scalethan congresses conference résumé - a detailed summary of overall meeting requirements prepared by the organizers for the facilitiesand/or suppliers. Also called event résumé, manual of operationsconfrontation - efforts of a dissident group to obstruct the conduct of an event
  3. 3. congress - 1) the regular coming together of large groups of individuals, generally to discuss a particular subject; a congresswill often last several days and have several simultaneous sessions; the length of time between congresses is usuallyestablished in advance of the implementation stage, and can be either pluri-annual or annual; most international or worldcongresses are of the former type while national congresses are more frequently held annually; 2) meeting of an association ofdelegates or representatives from constituent organizations; 3) European term for conventioncontingency plan - an alternative plan that may replace the original plan when circumstances change continuing education units (CEUs) - requirement of many professional groups by which members must certify participationin formal educational programs designed to maintain their level of ability beyond their original certification date contractor - an individual or organization providing services to an exposition and/or its exhibitors; typically refers to either ageneral service contractor or specialty contractor contribution margin - amount of the registration fee that is left over once the individual’s variable costs have been covered(e.g. how much each delegate contributes towards the fixed costs of the meeting) convention - large, national meetings of business circles, whether for discussion or commercial exhibitions or both; may alsorefer to a general and formal meeting of a legislative body, social, or economic group in order to provide information on aparticular situation and in order to deliberate and, consequently, establish consent on policies among the participantsconvention and visitors bureau (CVB) - not-for-profit destination marketing organization that represents and promotes acity or geographic area in the solicitation and servicing of all types of travelers to that city or area, whether they visit forbusiness, pleasure or both; CVBs provide destination promotion and sometimes offers personnel, housing control, and otherservices for meetings and conventions.corner booth - an exhibit space with exposure on at least two aisles; some shows charge premiums for these corners. Cover - the number of people served at a food and beverage event, the table setting for one person, or in reference to thenumber of waiters per cover or person crescent-round setup - uses 60-, 66- or 72-inch (152-, 168- and 183-centimeter) diameter rounds with seating on twothirds to three quarters of the table and no seating with its back to the speaker; used for banquet-to-meeting or meeting-to-banquet quick set; also called buzz style setup or half-moon seatingcrisis management - immediate action to control or direct any situations which become problematic and which would have amajor impact on the meetingcritical path - a listing of significant milestones and achievements, by date, necessary to complete a defined plancrowd control - direction provided to attendees to ensure smooth traffic flow customs broker - person or company which provides customs clearing services to shippers of goods to and from anothercountry cut-off date - designated date when the facility will release a block of sleeping rooms to the general public; the date istypically three to four weeks before the convention; also called the reservation review date data projector - the projection of a computer signal from a personal computer, laptop or other computer device onto ascreen from a LCD or equivalent projector for viewing by audiencedelegate - 1) registered meeting participant; 2) voting representative at a meetingdelegate profile - a description of the typical delegate which includes such details as age, sex, hometown, companions demographics - characteristics that help create a profile of exhibitors and attendees; may include company location, jobfunction, purchase budget, purchase intentions. Demonstration - 1) the act of showing how to do something; 2) a group of individuals organized to picket or protest againsta group using placards, literature, songs, shouts and, sometimes, marches or sit-insDestination - a city, area or country which can be marketed to groups or individuals as a place to visit or hold a meeting
  4. 4. destination management company (DMC) - company or professional individual engaged in organizing tours, meetings ofall types and their related activities; same as professional congress organizer (PCO). dissolve unit - devise that activates fade-out and fade-in of slides from one projector to another by regulating voltage sentto projector lampsdistortion - unclear audio signal that results from giving too much power to a speaker or amplifier drayage - delivery of exhibit materials from loading the dock to an assigned exhibit space, removing empty crates, returningcrates at the end of show for recrating, and delivering materials back to loading dock for carrier loadingeducational credit - acknowledgement of participation in continuing education as recognized by an accredited authority emergency