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When you reach the upper limits of self-help, what's next? So you're enlightened - so what?!? The problem is that you are still on this planet, still in a human body, and still surrounded by people ...

When you reach the upper limits of self-help, what's next? So you're enlightened - so what?!? The problem is that you are still on this planet, still in a human body, and still surrounded by people who aren't. This book tells the story of a person who researched for answers to all these questions, and some of what he found in a spiritual training handbook and hwoguide.



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  • Very nice long one.
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  • Once I get back to this, it looks to be split into several ebooks for more convenient download. The problem I had was in trying to get this published as a book. It's been scraped straight off the blog ( and was supposed to be published in hardcopy. But the complexity of the PDF stymied Lulu's scripts.

    So it's just a matter of time before I can get it sorted out into more usable format. There's real gems in here, however, and that is why it's published here for now.

    Good Hunting!
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Winning Your Infinite Freedom Winning Your Infinite Freedom Document Transcript

  • Winning Your InfiniteFreedomHow to regain your ability for fully living life on alllevels.Copyright © 2011 Robert C. Worstell. All Rights Reserved.                                      !  "     # $% $&  $%( #   !   !       .beta edition 0.1
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  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Until we meet again... Looks like were wrapped up here. I cant see from this level that there are many more tools to give you. All thats left of this path is the walking. But of course, I reserve the right to make observations from time to time - however, Ill probably include these into my cartooning. Since Ive already gone off the "deep end" as far as the general public are concerned, its simple to just leave "crazy" comments below the funny pictures. When I looked over a preliminary PDF (yes, Im working to get this into a more usable and final format), it showed up that Ive been working to get "back" into cartoons for some 5 or 6 years (practically, my entire life). Thats just a common theme with me. The trick was that I had to get something done. And that was this final reorganization and crossover work I had to wrap up. Now, its done. So there. The final piece was in separating native states from emotions, using the body as a
  • divining rod to see how youre doing toward your own intuitive goals. For all thatcounts is how you feel about your current existence. Past doesnt matter, its done.Future never comes. Only the Now really exists - and its fleeting.But I leave you all this wealth of data (over 300 posts covering 5 years). Just takeyour time and dont get an upset stomach trying to digest it all at once.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell A Rough Spiritual Training Guide Here is what the current top level of research has uncovered about spiritual training: There are four levels of reality, the one most people (97 - 99%) live exclusively in, is the first. Ive taken the workable resources Ive found and assigned them by level for workability Note that all tools actually are applicable on all levels - its the intention and use which determines the results. A serious study of these levels themselves would be best found in Dr. Serge Kahili Kings "Urban Shaman". First Level - Objective: Here we find the most useful tools as being self-help classics. That line most basic pivots around Napoleon Hills "Think and Grow Rich". Hill credited Charles Haanel for his success in a letter. Haanel was influenced heavily by Thomas Troward (among other authors). Troward himself studied all the major religions in their own language while a Judge in provincial India. Later authors who profited by study of Hill were Earl Nightingale, and his protege
  • Bob Proctor.An offshoot of this is T. Harv Eker, who pushes spiritual training and progressthrough his Millionaire Mind Instensive.Also at this level is Silva Method and Levenson Releasing Technique. Silva allowsyou to quickly reach an effective meditative state. Release Technique allows quickhandling of emotional programs so that you can simply identify and release non-workable self-programming which may still be affecting your daily living.Releasing in conjunction with Silva Method (and vice-versa) tends to superchargetheir results.Second Level - Subjective:This is also the intuitive or psychic level.The tools here are Silvas UltraMind, particularly the LaTourette version. LauraSilva has expanded on her fathers work with Silva Peaks, covering roughly thesame material, but in an updated version (and improved marketing approach.)Napoleon Hills chapter on the Sixth Sense is also applicable. He offers many toolsthroughout his book which verge on the psychic.Third Level - Symbolic:This is also the area of dreams. While Huna has the Dream Garden, Silva has theMental Laboratory. Hill covered this with his "Invisible Counselors". All areworkable techniques to find meaning behind dreams - and this dream we call life.But dreams can also be crafted and used as a tool. There is an introductory dreamssection in Dr. Kings "Mastering Your Hidden Self". However, more techniques arediscussed in his "Urban Shaman".Two very useful books in this area are Joseph Campbells "Hero With A ThousandFaces," and Chris Voglers "Writers Journey". Both explore the idea of Jungsarchetypes as simple methods of sorting out the influences within any givendream-world, as well as the characters within it.Techniques which enable Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection or Remote Viewingwould probably be workable. Again, consider them in light of Kings notes aboutdreams being an always-on ability, first.Fourth Level - Holistic:This is still under research. At this point, you become closest to Self - a hairlinebreadth away.The bulk of this deals with being everything around you. Any error or problem orsituation is due to an insufficiency of beingness extended in that direction, or intothat identity or object or lifeform.Closest approach to this would be Release Technique at its upper end ofapplication - where you release any need or want for actual separation from theuniverse. Your individuality itself can be let go of - quite a bit beyond the simple
  • fear of death. This is the start of regaining your own immortality, which cant bedescribed in simple terms of the earlier 3 levels.At this level, you Just Be.Now.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell 4 Levels of Reality (from Dr. Serge Kahili Kings materials - ) Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning "secret," but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia. Kupua is another Hawaiian word and it refers to a specialized healer who works with the powers of the mind and the forces of nature. In that respect it is very similar to the Siberian Tungusic word "shaman." The understanding of Huna described here comes from the kupua tradition of the Kahili family from the island of Kauai, through Serge Kahili King, who was adopted as the grandson of Joseph Kahili and trained in his tradition. The Seven Principles The basic assumptions of Huna are these: 1. The World Is What You Think It Is. 2. There are no limits. 3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. 4. Now Is The Moment Of Power. 5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something). 6. All Power Comes From Within. 7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.
  • The Three Selves (or Four)Another set of assumptions used in Huna is that human behavior and experiencecan be explained and changed through the interaction of three (sometimes four)selves, aspects or functions: 1. The High Self (Kane, Aumakua), inspires. 2. The Conscious Self (Lono) imagines. 3. The Subconscious Self (Ku) remembers. 4. The Core Self (Kanaloa) wills.The Four Levels of RealityA third set of assumptions coming from the kupua tradition divides all experienceinto four levels or frameworks of beliefs about reality which can be summarized asfollows: 1. Everything is objective (Scientific reality). 2. Everything is subjective (Psychic reality). 3. Everything is symbolic (Shamanic reality). 4. Everything is holistic (Mystical reality).The kupua (Hawaiian shaman) learns to move in and out of these realities in orderto change experience more effectively.----See Kings "Urban Shaman" for a much fuller description, as well as numeroustechniques you can utilize to explore these four levels of reality.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Why This Approach? Youd think Id be starting a church or something. Maybe become a self-help or New Age spiritual leader. But instead. Im pitching other peoples stuff. Yes, thats the kicker: Why reinvent perfectly good wheels? First, another religion wouldnt be appropriate. Theres already all these various different approaches to this material. All these slants and dogmas and so on. Very compartmentalized and so much that, "Well, if you keep following this route and support us financially and so on - well, youll keep feeling better. Plus, we both get rich." Nope. Not agonna happen. Second, you probably dont need more gurus and hero-figures in your life. My recommendation would be to look to yourself as the hero of your own life-story. People who tell you fantastic stories of miraculous possibilities are also giving you every reason to reject what they are saying. Your own life is already full of miracles - just look for them. (Can you explain your own birth - or how you keep breathing from moment to moment?) This training route is full of very usual, normal people who simply have a different
  • take on life. Theyve mostly studied hundreds or thousands of others lives orpersonal stories and done their own independent research. These are the giantswhose shoulders we stand on to see further. But they could have been you or I -the more normal and average their start, the better we can accept and learn fromthem.How this got startedThis whole scene was kicked off with my taking everything right back to nuts andbolts. I knew that Nature itself ran perfectly fine, with or without humankindbeing around. And there were exceptions to the rule, but generally you had enoughair, water, and fuel to go around to keep the vast majority of local eco-systemsrunning right along.Humankind was the oddity, the exception. It wasnt that we were constantlyscrewing over Nature and wrecking it (although weve created our fair share ofecological disasters which Nature has to clean up). The point was rather that wesimply were radically different than anything around us.I bowed out of a corporate cults belief-system that called itself a church, afterspending over 20 years trying to reconcile their teachings. That decision camewhen I finally saw that I wasnt going to have the freedom of thought andexamination to really prove or disprove its workability, so I retired to a self-imposed hermits life where I eked out a living while tearing all I had learned downto extreme basic workings.This required I take a step back to find out how people think and how we doanalysis to make sure my thinking was logical and would get results.Then I came forward to determine if the entire body of work called self-help wasactual or if it was a scam. Taking the top bestseller books in this genre, andstudying only dead authors (to ensure any personal charisma influence wasnegated) I found that there was a basic underlying system at work. This generallyruns through Napoloeon Hill, with later students and earlier sources.Those sources go back through our earliest religious texts right back to the oraltradition of Huna, which was found to have couched its basic philosophy in itslanguage in order to preserve it all these years.So I never needed to re-write all these self help books, though I did write up myown research route and conclusions (the "Go Thunk Yourself" Series.)That research continued as something was still missing. It went through the SilvaMethod and ended with Levenson Release Technique. And was written up invarious essays on one of my blogs, published in a book, "Freedom Is - (period.)"That material, followed, takes you right up and through what has passed forenlightenment in ages past. Perfect, unending, indescribable, personal peace.But I was still here, and so were those Id worked with and who achieved similaroutcomes.The question had to be answered: Why?
