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How To Back A Kickstarter Project
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How To Back A Kickstarter Project


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Take a peek inside at how you actually fund a Kickstarter project.

Take a peek inside at how you actually fund a Kickstarter project.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

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  • 1. How to Back a Kickstarter ProjectIf youve been meaning to back up someone or have thought aboutchecking out projects on Kickstarter to help contribute, heres a walk-through to aid you through the process.Signing Up To KickstarterGo anywhere on Kickstarter and from the top, click on Sign up.Next, youll find that there are two ways to do that - with a new account orFacebook.Im going to be creating a new Kickstarter account here so theinformation you will need are:• Full Name• Email• Password• Check box if you want to discover new projects (optional)From there, click on Sign me up!ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation1
  • 2. Once youre in, youll notice that Kickstarter calls you Me.Click on it and a pull down menu will display other options which areavailable for you to check out.Well now go prepare your profile.NOTE: You dont have to create a profile if youre only going to backonce. For that, you can skip this part and go straight into backing theproject you wish to help out.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation2
  • 3. Preparing Your ProfileTo change your profile, go to My profile as previously seen above underMe. Then from the page that loads, click on Edit your profile.Under your Profile settings, you can now see what type of information toinput.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation3
  • 4. This is great if you want to customize your contribution. And becausetheres also the perk of getting a vanity URL, if you plan on checking outKickstarter more, its a wonderful way to get back to your profile.Overall, any information given is optional and is up to you to share whatyou want. As you can see above, Ive decided to insert my location,vanity nickname, website as well as picture.When youre set, make sure you click on Save settings.The rest of the other options for your account is pretty straightforward.However, lets go through it real quick.Under Account settings, you can log in Facebook or delete your account:ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation4
  • 5. Under Notifications settings, you can choose how you want to beupdated:Lets now see how backing up a project looks like.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation5
  • 6. Backing Up a Kickstarter ProjectIf youve gotten the URL of the Kickstarter campaign you want tocontribute to, look for the green Back This Project button and click on it.The next page will ask you to enter the amount you want to give.There will be several options available based upon the project yourebacking. So select the one you want. However, if you just want to helpfor the sake of doing so, you dont have to specify a choice in reward.Just enter the amount you want to pledge and click on Continue to nextstep.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation6
  • 7. ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation7
  • 8. Youll need to confirm your payment now.Note: Kickstarter projects are paid through Amazon upon successfulcompletion of a campaign. So if you dont have an account with Amazonto back your Kickstarter project, its OK.Just click on Continue to Amazon and proceed to creating your newaccount.Youll now need to sign into your Amazon account.If you dont have one, select I am a new customer.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation8
  • 9. Note: If youve just signed up and need to add your paymentinformation, go to your account page and under Payment => Add aCredit or Debit Card.With your payment information done, youll now see a summary of yourpledge amount and billing information.Click on Confirm to accept.NOTE: Payments are not charged to your credit card until a campaignhas been successfully completed.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation9
  • 10. A confirmation of how much youve pledge, the reward youve selectedand also sharing networks are available for you to announce whomyouve backed.The great thing about backing up is you can change your pledge amountat any time.Just by clicking on edit as seen above or on the Kickstarter project page,theres a Manage Your Pledge button which allows you to do that.Alright, now that you know how to back up a Kickstarter project, hereare a few more interesting things you can do with the site.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation10
  • 11. What Else To Do on KickstarterAs mentioned, Kickstarter allows you to sign up using Facebook.However, you can also connect with your friends and do several things:• See what projects theyre supporting• Get notified when a friend launches a projectTo do that, under the drop down menu from the top of the page, click onFind friends.From there, you can then click on Connect with Facebook.Note: Pledge amounts are not disclosed for your friends.ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation11
  • 12. Another thing you can do is under My profile, a wheel of categories ispresented for you to explore.If you move your mouse over one, youll notice that text will appear. Andbased upon who youve backed, that category will be highlighted.Well, Ive gone around the wheel and discovered these areas:• Art• Comics• Dance• Design• Fashion• Film & Video• Food• Games• Music• Photography• Publishing• Technology• TheatreWell, there you have it!ComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation12
  • 13. Get More!Thanks for checking out this walk-through. Read the original article on the site: more about Blogging For Information what else you can learn more about: how to blog free!http://www.unleashtheblogger.comComplimentaryofBloggingForInformation13