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Product Launch Formula Seed Launch

Product Launch Formula Seed Launch



Transcription of the training video found at http://productlaunchformula.com provided courtesy of Thu Nguyen. Read more about launching your idea at http://www.bloggingfor.info/online-launch-formula/.

Transcription of the training video found at http://productlaunchformula.com provided courtesy of Thu Nguyen. Read more about launching your idea at http://www.bloggingfor.info/online-launch-formula/.



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    Product Launch Formula Seed Launch Product Launch Formula Seed Launch Document Transcript

    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 1Seed Launch Video by Jeff WalkerCreator of the Product Launch FormulaHey, it’s Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula and I’ve got another product launch trainingvideo for you. Now this one is all about the seed launch, which is all about how do you start with noproduct and no list?Also, the seed launch is fantastic if you have a business and you’ve got an idea for, maybe, a newproduct but you haven’t created it yet. And you’re not sure if it’s going to work and this is how you cancreate that quickly and easily and possibly even get paid before you’ve even created it.So my last video was all about the sideway sales letter. I got a lot of great comments on it. I’ve been inthere reading the comments and responding to the comments. If you haven’t seen that video yet, thenyou should check it out.There should be a link either to the right side of the page or up on the top of the page. And the sidewaysales letter was all about conversion.Basically, when you get someone in front of your message, how do you convert them into buyers? Howdo you get them to move? How do you get them to act? How do you get them to hit the order button?So in the comments, a lot of them were saying, “That’s great Jeff and I could totally see how that worksand it’s gotten me completely excited, but I don’t have a list. I don’t have any traffic or anything likethat.”Well, that’s what this video is about. First we’re going to start off with the seed launch. Really, the videois all about eyeballs. In the web, we call it traffic. It’s about getting people in front of your message,getting people in front of your sideway sales letters.So that’s what this one is about. I’m going to start with a seed launch but I’m also going to tell you abouttwo other styles of launches.Now, did you ever wonder how gurus get their start?How experts get their start?How people build momentum?Well, in this video, we’re not just going to show you the seed launch which is starting from scratch, butI’m going teach you launch stacking. And that’s how you can build your launch after launch after launch,and they get bigger and bigger and better if you engineer this properly.It’s something that I’ve been able to do in my life and in my business over and over, because like Imentioned in that last video. I had the most humble beginning you can ever imagine.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 2I was a stay-at-home dad staying at home and taking care of a couple of babies. That’s how I started mybusiness, but through this magic of launch stacking my residuals got bigger and bigger and bigger.Frankly, that’s how those gurus are made. That’s how people are seen as experts by starting small andbuilding through launch stacking. So like I said, we’re going to cover the seed launch, we’re going tocover a couple of different types of launches and we’re going to cover the all important launch stacking.We’ve got lots and lots to cover. So let’s head into the whiteboard room and get started.…Ok, we have got a lot to cover. This is going to be exciting stuff so as I mentioned we’ve got three typesof launches I’m going to teach you about. The first one I’m going to go through is the internal launch andthen the seed launch and then the JV launch.First, I want to talk a little bit about launch stacking. And as I mentioned, when I started out, I was a stayat home dad, I was taking care of a couple of babies. We had almost no money. We had a family budgetthat I had put together for the whole entire year and our disposable income for the entire year. In otherwords, the money we had left over after we paid for all our bills and food stuff was $400/year.So there was not a lot to go around and that was how I started my business.So when I was a stay-at-home dad, one day my wife was, she was out there earning a living, going towork, I was taking care of the babies. One day she drives home, she pulls up in the middle of the day andshe walks in the house and she’s just really upset.She said, ‘Jeff, I need you to figure out some way to make a living. To try to support our family, at leastpartially support our family because I’m getting up in the dark. I’m going home in the dark and I neverget to see my kids. I need to be a Mom.’This was a pivotal moment for me where my wife just said, ‘I need your help. I need you to help supportthe family.’Well, I didn’t have anything going on. I quit the corporate world several years before that. I’ve alwaysbeen a square peg in a round hole. Never fit into the corporate world and that’s why I quit. And that’swhy I was home.So I was like, ‘What do I do? What do I DO?’And right about then I had been studying the stock market quite a bit and I was online doing researchonline. And I had this idea that I could start publishing a newsletter. If I start publishing a newsletterthen maybe I could put that on my resume and I could go get a job.Actually, I was just doing this to try to get back to school so that I could eventually get a job. So that’swhat I did. Sounds like a crazy plan but I started publishing a newsletter via email. My first newsletterwent out to 19 people, but really that’s 19-ish.