  • Answer: "You are here for some purpose which isnt yet complete. Your ownspiritual training is lacking."With nothing further than that bombshell, I started off again.Why Four Levels?Huna (in particular, Serge Kahili King) came again to the rescue. Through thisauthor, I learned how shamans approached this problem. The four levels of reality,of living itself.This then lead me back to my earlier studies instead of new ones. The programs Ihad studied on that simple first level of sorting out the "real world" now startedgiving me different answers.Jose Silva, just before his passing, had made a breakthrough into the psychicrealm. He made it possible for anyone to develop their own intuition, bringing thisinto an always-on ability with practice. John La Tourette dropped some verysubtle hints during his version of that "Silva Ultramind", which gave completelynew understanding to ancient Eastern concepts. Laura Silva (daughter of Jose)has updated her fathers material with new marketing approaches, into SilvaIntuition System and Silva Peaks - both based on Joses last breakthroughs.That gives you the second level the Huna shamans told of.The third level deals with life as a dream world, one of symbols. And to this, Irevived my old texts of Joseph Campbells "Hero with a Thousand Faces" andChris Voglers "Writers Journey". Because Campbell (especially through that PBSseries "The Power of Myth", tells the fascinating story-line which has rang throughall the annals of time. Someone who spent his life just cross-comparing and cross-indexing myths to come up with a single timeline which runs through allblockbuster movies, and all legends and oft-retold stories through the entirety ofrecorded history.Something that pervasive then gives us massive hints and clues to the meaning wecan make of our own dream-worlds as we create them. One need seek no furtherfor this level, until one has fully and completely digested these works.The fourth level, holistic, is just that single and vast, but tiny step away fromresolution with Self.It is simpler to perform, yet far more difficult to put into action. It contains justone command: "Just Be." At this, you start realizing that you really need to beeverything and everyone - all the creations around you. And typically, the mysticexplanations of what you are being, doing, and having at this level will drivealmost every devout religious follower nuts as they decry you as the worst possibleheretic and vilify you with their worst curses and pronouncements. Not that itmatters to you much. Because you completely understand where they are comingfrom and actually agree with them. This is the mask they are asking you to wear.But you alone know it is a mask. You are them, but they are not being you. And itis their loss.Your steps, your progressIn this series of posts on this blog (which are currently found no where else, at
  • least with this simplicity) I lay out the entire series of steps where you can just takeyourself from having a miserable life with no future in a cubicle or factory or otherwage-slave job - and haul yourself up to just short of being a saint or real-life guru.But its not my job to do anything else except lay out the path that I found.Because, you see that as we are each individuals, every persons path has to betailor-made for their own walking. And only that person - you - can build the pathyou must walk. ● If you are interested in making money, take T. Harv Ekers Millionaire Mind Intensive. ● If you are more interested in utilizing Eastern techniques in a Western world, try Goldmans American Monk program. ● Joe Vitales "Zero Limits" DVD is its own type of path, based on a refined Hooponopono Huna technique.And I know half a dozen more useful studies and programs, but the ones abovewill actually lead you right on out - at least to the second level, if not to the thirdand fourth.Only you, for better or worse, can decide which steps, what programs, and whatsequence to do them in. (Or re-do them, for even greater understanding.)Back to raising cows and writing cartoonsSince I do not relish the idea of being pilloried, or martyred or held up to scorn,Im bowing out of this scene. My cows need more attention, as well as the pasturesthey live from. My cartoon inspirations have been long ignored, replaced in myattentions by all these research ideas and concepts. And meanwhile, I amcontinuing to make my living with web design and have found a unique marketingconcept which should be viable for a few years until the Internet evolves beyondthem.So I have many more irons in the fire, or pots simmering on back-burners, than Ihave time or Ego to create some new version built on the tall shoulders of thegiants who walked before me. Im all too happy for others to take all this and runwith it. Ive written enough books, edited enough videos, essayed enough blogposts.Its now over to you.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell About Dr. Robert C. Worstell (As a note, I include this interview for a feel of the background data. More information can be found at my Google Profile, as well as A Midwest Journal ( and Midwest Journal Press (http:// Interview with Dr. Robert C. Worstell Midwest Journal: Welcome to todays Interview with another rural author. Our guest today runs a working farm with daily chores, but has meanwhile managed to get degrees in computer science, metaphysics, and comparative religion. He also is a prolific author and has recently released a fiction work - this one used to explore the questions of dreams and their effects on our daily lives. Well be back to talk with him right after this... ----
  • MJ: Hello again, and thanks for tuning in. Our guest today isDr. Robert C. Worstell, who has recently released his novel,"The Dreamer Dreamed" - soon to be in Amazon and majorbooksellers as well as Apples iBookstore. But I think youllfind as I did, that this is no normal adventure page-turner.Rather, it gets you to think.Dr. Worstell, how did you come up with the idea for thisnovel?Dr. Worstell: Well, first - thanks for having me on yourshow. Id been running into the idea of exploring the world ofdreams for some time, as they have a direct impact on our lives throughout the day- not just when we sleep. But I had also run out of books to write in a non-fictionline. There were too many really good books out there which dissected the subjectof dreams way beyond anything I needed to write.And as I had recently wrapped up my last self-help non-fiction book, "FreedomIs", I then ran across National Novel Writing Month and decided that this was thegenre I needed to use in order to explore the concept.MJ: The use of fiction as a means of exploring concepts that even science wonttouch isnt particularly new...Worstell: No, any Star Trek fan will recognise that many different ideas areexplored in non-traditional venues. For instance, they are known for the first inter-racial kiss. And of course, "High Noon" took on the government and politics in aWestern venue. Shakespeare is still being studied for what he covered in highlyfantastic "Midsummer Nights Dreams", among others. All of thess are fiction.MJ: Now you take this up right off that dreams are held by certain ancientphilosophies to be a metaphor for life.Worstell: The earliest Ive taken this back is to the Polynesian verbal traditions,which are estimated to be older than any other surviving philosophy on thisplanet. Some of their kahuna shamans hold that life is simply a dream - andactually apply to life, not just some nuisance we have at night. More that ourdreams control our lives - if we let them. As well, youll find that you actuallydream all day long on different levels, that you can move between these dreamsand the "real world".Obviously, this is ripe for exploration, since it would turn what we generallyconsider as immutable rules or laws in our physical universe upside down.MJ: In addition to the kahuna character, you also bring in a lot of notablephilsophers, including the Chinese Lao Tse - but is there a reason you bring themtogether in a library setting?Worstell: That was inspired by Napoleon Hills "Invisible Counsellors" out of his"Think and Grow Rich". He used this to help him improve his own character. Butthe library was because the whole point was to have a scene where the maincharacter could be influenced by the sum total of knowledge available. Some saythis is the Akashic records, but if you look at various philosophies, youll find theidea of all being connected - so we also then have individually access to all the
