Spring 2010

                               A La “Cart” is a publication of Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc.

   Frank Talk
Spring to Lawry's for Great Food and Fun
Sylvia Pettit today and during the years
 she was a Tam O'Shanter co-worker.

A Letter From Sylvia

          recent l...
When You Wish Upon a Star: Walt Disney and the Tam
                            I    t's not surprising that the Tam O'Shan...
Scoring A Touchdown With the BCS Teams

Courtesy of Lawry's, the top two college football teams in the nation—Alabama a...
Looking at Lawry’s
We're not claiming any special powers for                                             Kathryn and John ...
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Lawry's Restaurants A La Cart Spring 2010 newsletter


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This is the Spring 2010 newsletter for the Lawry's Restaurants group which includes Lawry's The Prime Rib, Tam O'Shanter, Five Crowns and Lawry's Carvery.

This issue includes:
- Frank Talk by President Richard N. Frank
- A Letter From Sylvia Pettit
- Spring Promotions at Lawry's
- A Story about Walt Disney and The Tam
- Pictures from the Beef Bowl in January

Lawry's...Celebrating Special Occasions for Generations. Lawry's Restaurants can be found online at http://www.lawrysonline.com/.

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Lawry's Restaurants A La Cart Spring 2010 newsletter

  1. 1. Spring 2010 A La “Cart” is a publication of Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc. Frank Talk I n the early 1960s, my wife, Mary Alice, and I took our first trip to England. We loved Britain, espe- cially the delightful restaurants in its cozy, romantic country inns. In all my travels around America, I'd never encountered anything quite like them. Fast forward to 1964: We decided to open a new restaurant, and I thought about replicating the look and feel of the country inns I'd enjoyed so much in England. I even knew the perfect location—if we could secure it—a place in Corona del Mar, CA, called the Hurley Bell. Built in 1936, the exterior of the Hurley Bell was a faithful reproduction of England's oldest and most famous country inn, Ye Olde Bell. The Hurley Bell had a checkered past; it had been a private residence, a bed-and-breakfast hotel and then home to a series of unsuccessful restaurants. It had garnered a shady reputation, first as a hideaway for Hollywood stars' secret rendezvous, then as a site of gambling and prostitution. But from the outside, it looked ideal (the interior didn't come up to the exterior's standards and would need a lot of work). Not only did it look right, but I thought it was in the right place, too. Orange County, CA, was starting to grow and the Newport Beach area—especially its seaside village of Corona del Mar—was attracting young families. There were no good restaurants in the area, and it seemed ripe to support a successful one. Serendipitously, the owner of the Hurley Bell was looking to sell the property. We signed on the dotted line and immersed ourselves in a year-long remodeling of the interior, turning it, room by room, into the most beautiful and romantic of all of our restaurants. My father and I debated over the name for the restaurant. I wanted to call it The Bell and Crown, "Bell" for Hurley Bell and "Crown" for Corona del Mar ("Crown of the Sea"), but my dad didn't like it. He was aware of the Hurley Bell's unsavory reputation and felt it would be a bad idea to have any reference to it in our new restaurant's name. To satisfy him, I decided on the name Five Crowns, "Five" because the new restaurant was to be the fifth for Lawry's and "Crowns" because each was a jewel in our crown. On the evening of April 14, 1965, our new English country inn restaurant, Five Crowns, opened. It very quickly became one of the foremost restaurants in Orange County, and this year, as we cel- ebrate its 45th anniversary, Five Crowns continues to