action plan - procedures for response to any number of emergency situations, such as medical emergencies,fire and bomb threats entry requirements - specific government requirements people and/or materials must have before entering a country otherthen one’s own (e.g. passport, visa) environmental audit - an inspection completed to assess practices which impact on the environment evaluation - 1) critiquing and rating the overall success of a meeting; 2) developing a meeting profile from accurate meetingstatistics.event resumé - a collection of all details relative to a meeting’s needs; this document is circulated to all key personnel in thefacility and organizationexhibit - physical space in which products and services are displayed and sold exhibition - display of products or promotional material for the purposes of public relations, sales and/or marketing; same asexposition.Exhibitor - person or firm that displays its products or services at the show exhibitors’ manual - manual containing general show information, labor/service order forms, rules and regulations andother information pertinent to an exhibitor’s participation in an exposition exhibitors’ prospectus - promotional materials for prospective exhibitors to encourage participation; contains informationabout technical points, cost of exhibition space, floor plan of the exhibition and application for participation exhibit services contractor - a firm that provides set-up, booth materials, decorations, signs, and many other materialsand services needed for an expositionexposition - a display of products and/or services; same as exhibitionfacility - a structure that is built, installed or established to serve a particular purpose familiarization tour(FAM Trip) - offered to potential buyers of a meeting site, a program designed to acquaint participantswith specific destinations or services and to stimulate the booking of a meeting; often offered in groups, but sometimes on anindividual basis feedback - 1) regeneration of sound from audio speakers back through a microphone causing a squealing sound; 2) responseabout an activity, policy, or procedures -a guide containing accounting and banking techniques fixed cost -the day-to-day cost of doing business that is pre-committed, such as salaries, insurance, lease expenses, utilities,etc.fixed expense -expense incurred regardless of the number of meeting attendeesflip chart -large pad of paper placed on an easel and used by a speaker for illustrative purposes
  5. 5. floor plan - a schematic reproduction of the layout for a specific room including placement of every item (e.g., placement ofchairs, tables, furniture, plants, entrance doorways, AV, etc.) focal length - l ) distance from the center of the lens to the film plane; 2) size of lens required to obtain a specific sizepicture.follow-up - activities and communications which take place after a meeting; to be distinguished from "evaluation," which is ameasurement of the achievement of defined objectivesfollow spotlight - manually movable spotlight (a brilliant light projected onto a particular area) force majeure - contract clause which limits liability should the event or performance be prevented due to Acts of God, Actsof War, civil disturbances, labor strikes or other disruptive circumstances beyond an artist’s or a facility’s control; (Usuallyinclement weather does not apply.)front screen projection - projection of an image onto the front surface of a light reflecting screen from a projector placedwithin or behind the audience function sheet - detailed instructions relevant to a particular event; also known as banquet event order (a BEO) or résumésheetfunction space - space in facility where private functions or events can be heldgeneral session - a meeting open to all those in attendance at a convention; also called a plenary session gooseneck - flexible support attached to a podium or lectern to support a microphone that can be raised/lowered to suitableheight for speaker graphics - communicative elements such as color, copy, art, photographs, translites, etc. used to illustrate a booth theme,conference marketing materials or to enhance décor gratuity - mandatory charge added to food and beverage prices; usually ranging from 15 to 22 percent of food and beverageprices; ostensibly to go to service personnel, some properties take a percentage for administrative costs, confusing it with aservice charge green meeting - a meeting in which methods are used to create an environmentally-sensitive meeting (e.g., use of Internetinstead of paper, use of china instead of paper plates, donation of surplus food to a food bank, use of recycling, etc.) guarantee - the minimum number of servings to be paid for by the client, whether not consumed they are actuallyconsumed; usually required at least forty-eight hours in advanceguest - individual invited to attend or participate in a meeting at no charge; may also refer to an accompanying person whomay pay a feeguest room pick up - actual number of guest bedrooms used guest/youth program - a program for persons who accompany a meeting attendee and who do not necessarily take anactive part in the meeting herringbone setup - rows of chairs or tables slanted in a V-shape facing a head table, stage or speaker; sometimes referredto as chevron; same as V-shape setuphidden costs - unexpected charges that need to be anticipated (e.g., gratuities) hold-harmless clause - part of a contract declaring that neither party will hold the other responsible for any damages ortheft to materials or equipment owned or rented by either party; clause declaring that one party will take responsibility fordamages assessed as the result of another party’s inaction hollow square setup - tables set in a square (or rectangle) with chairs placed around the outside of the table; center(inside) tables are hollowhonorarium - voluntary payment made for services where no fee is legally requiredhonored guest - a VIP who is present during a meeting, but is not a participant