  • collective knowledge available. And thats easily shown by a lot of differenttechniques. In fact, thats how I write books - just let it out. Anyone could, actually.MJ: So you teach people how to do this?Worstell: No, I covered it in earlier books - and it only needs touching on here.And thats how this book runs. It just gives all sorts of hints at broader subjects.But the point is entertainment, which is far more needed than more stodgy anddogmatic texts.MJ: But youve written and published dozens of such texts...Worstell: And I hope you dont think they are all like that - but yes, I was donewith that line of work. Id studied all sorts of books and brought the best back tolife, plus added my own distillation and commentary to these - simplifying themall as best I could into bite-sized pieces. But once youve been this route, then theamount of duplication out there becomes obvious. There are literally tons and tonsof different approaches to reach the same or similar results.The point is that there needs to be a broader approach here if you want to attract alot of people into this study. But the underlying basic is that most of the people arehere to be entertained. So the approach is simply to combine the two and so do themost good for this world around us.MJ: And this is what drives you to write?Worstell: I dont really know what "drives me" to write. Its really more that I relaxand do whatever comes next. Writing is just another reflex to me like breathing.But its more that I take some time with it or not - like exercising. But that is allbeyond the point of this book. Or maybe not.The key point is that people have fun reading the book and maybe get somethingout of it. Other than that, theres no real reason to write, is there? I mean, Art isntsomething you do for your own personal benefit - its a way to help improve thequality of life of the world around them.Sure, Ive been given a gift - but its not what you have, but what you do with themthat counts.MJ: So whats next on the horizon?Worstell: Right now, Im going right into cartooning after I complete somemarketing jobs - like pushing this book out the door. And I just have to thank youfor having me on this show. Hope Ive done your audience good with all this.MJ: Well, its our thanks to you for coming on our show. Now how can people getyour books?Worstell: Theyre available on Amazon and most major booksellers. Theres even aversion on iBookstore for your various readers like the Kindle. You can always goto my Lulu storefront.MJ: And this has been the Midwest Journal bringing you Dr. Robert C. Worstelland his new book, "The Dreamer Dreamed." See you next week for more of our
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, May 29, 2011 How Life Really Feels. After I decided to just do whatever I (damned-well) felt like doing, it kept coming back to me that perhaps I wasnt being as organized as I could, that I should be dealing more with goals and what-not in order to be more efficient and such. In short, I simply found that I was as or more productive than when I was busy analyzing and planning every week, plus following daily "to-do" lists which accomplished my "strategic" and "tactical" planning. The main point which improved is that I was inspired more often and so actually worked on more stuff which was interesting to me. This made me happier, much happier. And even while Ive worked this all out, my studies continue. For that Route to Infinite Freedom, is just a guide. I still have to walk it out myself. In doing these studies, of course there are some interesting crossovers I keep running into. I first ran into this with the Release Technique. There, Larry Crane said that you "felt" the effects of emotions in the body. He and older traditions held that this was the cause of various illnesses - as the feelings in the body areas caused stress,
  • which caused dis-ease to show up.Simply releasing those feelings alleviated or "cured" the illness. (Even though theFDA says no one can actually claim to "cure" anything...) What you were reallydoing was simply letting go of the stress you had put there. The result was that thelack of ease (dis-ease) you felt disappeared.I was not so surprised that Chris Vogler ("Writers Journey") mentioned that awell-written story would then show up in influencing the body. A person "getsinto" a well-paced narrative, which then invigorates the adrenal and otherglandular secretions, so causing "feelings" in that area.But what was interesting was to find Jim Britt in a collection of T. Harv Ekerslecture-series who echoed the same concepts. Now you have to know that Brittuses Release Technique (as does Eker) in his seminars. Its just that useful. Showsup all over the place.Britt found that when he consults his feelings about what he is doing, he can tellrapidly whether hes on or off track. And keeping on track keeps him successful. Itbrings him more opportunities.The key point is that Britt goes a bit further than Levenson, Crane, or others do intheir discussion of what are feelings. He differentiates between body feelings andemotions. Theres native states and emotions.Emotions really go back to the original root, which means something that "movesout." They are things you emit, communications. If they are affecting your body,you are holding onto them. Emotions arent supposed to be held in, suppressed.They are things which are originally supposed to just leave.Now native states are just that. Calmness, Peace, even Love. These are states. Theydont flow, they just are. They arent emotions. But you cant really experiencethem until you can release all your pent-up or expressed emotions. Joy andhappiness are also states.Emotions are things you throw out at other people (or at yourself.) States are justcondition of being. You are "angry at" or "critical of" others. You cant just bethem. You always have a target in mind. You can be calm, or peaceful, or joyous -and not have anything in mind except the current moment. Thats a state.Subtle difference.But youll be able to tell with their affects on your body. Feelings affect the bodyand are generally caused by emotions. But our language blurs this thin line - thatyou can "feel" happy - but states cause good reactions in the body, healthful ones.Emotions cause stress in the body, not healthful (except in small doses, like spice.)You can live without emotions. Whats left over are your native states.When you let go of all the programs which cause you to react with emotions - youare left with native states. And these (peace, joy, calmness, love) simply are. Evenlove - you can love someone, which is a form of sending loving thoughts over theirway. And these can be felt.But feelings dont mean something is an emotion. You can feel a certain way, but it
  • doesnt mean that someone elses emotions caused it. No one else can emote to orat you and create anything in you at all. You create all your own feelings. Youcreate all your own emotions. A person who is calm, at peace, can stay completelyunruffled by someone else "going off" on them.This isnt widely known. But Zen masters and martial art experts know it to be afact. If you get or stay relaxed, for instance, you cant remain or become angry.Now, most of the stories Vegler was talking about are not enlightened pieces. Theyare enabling you to mirror the situations and cause those emotional feelings inyour body. If you read books such as The Tao, by Lao Tze, it will help you assumenative states of calm and peace. If you read Art of War by Lao Tzu, it can cause youto become angry or excited. If you read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, or Gonewith the Wind (another book about war), you can experience the vast repertoire ofpossible feelings. Or view movies such as the Lion King (which Vogler worked on)and youll be right there in the mix of emotional responses.Its far more interesting that the most successful self help programs (ReleaseTechnique, Silva Technique, even Ekers programs about the Millionaire Mindset)- all these have been tested in part or in whole and found to be very effective. Inevery single case, they instruct and facilitate the person to reach a high native state(some call it Zen, or "The Zone") and to let go of the emotions which are cloudingthe mind.For our use, once you can utilize native states as a permanent operating condition,youre ready for spiritual training, which is what these articles are about.Not that you cant entertain yourself with emotions and well-written stories. Butthe point is that you can achieve more understanding and higher personal abilitywhen you are operating from native states of beingness, not emotions.Its also true that your inspiration and intuition almost only come in when you arein calm, peaceful states of contemplation. While you can have emergency insightswhich will save your life, this isnt common. And many people report that theseinsights were operative where the person was somehow "distant" or "detached"from the emergency they were facing - that time seemed to "slow down."Again, we are talking operating at native states, completely removed fromemotional patterns, programs, and feelings which were usually common place. (Itcould be said that the bulk of the victims out there from emergency-type situationsare somehow blocked from reaching into any native state to access their intuitionfor solutions.Takes some experimenting and practice with. But this will help you tons.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 24, 2011 And was it all a dream? Just listened to the final video in the set of Joseph Campbells "Power of Myth". A very stirring 6 videos overall. And I recommend it. However, Campbell and I disagree at the end point. He of course has me out- ranked in comparative religions. However, the essential point is in whether the importance of individuality is more vital than regaining the One-ness of Self. His opinion was that the Oneness was a metaphor. He still, in all his studies, considered that humankind was a collection of identities. My variance is that the identities are the metaphor. He didnt, to my knowledge, tap into the shamanic studies within Huna. And this is what takes the entire scene right out into the ether. Ive several times told you not to believe anything Ive said and I double-down on that now. Consider me the Trickster in this play. That what Ive been telling you is just the opposite of what you should really be understanding and taking as Gospel truth. Perhaps Im only here to sell books and collect affiliate sales commissions.
