Buy canon g12 at discounted price with a simple review


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Check out this great canon g12 deal. Comes with a simple review as well.

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Buy canon g12 at discounted price with a simple review

  1. 1. Buy canon g12 while offer still last. Right now at my site is a USD 428 canon g12. You saveUSD 71 dollars and that would be your travelling expenses saved. The best part is there isfree shipping. I do not know when this offer will last. If you want it  click here to check itout.If you take a look at the canon g12 below. It looks very similar to a digital slr. Well it ismeant to be a Digital SLR with a price of a point and shoot. Most Digital SLRs are 500 USDand above up to USD 7000 for some models. You are in for a real deal. It has front and rearwheels for you to play with ISO Settings and light exposure. Well, thats the beauty of Canong12.Canon PowerShot G12 Digital CameraSource: bhphotovideoCanon has given its popular PowerShot series a face lift with the addition of the PowerShotG12 Digital Camera. While remaining true to many of its predecessors features, the G12comes busting out of the gate with whats fast becoming a standard on digital cameras: digitalvideo (with stereo sound no less!). Shoot 1280 x 720p HD video with stereo audio using thiscompact, yet versatile camera. Awesome, right?In addition to riding the video tide the G12 also stays competitive with its 10MP still imagecapture. Shoot RAW and JPEG files to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, among others, withthe help of the cameras 1/1.7" CCD image sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor, otherwisereferred to as Canons HS System. The G12 additionally sports a 3200 ISO setting forexcellent shooting in low light settings.Long loved for its unobtrusive nature, the PowerShot series of cameras are excellent for thepro or amateur alike - its no behemoth Pro DSLR, but it still manages to pack in many of theexciting and appreciated features of one. That being said, the G12s a heck of a lot easier to
  2. 2. carry around in your bag. Some additional features pros, or anyone looking to make greatphotos, will appreciate include, the option for manual control, along with Canons muchcelebrated Hybrid IS function which is the combination of the genuine Canon 28mm lens, 5xoptical zoom, and optical image stabilization. Hybrid IS is particularly touted to make easywork of capturing stunning macro shots.Another notable feature on the G12 is its High Dynamic Range. Based on the principle ofbracketing, HDR helps you capture a well balanced image that presents both highlights andlow lights (AKA: shadow) in an appealing manner - giving your images that pop factor! Thisfunction also has an aspect to it named, i-Contrast. i-Contrast lets the user determine theamount of HDR correction thats applied to the image, which can be helpful in avoidinghighlight blowout and keeping details from getting lost in the shadows. Canons Tracking AFalso comes into play here by allowing the shooter to select a subject to track in case ofmovement while shooting.Youll be happy to hear that Canon kept its well-received Vari-Angled LCD screen as well -giving you a whole 2.8" of flip-out, multi-angled flexibility for composition and playback ofall your video and still images. As a step up from the previous permutation the G12 features anumber of aspect ratios, including: 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 4:5, and 16:9. Other notable features includeCanons Smart AUTO, electronic leveling, a high dynamic range, AF tracking, and a frontdial - all of which are designed to help make your shooting enjoyable and successful.10MP CCD Image Sensor + DIGIC 4 Image Processor The PowerShot G12 employs the HS SYSTEM by combining a powerful 10MP CCD sensor and Canons DIGIC 4 Image Processor. Thanks to this technological advancement, the G12 is reported to be more sensitive than cameras with identical megapixel counts - delivering spectacular images with minimal noise. Increased sensitivity demands a higher ISO speed, and the G12 delivers with a new maximum ISO setting of 3200. Blur and camera shake are notably reduced for sharpness and clarity In addition, a low light mode, new to the G series, lets you capture images in an astonishing range of conditions. The camera automatically adjusts the ISO speed from 3200 up to an enhanced 12800 when reacting to ambient brightness, subject movement, and camera shake720p HD Video with Stereo Sound The PowerShot G12 lets you record video in beautiful high definition (1280 x 720/24p). The camera also makes it easy to display HD videos, and still photos, on your HDTV with a mini HDMI connector. Using the mini HDMI youll have a direct, one-cable connection to your HDTV for an enjoyable HD experience with no degradation of image; not to mention the ability to display up to 130 still images at once. The PowerShot G12 also includes 5x optical zoom for shooting video. Simply set the zoom at 5x optical and then start recording video for quality, close-up scenes. Additionally, the cameras Smart AUTO technology helps ensure high quality video filesRAW + JPEG Still Images The PowerShot G12s RAW mode lets you shoot images without JPEG compression. RAW gives you clearer images and complete creative control in editing. RAW images are transferred directly to your computer where they can be edited using image