be a popular landmark. It offers a continental-style menu with more options than Lawry's The Prime Rib. But like Lawry's The Prime Rib, first on the Five Crowns' menu and the number-one seller among its guests is roasted prime ribs of beef. (From the start, Five Crowns has been known for serving the best prime rib in Orange County.) We recently opened an English-style gastropub, SideDoor, in the space that was, formerly, the Five Crowns' bar (please see the article below and on page 4 for more information). At SideDoor, we offer a casual, "come as you are" setting that both complements, yet offers an alternative to, the Five Crowns more traditional fine-dining experience. It was an exciting project for our company, as I, my son and my grandson (the second, third and fourth generations of our family business) worked together to make SideDoor a reality. You, our guests, came, tasted, and overwhelmingly approved. Business at SideDoor is booming, and we find ourselves the happy proprietors of two successful restaurants under the same roof. We hope you'll visit Five Crowns soon and check out SideDoor, as well. Whether you're looking for an outstanding evening of fine dining or a casual drop-in spot to meet up with old and new friends, you're sure to find delicious food, lots of fun and a warm welcome. —Richard N. Frank SideDoor: Look for the Big Red Key O ur newest restaurant is a hit! It's SideDoor, an English-style neighborhood gastropub in the landmark Five Crowns building in Corona del Mar, CA (the entrance is on the Poppy Street side, under the big red key). We hope you'll visit and join guests who are giving us rave reviews for our friendly, casual atmosphere, terrific food and outstanding drink. Relax with us for an hour or evening (reservations are never needed) and treat yourself to our ever-changing menu of small plates, cheese and charcuterie and sand- wiches, as well as an awesome selection of wines, craft beers and cocktails. Please turn to page 4 for photos and more about SideDoor
  2. 2. Spring to Lawry's for Great Food and Fun SPRING AND SUMMER SPECIAL LUNCH AT LAWRY'S THE PRIME RIB, be pouring. 6-8 p.m.; $36, including tax and gratuity. Reservations are CHICAGO: A new menu offering extensive variety at a great value is required and available now by telephoning Ellen Frémaux at (310) now available 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays in our Chicago 360-6281, Ext. 4. restaurant's popular Ale & Sandwich Bar. For just $12, plus tax and gra- MOTHER’S DAY, MAY 9: Treat mom to the great food and world-class tuity, you'll have your choice of three delicious items, plus a trip to the "Sides" Cart and a soda, iced tea or lemonade. pampering only our restaurants provide. Each of our locations will welcome every mom in your party with a special gift. Lawry’s in EASTER, APRIL 4: Brunch will be served at Lawry's in Dallas, the Tam Dallas, the Five Crowns and the Tam O’Shanter will serve brunch, O'Shanter and the Five Crowns, and all of our restaurants will open and all of our restaurants will open early for dinner. At the Tam early to welcome you to dinner. Come join us! Reservations are avail- O'Shanter, moms can enter a drawing to win a Burke Williams Spa able now. gift certificate valued at $85. Our Beverly Hills restaurant will help you capture the COLE PORTER REVIEW AT LAWRY'S THE Wine Dinners happy memories with a free photograph. PRIME RIB, LAS VEGAS, APRIL 8: Put your Reservations are available now at Lawry's dancing shoes on for a fun evening of live in Beverly Hills, Chicago and Las Vegas, LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB, music and song as we pay tribute to the leg- and begin April 9 at Lawry's in Dallas, the endary Cole Porter. $99 includes entertain- BEVERLY HILLS Tam O'Shanter and Five Crowns. ment, dancing, a classic prime rib or fresh (310) 360-6281, Ext. 4 salmon feast, tax and gratuity. Reservations May 6 SUNSET RIVER CRUISES AT LAWRY'S are available now by