  • Label me a scammer, a fake, a fraud. Consider me the anti-Christ and all I say aslies (including this statement.)Make up your own mind. Follow the leads of hermits everywhere and venture intothe wilderness where you can detach from "normal" or "average" thoughtprograms - just to find your own way.At the "end", it will be "you and you alone" who has to make your peace - or not.For all we know, the highest purpose humankind can attain is sitting in front ofthe boob-tube every night, beverage of choice in hand, having just put in somemore hours for "The Man". And on the weekend (if we dont have to put inovertime), we can take our boat down to the lake and sit in another chair withmore beverages, and look out at nothing - or watch sports on another portablescreen.Perhaps that is all there is to life.Consider me the Trickster - and your parents and teachers and authorities as alltelling the absolute truth, and always have...For me, Im quitting this scene and handing it all over to you. Ive got cartoons todraw and cattle to raise. Both of which make mockery of the seriousness wehumans make of our lives. Thats just my choice.I still wish you the best, whatever you choose.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 23, 2011 Relax, its all alive - and all yours Of course no one really wants to accept this, however you could practically found your religious beliefs on what is covered here today. But the logic is pretty simple - if you accept the basic tenets. (But Id suggest you reject this completely until you can prove it to yourself. And be warned: almost no one else will believe you, either.) 1. Your ideas create your reality, so Huna says. As well, there are no limits; we are all connected. 2. Next point is that we are all here with the purpose of getting back to Self. Practically, regardless of what name you use, its patent that a collective consciousness is already present - just on the basis that we are all connected. Its the created fiction of "individuality" from which stems all problems and imagined conflicts. 3. In this, the world is what you create it to be - so if you werent here, it would cease to exist. That defines everything in this world and universe as actively put there by you. So its all alive. All of it. You "cease to exist", everything "ceases to exist". 4. But practically, there isnt anything such as death. There is a rearrangement of forms, but the spirit which animates that body is connected with all others (part of
  • a larger whole), so only the dream "You" are living changes - and that bodychanges to other mineral combinations in that previous dream. That individualitywhich you call "Me" doesnt particularly cease - as its part of "everyone else".Thats as short as this logic goes. If you dont believe in the oldest survivingphilosophy on this planet, then fine. If its not workable for your world view, thatsperfectly OK. (Move along then, nothing to see here...)But this logic also says: ● Everything, including each thought and idea, is alive. ● All life continues indefinitely, eternally.Arguments for or against specific diets on the basis of saving lives, or lobbyingcommercials by activist groups trying to save "endangered species" cease beingeffective. (HSUS as a scam, anyone?)It does bring farming and gardening back to their high pedestals, since theyintegrate all forms of life into harmony. And the idea of philosophy and story-telling as some of the highest (re)unions of life-forms, both physical andmetaphysical.Controversy about war become academic only - since "killing" people does what?Gives another non-survival lesson, one of many. While the reasons for war, suchas attempted denial of basic "human rights" in terms of the ability to make theirown living and improve their life-quality (i.e. interfering through force or threatsof same) - all these have the rug cut out from under as well. (How could you"force" an immortal being to give up their rights - except maybe by deception,which theyd still have to decide to buy into...)Here also is Justice, since people are only affecting themselves when they treatanother "individual" poorly. Any attempts at harmful acts will also just come backto the perpetrator - since anyone trying to hurt another is just hurting themselves(and brings the basis to the Golden Rule.) Have the perfectly innocent verifiablypure at heart throw the first stone. Otherwise, have that jury and judge also manthe prisons and throw the switch at the execution they order, meanwhilepersonally paying the restitution they awarded...And brings the point that the best way to get through life is to constantly treatpeople even-handedly and look for the win-win solution to every situation. Onehas to look through the eyes of that "criminal" and see how they are looking atthemselves.Practically, this gives the religious objection to being part of anyones war - andeven participating in destructive government policies of any kind. (The idea ofhaving to have a government is itself built on deception.)As well, the entire planet becomes your house of worship - since it is all DivineCreation and we are all caretakers of it.Now, before you get all "dogmatic" about this - these beliefs also include the ideaof personal responsibility to solve your own problems and situations. There willnever be "laws" or "edicts" or "fatwas" saying anything at all. Because this belief-
  • system says that people will work out their best solutions "on their own" bytapping into their spiritual inheritance - the commonality of Self.None of this calls for any organized religion. Rather, it preserves the "ad hoc"quality of living. Obvious, since no idea is truly original, and inspiration is just ameditative moment away for all.This doesnt mean anyone who takes these ideas as their own will be above local ornational law. Rather, they would always interpret what was requested of themagainst the criteria of benefiting all concerned. And would preclude (usually)sitting in judgement over others. But nothing is set in stone - everything isbalanced against optimal life-quality for everyone.As I said, were all here to make our way back to Self.But dont believe me - work it out on your own. Make it yours.And may you be showered in blessings.Just Be.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, May 21, 2011 Winning Your Infinite Freedom If I were going to compile a guidebook based on this blog, that would be the title. (So were trying it out on the header above.) Dont know at this point that a book is ever going to happen. This fits better on a blog, where people can find the links. And it makes finding your freedom easier... The pages at the top, and the links on the side really tell you all you need. Or at least I think so. The whole point is to give you all the options you could use in order to sort out and build your own route to freedom. As Ive covered before (in "Freedom Is") - you already have all the freedom you could possibly have. This whole site continued to evolve after that book was published. As I cover in "Why This Approach?", it becomes a point of, "So youre enlightened, - now what?" Thats what Lester Levenson ran into after he solved a life-threatening physical situation. Spiritually, he was completely free - but still here on this physical plane. Alan Watts covered this in his various lectures. Zen Masters who achieved satori and simply then returned to their old trades or professions. Didnt change what
  • they had gone through or their personal result. Life was different.I could probably go on for hours with this, another over-long, too-verbose post.Listening to Joseph Campbells "Power of Myth" video gives you completelydifferent views on life and living. The point brought up last night was that thereare many more shamans out there than are thought. Most dont have the structurein their lives to start to learn what to do with that event.For some, theyve suffered through a near-death experience. Others have a flashof inspiration when in Nature, or doing their normal daily lives. (Claude Bristolcovers some of this in his "Magic of Believing". Another book Bristol references is"Cosmic Conscousness" by Maurice Bucke.)My own life had one of each. I survived cancer in my early 20s and decades laterhad a life-changing epiphany while walking along in the woods - all thoughtdropped away for a few minutes, giving me the personal peace I hadnt realized Iwas looking for. Convenient to say "change of life", but harder to explain from theinside out.Its just now that its all settled into place.And Im letting you in on the path I followed to get there. Nothing more.Your own mileage may definitely vary. Because the road you follow wont be theidentical one to mine.Just the way it is.But if youve had that very unique experience, then you may want to digest thisblog in different ways to search for what you feel you now need to becomecomplete.A subtitle could well be "Learning how to release your inner shaman - steps andtechniques for fully living life."Thats probably the surprise hooker which startled me most. The point: just thatanyone can live on these additional levels. And until they do, they really dontknow what they are missing. However, its more along the lines of that old phrase,"Many are Called, Few Choose." Because your life, your Now, is all a matter ofchoices, a matter of decisions.Drop all your old programs and get spiritually free. Then complete your training tobecome fully alive in that freedom. Thats the advice Im following.And have fun with all this. Lots and lots of it.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, May 20, 2011 The Fiction of IT, the Reality of THOU Of course, after my discourse on shapeshifters, shadows, and tricksters - I then watched a bit more of Joseph Cambells "Power of Myth". He brought up the fact that by looking at people as "Thous" instead of "Its" you change your own psychology. This comes back to the point that you are only looking back at you. Of course, this is the explanation for war and conflict of all types. Even these despots who are starving their countrys people. They consider themselves separate from everyone around them. Thats the trick with operating from the first level. Its all separatist thinking. There really is no one else. And that is what makes these stories fascinating for their viewers. The tragic hero has all these lacking qualities - among them that these people are living for their own identity. And only that. Their lives are much, much harder to live than anyone who is looking at life from the other, additional levels.
  • Consider this idea that all around you - plants, animals, rocks, minerals, even airand water - are full of life. That they are actually you.Of course, this gives you the reason for the "Golden Rule" as a shorthand credo tolive life by. As you simply follow this, you are treating others as you would treatyourself.Thats closer to the truth than most people suspect.And you knew that.It changes how you deal with any nemesis you may meet. For they are reallyasking for your help, and your lessons.What a great life this is.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, May 20, 2011 Using Masks to Light Your Way The key point of Vogler is to know that hes only and strictly talking about scripts and storytelling - or is he? When you start to apply his ideas to "real life", the first point you have to understand is that life isnt "real". Shakespeares point that "All the worlds a stage and all the people on it merely players" has more to do with actuality than you may think. Step back and take this idea that you already are an immortal being. Further, any lifetime you have would then be a temporary affair. We are not taking up reincarnation or past lives here at all. We are taking up the Now, which is your only real constant. The point you have is that you can affect or change the Now with your ideas. For better or worse, depending on what solution you want to find. But its just a story, all the same, just stagecraft. The game is exciting and involving, but all the players and playing field are creations of Self. A practical application is "What the hell do I do with these people and companies I cant trust?" You may be affected by people or groups who arent what they appear
  • to be. Terrorists groups who want you to convert to a Dark Ages lifestyle."Humane" extremist groups who want you to turn vegan-only (and have poorerhealth and also screw up our environmental and cultural balance through theirtunnel-vision fixation.)These of course may be shadows, tricksters, shapeshifters. Pick your poison.Taking this seriously, it means that there is something lacking, some lesson youshould be learning.If you take up Wayne Dyer, the answer is Unconditional Love. Bless them out ofexistence. Send understanding their way.Actions down this line would be to simply expose them for what they are, so otherscan see their duplicity. In that case, you treat them as a tragic hero in their ownscript. The lesson you give them is that they can run, but not hide - that they haveto learn like the rest of us.I did that once with a scammer company. They had taken a good chunk of mymoney after a long, long sales pitch and then didnt deliver the goods. It took meover a year to get my money back. During that time, I learned all the lines andmethods of using the "authorities" to change them - and what their actual Achillesheel was. Then I started telling other people about how to get their money back.Mostly, I moved on with my life, since it was up to others to apply what I told themor not.One day, I suddenly got sued by these guys. And they settled for making me quittelling people about how to get refunds. Plus, they also had to agree not to talkabout me anymore. Shortly after, the government hit them with a lawsuit fornearly a million dollars - not the company, which was designed to simply drop outof existence. The government sued the actual individuals behind the scene - gavethem their own personal lesson. And online complaints about that company (whatthey hated most) dropped to nothing after that. (I did find later that every singleperson I had told about that method had gotten their refund.)In that case, the nemesis had gotten affected by a stronger force for truth - andhad to learn their own lesson in this. But I was unaffected. That lawsuit simply gotme educated in how the American law-system works. It really cost me nothingmore than some pocket change and time invested. (Check out Jurisdictionary ifyou want the real scoop - and learn about a hero who is working to revise the legalsystem through education.)Shadows dont like daylight. Tricksters and Shapeshifters dont like meetingforthright people who understand them.The shorthand is to simply Be. Some intermediate techniques would be to do allnecessary releasing in this area. You could also go to your Huna Garden and lookfor the dream symbols to change, asking the Master Gardener there for advice. Orvisit your Mental Laboratory (Silva) and work your wonders with the advice ofyour Advisor there.In all cases, you are dealing with symbols and masks. You only lose if you givethem power over you. But all power comes from within. So realize that the truthyou are is greater than the fiction you create.
