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    1. 1. Tess Sweeney Professional Portfolio
    2. 2. My Journey so far Assessment My Teaching philosophy Reporting Teaching experience Professional Development Teamwork My engaging classroom Interaction with students Victorian Essential Learning Standards Work related experience Numeracy TAC-Q Literacy International placement E-potential My goals for 2010 My Planning and Organisation Joining the teaching profession
    3. 3. My Journey so far… I have 3 BEACH Australian ICT in sisters and I love water sports and FITNESS Education Education I am a non particularly enjoy being by the I enjoy attending the Union AEU Victoria identical beach. I enjoy surfing and gym. It believe it is ICTEV twin swimming. very important to keep your mind and PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS Primary English body healthy and MEMBERSHIPS Teaching alert Association TRAVELLING E-LIT I enjoy travelling This photo is of the last night of TAC-Q. The leaders wear fancy dress and experiencing and make it a really special and fun night for the campers. I am in the I believe it is a Victorian I believe that all different cultures. middle with 2 other leaders in our fairy costumes we made! teachers Independent students are capable of responsibility to Education Union learning and it is the find meaningful VIEU teachers responsibility ways of connecting ANAPHALATICS to ensure all children learning with real TRAINING have opportunity to world situations. learn, using various strategies. PD WEEK COMMITTEE LEVEL 1 AUSLAN Collaboratively organised a professional development YWCA week for teaching students at While studying SKILLS Deakin University abroad volunteered at a women's TRY YOUTH refuge. My Working as a leader at local primary responsibilities LEVEL 2 FIRST school holiday program activities were preparing AID TRAINING TAC Q VOLUNTEER included art and craft activities and healthy sufficient Teenage Adventure Camps excursions with the group. WORK snacks for the Queensland is an organisation children. I lived, studied that runs camps for teenagers and did a with disabilities and life teaching threatening illness. I SCHOOL SCHOOLS AFFECTED BY BUSHFIRES practicum volunteered on the camp for 4 RELATED Joined group at University after the Volunteering abroad for a years and my responsibilities EXPERIENCE February bushfires that helped time to help semester including showering, feeding and collect resources for schools affected. out at ensuring general wellbeing of Also visited some of the school Hughesdale the teenagers. affected and assisted in the Primary classrooms. School.
    4. 4. My Teaching Philosophy Education is one of the most important gifts we can give children today, and a good education should be a basic human right not something only for the privileged. As a teacher I believe the The purpose of today's best way to help students schools is educating the learn is getting to know youth of today to be the their strengths, weaknesses, leaders of tomorrow. likes and dislikes. Students need to be educated from a worldly perspective to learn from mistakes made in the past and move forward It is important for students to confidently. feel comfortable in their learning environment. As teachers we must make It is important that I help ourselves available and students become lifelong approachable to students if the learners. It is also important require assistance. that as a teacher I find meaningful ways of connecting learning to real life Students need to be respected as tasks. individuals. In order for students to learn effectively their differences need to be considered and respected. All students are capable of learning and it is the teachers responsibility to ensure all children have opportunity to learn, using various strategies.
    5. 5. Teaching Experience Murrumbeena Malvern P.S Rossville Coatesville Cheltenham Brunswick Highvale Hughesdale P.S Elementary P.S East P.S East P.S P.S School P.S (U.S.A.) 1st year 2nd year first 2nd year 3rd year first 3rd year first 3rd year first 3rd year 4th year observing semester. second semester semester semester second return for 3 6 days 6 days semester. 10 days 10 days Worked semester blocks during observation observation International teaching on teaching on weekly with 10 days the year. in a prep in a prep placement at average 1 average 2 prep students taught 24 Completed class classroom an lesson per lessons per teaching lessons in 45 days in Elementary day. day. Taught science. total. total-on final school in 24 lessons in placement Indiana, USA. total. teach for 10 1 half day days each week of consecutively the semester. .
    6. 6. My Engaging Classroom "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can “I hear I forget. only make them think." I see I remember. -- Socrates I do I understand.” Deborah Ash, Cheltenham East Primary School http://thsw.edublogs.org/ This is a blog I created to share and reflect with my peers effective classroom management strategies. I am aware of classroom management I use a range of teaching approaches which challenges and develop appropriate foster independent and cooperative professional responses to them. learning and cater for different learning Body Movement: You like to move, dance, needs of the classroom. wiggle, walk, and swim. You are likely good at sports, and you have good fine motor skills. You may enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together. Incorporating I will follow the I am aware that all students learn body movement into your learning will help discipline you process and retain information better. procedures in place differently. Multiple intelligences enables teachers to cater for a range at my school. of student abilities. If I am aware of students preferred learning styles I am aware of my own and interests I can design learning strengths and can identify activities that are meaningful and areas of development as Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School effective. an emerging member of I establish clear expectations of behaviour the profession. for a safe learning environment.
