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Facebook Timeline, Ads, Pages....how do you navigate??...

Facebook Timeline, Ads, Pages....how do you navigate??

At the end of this presentation you will see that Cats & YouTube is your secret to viral success.

Thanks so all the presentation companies in which have provided the content for this presentation on Timeline. I've been inspired by my friend Dave at Likeable. He is truly my hero in this world of social media



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    FacebookTimeline FacebookTimeline Presentation Transcript

    • Warnings about Social Media1) Social media is not free.2) Social media will not bring you instant results.3) Social media cannot make up for a bad product or service. Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • Like is the New Link
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • Content of Page Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • • Bring Facebook to your website or blog• Facebook Friend Connect / Facebook Fan Box
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326651. General layout.Header image historyProfile image About the brand Featured tabs Pinned posts
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665Timeline changes almost everything. General layout Profile photo About section Tabs & apps Pinned posts Display location of apps Fangating is no longer No auto refresh upon liking No more default landing tabs More app space Same app rules Great examples no promotions in the header image …
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326652. Cover and profile image • No more 520px high profile image on the left square • No more image-grid above the timeline • Header image can not be used for promotional purposes, fangating, contest referral or even contact information!
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326653. Tabs old Apps & tabs location Featured apps / tabs (4 max) Other tabs hidden here
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326653. Other apps expanded Other tabs will barely be found
    • 4. Fangating Fangating • A custom ‘Default landing tab’ will no longer will no longer work work • ‘Welcome’ is just another tab • No auto-redirect after liking a page • Still detection if you liked the page or not.
    • Fangates becomes obsolete
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326655. Apps Entire websites can be pushed in this space no fundamental redesign of websites. Higher resemblance between Facebook and original website Full 810px for content vs. 520px previously No change in app rules
    • ‘Highlight’ posts to give them the full width of the facebook container.
    • ‘pin’ posts, these posts stay at the top of the feed promotingposts
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665Fast mover example Home Tab
    • Brand content and user content are separated• Timeline puts the focus on the interaction with the consumer• Your brand becomes what you publish• No more hiding behind fangates and custom tabs content is your only asset• Comment by others are collected in a separate console • + Less ‘ugly’ wallposts / clean wall problem solves itself • - More brand authored content.
    • Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 326657. Todos 2 1 Add brand description and 1 Choose a cover information Feature 0 image important apps 3 5 Pin ‘top’ or ‘important’ posts ‘Highlight’ important 9 Clean up the wall events Insert the back4 catalog of the 8 Remove the brand + Adapt tab-content ‘fangate’ 6 to 810px width reconstruct history Adapt the ‘Welcome’ tab 7
    • Why advertise on social networks?We Reach Your Target Customers• We will connect with you to 800 million potential customers• We will choose your audience by location, age and interestsWe Deepen Your Relationships• We will promote your social sites, websites, event pages• We will use the “like” button to increase your ads influence• Our goal is to build a community around your businessWe Control Your Budget• We set a monthly budget you are comfortable with• We adjust you daily rates to maximize exposure• You can choose to pay only when • people click (CPC) or if they see your ad (CPM) RealtimeAdNetwork.com
    • Step 1: We Identify Your GoalsWe start by identifying what you want to promote• Build awareness• Drive sales• Grow you fan baseStep 2: We Target the Right PeopleWe will define the people you want to reach with your adsTargeting by:• Location (State, City, Zip Code)• Language, Education, and Work• Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status• Likes & Interests: examples "camping", “married", or “business owner“Step 3: We Design Engaging AdsWe will create multiple versions of your ads with different images and bodycopy to find out which combinations are most effective. We review weekly,and implement new ads when stagnant. RealtimeAdNetwork.com
    • We hypertarget your Real-time ADS to your NEEDS Branding Fan Growth PromotionsWe hypertarget your We hypertarget ADS to brand a your ADS to drive We hypertargetconsistent message to your NEW your ADS to showcase your FUTURE “LIKES” DEALS!CUSTOMERS!
    • We hypertarget your Real-time ADS to your NEEDS Events Giving Back Hiring We hypertarget your ADS to drive your ongoing We hypertarget We hypertarget your ADS to COMMUNITYyour ADS to help promote yoursell out your next EFFORTS! JOB EVENT! OPENINGS!
    • Elements Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665 • Picture • Title (25 characters) • Body (135 characters)
    • Refreshing Content and Ads • Sometimes a Facebook ad can become stale • Consider changing the image or text • Something new and compelling can lead to new “likes” • Revolving Content and Pictures – Change often
    • Refreshing or Changing Targets• All ads and brands are different• Successful targeting is not always OBVIOUS• Create ads and campaigns to do specific purposes• Types of additional targeting • Similar Interest • Competitors • Location Based • Industries • Employees Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • Examples of Great Ads Text “Like RealtimeOutsource” to 32665
    • Target & Refresh AdsFacebook Ads work differently thanAdWords. At highest level, they require: - sensitive demographic targeting - great attention to visuals - greater refresh rates - and flighting numerous campaigns to optimize creative + copy + targeting + cost… And it’s getting more expensive by the day.So test & optimize now.
    • Drive Likes, then ConversionsMany brands try to convert Facebookads to off-Facebook transactions. It’stough.- Try driving Likes and converting fans to traffic & transactions.- Might find better success and get fans / relationships / virality atop that.- More likely to “like” and build relationship than transact click and transact in-line.
    • Drive Likes, then ConversionsApplicable off-Facebook as well.Use your web product to drive brand fans.Try building more topical hubs as fan pages too.Content more topical = engagement is higher.