  • your life with these contrasts (so that they continue to have you as viewers andthey can sell advertising.)However, its really just true that what you say, do, and think about all comes backto you.So as you are critical, youll fill your life with incoming criticisms. As you continueto think that conspiracies are running this planet, you will continue to findevidence in your personal life that "they" have tried to "done you in" again.On the other hand, looking for simple pleasures brings more of these into yourlife. If you love baking cakes, youll see more enticing recipes to try out. Drivesafely and youll observe that the vast majority of people around you are doing thesame. Be courteous and empathetic and youll find kind, understanding souls aremeeting you at all points of life.You see, the world is what you make it. Those ancient Polynesians were telling thetruth.Napoleon Hill, then Earl Nightingale, and now Bob Proctor just repeat it with theirown versions - set to modern music.The tune is and always has been the same. Only the details (and todays "specialoffer") have changed. But thats just a different wrapper on the gift - marketing.So try this today: talk to everyone you meet just as youd like to be talked to. If youlike to be motivated and inspired, then talk only in motivational and inspirationalterms. If you want to be amused or entertained, then make someone laugh or helpthem pass the time enjoyably.The more you work to simply help others make their own way through life, themore help and ease will happen in your own life.Just the way things are set up.Yes, we are talking about responsibility here, but putting a nice face on it.Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, May 19, 2011 Now for something completely Mystic... Apologies to Monty Python fans, but this point seems a natural following to earlier posts today: In remote viewing, thats just another fiction. LaTourette covers that point (see ad at bottom of page). There is no real "over there". There is no real space for Self. Thats why telepathy in its own definition is another fiction as well - you dont "tele" anywhere. Because practically you are just talking to yourself. Of course, this is all the First Principle of Huna, which is that "Your Ideas Create Your Reality." And this is the bottom line to The Golden Rule. You only do to yourself. Gives us a new way of looking at things - doesnt it. Yes, this is fourth-level stuff. Neat, though. Of course, this also brings to fruition the concept Jesus the Christ spoke of (very tortuously translated) as "The Kingdom of God is within you." For that matter, it also means "Home is where the Heart is."
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, May 19, 2011 Another (holistic) view of people The punchline to this joke is that its just you looking back at you. Thats the guy who is making faces at you, trying to get you to mirror his emotional outburst. Thats why "news" casters always play up the over-wrought people in their interviews, always playing "gotcha" with politicians. And why politicians (since they were first recorded in Rome) always pick up babies during their campaign stops. Self is all their is, in the final analysis. So its just Self to Self, if you think about it. Try considering that when you get a critical thought about "somebody else." Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, May 19, 2011 How to find workable life improvement techniques Of course, this becomes obvious if youve been following this blog for any amount of time (or want to review its archives - note to self: I really need to create some books out of this stuff readers can download...) The best techniques work on all levels. The worst technique simply stick you into playing separatist games on the first level. If a dogma, belief-system, or simply says how some other people are "bad" or "lesser beings" than you and your tribe, then its simply not the most effective technique you could be using. Anyone can use the "Shadow" mask to point out weaknesses in whatever character youre currently carrying around. The best techniques will tell you that its just a mask, and you can take it off. (See Voglers "Writers Journey" book.) And if you are rejecting what I say, simply get a few hundred of Alan Watts
  • recordings and listen to them.This is why I dont recommend Scientology - even though I spent over 20 years ofmy life studying just that. It doesnt really give you any solution to this veryseparatist world we live in. Much like extremists have taken over most of thereligions on this planet and turned them sour. The ones which are inclusive of allother beliefs and faith and thought-systems will be the ones which are mostworkable and effective for the greatest number of people.Of course, if I hadnt done all that work and blind study, I wouldnt have been ableto find all this data you have in front of you now. Within that body of work are allthe clues you need. But you are going to have to tip over the apple-cart so you cansee all the apples for what they are. (Just unhitch the horse first, OK?)The simple approach is to look for techniques which work on all levels, that dontjust work on or try only to explain the "real world". You wont wind up being anIslamic martyr or a starry-eyed zombie repeating back the corporate, party-linetalking points. (And politics becomes far more fascinating, as does the "news",because you can see both sides of the story and simply pick the most effective,most win-win solution out of what they are saying.)Have fun with this - and the rest of this life.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, May 19, 2011 Who the Hero Really Is Vogler covers in his "Writers Journey" that the hero always has a missing part, a "fatal flaw" which needs rectifying. Something lacking. And if I havent exposed this fiction before - here it is: You are already whole, complete, and perfect. Any game you are playing was created simply ignoring your own abilities, talents, and knowledge. This is what makes self-help and success so easy. If it seems difficult, its because youve made it that way. The logic behind this is pretty simple as well. I first ran into it in LaTourettes version of Silva Ultramind. And then it showed up in Hale Dwoskins material on Levensons Release Technique. You are rising to Self. But you already are Self. And the Master Gardener in Huna, the Advisor in Silvas Mental Laboratory, Hills "Invisible Counselors" - they are all you. They are just "masks" you wear in order to have a metaphor you can readily understand and use. You are already Self. Your journey is simply getting rid of the barriers you set up so many, many, many years ago as part of creating this nice little individuality you carry around. This is how you "identify" yourself.
  • And of course, that is the real explanation for why "psychic" talents such astelepathy, "akashic records", and stories of instant healing and superhumanstrength in emergencies exist. You are simply letting your own light shine. You arejust talking directly to you - temporarily pulling out all the stops.So the game from here on out is how fast you can let you in on what you alreadyknow.Techniques like Releasing work, because you are dropping the old programs youcreated which keep you from knowing what you need. (And is why releasing needsto be developed into an always-on habit.) Silva Method allows you to "go to level"quickly and bypass the various blocks you put in place so you couldnt knowsomething - and their 3-finger technique allows you do assume state this nearinstantly.Vogler tells this as the reason all these archetypes exist in a story as characters -they are all bringing or supplying something the hero is lacking. They all havelessons the hero must learn to be complete.This then bridges the symbolic (3rd) level over to the holistic (4th) level. Whenyou look for the lessons and archetypes in the world around you, then you cansimply get the lessons Self is trying to tell you.And by simply being everything, every person, every mineral, every waft of ethericvapor - you then become whole.As you become more whole, you become more Self. And thats where holisticbridges over.Now, since you already know everything about everything, you arent stuckoperating at any single level. You can use techniques from every level to sort outwhatever is in front of you. The levels themselves are just metaphors - ways toorganize data into segments so they can be more easily understood.That is also why Ive assigned material to various levels, saying that you are justgoing to go over and over these until you "get it". But any material can be appliedon any level. Because all these levels really exist simultaneously, not as a linearpath - but you can consider them this way if you like.The most consistent advice Ive heard from people who have collected the best andmost workable techniques (Dwoskin, Levenson, Eker, among others) is to "notbelieve a word I say." Prove it for yourself. If it doesnt work, then simply move on.An individual has set up various (and multitudinously infinite amounts of)programs which keep that individuality intact. By definition, they each haveunique programs which maintain that individuality. You could say that no one elsehas the exact same pattern. Otherwise, they wouldnt be individuals. (No Duh...)So your path will be your own, and different from anyone elses. The metaphor-concepts Ive covered in this blog continue to be the broad strokes. Because youhave to fill in the details.And its all part of rising back up to Self - who will tell you all these details if you