    7. 7. Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) I have a critical understanding of the content, processes and skills that I teach INQUIRY BASED Unit of work on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Kathy Wills, Highvale Primary School SCIENCE Level 2 Unit of work integrated across 2 strands of VELS I know how to integrate learning and student understanding across a number of content areas. “She has reasonable knowledge of the curriculum areas and successfully integrated domains when planning.” I am familiar with curriculum statements, frameworks and assessment structures Deborah Ash, Cheltenham commonly used in schools. East Primary School
    8. 8. This is a Dartboard I created to use in my grade 3 classroom when doing place value I regard all students as capable of learning and demonstrate an understanding of equity. Lesson plan of one of my favourite maths lesson . Open ended activities are useful when teaching math because they allow students of varying levels to work on the same question at their own speed. They are a great tool for peer learning as students share their different strategies and ideas they used to solve the problem. = + ÷
    9. 9. This is a weekly planner I developed for my grade 3 class during writing time. The outcome was a narrative about a day in the life of an aboriginal child. This is a writing sample of one of my students finished information reports. I establish clear and Students were given the opportunity to challenging and achievable research something relating to water learning goals for students that they were interested in. as individuals and groups. Lesson plan of my favourite Literacy lesson.
    10. 10. e-potential I believe technology is a very useful tool in today's classroom. Technology is not meant to replace the role of the teacher, instead it is meant to act as an aid to the teachers instruction. Using technology as a tool in the classroom creates an engaging environment that encourages student learning. I design lesson plans which We need to think about how we integrate a range of can use these in our classroom… activities, resources and Educational materials to support software programs learning, including the use allow students to of ICT and other technologies. We also need to keep in mind that with the rapid technological advances things taught today in 2 years time may no longer be relevant. explore environments and This is a web based activity I created This is PowerPoint presentation I situations they and published using Microsoft developed demonstrating Future would not be Power point education and the importance of exposed to in a technology normal classroom setting. “Many of her lessons included use of the Interactive Whiteboard.” Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School Students in a classroom I This is a web quest I designed using Click here to view a blog I created on did some volunteer work with using computers to do Microsoft word classroom management. a research assignment on http://thsw.edublogs.org/ Antarctica I am confident in my ability to use and implement technology Implementing software in the classroom will benefit my students such as interactive whiteboards, digital cameras and throughout their life. We are living in society surrounded by computer programs into the classroom. I enjoy using technology and it is important students have familiarized technology and made it a focus on my most recent teaching themselves with devices available. round to ensure I integrated technology appropriately into my lessons.
    11. 11. My Planning & Organisation Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School This is a weekly plan I developed for each days reading rotations. The plan was used by all level 3 teachers. I find checklists an effective way of keeping track of work students have completed. Daily Planner Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School Each lesson I teach has a focus and objective that is explicit to the students interests and point of need. Weekly planner
    12. 12. My Assessment Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent judgments to improve future student learning. Assessment AS learning Assessment FOR learning I evaluate student responses and Anecdotal evidence I took while teaching Self assessment work samples, using a variety of a sequence of lessons on fractions. strategies and tools to make Helped identify students abilities. This is an example of a self assessment appropriate assessments of learning activity I had my students complete. and plan for future learning activities. This is an assessment rubric I They had to write a letter to me designed to assess students explaining what they were good at and portfolio poetry piece. These are some of the different strategies what they needed to improve in relation I have used to evaluate student learning. to fractions. Pre test results against progression points enabled me to see where to Assessment OF Learning I believe it is important focus my teaching. Post test results allowed me to reflect on student that a wide variety of learning by comparing the results with assessment techniques the pre tests. should be used in the classroom to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to show what Familiar with assessment and reporting they know. processes. I worked with my supervising teacher at Hughesdale primary school to assess information reports and match them against relevant progression points.
    13. 13. Reporting Reporting is the process of communicating information about student achievement and progress teachers gain from the assessment process. The process of reporting supports teaching and learning by providing feedback to students, parents and teachers. I am aware of tools and practices for assessing recording and reporting student learning progress to parents and Conducting parent teacher interviews enabled me to strengthen my other stakeholders. knowledge of the reporting process. Familiar with report cards Expected level of I am aware of the importance of providing achievement feedback. It is important students know where they are making progress and what they need to improve. Student achievement this year Student achievement 12 months ago This is a lesson plan where students had struggled with an aspect of fractions from the previous day. I made sure I included time at the beginning of the lesson to reflect and discuss the lesson to help clear up some of the misconceptions of my students.