telephoning Michelle Sonoma in the City: Los Angeles THE PRIME RIB, CHICAGO: Our very Rizzo at (702) 893-2223, Ext. 205. With winemakers from four award-winning popular cruise-dinner package is back! Sonoma wineries Every Thursday and Friday evening, June "BILLY ELLIOTT" COMES TO CHICAGO: Treat $95 including tax and gratuity 3-October 1, you'll have the opportunity yourself to orchestra seats for the musical to join Chicago Architecture Foundation "Billy Elliott"—presented by Broadway in FIVE CROWNS docents as they point out and discuss Chicago, with a musical score by Elton John— (949) 760-0331 landmark buildings on a 90-minute cruise and a fabulous dinner at Lawry's The Prime May 18 of the Chicago River, followed by a multi- Rib, Chicago, with this exclusive dinner-the- Paul Hobbs course dinner in our restaurant. 5:30 p.m.; atre package. With Bill Wiebalk $85, including tax and gratuity. For further Matinee performances are at 2 p.m. at $99 including tax and gratuity information and reservations, please ask the Ford Center at the Oriental Theatre on for the sales department when you tele- Sundays, April 25, May 2 and May 16, fol- LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB, DALLAS phone our Chicago restaurant. lowed by a four-course "County of Durham (972) 503-6688 Coal Miner's" dinner in our restaurant. $165, May 21 FATHER’S DAY, JUNE 20: Lawry’s in Dallas, plus tax and gratuity. To order your package, Master Sommelier Dinner the Five Crowns, and the Tam O’Shanter will please ask for the sales department when serve brunch, and all of our restaurants will With wine manager Steven Giancotti you telephone our Chicago restaurant. be open for dinner. Exclusively at Lawry's $69 plus tax and gratuity in Beverly Hills, dads can enter a drawing to WINE TASTINGS AT THE TAM O'SHANTER: win a To Go Dinner for 12-14 people, valued We've assembled exceptional wines for you at $350. Our Beverly Hills restaurant will also to discover at our monthly Saturday after- noon tastings: Reservations snap a complimentary photograph of your party. Dads dining at the Tam O'Shanter • April 10: Cabernet Sauvignon Please telephone to make reservations can enter a drawing to win a $100 Home • May 1: Pinot Noir for the special events on this page. Depot Gift Card. Reservations for Lawry’s • June 5: German White Wines in Beverly Hills and Chicago and the Tam Wine manager Brien McNally will guide the Lawry’s The Prime Rib O'Shanter are available now, and will be tastings, and you'll feast on sumptuous hors accepted by Lawry’s in Las Vegas and Dallas d'oeuvres created to complement each • Beverly Hills (310) 652-2827 and the Five Crowns starting May 20. glass. Join us for dinner afterward, and we'll • Chicago (312) 787-5000 If the dad in your life would prefer din- deduct 10 percent from your bill! Each tast- ner at home this Father's Day, all of our res- ing is from 3-4 p.m.; $30 plus tax and gratuity. • Dallas (972) 503-6688 taurants offer superb take out. Please tele- Reservations are available now. • Las Vegas (702) 893-2223 phone the Lawry's location of your choice at least 72 hours in advance. Exclusively at SPIRITS & LIQUEURS TASTING AT LAWRY’S Five Crowns (949) 760-0331 Lawry's in Chicago, we're offering a special THE PRIME RIB, BEVERLY HILLS, JUNE 9: Tam O’Shanter (323) 664-0228 Father's Day To Go Menu featuring roasted Sample top of the line liquors in all catego- prime ribs of beef and barbecued beef ribs. ries, selected by the experts at The Tasting For fast and easy lunch, dinner and Please make your Chicago to go reservation Panel Magazine as solid "10s" in taste and char- brunch reservations, please visit our between May 1-June 16 by asking for the acter. We'll pamper you with executive chef sales department when you telephone, and web site, www.LawrysOnline.com. Walter Eckstein's fabulous hors d’oeuvres, we'll have a delicious package waiting for created to complement the potables we'll you to pick up on Father's Day.