  • simply sit still, relax, and open up to the lessons which are always there, alwaysincoming. Just accept this idea that you already know the solutions to anyproblem or situation you are facing. Then pick the most optimal one which doesthe greatest good for you and everyone concerned.Keep that idea as a new habit and youll find all sorts of people, books, recordings,events - all entering into your life to tell you and remind you how great you are,how perfect you have always been.The next step is believing them. Believe. Be.----You may wonder why so many of these posts are in the early am. If youve studiedSilva Method, youll see this is because Im just waking up from the deltawavelength of sleep and have trained myself to study my dreams to get the lessonsthey contain. And more frequently than not, Im then urged to get up and blogabout it so you can share these. Look it up under "Glass of Water" technique.My own variation on this was from Huna. There, the answer you got depends onthe question you ask. So you want to keep in mind as you go to bed that you willknow the question you have to ask as well as the answer. Then drink half of thatglass of water. When you rise and drink the other half, it all becomes obvious.But that technique is just a crutch until you can do it on your own.The next step is to be able to access those questions and answers anytime duringthe day. And then life becomes a great deal of fun, since it speeds up immensely.Living on all four levels at once is much more fulfilling than just one. You lookforward to playing the game of what lessons you can get today and how Self issending them to you. Great fun.Best to you and yours this day and from here on out.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, May 18, 2011 How the Body Clues You In to Living Stories Theres points Chris Vogler made in his "Writers Journey" Appendices which give a different view of this universe and how it affects us. The first, and very interesting idea is that stories themselves are alive. This is a logical extension that our creations are from us (Self) and so are alive to the same degree our bodies and everything else which is part of this creation are alive. One could make the same point for various belief-systems, such as religions and Lockes ideals (which were written into the Constitution) and also the Magna Carta - a persons rights to his own property being above any rights of a King or other sovereign. But read Vogler: "In the course of my adult wanderings through what is normally considered childrens literature, I came to a few firm conclusions about stories, these powerful and mysterious creations of the human mind. For instance, I came to believe that stories have healing power, that they can help us deal with difficult emotional situations by giving us examples of human behavior, perhaps similar in some way to the struggles we are going through at some stage of life, and which might inspire us to try a different strategy for living. I believe
  • stories have survival value for the human species and that they were a big step in human evolution, allowing us to think metaphorically and to pass down the accumulated wisdom of the race in story form. I believe stories are metaphors by which people measure and adjust their own lives by comparing them to those of the characters. I believe the basic metaphor of most stories is that of the journey, and that good stories show at least two journeys, outer and inner, an outer journey in which the hero tries to do something difficult or get something, and an inner journey in which the hero faces some crisis of the spirit or test of character that leads to transformation. I believe stories are orientation devices, functioning like compasses and maps to allow us to feel oriented, centered, connected, more conscious, more aware of our identities and responsibilities and our relationship to the rest of the world. "But of all my beliefs about stories, one that has been particularly useful in the business of developing commercial stories for the movies is the idea that stories are somehow alive, conscious, and responsive to human emotions and wishes. "I have always suspected that stories are alive. They seem to be conscious and purposeful. Like living beings, stories have an agenda, something on their minds. They want something from you. They want to wake you up, to make you more conscious and more alive. They want to teach you a lesson disguised as entertainment. "Under the guise of amusement, stories want to edify you, build up your character just a little by showing a moral situation, a struggle, and an outcome. They seek to change you in some small way, to make you just a bit more human by comparing your behavior to that of the characters."Vogler and I agree on one point, which I concluded years ago - that people useothers lives and the entertainment they see on the movie and video screens toevaluate their own life against.Taking this to the next step, we are seeing that stories themselves are trying toinfluence our lives. It just depends on how intuitive a person is, how much theyare in tune with the Universe around them.The more separated, the more individual, the less likely they are going to see theseinputs as lessons they should apply in their own lives. And the more desperate thestories will become to affect them at some level.Voglers next point was in defining what a "catharsis" was and why its importantto any and every story: "Several times in this book we have used the word catharsis, referring to a concept found in the works of Aristotle, one of his terms that has survived to become part of the general theory of drama and narrative. It is a critical concept, the point of drama according to Aristotle, and its roots go back to the beginnings of
  • language, art, and ritual. .... "Nowadays we may use the term catharsis more broadly to mean any kind of emotional release or breakthrough. Catharsis was adopted by the psychological community to describe a therapeutic process in which repressed thoughts, fears, emotions, or memories are deliberately brought to consciousness, triggering an emotional release or breakthrough that is supposed to relieve anxiety and relax tension. Movies and stories as well as art and music can have a role to play in triggering a psychologically healthy cathartic reaction."Taken together, these may say that the story, as well as any particular person youknow, is working to help you with your life (and vice-versa). Every person in yourlife (as well as objects and elementals) are wearing masks for your review. Theyare each there to help you resolve your lacks.The ideal is to surround yourself with stories which bring you to that catharsis. Ofcourse, the top-level catharsis would be an epiphany. Which would just confirm orset you firmly on your own shaman path.Third point Id tell you from Vogler is that hes worked up a theory that the storyactually affects the body itself. Indicators of pulse and endrocrine secretions tellyou how the story is affecting you: "THE BODY AS A GUIDE TO CRITIQUING "Its not easy to critique your own writing work or that of others. It can be hard to articulate whats wrong, how the story made you feel, what was lacking. Sometimes the best way to measure a storys effect and diagnose its problems is to ask How did it make me feel - in the organs of my body? Did I feel anything physical at all, or was I just having mental processes that didnt much involve anything but the brain? Did it make my blood run cold? Did it make my toes curl with horror or delight? Did it make my nervous system alert as if the dangers the hero faces were actually threatening me? If not, there may be something missing, an appeal to the body, a physical threat, an emotional tension. "As a professional evaluator of stories I became keenly attuned to the emotional and physical effects a manuscript could have on me. I came to depend on the wisdom of the body to determine the quality of the story. If it was bad and boring, my body would grow leaden and the pages would weigh a thousand pounds apiece. I knew it was bad if, as my eyes scanned down the page, my head kept drooping and I nodded off to sleep. The good ones, I noticed, the ones that ultimately made good movies, had the opposite effect on my body. They woke me up. The organs of my body came to life one by one. The body became alert, light, and happy, squirting fluids into the pleasure centers of the brain, the proper pleasure as Aristotle called
  • it, of experiencing emotional and physical release through a well- told, cathartic tale. "As we watch a good movie or are engrossed in a good novel, we actually go into an altered state of consciousness, with a measurable change in brain waves detectable by the tools of science. Perhaps changes in the rhythm of the breath, combined with focusing the attention on the imaginary world of the story, bring about this almost hypnotic effect."This then brings a very personal reality home - if you take all these three pointstogether.Stories represent the symbolical level of our existence. Its not particularly astretch to say that they take on a life of their own. And the purpose of those storiesare to make a change in our own lives - to help us achieve our own goal ofregaining Self.Whats interesting in this is that point of affecting us through the body. This is thelast refuge of the "hideaway" soul. The person who has given up almost everythingin order to just let the subconscious run their lives. Cubicle, factory workers -wage-slaves.Yet the story now has most effect even at this level. As a person climbs up andtakes more responsibility, healing of dis-ease becomes easier, illness harder tosuccumb to. The person less and less able to be the effect of their body in general.The body becomes easier to live around and more responsive.If you follow this right on out, you may get a clue that the Universe itself is aliveand working its hardest to get everyone - even the lowest on the pole - to wake upand start living again. And it sends stories out into the world (authored andcreated by the most intuitive among us) to wake everyone else up.This points to the fact that there is no such thing as "harmless distraction" inentertainment. You are going to get a lesson in spite of yourself.You arent separate from the world and universe around you. Its all alive, in everypart, and just up to you to learn what you can from all you experience.So the next time you are in a bookstore - be mindful of books and stories whichseem to "leap out at you." It may be a lesson you should be listening to.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 17, 2011 The Masks You Find On Your Path Chris Vogler hands us clues to the fourth level as well as the third. (Its notable that on the first level, as well as other levels, you are given all the tools you need to solve all levels. Its only how you use the tool that determines its results for you.) He goes into substantial work about the archetypes. Defining each in terms of their use in film examples. Very convenient for a modern world. Vogler also brings up an interesting point - that the archetypes may be understood as simply masks worn by the characters. This explains various complex movie characters who seem to be different archetypes at different points. Again, here we dont need to fall into semantic problems. One persons name for their understanding of God will not necessarily be used by another. Once you understand the purpose/function of an archetype, then its appearance is easier to use as a symbol. The other idea Vogler uses at the beginning is that the Journey our Hero takes helps find the various parts of personal beingness which are insufficient or lacking. The journey is for wholeness. And this is why it becomes a route on the fourth level as well. But the main use (for this discussion) is on the third level - that of dreams and symbols.
