2014 markis capital internship program


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2014 markis capital internship program

  1. 1. Markis Capital Limited 1 2014 Internship Program
  2. 2. Teddy Tsai, Chief Executive OfficerTeddy Tsai, Chief Executive Officer Corporate Overview
  3. 3. 3 What We Do • Strategic Advisory • Content Development • Event Management • Market Intelligence 投資人關係諮詢服務 Investor Relations Consulting • M&A Advisory • Fairness Opinion,Valuation Reports • Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies • Financial Modeling, Model Review 企業併購暨策略諮詢 M&A and Strategic Advisory • Markis Insights Newsletter • Capital Market Reports • Scorecard & Surveys • Index Research, Benchmarking Audits 投資市場資訊研究 Research Services • Investment Banking Seminar • M&A Advisor LeadershipWorkshops • Custom Training Programs 瑪亞學院培訓課程 Markis Academy InvestorRelationsResearchTrainingM&A
  4. 4. 4 Investor Relation Activities Strategic Advisory • Planning and development of IR departments • Evaluate and shape the investment message • Integrated communication and disclosure to enhance credibility and transparency • Analyst surveys, perception studies Market Intelligence • Analyze research reports • Collect trading statistics • Analyze shareholder structure • Identify capital market trends • Peer comparison Content development • Presentation materials development • Website structure, content, and vendor selection • Earnings release revisions and drafting • Conference call scripts • Sustainability report drafting and development Events and Engagement • IR forum, investor visits • Disclosure policy and execution • Analyst and investor relationship management • Strategically target and identify investors InvestorRelations
  5. 5. 5 Content Development InvestorRelations
  6. 6. 6 M&A Advisory • Develop a world-class M&A advisory franchise • Leverage our talent to increase client value Mission • Targeting Asian Small & Medium Enterprises for M&A opportunities • ProvidingValuations, Execution, and Strategic Advice Client Value Expertise 專業經驗 Skills 技能 Knowledge 知識 M&A
  7. 7. 7 M&A Advisory Process • We aim to provide strategic financial advice and execution support on corporate transaction. • Leveraging our experiences in investment banking, research, and private equity, we maximize corporate value through a comprehensive corporate finance plan. Client Evaluation Engagement Contract Establish Processes & Milestones Client feedback and review Comprehensive reporting & compliance Expert teams for each transaction stage M&A
  8. 8. 8 Research Services – Fact Sheet, Newsletter Research
  9. 9. 9 Research Services – Surveys, Case Studies Research
  10. 10. 10 Training Programs – Markis Academy Training
  11. 11. 2014 INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Markis Capital Limited 11
  12. 12. 2014 Internship Program  Mission: To engage and develop the next generation of talents. Enable students to develop work experiences that leverages the knowledge gained through their education.An opportunity to work in start-up environment, led by senior-level advisors.  Uniqueness: Our internship program is based in Kaohsiung,Taiwan, the 2nd largest city inTaiwan and once the world's largest port city. Our internship program focuses on talent development with a strong training regiment but also actual work projects.  Career Networks: Investor Relations and M&A Advisory are both high-level careers, with an opportunity to engage and work closely with senior management. This will enable interns to develop strong contacts and find mentors that can assist strongly in career development. 12
  13. 13. Academic Partnerships  Markis Capital is providing this internship opportunity to local students as well as international students on tourist visas.  We have cooperated with local universities and students, providing internship opportunities that brings book knowledge towards real-world value creation.  We are a start-up operation, and believe innovation from the next generation can be combined with experience in developing valuable expertise.  We have a bilingual (Chinese & English) working environment, enabling cross-cultural exchanges that help to develop communication skills. 13
  14. 14. InternshipsTypes 14 1. Investor Relations  IR Event Management & Content Development  Training Program Development & Promotion  Website & Mobile App Development 2. Research Services  Data Collection, Data Analysis  Presentation & Communication Skills 3. Corporate Financial Advisory  Industry Data Collection and Analysis  Financial Modeling  Pitchbook Creation & Client Engagement  Internship Hours: 9am to 6pm, 4-5 days a week
  15. 15. Requirements  Currently enrolled University or Master-level students, or recent graduates  MS-Office (Word、PowerPoint、Excel) proficiency  Basic financial analysis knowledge  Language:Ability to communicate in mandarin Chinese & English. Ideal Candidates would have:  Ability to work under pressure, motivated personality  Attention to details, ability to work with tight deadlines  Strong communication and interpersonal skills.  Ability to work both in a team environment, as well as independently. 15
  16. 16. What we offer  A culture of mutual respect and teamwork  Investment Banking-type training programs  Overseas work experience  High-level, senior management contact  A challenging start-up environment  A chance to develop communication skills  Early responsibility  Technical knowledge and skill development 16
  17. 17. Internship Benefits 17  Internship is unpaid, but a daily NT$600 (~US$20) scholarship stipend will be provided.  Group accidental Insurance of up to NT$1 million (~US$33,000) in benefits will be provided.  Assistance will also be provided for finding housing, social & educational activities,  Occasional lunch, afternoon tea, and company events.  A certificate of internship will be provided upon completion.Top performers may also be provided a recommendation letter and a positive reference.
  18. 18.  Training Programs & Course Materials  Data Collection, Financial Analysis,Valuations, Report Writing, etc.  Cloud-based mobile applications  Dropbox, Evernote, Google,WordPress  IT Resources  MS Office – Excel, PowerPoint,Word, Outlook  Bloomberg Professional Terminal, S&P Capital IQ  The latest IP-based Telephone System  Social Media  Facebook,Twitter, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Google+,YouTube, etc. Corporate Resources 18
  19. 19. Further Incentives  Full-Time Offers: Interns may be extended an employment offer after graduation. The department and salary for which the employment offer is extended will depend on corporate needs.  Evaluation will be based upon performance, attitude, motivation, and value-add to clients.  Interns that are extended a full-time employment offer may also be eligible for a sign-on bonus of NT$20,000 (~US$660) or above. 19
  20. 20. Application  Positions: 2-5 persons  Deadline: June 13, 2014  Process:  1) Resume Review 2) Written Exam 3) Interview 4) Test Evaluation 5) 2nd Interview 6) Offer Extended  Please submit resume, cover letter, and supporting documents to hr@markis.asia  Application accepted: Immediately 20
  21. 21. Application Documents 21  Internship Application – available at: http://markis.tw/?jobs=internship  Cover letter, Resume, Biography  Proof of language ability (English, Chinese) – optional  Latest transcript, with B average or above GPA.  Any supporting activities or exams regarding financial markets will be favorably considered.
  22. 22. http://markis.tw https://www.facebook.com/MarkisTW 投資人關係諮詢服務 / Investor Relations Consulting 企業併購暨策略諮詢 / M&A and Strategic Advisory 投資市場資訊研究 / Research Services 瑪亞學院培訓課程 / Markis Academy 瑪亞投資有限公司 Invest in talent, enhance client value 投資人才, 增進客戶價值
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