Online Learning at the University of Parma


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Experiences of online learning carried out by UniPR Co-Lab at the University of Parma.
Science Dissemination and On-line Certification for All
ICTP, Trieste 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2013

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  • Installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer
  • Installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer
  • Collaboration is an added value – not important institution or person You decide on common objective and you cannot do it without the participation of everybody. (Tammaro) The task is getting people to learn Collaboration is when all the groups merge to get to a common objective
  • The task is getting people to learn Instructional design is much more than technology and then a set of procedures (Merrill & Twitchell, 1994, p. vii) Instructional design is important independently from media and tools which are used and from the technology under... it
  • The approaches I think we could identify by scholars approaching online learning are diverse... some of them could be...
  • often the experience includes putting the learning content available online, even in multu-media versions... but is it online learning if we do not consider the learning experience as a whole, the activities? or is it learning content?
  • But why should one care about Instructional design? I found it interesting some observation sshared by Tom Kuhlmann on his blog when he talks about the value of instructional design. This is the video he proposes: This video allows to reflect on the fact that it is easy to miss something you are not looking for. What if this were the content of a course? There are many information, many things happen. A student in front of the video, without any indication, what would he get from it? Here the voice offers a guide and an objective: “This is an awareness test.”  and makes it easier to concentrate. Even if the moonwalking bear has been introduced as a distruction the clariti of the instructions help to see beyond the bear and focus on counting the passages   So the instructional design gives context and perspective to learning in order to involve mentally and prepare for remembering and learning.
  • A livello di laboratorio didattico, il social reading è emerso da alcune esigenze all’interno dei corsi della Prof.ssa Mansfield, Valero e Tammaro.
  • A livello di laboratorio didattico, il social reading è emerso da alcune esigenze all’interno dei corsi della Prof.ssa Mansfield, Valero e Tammaro.
  • Attenzione al processo, al workflow più che al prodotto in sé. Pubblicazione digitale come momento di condivisione e riflessione su quanto si è svolto precedentemente in classe, in Università, che si va ad aggiungere alle registrazioni degli eventi, agli eventi stessi
  • Abbiamo utilizzato il video e la videoconferenza quando rispondeva alle necessità: ad esempio per incontri di verifica e confronto, durante i laboratori dello student team ma anche a supporto degli studenti che stanno preparando le tesi di Master Dill Abbiamo usato videoconferenza e Google Hangouts per l’organizzazione di webinar, che sono seminari sul web Abbiamo usato la videoconferenza e la registrazione di video per poter avere a disposizione le opinioni di visiting scholar ed esperti su determinati argomenti, nonostante le ridotte risorse
  • Online Learning at the University of Parma