  • So I say to study both Campbell and Vogler in order to fully understand theseconcepts and how they relate to solving life problems.Obviously, if you are simply applying this to your own life in a pragmatic, first-level world, it becomes useful as a nice metaphor in the objective world - suitablefor study and entertainment.On the fourth level, the tool this book gives is to be whatever it isthat apparently opposes or hinders your success. For only a lack of beingness onthe holistic level is what keeps you in that problem or situation, or keeps thatexisting at all. Be all, solve all. (And again, I told you these levels all segue intothe next, just as most people in the "real world" are intermittently psychic.)Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 17, 2011 The Artists Journey Chris Vogler has this essay as the last of his book (other than his appendices). It is as applicable to anyone "following their bliss" as it is to the writer or any of the artist-inclination. Within his framework, it applies the archetypes to that apparently unique worldview. But you may also see that it applies to anyone making their way on this planet, in this universe - whether they recognize it or not. The Writers Journey The beauty of the Heros Journey model is that it not only describes a pattern in myths and fairy tales, but its also an accurate map of the territory one must travel to become a writer or, for that matter, a human being. The Heros Journey and the Writers Journey are one and the same. Anyone setting out to write a story soon encounters all the tests, trials, ordeals, joys, and rewards of the Heros Journey. We meet all of its Shadows, Shapeshifters, Mentors, Tricksters, and Threshold Guardians in the interior landscape. Writing is an often perilous journey inward to probe the depths o f ones soul and
  • bring back the Elixir of experience - a good story. Low self-esteemor confusion about goals may be the Shadows that chill our work,an editor or ones own judgmental side may be the ThresholdGuardians that seem to block our way. Accidents, computerproblems, and difficulties with time and discipline may tormentand taunt us like Tricksters. Unrealistic dreams of success ordistractions may be the Shapeshifters who tempt, confuse, anddazzle us. Deadlines, editorial decisions, or the struggle to sell ourwork may be the Tests and Ordeals from which we seem to die butare Resurrected to write again.But take hope, for writing is magic. Even the simplest act ofwriting is almost supernatural, on the borderline with telepathy.Just think: We can make a few abstract marks on a piece of paperin a certain order and someone a world away and a thousand yearsfrom now can know our deepest thoughts. The boundaries of spaceand time and even the limitations of death can be transcended.Many cultures believed the letters of their alphabets were farmore than just symbols for communication, recording transactions,or recalling history. They believed letters were powerful magicalsymbols that could be used to cast spells and predict the future.The Norse runes and the Hebrew alphabet are simple letters forspelling words, but also deep symbols of cosmic significance.This magical sense is preserved in our word for teaching childrenhow to manipulate letters to make words: spelling. When you"spell" a word correctly, you are in effect casting a spell, chargingthese abstract, arbitrary symbols with meaning and power. We say"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurtme," but this is manifestly untrue. We know that words havepower to hurt or heal. The simple words of a letter, telegram, orphone call can strike you like a hammer blow. Theyre just words -marks on paper or vibrations of air - but mere words such as"Guilty," "Ready, aim, fire." "I do," or "Wed like to buy yourscreenplay" can bind us, condemn us, or bring us joy. They canhurt or heal us with their magic power.The healing power of words is their most magical aspect. Writers,like the shamans or medicine men and women of ancient cultures,have the potential to be healers.WRITERS AND SHAMANSShamans have been called "the wounded healers." Like writers,they are special people set apart from the rest by their dreams,visions, or unique experiences. Shamans, like many writers, areprepared for their work by enduring terrible ordeals. They mayhave a dangerous illness or fall from a cliff and have nearly everybone broken. They are chewed by a lion or mauled by a bear. Theyare taken apart and put back together again in a new way. In a
  • sense they have died and been reborn, and this experience givesthem special powers. Many writers come to their craft only afterthey have been shattered by life in some way.Often those chosen to be shamans are identified by special dreamsor visions, in which the gods or spirits take them away to otherworlds where they undergo terrible ordeals. They are laid out on atable to have all their bones removed and broken. Before theireyes, their bones and organs are split, cooked, and reassembled ina new order. They are tuned to a new frequency like radioreceivers. As shamans, they are now able to receive messagesfrom other worlds."They return to their tribes with new powers. They have the abilityto travel to other worlds and bring back stories, metaphors, ormyths that guide, heal, and give meaning to life. They listen tothe confusing, mysterious dreams of their people and give themback in the form of stories that provide guidelines for right living.We writers share in the godlike power of the shamans. We not onlytravel to other worlds but create them out of space and time.When we write, we truly travel to these worlds of our imagination.Anyone who has tried to write seriously knows this is why we needsolitude and concentration. We are actually traveling to anothertime and place.As writers we travel to other worlds not as mere daydreamers, butas shamans with the magic power to bottle up those worlds andbring Them back in the form of stories for others to share. Ourstories have the power to heal, to make the world new again, togive people metaphors by which they can better understand theirown lives.When we writers apply the ancient tools of the archetypes and theHeros Journey to modern stories, we stand on the shoulders of themythmakers and shamans of old. When we try to heal our peoplewith the wisdom of myth, we are the modern shamans. We ask thesame ageless, childlike questions presented by the myths: Who amI? Where did I come from? What happens when I die? What does itmean? Where do I fit in? Where am I bound on my own HerosJourney?
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Cambells Call to Adventure From Joseph Campbells "Hero With a Thousand Faces", here is the last essay. It seems another call to adventure - like you didnt have enough already - but you may find your friends and mentors already on this journey... The Hero Today All of which is far indeed from the contemporary view; for the democratic ideal of the self-determining individual, the inven-tion of the power-driven machine, and the development of the scientific method of research, have so transformed human life that the long-inherited, timeless universe of symbols has col-lapsed. In the fateful, epoch-announcing words of Nietzsches Zarathustra: "Dead are all the gods." One knows the tale; it has been told a thousand ways. It is the hero-cycle of the modern
  • age, the wonder-story of mankinds coming to maturity. The spell of the past, thebondage of tradition, was shattered with sure and mighty strokes. The dream-web ofmyth fell away; the mind opened to full waking consciousness; and modern manemerged from ancient ignorance, like a butterfly from its cocoon, or like the sun atdawn from the womb of mother night.It is not only that there is no hiding place for the gods from the searching telescopeand microscope; there is no such society any more as the gods once supported. Thesocial unit is not a carrier of religious content, but an economic-political organiza-tion. Its ideals are not those of the hieratic pantomime, making visible on earth theforms of heaven, but of the secular state, in hard and unremitting competition formaterial supremacy and resources. Isolated societies, dream-bounded within amytholog-ically charged horizon, no longer exist except as areas to be exploited. Andwithin the progressive societies themselves, every last vestige of the ancient humanheritage of ritual, morality, and art is in full decay.The problem of mankind today, therefore, is precisely the op-posite to that of men inthe comparatively stable periods of those great co-ordinating mythologies which noware known as lies. Then all meaning was in the group, in the great anonymousforms, none in the self-expressive individual; today no meaning is in the group - nonein the world: all is in the individual. But there the meaning is absolutely unconscious.One does not know toward what one moves. One does not know by what one is pro-pelled. The lines of communication between the conscious and the unconsciouszones of the human psyche have all been cut, and we have been split in two.The hero-deed to be wrought is not today what it was in the century of Galileo.Where then there was darkness, now there is light; but also, where light was, therenow is darkness. The mod-ern hero-deed must be that of questing to bring to lightagain the lost Atlantis of the co-ordinated soul.
  • Obviously, this work cannot be wrought by turning back, or away, from what hasbeen accomplished by the modern revolution; for the problem is nothing if not that ofrendering the mod-ern world spiritually significant - or rather (phrasing the sameprinciple the other way round) nothing if not that of making it possible for men andwomen to come to full human maturity through the conditions of contemporary life.Indeed, these con-ditions themselves are what have rendered the ancient formulaeineffective, misleading, and even pernicious. The community today is the planet, notthe bounded nation; hence the patterns of projected aggression which formerlyserved to coordinate the in-group now can only break it into factions. The nationalidea, with the flag as totem, is today an aggrandizer of the nursery ego, not theannihilator of an infantile situation. Its parodyrituals of the parade ground serve theends of Holdfast, the tyrant dragon, not the God in whom self-interest is annihilate.And the numerous saints of this anticult - namely the patriots whose ubiquitousphotographs, draped with flags, serve as official icons - are precisely the localthreshold guardians (our demon Sticky-hair) whom it is the first problem of the heroto surpass.Nor can the great world religions, as at present understood, meet the requirement.For they have become associated with the causes of the factions, as instruments ofpropaganda and self-congratulation. (Even Buddhism has lately suffered thisdegradation, in reaction to the lessons of the West.) The universal triumph of thesecular state has thrown all religious organizations into such a definitely secondary,and finally ineffectual, position that religious pantomime is hardly more today than asanctimonious exercise for Sunday morning, whereas business ethics and patriotismstand for the remainder of the week. Such a monkey-holiness is not what thefunctioning world requires; rather, a transmutation of the whole social order isnecessary, so that through every detail and act of secular life the vitalizing image of
  • the universal god-man who is actually immanent and effective in all of us may besomehow made known to consciousness.And this is not a work that consciousness itself can achieve. Consciousness can nomore invent, or even predict, an effective symbol than foretell or control tonightsdream. The whole thing is being worked out on another level, through what is boundto be a long and very frightening process, not only in the depths of every livingpsyche in the modern world, but also on those titanic battlefields into which thewhole planet has lately been converted. We are watching the terrible clash of theSymplegades, through which the soul must pass - identified with neither side.But there is one thing we may know, namely, that as the new symbols becomevisible, they will not be identical in the various parts of the globe; the circumstancesof local life, race, and tradition must all be compounded in the effective forms.Therefore, it is necessary for men to understand, and be able to see, that throughvarious symbols the same redemption is revealed, "Truth is one," we read in theVedas; "the sages call it by many names." A single song is being inflected through allthe colorations of the human choir. General propaganda for one or another of thelocal solutions, therefore, is superfluous - or much rather, a menace. The way tobecome human is to learn to recognize the lineaments of God in all of the wonderfulmodulations of the face of man.With this we come to the final hint of what the specific orientation of the modern hero-task must be, and discover the real cause for the disintegration of all of our inheritedreligious formulae. The center of gravity, that is to say, of the realm of mystery anddanger has definitely shifted - for the primitive hunting peoples of those remotesthuman millenniums when the sabertooth tiger, the mammoth, and the lesserpresences of the animal kingdom were the primary manifestations of what was alien- the source at once of danger, and of sustenance - the great human problem was to