  6. 6. host organization - an association, corporate body, town, country or other such party that invites an event to take placewithin or under its jurisdiction or its financial bar - guests do not pay for drinks, often sponsored; also called an open bar or sponsored barhousing controlling - a number of guest rooms with room blocks actually occupied during a particular nighthousing plan - various types of accommodation facilities that meet the needs of the meetinghousing bureau - reservation office, often within a convention bureau, which coordinates housing for groups indirect cost - also called overhead or administrative costs, these are expenses not directly related to the meeting; they caninclude salaries, rent, and building and equipment maintenanceincentive - reward offered to stimulate greater effort indemnification - a clause appearing in most contracts stating that one party agrees to hold the other harmless (not liable)in spite of what happens and whose fault it is; provides basis for compensation for incurred hurt, loss or damagein-kind - contributions of goods and services without monetary exchangeinside booth - exhibit space with exhibit booths on both sides and back; also called inline boothinstallation - setting up exhibit booth and materials according to instructions and drawingsinternational delegate - a registered participant who resides outside the host nation international meeting - 1) international/intercontinental: a meeting of an organization with multi-national membership thatis available to meet on more than one continent; 2) international/continental: a meeting of an organization with multi-nationalmembership that is available to meet on only one continent; 3) international/regional: a meeting of an organization with multi-national membership that is available to meet in only a given region of one continentinterpretation - oral translation from one language to anotherisland booth - style of exhibit space that includes four or more booth spaces with aisles on all four sidesitinerary - detailed schedule of a visit or tourkeynote speaker - speaker whose presentation establishes the theme or tone of the meeting keystoning - distortion of a projected image on a screen, where the image is wider on top and narrower on bottom; (shapedlike a keystone in the center of an arch); the image distorts from a rectangle into a trapezoid because the projector is above orbelow the center point of the screen; either the top or the bottom become wider because it is further away from the lens; toadjust for keystoning the top of the screen can be tilted a little, either forward or back; many of the new data projectors allowyou to tilt the lens to solve the problemlanyard - a cord or string worn around the neck, and attached to a badge lavalier microphone - portable microphone that hooks around neck or is clipped to clothing; also known as a necklace,lapel, or pendant microphonelecture - discourse given before an audience, especially for instructional purposes level of authority - the establishment and description of the level of responsibility and accountability of each person within aspecific group letter of agreement - document outlining proposed services, space, or products which becomes binding upon writtenapproval by both parties; lists services, foods, beverages, and so forthliability - legal responsibility for damage or injuries to make good a loss or claim liquidated damages - part of a contract dealing with procedures, penalties, and rights of the party causing damages;settling of the damages dispute
  7. 7. logistics - tasks undertaken to ensure the efficient and effective management of materials, information and people for theimplementation of the meeting marshalling yard - a holding area where trucks check in and wait for further instructions before delivering freight to theexhibit hall.masking drapes - drapes used to cover storage and other unsightly areas. master account - all items that are charged to a group; may include room, tax, incidentals, food and beverage, audio visualequipment, décor, etc.; same as master billmedia strategy - a plan for managing media formats meeting - a gathering for business, educational, or social purposes; associations often use the term to refer to a combinationof educational sessions and exhibits. Includes seminars, forums, symposiums, conferences, workshops, clinics, etc.meeting agenda - a list, outline, or plan of items to be done or considered at a meeting or during a specific time block meeting history - record of an organization’s previous meetings; usually includes information