  3. 3. Sylvia Pettit today and during the years she was a Tam O'Shanter co-worker. A Letter From Sylvia A recent letter made our day. It was from Sylvia Pettit, who in the 1940s was a server at the Tam O'Shanter (our old- est restaurant, now in its 88th year). Ms. Pettit said she'd come across a photo taken during the time she was a Lawry's co-worker and it reminded her of how much "I loved work- ing there." Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Sylvia married in 1940, and she and her husband, William, moved to Los Angeles. It took William a whole year to find a job, so to keep the fam- ily afloat, she became a waitress at a Van de Kamp's Coffee Shop (operated by our founding families, the Franks and Van de Kamps, and a forerunner of our restaurant company). William was drafted in 1943 and died a year later from wounds incurred during the Normandy Invasion. Sylvia carried on and joined the serv- ing staff at the Tam. She left us, eventually, to become a riveter "and do my part for the defense of America." She later remarried and had three children, and today lives in Castro Valley, CA. Through it all, she's retained her affection for Lawry's. "I have such wonderful memories of working at the Tam O'Shanter," she wrote. "It was truly one of the nicest places I ever worked." May is Bonus Month for Lawry's VIPs T o thank Lawry's VIP Rewards mem- bers for your loyalty, we're offering a special bonus throughout the month of May: Double Points for lunch in all of our popular Ale & Sandwich Bars (at Lawry's in Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas and the Tam O'Shanter) from 11-2 p.m., Mondays-Fridays. We look forward to welcoming you!
  4. 4. When You Wish Upon a Star: Walt Disney and the Tam I t's not surprising that the Tam O'Shanter was one of Walt Disney's favorite restaurants. He surely would have been attracted to the Tam's fanciful look, created by movie set designer Harry Oliver (who was later to win an Oscar) with a meandering roof, interior plaster walls made In the late 1930s, the Disney Studio moved into a new, state-of-the-art facility in Burbank that included a commis- sary. Although trips to the Tam were no longer a necessity, they didn't cease. Walt and the Disney crew continued to frequent our restaurant for the rest of their lives. to resemble weathered stone, a fairy-tale-like fireplace and The friendship between Lawrence and Walt remained charred, exposed wooden ceiling beams. strong, too. In In the late 1920s and throughout the '30s, when Walt the early 1950s, lunched at the Tam O'Shanter nearly every day, it was, as it w h e n Wa l t is today, an entertaining Scottish-themed place that harked was planning back to other times, filled with cozy nooks and crannies Disneyland, and bursting with tartans, antiques and memorabilia of Los he consulted This caricature of with Lawrence Angeles' early days. We don't know if it's true, but some Lawrence Frank, drawn pundits speculate that Walt was so taken with the Tam that about food by Disney artist John it inspired the look of the cottage occupied by Snow White service for the Hench, was presented to and her little pals in the Disney Studio's first feature film, theme park. Lawrence by Walt Disney "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," which premiered in Lawry's chair- in 1958. It is on display 1937. man Richard Television's "Zorro," Guy Williams in the Tam's reception area. Walt liked the Tam's food, too; simple but delicious N . F r a n k (far left) and Walt Disney (far right) fare that included hamburgers (still served daily) made remembers with Lawrence Frank (second from according to a special recipe that took proprietor Lawrence accompany- left) in the early 1960s. L. Frank a whole year to create. ing his father Most of all, it seems, Walt liked Lawrence Frank, and to have lunch with Walt at the Disney Studios in Burbank. the feeling was mutual. The two men loved entertaining There, Walt showed them the plans for Disneyland. "He people and shared the spark of creativity and innovation; didn't know what to do with the restaurants, with the feed- they became good friends. ing operations, and he had a lot of questions for my dad, Not only Walt, but the whole crew of Disney animators which he was happy to answer," Richard said. Years later, frequented the Tam. When Walt and his brother, Roy, moved from 1982-1999, Lawry's Foods sponsored Disneyland's their studio from its original location on Kingswell Ave. in Frontier Restaurant, Casa Mexicana. Hollywood to more spacious quarters in the Los Feliz area of The warm relationship between Disney and Lawry's Los Angeles, the new studio didn't have a cafeteria. The Tam continues today. In June 2009, the Tam was the site of This caricature of became the Disney staff's daily lunchtime haunt, and they a