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 3It was basically anyone who I could think about who might be interested in getting my newsletter aboutthe stock market. But why I said 19-ish is because one of those email addresses was my wife’s and onewas my second email address.So it’s really only like 17 people outside my house that was getting it, but you know what? Saying 19 feltbetter than 17 and when you’re just starting out, you know, sometimes you grab some more straws. SoI’m sticking with 19.So I started to publish that newsletter to 19 and it started to grow through word of mouth. And this wasway back in 1996, summer of 1996 when I started publishing. And it grew through word of mouth untileventually it grew to several hundred people.And then I was approaching a thousand people on that list, so I said maybe I’ll try to sell themsomething. So I put together an offer but at that I didn’t know how to sell stuff. I’ve never sold anythingin my life. I’m not a natural-born sales person.So what I did was create a romancing period where I gave everyone my free newsletter. I kept on givingthem the good stuff and more and more good stuff and sort of led up onto the sell. What I did was theprecursor, the basic of a product launch strategy.And you know what?When I went to publish and ask for the order. I put it out there and got $1650 in sales. Now dependingon where you’re at, $1650 might sound like a lot or that might sound pittance. It might sound likenothing, but for me that was really, really exciting because I was about to do backflips.To do $1600!First of all, I couldn’t actually believe anyone would actually buy something from me. Second, if I did thisonce, I could do it again and again and again. And I might even get better at this.So that’s what I did and I kept on doing it and you know what I did get better. And that’s what theselittle checkmarks are. Because the next time I did a launch, I did $6000.It went from $1650 to $6000. It was amazing, amazing success. And then I did one that did $8000. I’m onsuccess train right now. And this is what launch stacking is.Basically, once you start doing launches, you get better and better. Your list grows and grows and grows.So basically, I did this internal launch where basically you might have a list. And I have gradually beenbuilding up a list and I was sending them to the sideway sales letter I taught you in the sideway salesletter video.I sent them to pre-launched content and that lead them into a sales letter.Back then, I didn’t have sales video, it led them into a sales letter, but I always gave the pre-launchedcontent first. So I went from $1650, this is what stacking is about, because as you continue to build your
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 4list, you continue to build relationships, when you put out that sideway sales letter, it gives thatauthority.I talked about that in the last video.It gives you the authority. It gets people excited. They start to tell their friends about it and you get thatword of mouth in building your list. And that’s why we have the stacking and the launches get better.So I went from $1650 to $6000 to $8000 to a $34,000 launch. And I’m like, ‘This is amazing!’Then I had a huge break-through and we did a $106,000 and that was in a single week. That launch cameto be known as ‘6 Figure in 7 Days.’It was truly astonishing and that shows you the power of stacking. When you stay within a market, youcontinue to build up your positioning and you build up your list and you build up your power in thatmarket.You also start to learn how to sell within that market, what people really want and that’s how you gofrom $1650 to $160,000. And this list of 19, that list grew to 80,000 people on that list.I had people all over the world and I started with 19 email addresses. So that shows you the power ofstacking.Another interesting thing about this business is I was publishing about the stock market. I didn’t haveany credentials. I wasn’t a stock broker. I wasn’t a financial planner. I didn’t have any letters after myname. I just had an interest and I studied the market, I studied the market and I published about it.I also had a partner in that one.This is another thing, so you don’t have to be the only person. You don’t have to be the star. I was themarketing person and I was the front person. So there was someone behind the scenes that was helpingme with content.I had a content partner. And those types of relationship, we see them all the time. So that’s launchstacking in all this, all the way to $106,000. I only continued to do internal launches. I didn’t have outsidepartners or affiliates.I just did internal launches and as that list build to 80,000 people, the power obviously got stronger andstronger. And this didn’t happen overnight!This happened over a period of 7-8 years. That’s how you build up and you stack and stack. So it mighttake a little bit of time but it’s an amazing thing.So if you think about where I started with being a stay-at-home dad, taking care of a couple of babies,Mr. Mom and $400 of disposable income per year, these are some amazing results.