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Crash Course on the Mobile Web
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Crash Course on the Mobile Web


Published on

This presentation was created for a thunder::tech internal seminar on mobile Web development. It discusses the advances being made in mobile development and shares mobile examples.

This presentation was created for a thunder::tech internal seminar on mobile Web development. It discusses the advances being made in mobile development and shares mobile examples.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Mobile Web Crash Course 101 April 7, 2010
  • 2.
    • We will Cover::
    • Defining Mobile and History
    • Good Examples of Mobile Today
    • Challenges of Mobile
    • Developing for Mobile
    • Why Mobile is SPIFFY
    • Q & A
    Presentation Format::
  • 3.
    • Using a mobile phone handset device incorporating a Web browser to access the World Wide Web.
    • NOT iPhone Apps
    • History:
      • 1956 Ericsson releases 90 lb. ‘mobile’ phone
      • 1981 First generation: analogue networks
      • 1991 Second generation: digital networks
      • 2001 Third generation: high speed data networks
        • End of 2007, 295 Million subscribers on 3G networks (9% of total worldwide subscriber base)
      • 2010 Fourth generation: Speedy Gonzales fast
        • (
    Defining Mobile (courtesy of Wikipedia)
  • 4. Good Examples of Mobile Today:: Blackberry iPhone
  • 5. Good Examples of Mobile Today::
  • 6. Good Examples of Mobile Today::
  • 7. BEST EXAMPLE of Mobile Today::
  • 8. Challenges of Mobile::
    • Development
      • Small Screen Size
      • Lack of Windows
      • Navigation
      • Lack of JavaScript and Cookies (smartphones excluded)
      • Types of pages accessible (flash, pdfs, video)
      • Speed
      • Broken up pages / divided pages
      • Compressed pages
      • Size of messages
      • Cost
      • Location of mobile user
    • Business
      • Justifying budget to address mobile / ROI
      • Content to choose from
      • Right demographics?
      • Desired functionality vs. feasible
      • Ever increasing list of devices and compatibilities paralleling web browsers ‘ desktops ’
  • 9.
    • Strategy
      • In our experience developing for mobile is 50% design and slice, 25% server-side detects & customization, and 25% luck.
      • There are so many devices available and almost everyone of them has a slightly different browser. This is still an issue in the newer BlackBerry's.
      • Do we design and slice and provide unique HTML for all? NO.
      • Once you have your core group slices developed you can look at your next challenge: content
      • When you make the switch to mobile you may have to modify/remove certain tags and styles within the content to make the site work.
      • Giant 250kb images that load alright on a desktop browser will bring a mobile device to its knees.
      • Mobile is a different mindset...highly targeted...get in, get out.
    Developing for Mobile::
  • 10. Why Mobile is Spiffy::
    • The sheer potential reach and valuable targets
      • Early adopter demographics
      • We live in world of GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!
    • The competitive edge it can give our clients
      • Their customers will be using mobile
      • Adds credibility and innovation to brand
    • It is the future of Web use
      • More and more users are accessing Web via mobile than regular means
    • It emphasizes accessibility and standards for Web development shops
      • It is a ‘throw-back’ to earlier days of Web emphasizing the standard code and styles
    • Mobile Web and Social Media = Symbiotic Relationship
    • Becoming more and more complete alternative/replacement to iPhone Apps due to speed and compatibilities
  • 11. Why Mobile is Spiffy::
    • Advertising and Marketing Potential with Mobile Search
    • Limitations:
    • 18 character title
    • 18 character description
    • 300 x 50 Image Ad
    • Benefits
    •   Targeting users with immediate need
    •   Targeting local users
    •   Targeting users by giving them your immediate contact information
  • 12. Why Mobile is Spiffy::
  • 13. Q&A::
    • Questions, Spicoli?
  • 14. Thank You:: Additional Questions?... 216.391.2255 [email_address]