luncheon-press conference hosted by Walt's grand- Richard R. and Richard affectionately nicknamed it "The Disney Studio Commissary." son, Walter Elias Disney, to announce plans for the Walt N. Frank was presented Because he lived nearby in the Hollywood Hills, Walt Disney Family Museum, which opened in San Francisco to the Tam O'Shanter also visited the Tam for dinner, bringing along his wife and on October 1, 2009. Most recently, Disney twenty-three by the Disney Studios two daughters. According to his eldest daughter, Diane Magazine, the studio's official publication for its D23 in 1997, in honor of the Disney Miller, Walt's favorite spot in the main dining room club members, contained a feature story on the Tam restaurant's 75th anni- was the booth in the corner, to the left of the large fire- O'Shanter and Walt's history with the restaurant. versary. place, Table 31. Cheers! Come See Us at SideDoor continued from page 1 SideDoor 3801 East Coast Highway (enter on Poppy St. under the big red key) Corona del Mar, CA 92625 (947) 717-4322 Hours: Thursdays 4:30-10:30 p.m. Fridays & Saturdays 4:30-11:30 p.m. Sundays 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Sundays Charcuterie 3:30-9 p.m. No Reservations • Casual Attire Please visit our web site: www.SideDoorCDM.com
  5. 5. Scoring A Touchdown With the BCS Teams Courtesy of Lawry's, the top two college football teams in the nation—Alabama and Texas—got a chance to relax and enjoy a great meal days before they clashed on the playing field in February's BCS (Bowl Championship Series) Game at the Rose Bowl. Lawry's Catering, a service of Lawry's The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills, brought our prime rib to Newport Beach, CA, on two separate evenings to treat each team's players, their coaches, Tournament of Roses officials and the press to a feast and fun. It was our third time hosting BCS competitors, and we were honored to pamper them with our special brand of hospitality. (As you may know, we're no strangers to feeding college football champs; for 54 years Lawry's annual Beef Bowl has treated Rose Bowl rivals to dinner in our Beverly Hills res- taurant.) In the photo above left, number-one ranked Alabama University Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban presents the game ball to Lawry's CEO-president Richard R. Frank, chairman Richard N. Frank and Lawry's Beverly Hills general manager Todd Johnson. At right, Colt McCoy, star quarterback for the University of Texas Longhorns, dishes up some prime rib from our silver cart. TableTalk O ur resident star-gazers are happy to report recent celebrity sightings in our restaurants: At Lawry's in Beverly Hills, we spot- ted Denzel Washington...Elizabeth Taylor...Magic Johnson...Ray Bradbury...University of Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown...Alabama University Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban...rapper/actor Ice-T...Billy Zane...and former famed college football coach, ESPN analyst, author and motivational speaker Lou Holtz. Actor Dennis Farina and ABC 7 Chicago news anchor Linda Yu dined in our Chicago restaurant. Lawry's in Dallas greeted legend- ary Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback from 1969-1979, Roger Staubach...Morgan Fairchild...CBS sportscaster Jim Nance...and lead anchor for CBS affiliate KTVT, Babe Laufenberg. Dining at the Tam O'Shanter were Hilary Duff...Tool drummer Danny Carey...Tim Curry...Shirley Jones...and a group of cast mem- bers from TV's "Scrubs." "Supernanny" Jo Frost visited our newest restaurant, SideDoor, and Richard Dreyfuss joined us for dinner at Lawry's The Prime Rib, Las Vegas. Make Lawry's Your Wedding Destination T he prestige of a wedding at Lawry's. Our award-winning food and service. The distinctive, beautiful settings of our restau- rants. Think the price is out of sight? We beg to differ. We've always prided ourselves on offering superior wedding amenities at prices below hotels, and in these budget-conscious times, our experienced wedding managers can be a great help in suggesting ways to further trim costs. We'll happily accommodate your wishes (for example, Lawry's in Chicago recently staged a romantic brunch reception for a very happy couple) and pamper you and your guests with warm, personalized service (the Five Crowns and Lawry's in Las Vegas are both Brides Choice Award 2010 winners, chosen by new- lyweds for quality, service and professionalism). In addition to cer- emonies and receptions, our restaurants are the perfect choice for engagement parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Please telephone the wedding manager at the Lawry's location of your A romantic candlelight ceremony at Lawry's The Prime Rib, choice to find out how we can help make your dreams come true. Beverly Hills.
