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Spanish Verbs
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Spanish Verbs



Spanish verbs

Spanish verbs



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Spanish Verbs Spanish Verbs Document Transcript

  • ser to be (permanent,description)estar to be (temporary, feelings,location)gustar to liketener to havealquilar to rentandar to walk around, to hang outaprender to learnbeber to drinkcomer to eatcomprar to buycorrer to rundescansar to restdibujar to drawescribir to write
  • escuchar to listenestudiar to studyhablar to talk, to speakhacer to do, to makejugar to playleer to readmirar to lookmontar to ridepasar to passpasear to strollpracticar to practicepreparar to preparetocar to touch, to play(instrument)trabajar to work
  • contestar to answerenseñar to teachllegar to arrivenecesitar to needsacar to take out, to make(grades)tomar to take, to drinkcompartir to shareusar to useir to govender to sellvivir to livecerrar to closeempezar to beginentender to understand
  • pensar to thinkpreferir to preferquerer to want, to love(people)pagar to payllevar to take, to carry, to wearcostar to costpedir to ask for, to orderservir to serveencontrar o findalmorzar to eat lunchdormir to sleeppoder can, to be ablever to seevolver to return(people)
  • subir to go upbailar to dancecantar to singcelebrar to celebratedecorar to decorateinvitar to invitesalir to go out, to leavevenir to comeacabar to finishayudar to helpbarrer to sweepcocinar to cookcortar to cutdar to give
  • deber should, mustenvolver to wraplavar to washlimpiar to cleanrecibir to receiveplanchar to ironponer to puttraer to bringabrir to openbuscar to look fordecir to say, to tellganar to winperder to losebucear to dive
  • caminar to walkdoler to have painquemar to burndejar to leave, to allowllamar to callacostarse to lay down oneselfafeitarse to shave oneselfbañarse to bathe oneselfcepillarse to brush oneselfdespertarse to wake up oneselfdormirse to sleep oneselfducharse to take a shower oneselflavarse to wash oneselfmaquillarse to put on makeup oneself
  • peinarse to comb oneselfsecarse to dry oneselfvestirse to dress oneselfquedarse to stay oneselfacampar to campregatear to bargain