pertaining to original roomblock, actual room pickup, meeting space required, and food and beverage revenues generated meeting specifications - information about a meeting (e.g., hotel occupancy patterns, function space, food and beveragerequirements) that is sent directly to a venue or circulated by the convention and visitors bureaumeeting theme - the central motif around which the meeting and elements of the meeting are designedmessage center - the location where participants can pick up messages mixer - audio unit by which sound signals from all sources feed into one system; allows for dissimilar inputs (microphone andline) to be combined and controlled into one outputmove-in - process of setting up the exhibitionmove-out - process of tearing down the exhibition and removing crated materials multimedia - equipment, materials and teaching aides used in sound and visual presentations; includes what is referred toas audio visual (AV)objective - formalized statements of outcomes to be anticipated as a result of a meetingofficial language - initial language in which a document is drafted or a speech is deliveredonsite - at the site of the meeting/program componentonsite registration - process of signing up for an event on the day of, or at the site of, the eventonsite office - a working office located at the site of the meeting operations manual - the step-by-step procedures developed for the use of staff to conduct the meeting; also known asconference manual, procedural guide, meeting resource guide book, conference résumé operations sheet - detailed instructions for a particular event prepared by the facility; also known as a banquet order, eventorder, resumé sheet or function sheet overhead projector - equipment which projects an image on a screen by passing light through a transparent slide or othertransparencyoverset - number of covers set over the guarantee; paid for by the client only if actually consumedpaperless conference - providing all documentation in other media besides print (including marketing, registration, speakermaterials); can be on a website, Internet, disk or in CD ROM format
  8. 8. participant - a person attending a meeting; may include speakers (see also attendees, delegates) participant expectation - specific information regarding what attendees will pay for elements of the meeting, and what theyexpect to get from the meetingparticipant profile - data concerning attendees, including their average age, spending habits, etc. peninsula booth - a style of exhibit space that consists of at least two booth spaces with aisles on three sides, and areattached to other exhibit space at one endperimeter wall booth - style of exhibit space that is located on an outside wall personal digital assistant (PDA) - a pocket-sized personal computer. PDAs usually can store phone numbers,appointments, and to-do listsphysical requirements - the architectural design, furnishings, temperature, and other such factors that are necessary tomeet the needs of a meetingplasma screen - flat screen that has a clear image even in ambient lightingplenary session - general assembly for all persons actively involved in a meeting post conference meeting(s) - a meeting between a meeting manager and facility staff to discuss and evaluate an event assoon as it is over; may involve a final review of the master account post conference report - a report provided by the meeting facility to the meeting professional accounting for the meeting’sactual sleeping room pick-up, food and beverage functions, function-room breakdown, exhibit information (if appropriate) andactivities; a meeting’s history can be compiled from this document poster - session 1) display of reports and papers, usually scientific, accompanied by authors or researchers; 2) a sessiondedicated to the discussion of the posters shown inside the meeting area; when this discussion is not held in a special session,it can take place directly between the person presenting the poster and interested delegate(s) power drop - describes the location where power is required for any equipment that is necessary during the course of anevents; commonly used for lighting rigs, audio rigs and audio visual equipment pre conference meeting - briefing(s) with meeting professional, facility and/or suppliers to review the purpose and detailsof the meeting pre and post program(s) - organized outings taking place before (pre) or after (post) the working conference for bothdelegates and accompanying persons.preprocess proof - a copy of filmed camera-ready copy that allows final proofing before printing pre registration - the process of registering prior to the event; to be distinguished from "onsite" registration which takesplace at the site of the eventpresenter - person explaining a given topic in an informational sessionprint broker - a person in charge of managing print arrangements printing and electronic distribution - two methods of distributing information to stakeholders (via traditional hard copy orelectronically)proceedings - published volume transcribing the conference sessions in full; may or may not include details of discussionsprogram - schedule of events giving details of times, places and speakerspromotion - the aspect of marketing that deals with generating program awareness amongst the target audiencepromotional mix - combination of various strategies to general program awarenessproperty - establishment such as a hotel, motel, inn, resort, conference centre, or meeting facility