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 5In fact, that business, we got to $1M in sales within 6 years. It wasn’t a million per year but a millioncumulative, but when I started out to even about it to even get a million dollars, I couldn’t even think toconceive of it.No way!In fact, when I got my first merchant account so I could start taking credit cards, they approved me for$4000/month in sales. And I remember talking to the person at the bank and they were saying, ‘Well,we’re approving you for $4000. After you build up a track record we can probably knock it up to$10,000.’And when she said that, I just completely laughed because the idea of doing $10,000 in sales in a monthseems absolutely absurd. Now, to her credit, the person at the bank said, ‘Don’t you laugh at mebecause you’re going to get there!’You know what? She was right.In fact, I did $106,000 in a single week. So yeah, within 6 years basically, we had a million dollars inrevenue and it was almost all profit. So we had amazing success, but as often happened in life nothinglasts forever.And what happened was my partnership in that business split up. We just went our separate ways andto tell you the truth, the business was getting old. I was doing it for 8 years, been publishing non-stop,sometimes 500 times per year because the stock market was so volatile.So that business went away and it was time for me to start over.This time, I had some skills. I developed this product launch technique, this product launch formula. I’vegotten really good at these launches and I had some skills, I knew what I was doing.So this time I decided to go into a different market.So I had started off here with this gradually building up a list and gradually doing internal launcheswhere these launches just kept on getting better and better. This time around I thought I’ll trysomething different.Because I was going to be teaching in a different market and I didn’t know how to exactly teach in thatmarket or how to create the product. I didn’t know what the offer was going to be. I didn’t know how tosell within that market.I didn’t know anything!And I started with no list and I was starting with no product. So I did a seed launch.Here’s the diagram of the seed launch. With a seed launch, the beautiful thing is you can start off with atiny, tiny list. Well, basically no list. No, let’s take that back. Let’s call it a tiny list.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 6It’s best if you have 30-60 people on your list. And really, it’s better if you have 60-100 people on yourlist. Back then it was sort of complicated to get that much because you had to figure out a lot of stuff.These days, with social media, building that tiny list of 60-100 people is super easy. Because you gotsocial media, you can just start posting a few things to social media, posting a few videos to Youtube andtake that interest and drive them into a squeeze page.Or just build a list on Facebook!If you have a list of past clients, maybe you have some type of practice where you’ve been coachingpeople or teaching people about something one-on-one. You know you have some past clients, thiswould absolutely work perfectly.So basically, you have this tiny little list right here and let’s just say each one of these little dots equals10 people or whatever. And you have this list of 60-100 people and you’re going to teach them about, Idon’t know, how to play guitar or something like that.What you would do is you send an email out or put a Facebook posting or whatever, put a social mediaposting together and say,‘Hey people have been asking me to learn how to play guitar forever and I hadn’t ever thought aboutdoing this, but I’m thinking about putting together a course and if you want to then let me know.’So basically what you do is when you have a tiny list, it tends to be a responsive list.And you put together some pre-launch content, sort of like you do here (during internal launching), butit doesn’t have to be that fancy. Usually, in the seed launch, it’s not a series of videos, it might be a fewemails that you put out and you basically gather interest about what this topic is whether it’s learningguitar or growing big tomatoes.It could be how to grow your massage therapy practice. It could be any number of things, but basicallytake this small universe of people and you make them an offer. The offer is that you’re going to teachwhatever it is.Maybe it’s how to play songs on a guitar. Maybe it’s how to grow big tomatoes. Maybe it’s how to carvewooden dolls. Maybe it’s how to train your dog better. It’s been used in all kinds of different markets,but you basically offer a program, a series of teleseminars or webinars.Now these things, don’t let them intimidate you, they’re really easy to do. You go tofreeconferencecall.com and you can get set up with a free conference line for free. And basically whatyou would do is to do a teleseminar, you have to pick up your phone, you have to dial into your ‘bridgeline’ as we call them and everyone else is attending the calls and you just talk into the phone.So if you can have the capability of talking into the phone, you can do this.