    14. 14. Professional development Date Topic Presenter 22nd April Behaviour Management Alan Marshall 28th April Classroom Management Glen Pearsal 29th April Parent teacher relationships Heather Carr 6th May Legal Liability James Rankin 13th May Working with hearing impaired students 3rd June Discussion with Principles Sheryl Chard 18th May (Hawker Brownlow Conference) -Achieving disABILITY Awareness in Every School-Going beyond the -Toby Karten labels -Eric Jensen -Tools for Engagement-The Secrets of Total Participation -Rich Allen -Green Light Classrooms-Strategies that Accelerate Student Learning 25th May (Primary Science Conference) -New Discoveries and best practice in teaching science -Cathy Cavedon & Julie Evans -Investigating frogs at Ecolinc -Suzanne Clark & Nicole Mason -Connected? -Kerry Rowett -The Real Fibre Challenge: International year of natural fibres -Natasha Ziebell 9th June First Aid Level 2 Mark Bravelli 10th June Interactive Whiteboards Catherine Loosley 11th June The teachers role-communicating effectively Ross Dean 11th June Early Literacy Lorraine Wilson Attending professional development sessions demonstrates my commitment to continue professional learning.
    15. 15. Teamwork Teaching requires a lot of teamwork to achieve results. I have been given many opportunities to be part of teams and have found working in teams to be a very rewarding experience. Schools affected by bushfires -Member of the Deakin University Working with other likeminded students at Professional Development week Deakin University to develop resources for committee. schools devastated by the 2009 Black Saturday A group of about 30 members organized a fires. Also teams of students went up to the week of P.D.’s for over 300 students. The schools and assisted in classrooms at schools committee was divided into smaller affected by the bushfires to give classroom teams each responsible for organizing a teachers an opportunity to catch up on testing. certain aspect of the week. I was in the I visited Toolangi Primary School. catering group. We were responsible for getting organisations to cater the P.D’s, I can work purposefully and ensuring there was enough food for cooperatively with colleagues. people attending the P.D’s, the food arriving on time and to the correct location. -Teenage Adventure Camps-Queensland Working with a number of other volunteers to ensure teenagers with life threatening illnesses are given a week on camp filled with fun activities. The week is all about the teenagers and 24 hour attention needs to be given to several of the campers. Volunteers need to work together to make sure campers especially those wheelchair bound are able to enjoy the week. This is me presenting to my peers and local community organisations our achievements with the project -Supervising Teachers -While on teaching rounds working with -Purdue Service Learning Project my supervising teachers to ensure As part of an assignment, we were divided into groups desired outcomes are achieved. according to interests. As a group we had to complete a Service learning project. Being placed in groups instead of being able to choose meant that their were some conflicts that arose that required everyone's effort to pull together and resolve in order to produce the assignment. Our Service Learning project was done in cooperation with the greater Lafayette YWCA and we decided to prepare healthier snacks for children. Our goal was After completing Service learning there is generally a celebration where groups present what they achieved. This is my group with our poster and a display with healthy snacks to teach children to get themselves healthier alternative to the we prepared at the YWCA as well as copies of the recipe books we developed. convenient packet of chips.
    16. 16. Interaction with students I demonstrate empathy and positive regard for and rapport with students. This is a photo of me and some of the teenagers I cared for on TAC-Q. Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School I model exemplary behaviour for positive interactions with others. Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School Tess’ individual and small group rapport was a definite strength and she used every opportunity to be involved with the children. It is obvious she enjoys working with children and she really enjoyed this age group. She has been a wonderful asset to our classroom and the children have thoroughly enjoyed having her in the classroom. Andrea Quinn, Malvern Primary School
    17. 17. Work Related Experience MURRUMBEENA PRIMARY SCHOOL OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE I have been employed at RESPONSIBILITIES: Murrumbeena Primary School 1. To assist with the serving of afternoon snack and Before and After school care refreshments offered to all children program since 2001 after I 2. Ensure all children remain within the designated area of the school grounds and are kept under completed community service supervision at all times. there as part of the Duke of 3. Ensure that children observe school and Edinburgh award. playground rules. Always inform the Co-ordinator or Assistant Co-ordinator of any problems. 4. With other staff of OSHC provide a safe, happy and caring environment for the children, and maintain good communication with the Co- This is an example of ordinator and Assistant Co-ordinator the activities I help 5. Notify the Co-ordinator of any change to your run at the holiday roster within 48 hours. program. Murrumbeena Primary School Before & After School Care TRY Youth TRY Youth Vacation Care provides care for children who are at primary school, over the school holidays. The program offers in house and excursion days. I am a leader at TRY youth and that involves helping to run the holiday program at Murrumbeena Primary School.