  3. 3. adjustment software or a processing application. The camera can also be set to allow simultaneous recording of both RAW and JPEG images while shooting2.8" Vari-Angle LCD The PowerShot G12 gives you a large 2.8" PureColor System LCD screen for excellent control when framing your shots. But size is only part of the story. Canons PureColor System LCD offers spectacular color, resolution, and contrast even at an angle. The screen is durable and easy to see. It is a great for gathering friends and family around to see your imagesHybrid IS The PowerShot G12 is equipped with Canons advanced Hybrid IS function, which corrects camera shake from two sources to deliver sharp, blur-free images - even when you zoom in close to your subject. Hybrid IS employs both an angular sensor and an accelerometer, enabling it to suppress both the blur caused by the angle of the camera and the shift blur that happens when your subject moves parallel to the camera - a problem that is especially noticeable at large zoom factors28mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens The G12 is a highly versatile camera with a wide angle zoom lens that reaches all the way from 28mm at the wide end to 140mm at the telephoto end (35mm format equivalent). Youll capture more image in every shot, and add greater depth to your photography overall5x Optical Zoom The G12 is equipped with a long, 5x optical zoom - and Canons own optical image stabilizer technology which keeps images steady and blur-free all through the zoom range - even in low light - by detecting motion and generating a corrective signal. Because its an optical system, more corrective movement is allowed with no degradation of image qualityStorage Options The G12 records to external flash memory - making it easy to store and transfer your stills videos. The camera is compatible with the following storage options: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMC+, HCMMC+Host of Optional Compatible Accessories The PowerShot G12 is compatible with the Speedlite flash series intended for all EOS series SLR cameras. Attach a Speedlite flash to the hot shoe, and you can set and control the flash on the "Flash Control" menu in the camera. With a Speedlight, the G12 is given extra functions such as autoflash metering, FE lock and Flash exposure compensation - continuous shooting with external flash. Also Canons Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 enables you to have multiple slave flashes and wireless control. A Tele-Converter lens designed for the G12, Filter Adapter FCA-DC58DB and WP- DC34 Waterproof Case is also availableSmart AUTO Just set the G12 to Smart AUTO and youre ready for maximum enjoyment from your picture taking every time. Its a relaxing and satisfying way to shoot because you can completely concentrate on your subject knowing that the camera has the technical details covered. Advanced Canon technology intelligently analyzes your situation and shooting conditions. Then it automatically selects an appropriate setting from specially defined settings. So whether youre photographing flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends at the park, you can be confident that youre getting dramatic, memorable imagesAdditional Connectivity
  4. 4. The G12 provides you with direct connection to Canon SELPHY Compact Photo Printers, PIXMA Inkjet Photo Printers, and PictBridge-compatible printers using the cameras USB 2.0 connection and included cable26 Languages to Choose From The display of the G12 can be read in any of the following 26 languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Farsi reading the professional written review from bhphoto, I suppose you are dazzled by the manyfeatures that resemble a digital slr. Wow, what a discount considering a good digital SLR to be 5000USD, you get a quality point and shoot for USD 428 with free shipping and savings. How good is that?Its heaven my friend. There are a few points to note, when using the hdr (high dynamic range), usea tripod, do not try it out with your own hands. Why? Simply a tripod is more stable. You can alsoadd a speed lite to control flash, a telephoto or wide angle lens for landscape, scenery and buildingshots. It is versatile and value for money.If you happen My Friend to like my article share it with your friends.ThanksAnthony