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 7So you invite your 60-100 people and the real goal is to get say, 30-40 people to sign up for this. Nowthere’s two ways you can do this. You can do it for free or you can charge money for it.It’s always better if you charge money for it because you get more, what we call, compliant. People willactually show up for the calls. But, basically what you’re doing is you’re selling a series of calls.And you might sell either between 3 and 5 calls. So you’re going to do 3-5 calls on this topic that you’rean expert in or that you can teach on. Or you can have a content partner sort of like I did with my firstbusiness up here.And you can hire someone else to be the expert. But basically, most of the time people are doing itthemselves. And it’s a topic they know well enough to teach on.So what you would do is after people have sign up, you do this really limited series of emails and youmight offer this, um, you might be offering something that completely depends on your market.So you might offer people how to install a custom kitchen in a custom home and not get taken to thecleaners while you do it. That’s got to be something expensive.That might be $200, $300 or $500 dollars!If you’re going to teach people more like how to learn to play the guitar. That might be more on thelower end. So it really depends on what your market is, but you invite them into the series of calls.You have them either pay you or they comp you. You real goal is to have 30-40 people in this thing. Andreally, you want 30-40 people in it so that you’ll have critical mass on your calls.Well, the first that you do is run people into a survey. And the survey, basically, goes along the line of,‘I’m really excited you’ve signed up for my program and before our first session, if you could just sit downand have lunch with me or have some coffee with me, what are the top 2 questions you’ll ask me aboutthis topic?’So you run everyone through that survey and you get the responses. And now when you go throughthose responses, you’ll look at what are the top 10 questions, the top 10 things that they’re interestedin.And that gives you the things to cover within your 3 calls! Very, very simple stuff!Then you just get in the call, basically get in there and you split your topic into 3 areas or if you want todo 4-5 calls into 4-5 areas, but let’s stick with 3.You split them into 3 main topics, you get in the call, you answer the questions they’ve asked you aboutthat topic and you teach anywhere from 40-60 minutes, even up to 90 minutes.Usually what happens is people get into those calls and they’ll have so much fun teaching and answeringquestions that they’ll go longer than that 60 minutes.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 8So you’ll teach during the call and maybe at the end of the call, take some questions. Then after the call,after your first call, you would run people into a survey.And the survey basically says,‘Hey, what are your questions, what didn’t I cover about that topic? What do I need to cover betterabout the topic that’s in that first call?’The second question is,‘Hey, our next topic is going to be X, what are your top questions about that?’And then you just take those questions and you organize them in an order that you want to do it in andyou do your second call. And you repeat the process for your third call.You know, after the second call, you do a survey, then a third call.Now one of the things, I always, always advise you to do is over-deliver. So if you promise 3 calls, youwant to do 4 calls. You want to do a bonus call.If you promise 5 calls, do a 6thcall. And it could be anything that’s wide open where you get on thephone and you answer any questions that people have.And really, this is one of the ways that I’ve built my businesses is to always, always, always over-deliver.So you want to hold back and have that bonus call.So basically, what you’re doing is you’re creating a series of 3 calls or 5 calls, doesn’t matter on howmuch time you take to cover your topic, but you have those 3 calls and you teach for those 3 calls.Now the real key thing here is the surveys because you’re always getting feedback from the market on,basically, what they need to know. You’re always getting feedback and it allows you to make thegreatest product ever.Because your product is completely tuned to what the market wants and that’s how you create thisamazing product.Then, what you do, of course, is you record each one of these calls. So now you’ve got 3 calls recorded,you take those out and get them transcribed. Very cheap and easy to transcribe and there’s lots ofdifferent resources and one I use is Internet Transcribers.So you go out and you get the call transcribed and what you do now is after you get the call transcribed,you get 50-70 pages of transcripts. And you got anywhere from 3-4 hours of audio and you’ve got yourproduct done.More importantly, you have learned how to teach, basically, you’ve learned how to create a great, greatproduct. Because no matter how much you know about your topic, you don’t necessarily know how toteach that topic.