    1. 1. #colabunipr #onlinelearning
    2. 2. On-line Learning Programs at the University of Parma Workshop: Science Dissemination and On-line Certification for All ICTP, Trieste 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2013 Sara Valla (University of Parma, Italy)
    3. 3. p e rs p e ct i v e background: Business Administration E-Learning Digital Libraries professional experience: Tutoring Instructional Design for academic courses management of Online Learning Systems Research on IT supported learning and digital publishing research interests Online Active Learning Digital Libraries Open Educational Resources
    4. 4. let’s clarify the terms ONLINE LEARNING
    5. 5. o n l i n e l e a r n i n g
    6. 6. t h e o r y Socio Technical System
    7. 7. 25.600 students (2013) Medium size University University of Parma - Italy 1000 scholars c o n te x t
    8. 8. Settore Informatico e Telecomunicazioni di Ateneo (SITA) structures providing technological support Technical Subsystem (for online learning) Systems and applications, network infrastructure online learning management system webconference system video publishing server system for online surveys Maintenance of software/applications for online learning c o n te x t
    9. 9. online learning managememt system c o n te x t
    10. 10. video publishing server videoconference system online survey tool c o n te x t
    11. 11. c o n te x t Centro Didattico di Ingegneria (CEDI) Engineering Learning Centre MISSION Design, supply and maintain learning support SERVICES for the engineering area structures providing technological support Technical Subsystem (for online learning)
    12. 12. c o n te x t specific needs of professors and students - engineering domain ISO9001: 2000 certification for “design and management of education supporting services” Centro Didattico di Ingegneria (CEDI) structures providing technological support Technical Subsystem (for online learning)
    13. 13. So... what?
    14. 14. Learn Share Collaborate c o - l a b
    15. 15. [. . .] a center without walls, in which [. . .] researchers can perform their research without regard to geographical location – interacting with colleagues, accessing instrumentation, sharing data and computational resource[s], and accessing information in the digital library. COLLABORATORY Wulf, W.A. (1989) c o - l a b
    16. 16. Socio Technical System c o n te x t
    17. 17. BRIDGE the GAP Mackinac Bridge is the dividing line between lake Michigan and Lake Huron
    18. 18. e-LEARN STRATEGY 2013-2014 Principles eLearning should form an integral part of teaching in the University of Parma and be viewed as a conventional tool alongside all other methods of teaching and studying LEARNING comes before “e” s t r a t e g y
    19. 19. Scope to enhance the range of pedagogic uses of e-Learning by teachers and students to support the delivery of blended and flexible learning to improve the quality of higher education and accommodate different learning styles and needs of students s t r a t e g y
    20. 20. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN 4 as we see it at UniPR Co-Lab I D
    21. 21. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN 4 designing TOGETHER efficient, effective and motivating learning experiences (technologies are also used - not as a starting point) to reach learning objectives and increase learning quality Pedagogic needs drive the design or learning I D
    22. 22. APPROACH TO (academic) ONLINE LEARNING? ONLINE LEARNING? 9 Repository of learning contents TV-only course Learning objects for self-learning I D
    23. 23. repository of learning content?
    24. 24. TV-only course ?
    25. 25. blablablaquiz experience Learning objects for self-learning and quiz to assess learning?
    26. 26. ...OR?
    27. 27. Interview to Michael Allen: Down with Boring E-Learning! PhD in educational psychology from The Ohio State University adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He received ASTD's Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award in May 2011. E-learning is often boring for the same reasons much traditional instruction is boring: it focuses on content presentation rather than the learning experience.
    28. 28. Learning experience has to be (3M pillars): Meaningful Memorable Motivational
    29. 29. ID – why? the value 5 focus on what makes it easier to learn Instructional Design supplies the context and perspective to learning to get to learn by mental involvement it’s easy to miss something you are not looking for I D
    30. 30. physical learning environment online learning environment I D
    31. 31. STARTING POINT(S) 8 from learning (noun) to learn (verb) activity task it is not simple as it may seem... or it is not complicated as it looks Our tautology of the “necessity of needs” dialogue and listening Just in timeVs Just in case
    33. 33. P R O G R A M S
    34. 34. DILL Master’s Program P R O G R A M S
    36. 36. Blog Forum Chat Wiki other collaborative tool Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Laboratory 1 Laboratory 2 Laboratory 3 ... Learning Community Area Instructional backbone (content) Activities sketched using PeTEX@Work Project as a reference Wulf, V. (2013). Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning at the Workplace: CSCL@Work. Springer. EX P E R I EN CE S
    37. 37. ctivity foster active and participatory learning supported by IT resources? EX P E R I EN CE S
    38. 38. EX P E R I EN CE S
    39. 39. Social bookmarking with as an alternative to static lists of relevant resources social bookmarking for German language EX P E R I EN CE S
    40. 40. Diigo for assignments: search web links to videos and articles (English translation) social bookmarking to share useful web resources with the class EX P E R I EN CE S
    41. 41. Social bookmarking with to share links to useful teaching web site in a course organized for English teachers’ updating social bookmarking for teachers’ updating EX P E R I EN CE S
    42. 42. Social Reference Management (Digital Publishing course) social bookmarking for reference management
    43. 43. SOCIAL READING activity of reading on a computer screen or a mobile device and share highlights and comments inside an online group
    44. 44. 11 English language and translation Concordance Analysis Contrastive Analysis Informationization analysis social reading in text analysis Read, highligh, comment, share, reflect upon... Spanish Language and Translation Phraseology EX P E R I EN CE S
    45. 45. 11 Digital Publishing Re-elaboration and re- publishing of textbooks social reading of textbooks
    46. 46. 13 as a result and as part of the activities after seminars and workshops creation of (online) electronica books
    47. 47. 14 Web conferences, webinars organized by and with students meetings for assessment, organization online seminars (webinars) to support international and remotely located students for their Master’s thesis online interaction with remote visiting scholars INVOLVEMENT OF STUDENTS
    48. 48. INVOLVEMENT OF STUDENTS 15 blogs, active participation in Wikipedia, lecture recording
    49. 49. Instructional Toolkit on a just in time basis
    50. 50. Instructional Design Toolkit 16 Channels including micro videos Visual Quick Guides most of them are OER...
    51. 51. OER: Open Educational Resources
    52. 52. Talk Discuss Inform Show Report Research
    53. 53. Reports of the activities, informing publications
    54. 54. Conclusions ?
    55. 55. INVOLVE social reading as a strategy: ubiquitous and mobile learning advice on digital publishing and copyright issues (need that emerged) promote the “open education” paradigm inside our University OER digital library? integration with the european digital library of OERs? e-portfolios for self- reflection on learning
    56. 56. Thanks for Your attention Questions? Suggestions? niversità di Parma b t ridilla pr b Facebook page
    57. 57. Tabak, I., & Reiser, B. J. (1997). Domain-specific inquiry support: Permeating discussions with scientifi c conceptions . In Proceedings of From Misconceptions to Constructed Understanding, Ithaca, NY Valla, S (2013) "Parma Co-Lab: organizational challenge for research and learning", New Library World, Vol. 114 Iss: 7/8, pp.326 - 341 Wenger, E. (2008). Communities of Practice - Learning, Meaning and Identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Wulf, W.A. (1989), “The national collaboratory”, Towards a National Collaboratory: Unpublished Report, The National Science Foundation Invitational Workshop, Rockefeller University, New York, NY. Wulf, V. (2013). Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning at the Workplace: CSCL@Work. Springer. References