Social media in the insurance industry web presentation
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Social media in the insurance industry web presentation

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  • 1. Social Media in the Insurance IndustryTim Hurley
  • 2. “Do They Have a Twitter for That?”
  • 4. Famous Last Words? • It’s a fad • I don’t have time • It’s not for business • It’s not for our industry • It’s not for our company • What is the ROI? • Not on Company time!!!!! • What about E&O? Think this was about social media? These are real quotes about agency automation (circa 1982) and email (circa 1997)!
  • 5. Why Should You Care? • Social media gains traction ..even in insurance! • Customers migrating here in droves • Agencies, brokers, and carriers believe these platforms open up new opportunities. • We’ve witnessed “Main Street” acceptance of social networking as a powerful and persuasive communications tool. • It’s not that complicated
  • 6. The Social Media Ocean 6 November 11, 2011
  • 7. Social Networking By The Numbers•135 million users •More than 800 million •225 million users active users•35% of users access •50 million activeLinkedIn daily •More than 50% of users users log in every day log on to Facebook on•81% of users belong any given day •100 million activeto at least one group users log in once a •More than 350 million month•More than 2 million users currently accesscompanies have Facebook through theirLinkedIn Company mobile devicesPages
  • 8. Social Media Stagnation? Fortune 500 Snapshot • 31 percent of the 2011 F500 still have neither a Twitter account nor a Facebook presence, at all. Blogs – Only 23 percent of the 2011 F500 have corporate public-facing blogs with a post in the past 12 months Twitter – 62 percent of the 2011 F500 have corporate Twitter accounts with a tweet in the past thirty days  an increase of 2 percent from last year – All the top ten companies in the 2011 F500 are tweeting Facebook – 58 percent of the 2011 F500 have Facebook pages
  • 9. Pillars of A Social Media Strategy Technology Relationships Content
  • 10. Getting Started • Have a clear objective – What do we want to accomplish? – Is it measurable? • Google is your friend (for targeting) – What shows up in top ten results? – Does it provide a door opener? • Start monitoring, listening – Set up Twitter account, listen to industry – Use RSS, Google blog search, alerts • Find influencers – Who is most visible? Are they widely followed, read? – Are they conversation starters or industry experts?
  • 11. Getting Started: LinkedIn • Complete profile • Be active! – Join relevant industry groups – Post updates (link to Twitter) – Conduct a survey; share results – Link to company blog(s)
  • 12. Getting Smarter: Lead Gen with LinkedIn • Develop an Inbound Marketing campaign – Provide information, content, expertise – Start conversations, drive traffic to landing pages • Find people • Go mobile • Download apps • Create, participate in dialogue
  • 13. Create Strategic Links
  • 14. Getting Started: Twitter• Start following industry publications, influencers, customers, partners• Use a validation service: TrueTwit• Have two-way conversations• Share articles, reports, PoV• Twitter etiquette: “re-tweets”• Use “hash tags” or “#” with tweets• Forge relationships, then use to tools to be a catalyst for real, in- person interaction
  • 15. Getting Smarter: Twitter TV 15 November 11, 2011
  • 17. Best Practices: YouTube/Allstate Allstate YouTube
  • 18. Best Practices:Facebook/Atlantic Insurance Agency
  • 19. Best Practices: Yammer/Sword Insurance
  • 20. Best Practices: LinkedIn/State Farm State Farm Agents
  • 21. What are “Early Adopters” Doing? • Toe dipping • Educational content – Video, links • Staying top of mind • Branding as the experts • Retweeting, replying, interacting • Building/strengthening relationships and pipeline!
  • 22. On The Horizon • Real-time goes big time • Greater accountability by CXOs • Google+ for businesses • Social media • All businesses are social businesses
  • 23. Final Thoughts Social Media … • Is a proven business tool • Is not a full time job • Is not that complicated • Is not going the way of the fax machine • Can strengthen your lead generation and awareness building efforts
  • 24. Thanks, Any Questions?