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 9You don’t know how to create a product for that topic. You don’t know how to present that topic. This ishow you end up with a fantastic product. Works every single time!I’ve seen this work over and over and over.Now, as I mentioned, this was when I was just re-starting my business. This was Jeff 2.0 and I was goingto go into another market with no list, no product. This was the seed launch that I exactly did.So what I did was instead of starting with this little micro-list, I got an invitation to speak about thistopic. So I went and spoke about this topic and I taught for an hour about the topics. I gave the bestlecture I could, the best 60 minute lecture that I could and then I offered, basically, a program like this.I offered 5 calls.And I said, ‘Sign up for this!’ So we ended up doing 5 calls but in my head I was thinking of doing 6 or 7but ended up doing 9 calls. That’s beside the point. You know, that’s just me obsessing about that over-delivering piece.So I was speaking and it was a pretty big stage with about 200-300 people in the room and I made thisoffer. The thing was only 6 people bought it. 6 people bought this thing right here!And you don’t want to wrap your mind around it because it sucks to only sell to 6 in the room. 6 ofthem! But I said, I’m not a sales person, I’m not a pitchman, never have been. No real experience withthat so I took those 6 sales and the thing was I did charge a lot of money.I think I charge $3000 for it and I ended up making $18000. So $18000, right there, 18k.So that’s a heck of a lot better than the starting $1650, I was pretty happy about it, especially since thisbusiness had gone away and bringing in $18000 was really, really cool.However, 6 wasn’t enough of an impressive result.6 isn’t enough to do this process with because you don’t get enough interaction. There’s not enoughquestions coming from 6 people. And by the time you do your last call, you know, maybe a couple ofthem aren’t showing up.So what I did was I had enough friends that wanted to learn about this topic, in this niche. So I went andinvited a bunch of them. So I sold 6 but I invited about 20 or 30 other people. And I invited them in forfree.So I comped them in!The 6 people didn’t know that those other 20 people were comped in, but you have the right to givesomething away if you want, and I gave it away to my friends. And there ended up about 30 peoplegoing through this process.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 10So like I said, I promised 5 calls. I delivered 5 plus a bonus Q+A call, then I interviewed a few experts. So Ithink I ended up with 8 or 9 calls.So massive over-delivery!Now the key thing was I knew what I was doing. I knew how to do it but I didn’t necessarily know how toteach it, I didn’t know how to put it into a great product.So through this interactive process of doing all this surveys, of taking live Q+A, I’ve learned how to teachthis. I’ve learned how to create the product.And then since I tend to be a perfectionist, I didn’t just take those recordings from the call, I redideverything. I redid them. I shot video and I completely redid it, had everything transcribed and a fewmonths later, I did a launch for it.So initially, I had a seed launch where I sold 6 of them. Then I went to the JV launch and I’ll describe theJV launch in a just a second, well, I’ll describe it now.This is the sideway sales letter, right? And right here I have the sideway sales letter depicted atprelaunch 1, prelaunch 2 and prelaunch 3. Well, this I compressed it. So this way basically, here’s 1, 2, 3prelaunch content going into the sales letter.So this is a sideway sales letter and what I did was had a bunch of JV partners mailed or affiliates andjoint ventures for JV, a bunch of partners mailed into my sideway sales letter. So they were driving allthe leads.Remember, I didn’t have any list in this market. So my joint venture market, they had the list and theydrove people into my sideway sales letter. And the result here was $600,000 in a single week.So I went from selling a total of 6 copies for $18000 to selling $600,000 in a single week. That’s thepower of a joint venture launch because everyone else and their list is going into your sales letter.Now the funny thing about that is I told you up on this business, it took me 6 years to get to a milliondollars in sales. And because I had these extra skills and I started with the seed launch and created thisamazing product, then I moved into the JV launch.This time I got to a million dollars in 6 months. So it took me 6 years here.This time I got to a million dollars in sales and it wasn’t a million dollars in profit, I had joint venturepartners that I had to pay. And basically, when you have a joint venture launch, the reason they’remailing into your launch is because you’re going to pay them on the sales commission you’ll pay.So this time around, I did have higher costs and right off the bat I had to pay 50% in commissions. So itwas more of like $300,000 made, but it was a heck of a way to start a business and it was a lot faster.6 months to get to a million dollars.