Histology 13 urinary system

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  • 1. Exercise 13 for histology (Urinary System)I. Single choice:1. The structural and functional units for urine secretion in kidney areA. renal corpuscle B. filtration barrierC. nephron D. collecting tubuleE. uriniferous tubule2. In two kidneys of adult, the total glomerular filtrate (primary urine) in per minuteproduce aboutA. 124ml B. 125mlC. 124L D. 125LE. 1500ml3. The epithelium of thin segment in nephron isA. simple squamous epitheliumB. simple cuboidal epitheliumC. simple columnar epitheliumD. transitional epitheliumE. stratified squamous epithelium4. In kidney the renin is secreted byA. podocyte B. interstitial cellC. juxtaglomerular cell D. podocyteE. extraglomerular mesangial cellII. Fill in the blanks:1. The parenchyma of kidney may be divided into outer and an inner .2. The renal medulla is composed of 10-18 pyramid-shaped structures, called ,and a lot of elongated parallel arrays of tubules penetrate the cortex, called .3. The cortical labyrinth consists mainly of . A renal lobule consists of1/2 + single +1/2 .4. Each nephron includes two portions: (1). , (2). .5. The collecting tubules are lined with simple or epithelium. The cellsare pale-staining and the cellular border of two adjacent cells are clearly visible. Theyare under the control of the .6. The primary urine is formed in the space of , through reabsorption,secreting and concentration of renal tubules to form terminal urine which volume is % of the primary urine.7. The juxtaglomerular apparatus consist of , and .8. The main function of distal convoluted tubule in kidney is resorb from thefiltrate and transfer into the filtrate from the interstitum.III. Questions:1. Describe the fine structure of renal corpuscle in detail.2. Draw the ultra-structures of the filtration barrier of kidney and describe it in detail.
  • 2. 3. Compare the structures and functions of the proximal convoluted tubule with thatof distal convoluted tubule.4. Compare the structure and function of the juxtaglomerular complex.5. Describe the blood supply of the kidney.6. Which structural characteristics are there in the wall of urinary bladder?