  9. 9. prospectus - information package; prospectus is written for a specific audience (e.g., exhibitor or sponsor) to encourageparticipation, promoting chief features and benefits protection clauses - also known as performance clauses; attrition clauses that are the protective contractual devicesuppliers may use regarding accountability of both parties related to room nights, space needs and food and beverage needsprotocol - customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquettepublicity - a media campaign, normally consisting of a series of public notices and advertising activities, aimed at ensuringmaximum attendance by focusing attention on an eventreader - one who reads printed material out loud to visually impaired attendeesreader board - board or electronic screen listing the day’s events at a venue or facilityready room - area set aside for speakers to meet, relax, test AV, or prepare prior to or between speeches rear screen projection - image projected on the back surface of a screen which is placed between the viewer and theprojectorreceiver - consumer-type television set that has a tuner and accepts regular broadcast signals registration - 1) process by which an individual indicates his intent to attend a conference or stay at a property; 2) methodof booking and payment; 3) process of recording data about an attendee (or exhibitor), sending a confirmation and creating abadge used onsite registration packet (kit) (materials) - packet of meeting materials such as program book, tickets, maps, etc. handed outat the registration deskregistration policy - written rule that outlines how certain situations will be handled during event registrationregistration procedure - definition of the method used to carry out the policies so registration can proceed request for proposal (RFP) - a document that stipulates what services the organization wants from an outside contractorand requests a bid to perform such services résumé -a collection of all details for a single meeting needs; will include sleeping room information, billing arrangements andmeeting requirements including food, beverage and audio visual; distributed to all hotel departments and usually shared withthe meeting organizer return on investment (ROI) - 1) net profit divided by net worth; a financial ratio indicating the degree of profitability; 2)determination if objectives met (e.g., did sales increase by 10%? Did attendance increase by 15%?) rider - expenses and requirements related to entertainment or entertainers over and above their contract fee; includes travel,food and beverage, staging requirements, etc.rigging - the assembling of machinery, steel construction and heavy materials, such as lighting from a facility ceiling risk management - cognizing the possibility of injury, damage or loss, and having a means to prevent it or provideinsurance riser - platforms of various heights (30.5-45.5 cm [12-18"], 45.5-61 cm [18-24"] or 61-91.5 cm [24-36"]) used to elevatethe speaker or head table so they can be seen throughout the roomroom block - the number of guest bedrooms reserved for a specified length of time for those who will be attending an event rooming list - roster of individuals requiring guest bedroom accommodations, including type of accommodation and arrivaland departure dates and payment methodsroom monitor - the person who ensures that the meeting is proceeding according to planroom rate - fee charged for guest bedrooms
  10. 10. rounds - banquet table, usually 60 inches (152 centimeters) in diameter; also available in 66- and 72-inch (168- and 183centimeter) diameters, that seat 8 to 10 people seminar - 1) lecture and dialogue allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field under the guidance of anexpert discussion leader. 2) meeting or series of meetings of from 10 to 50 specialists who have different specific skills buthave a specific common interest and come together for training or learning purposes; the work schedule of a seminar has thespecific object of enriching the skills of the participantsservice levels - ratio of servers to banquet guests (e.g. 1:20 or 1:24) show producer (manager) - company or individual who initiates and plans an event, is responsible for all aspects ofplanning, promoting and producing an exhibition, including renting a site and soliciting exhibitorsshow services - materials handling, pipe and drapesignage - a visual means of communicating either direction, information or instruction signing authority - person who has authority to sign documents, thereby authorizing charges, guaranteed payment,contracting space, services, and suppliessimultaneous translation - interpretation of the speaker’s words into another language while the speech is in progress site - 1) area, location, property or specific facility to be used for meeting; 2) a particular platform or location for loading orunloading at a place; see Venuesite inspection - personal, careful investigation of a property, facility, or areasite selection - the process of choosing a location for a meetingskewing - zigzag pattern on a TV screen due to