  6. 6. Looking at Lawry’s We're not claiming any special powers for Kathryn and John McCloskey the coconut banana cream pie we make (pictured with general manager from scratch each day at Lawry's in Las Todd Johnson) celebrated their Vegas, but Tonya Anderson and Joe Reum of 69th wedding anniversary in our North Dakota seem to have fallen under its Beverly Hills restaurant. Their spell. Tonya wrote to us recently to say that granddaughter Katie Holmes she and Joe enjoyed dinner with us in Las wrote to tell us the McCloskeys Vegas last December, and after "we had the have been Lawry's patrons since amazing pie, which both [Joe] and I thought 1942. "Our family has celebrated was awesome, we got engaged." She asked us to send her the recipe so everything from anniversaries to she could make the pie ("We can't stop talking about it") as a romantic birthdays to first dates there," she treat for their first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple. We happily sped said. Congratulations, Kathryn the recipe to her, along with our best wishes and congratulations. and John...we look forward to raising a glass for your 70th anniversary! Kay Fischer threw a won- derful surprise 80th birth- We're always happy to day party for her husband see Tom and Charlotte Jack (center, with carver Jeff Maxim. Their 9th visit to Penney and server Wendy our Dallas restaurant in Writing and Design: Cirigliano & Wood Hall) at Lawry's in Dallas. 2009 was for a very spe- Jack has been a fan of our cial occasion—their 40th restaurants, and has dined at wedding anniversary, cel- all of our locations, since he ebrated last November. was 10 years old and growing Congratulations! up in Westwood, CA. "He was a graduate of UCLA and his brother attended USC but there was never a rivalry in their opinion of the best restaurant...which to this day is Lawry's The Prime Rib!" Kay says. are licensed from Lawry’s Foods, Inc. and The Trademarks (310) 432-0101 011-03-5114-8013 011-886-2-3762-1312 011-65-6836-3333 www.LawrysOnline.com Century City, CA 2-17-22 Akasaka, Minato-ku 138 Pateh Road, Sec. 4 #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Food Terrace 011-86-21-63870096 Akasaka Twin Tower East Core Pacific City, 12th Floor 333A Orchard Rd. Westfield Century City 181 Tai Cang Road, Xintiandi, Lu Wan District TOKYO TAIPEI SINGAPORE Unit 1, No 22 and 23, North Plaza (714) 434-7788 011-290-7-2218 SHANGHAI 3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 011-06-6343-3344 33 Hysan Ave. (702) 893-2223 South Coast Plaza 2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-Kut 4/F, The Lee Gardens Hughes Pkwy. (312) 787-5000 (972) 503-6688 (310) 652-2827 (213) 222-2212 5F Herbis Plaza Ent, Causeway Bay 4043 Howard 100 E. Ontario St. 14655 Dallas Pkwy. 100 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA OSAKA HONG KONG LAS VEGAS CHICAGO DALLAS BEVERLY HILLS 1011 S. Figueroa St., Suite B115 L.A. LIVE LAWRY’S CARVERY (323) 664-0228 Los Angeles, CA 2980 Los Feliz Blvd. TAM O’SHANTER (947) 717-4322 Corona del Mar, CA 3801 East Coast Highway SIDEDOOR (949) 760-0331 Corona del Mar, CA 3801 East Coast Highway FIVE CROWNS CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Escondido, California 92029-1904 PERMIT #740 621 South Andreasen Drive Pasadena, CA P A I D U.S. POSTAGE PRSRT STD