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 11Now the cool thing is I got better and better at doing those JVs. I got better at doing all these stuff. Thisis stacking and I practically talked about stacking here (internal), where you get better, your powerwithin the market grows, your authority, you get to be known as a ‘guru’ or the expert.So I got better, better and better. That’s how I was able to get from $1650 to $106,000.This time around (seed launch), I had skills. I went from $18000 in selling 6 copies to doing $600,000 in aweek. Then what I did was I kept on getting better and better and what I did was created a new 2.0version of that product.Basically took everything I learned, this was a couple of years ago and I did a million dollars. I did amillion dollars in the first hour, in the first 60 minutes.So this time around, it took me 60 minutes.Now, again, I had JV partners, I had affiliates to pay but any way you shake it, doing a million dollars in asingle hour in 60 minutes is pretty darn amazing. Again, I’m talking about launch stacking.That product has gone on to sell 20 million dollars and it all started with selling 6 with my seed launch,and the progression over a few years to 20 million dollars in sales.This product was the Product Launch Formula and basically, what I’m teaching you is all about myProduct Launch Formula. And that course, the Product Launch Formula, I’ve sold to over 10,000 peopleand over $20M and it started with only 6 in my seed launch.So a quick review.I taught you about the internal launch. And the internal launch is where you just launch into your list. Sobasically, let’s just call this your list and you’re mailing them into your sideway sales letter.The second way you do it is with a micro-tiny group of 30, 40, 50 or a 100 people you can quickly buildthrough social media or a forum. And then you lead them into this process where you do a series of callsand you’re continually serving them all the way through.That way, you’re learning how to create your product. You’ve created a great product and you’re gettingcash-flow upfront.The third way was the JV.This is where you have joint venture partners mailing people into your sideway sales letter. And this iswhere the leverage really starts to come.So 3 different ways to get traffic!I love the internal launch where I started with 19 people and gradually grew it from there. And you cansee the results I grew it into. So you really want to have all 3 of these launches that’s sort of in yourlaunch quiver, so to speak.
    • http://www.bloggingfor.infoTranscription provided courtesy of – Page 12I still do seed launches. I still do internal launches and I love, love, love the JV launches.So ok, that’s a bit of launch stacking. I just showed you how I stack my success, how I went from Mr.Mom taking care of a couple babies to doing $1M launch to $1M launch and completely transformedthe way stuff is sold online with the Product Launch Formula.Now the next video I got for you is the Product Launch Blueprint and this is where I lay out the entirething from start to finish. I lay out the entire plan and I’m going to tell you 3 more types of launches inthat one.One of them is the quick launch. Basically, that’s how you can bring in a lot of money fast. And Ioriginally started this when I got a big bill, an unexpected bill and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh! How am I goingto pay this bill!’And I put together a quick launch. This quick launch might start anywhere from start to finish from 3-5days and it’s a great way to get a quick pile of cash.I’m also going to teach you about the e-commerce launch. A lot of people want to know if this is going towork for physical products, physical services, yes it does.I will admit most of my PLF owners are using this for information products, webinars, teleseminars, liveseminars, training, coaching … all those types of things but it will work for e-commerce.And then I’ll also teach you about the affiliate launch. And the affiliate launch is basically how you canuse it to sell a product as an affiliate. So you don’t even need your own product and the results therehave been amazing.Finally, I’m going to go into the evergreen launch which is a new innovation in the last year or so and ithas completely changed things in the launch world. So that’s about it.Look for the blueprint soon!In the meantime, scroll down and hit that Facebook like button because you know, it’s also nice to getpeople hitting your ‘like’ button. And leave a comment and tell me which of these launches are yougoing to start off with?Which is going to fit immediately?Because everyone is different, everyone is in a different situation. So I want to know what you think ofthis, what you think about my beautiful drawing. It’s the biggest, craziest drawing I’ve ever done andleave a comment.I’m going to be reading every single comment.As you saw in the last video, I’ve responded to tons and tons of comments. So there you go, I lookforward to sharing the blueprint with you in just a couple of days.