improper head alignmentslippage - the percentage of guest bedrooms that do not materialize from the negotiated room nightsSMARTboard© - allows notes generated during a meeting to be viewed on a computer screen, where they can be stored, e-mailed to others, or printed speakers bureau - an organization that locates, promotes and books speakersspeaker release form - written permission to record (and sell) audio and visual reproductions of the presentation sponsor - 1) limited sponsor, one who assumes a specified financial responsibility; 2) meeting sponsor, person(s) ororganization assuming full responsibility for all costs and phases of producing a meeting sponsorship - donated financial or material support, usually in exchange for recognition; paid opportunity for an exhibitor toincrease its visibility at the show.sponsorship agreement - a complete written version of the terms and conditions of sponsorship and recognition sponsorship benefits package - a clear summary of the event, including specific recognition the sponsor will receive inexchange for money, goods, and/or services sponsorship committee - a group of both meeting staff members and host organization members that focus on gatheringsponsorships for an event staging - 1) design and placement of all elements being used for a meeting or event; 2) the implementation of a meeting orevent staging guide - compilation of all function sheets, scripts, instructions, room setup diagrams, directory of key personnel,forms, and other material relating to the eventstandard booth - an 8’ X 10’ or 10’ X 10’ exhibit booth; the most commonly used boothsubsidy - money obtained from bodies or authorities to underwrite an expenditure
  11. 11. supplier - a person, company, facility, agency or other entity who sells space, goods or services for meetings symposium - meeting of a number of experts in a particular field at which papers are presented by specialists on particularsubjects and discussed with a view to making recommendations concerning the problems under discussionT-shape setup - series of tables set up in the shape of the block T with chairs set all around except at head table. Teleconference - type of meeting which brings together people in two or more locations through telecommunications; mayinvolve audio with or without graphics, or full motion videoTelePrompTer® - electronic device which allows display of script for speaker to read during presentationtheme event - an event designed so that food, decorations and entertainment all relate to one central motiftotal meeting value - the sum of all revenue that the meeting will bring to the facility; also known as total business value traffic flow - the movement of persons and vehicles inside and outside a meeting; planning takes into account volume anddirectiontransportation coordinator - a person in charge of planning and managing transportation arrangements for participantsturnover - 1) breaking down and resetting a room with a different setup; 2) a pastry that usually has a fruit fillingvalance - an overhead, decorative border normally used as a light bafflevariable cost - an expense item that changes according to the number of attendees present at a meetingvenue- 1) site or destination of meeting, event or show; 2) location of performance such as hall, ballroom, auditorium, etc. VIP host - meeting professional, host organization member, or local CVB member assigned to greet VIP participants and/ortheir staff on arrival, and act as liaison video conferencing - a meeting between two or more people or groups across a distance, including video, audio, andpotentially other data, utilizing telecommunications or communications satellites for transmission of the signal virtual conference - any meeting where people at two or more distant locations are linked using video, audio and data fortwo-way communication via satellite communications or the Internet; each party sees and hears the other through TV screenor computer monitor and audio speakersvirtual trade show - exhibit of products or services that can be viewed over the Internetwalk policy - guest holding confirmed sleeping room reservation sent to another hotel because of overbooking.web-based registration - a method of registration using the client’s web page or e-mail rather than paper webcasting - an event that broadcasts the audio and/or video portion of a keynote presentation or other educationalsessions over the Web in real-time or on-demand.wings - 1) drape that extends from floor to ceiling on either side of the screen; 2) off-stage area out of audience sight lines. wireless audience response system - hand held infrared or radio signal devices that record polling simultaneously andconfidentiallyworkshop - 1) meeting of several persons for intensive discussion; the workshop concept has been developed to compensatefor diverging views in a particular discipline or on a particular subject; 2) informal and public session of free discussionorganized to take place between formal plenary sessions or commissions of a congress or of a conference, either on a subjectchosen by the participants themselves or else on a special problem suggested by the organizers; 3) training session in whichparticipants, often through exercises, develop skills and knowledge in a given field YOUNGPR CLUB