    18. 18. WORK RELATED EXPERIENCE TAC-Q Teenage Adventure Camps QLD TAC-Q is a non for profit charity that runs adventure camps for teenagers with life threatening illnesses. I have been privileged enough to volunteer on 4 of the TAC-Q camps and have found the weeks at camp the most rewarding experiences of my life. Wheelchair dancing at the camp Background disco This is a copy of a letter I received from a child I cared for at camp and his parents. This is a picture of myself and http://www.tacq.org.au/ the campers I cared for last year along with 2 other volunteers. Volunteers at TAC-Q have the responsibility •to be reliable and dependable As a volunteer on camp I understood the professional behaviour and •To be committed with the support they provide ethical conduct that was expected from me. As well as the duty of •To use reasonable judgment in any situation care for my campers. •To be accountable for his/her action •To uphold privacy and confidentiality in regards to the person •To provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations •To communicate with the person if they are unhappy about something This is a article I wrote in relating to their work the TAC-Q newsletter •To respect all people they come in contact with after my first camp. The •To seek guidance and direction in areas they are uncertain newsletter is sent to This is a picture of me •To seek support and reassurance if the position is stressful families and community and camper Nathan, •To respect and observe the rights and responsibilities of the person they are groups who are involved working with with the camp. It also (right) who I have cared demonstrates my ability •To ensure equipment is treated with respect and care for at all 4 TAC-Q camps •To ensure work equipment is treated with respect and care to communicate not only and his friend Billy who •To ensure they have acted accordingly in an emergency situation by with school aged children came on his first camp contacting the relevant people but also their parents. last year. •Understanding the campers vulnerabilities and proactively prevent placing them in any situation of abuse and neglect.
    19. 19. International Placement PURDUE UNIVERSITY I believe the education experiences you receive when travelling are priceless, so in my second year at Deakin University I decided to embark on a semester of studying abroad. I was accepted at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. This is a picture of Purdue University grounds Studying at Purdue University allowed me to take part in a number of learning experiences that I would not have had if I had not decided to study abroad including: Involved in Service learning At Purdue I achieved academic honors. Assignment which enabled me to Making a Web quest volunteer at YWCA . I found travelling opens up your Exploring a curriculum mind to so many things that you Developing web pages other then VELS are unable to experience at home. Immersing yourself in another country and learning about -Visiting an elementary school When studying at Purdue I did practicum at Rossville Elementary different cultures from around school 1 half day a week. the world are lessons that teachers can bring back to their own classrooms.
    20. 20. My goals for 2010 • My main goal for next year is to be employed at a primary school where professionally I will be able to learn and grow as a new member of the teaching profession and where I am supported by my colleagues and the wider school community. • I hope to establish a safe and supportive learning environment that myself and my students look forward to being part of each day • As a teacher my most important goal is to ensure I impact every student I teach in at least 1 positive way. • I will strive to be a teacher who students remember for years after they have left school because they were inspired and motivated by something I said or did for them. • I hope to obtain my Auswim next year and continue learning Auslan. • I am enthusiastic about beginning my teaching journey next year and will involve myself in extra curricular activities my school offers its students. • I look forward to establishing myself in a school community as an effective classroom teacher and a valuable member of the teaching staff.
    21. 21. Joining the teaching profession I am excited about becoming a member of the teaching profession. I have joined a few professional associations including the -AEU -VIEU -ICTEV Kim Crane, Hughesdale Primary School -e-LIT Being a member of professional associations WHAT CAN I BRING TO enables me to contribute to a professional learning community in a school and the wider community. YOUR SCHOOL… •PD week committee •Netball coaching •Camps (TAC-Q) After each lesson I try and write Kathy Wills, Highvale Primary School •Manager responsible for a reflection about the positives training junior staff that came from the lesson and the things that could improve for members next time. I find it really •Try Youth important that I am continually Kathy Wills, Highvale Primary School •Murrumbeena BSC and reflecting and learning from my on experiences. ASC •Teamwork Deborah Ash, Cheltenham East Primary School