  • become linked psychologically to the task of sharing the wilderness with thesebeings. An unconscious identification took place, and this was finally renderedconscious in the half-human, half-animal, figures of the mythological totem-ancestors. The animals became the tutors of humanity. Through acts of literalimitation - such as today appear only on the childrens playground (or in themadhouse) - an effective annihilation of the human ego was accomplished andsociety achieved a cohesive organization. Similarly, the tribes supporting themselveson plant-food became cathected to the plant; the life-rituals of planting and reapingwere identified with those of human procreation, birth, and progress to maturity. Boththe plant and the animal worlds, however, were in the end brought under socialcontrol. Where-upon the great field of instructive wonder shifted - to the skies - andmankind enacted the great pantomime of the sacred moon-king, the sacred sun-king, the hieratic, planetary state, and the symbolic festivals of the world-regulatingspheres.Today all of these mysteries have lost their force; their symbols no longer interestour psyche. The notion of a cosmic law, which all existence serves and to which manhimself must bend, has long since passed through the preliminary mystical stagesrepresented in the old astrology, and is now simply accepted in mechanical terms asa matter of course. The descent of the Occidental sciences from the heavens to theearth (from seventeenth-century astronomy to nineteenth-century biology), and theirconcentration today, at last, on man himself (in twentieth-century anthropology andpsychology), mark the path of a prodigious transfer of the focal point of humanwonder. Not the animal world, not the plant world, not the miracle of the spheres, butman himself is now the crucial mystery. Man is that alien presence with whom theforces of egoism must come to terms, through whom the ego is to be crucified andresurrected, and in whose image society is to be reformed. Man, understood
  • however not as "I" but as "Thou": for the ideals and temporal institutions of no tribe,race, continent, social class, or century, can be the measure of the inexhaustible andmultifariously wonderful divine existence that is the life in all of us.The modern hero, the modern individual who dares to heed the call and seek themansion of that presence with whom it is our whole destiny to be atoned, cannot,indeed must not, wait for his community to cast off its slough of pride, fear,rationalized avarice, and sanctified misunderstanding. "Live," Nietzsche says, "asthough the day were here." It is not society that is to guide and save the creativehero, but precisely the reverse. And so every one of us shares the supreme ordeal -carries the cross of the redeemer - not in the bright moments of his tribes greatvictories, but in the silences of his personal despair.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Life as you knew it is over - but it always has been. Watching one of these funny tragic end-of-season dramas. Funny because its based in the most limited concepts possible. But weve all been there. Look, any of the various techniques and methods Ive discussed here take you completely beyond the tragic ending. ● Napoleon Hill - "Think and Grow Rich" - the complete method to achieve anything you want, regardless. ● Levensons Release Technique - get into an unflappable calm, an "inperturbability" which doesnt quit - ever. ● Silva Method - through modern meditation techniques, you enter into high planes of intuitional understanding which gives you all answers to any situation. Then just pick the best. ● Ekers Millionaire Mind Intensive - same results as above, getting rid of fears which hold you back - just do it from the game of making money. ● Serge Kahili Kings Huna (as well as Max Freedom Long) - find out
  • how the universe really works and get all your questions answered on this or any other plane we exist on.Any and all of these, especially when used in conjunction with each other, can giveyou any health or life or relationship quality you want. Abundance in everythingyou touch.It just really becomes too easy. And I only picked the ones which appealed to me.These all followed on themselves and each lead to the other - most cross over intothe others at one point or another. And there are side routes, such as "The Secret"and "switchwords" which really and only compounded solutions and cross-confirmed the others as workable.The above is the path Ive chosen. It probably isnt yours. But you can use any orall of it you want.All lead beyond fear, beyond body death. And beyond caring what people think orreact about you. Because youre too busy helping them make a better success outof their own lives.You are an immortal being. As all of us. We are simply here to rise higher as wecan to becoming Self.These tragic TV shows which pass for entertainment - might as well watch anempty screen for what good they do. And Im tired of explaining the motivationsand reasons they do what they do. Its not a waste of time, but thats because youare taking other lessons from it than what they give.Take this hint: learn all the 5 sets of study above. Learn them cold, until you haveall the answers to anything and everything. At that point, you get the punchline tothe joke you wrote so very long ago. You learn why it is that youve created thisindividuality you call yourself.----Im just about done working up this spiritual training lineup.Tonight, I started piecing together the parts of the 4th level, holistic.Thats where I start drawing and publishing my cartoons from. Being the trickstermight be a nice mask to wear for a change.These final notes are just that - and as youve been following right along, itshouldnt be too hard a stretch.Dont know if this lineup will ever come out as a book. I dont know that its reallynecessary. More than likely, it will have to be a book of cartoons.But I do know that we are in for some very interesting times. End times, actually.Because the world is waking up - and as they do, they waken to a different dreamthan the one they woke to last time. Like we do every day.
  • You see, the past is constantly changing in order to help us make sense of ourpresent Now. This is why cops cant ever really piece together what happened fromwitnesses. Because as the minutes or seconds pass, they change. This is onedatum that no one has really looked at before. And you wont see it until you startoperating on the holistic level. Just about the point where time really stopsmattering at all.Best of luck to all of us with our journey(s).
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Reading your Life-Dream as a Heros Journey This is intended as a short-hand crib-note to make use of Campbells Heros Journey in your own dream working (3rd level). The basic plot (from Vogler): The hero is introduced in his ORDINARY WORLD where he receives the CALL TO ADVENTURE. He is RELUCTANT at first to CROSS THE FIRST THRESHOLD where he eventually encounters TESTS, ALLIES and ENEMIES. He reaches the INNERMOST CAVE where he endures the SUPREME ORDEAL. He SEIZES THE SWORD or the treasure and is pursued on the ROAD BACK to his world. He is RESURRECTED and transformed by his experience. He RETURNS to his ordinary world with a treasure, boon, or ELIXIR to benefit his world. The 7 archetypes: HEROES
  • SHADOWS MENTORS HERALD THRESHOLD GUARDIANS SHAPESHIFTERS TRICKSTERSIn these, you could create a checklist to study just about any aspect of any life. Orsimply print out this post to have it at hand in whatever is your "office". (It wouldfit on two sides of a note-card for your wallet or purse, for instance.)As example, if your life is boring beyond all belief, was there a call to adventurewhich you didnt heed...?As well, you may find yourself wearing masks for others - like the trickster orherald or mentor...You can find this cycle in every single business cycle you enter, if you only look.Too often a product fails because it doesnt translate into an actual boon formankind. But was there a trickster in the mix?That is the first call: to look. (Only after that do you get the red pill, blue pilltreatment.) But again, this is just a model. Use it or not. Treat it as you will. Illreadily assume any archetype you assign me. Thats my job, it seems.Luck to us all.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Good vs. Bad vs. Ugly Sorry, but the "news" got to me again. Just more to release and meditate on, I guess. Getting to higher levels than the one most are "stuck" on tells you instantly that there is no bad or good, just as there is no evil or saintliness. The world is as perfect or rotten as you consider it to be. Nothing more or less. As you rise in your own consideration of your own abilities and blessedness, you can see that most of the games being played - and all the "popular" media - revolve around emotional conflicts and controversies. Its all Us vs. Them, or the single individual against the rest of the world. Even the concept that someone has to "make money" or "earn a living" is pretty much moot as being vital or necessary. Jesus the Christ had no job or income, yet stayed at some of the richest houses in the areas he visited. And he had to refuse many expensive gifts, or allow their giving only to give them away in turn. Mahatma Gandhi had a similar lifestyle, as did the Buddha. Give it all up and still have everything you could need or want. So what reason, then, are we watching what passes for "news"? Right off, Id say mental bad habits. Or, youre working to help someone else
  • improve and this is part of the background noise of their environment.The point of this post is to get yourself back to the point where you dont have toaccept or reject what the TV and other news media give you. You can let it be -even bless it. And take what lessons youre sending yourself for what theyre worth.Just part of moving from Individual -> Mind -> Universe -> Self.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Key points to spiritual training ● Nothing is permanent, the only constant is change. ● There is no right or wrong - except on first level, and that is just a way to short-hand concepts. ● Ideas are dreams, and dreams are a third level substance - but not limited there. ● Nothing and everything is valuable. What the spiritually free do for goals isnt the same that the mass of humanity do. We arent here for approval, security, or to escape control. We actually create our own freedom with all the actions we take and the blessings we send. ● Its only living through all four levels that your life becomes really alive, in the fullest sense. ● And so, we are blessed.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Starting the Heros Journey So starts our study of a heros journey. Now this has been over-thought, over-reviewed and transmorgraphied beyond belief. So Im going to stick to the main points. Well use the Wikipedia version ( for best simplicity - but thats pretty involved in itself. What is needed is a simple view of things. The safest thing for me to do is to boil this down as much as I can, and then get out of the way. Chris Vogler made his mark by converting Hero of a Thousand Faces to his "Writers Journey" ( The proved workability of this idea is in Disneys success with Lion King as well as others - this is what prompted me to zero in on this particular line. There are tons of discussions on this area, and its a case of: "so what?" The point is to get an effective technique, not worry about perceived flaws. If it doesnt work for you, move on to something else. That this line of work has produced effective entertainment opens it up to use in other fields. By all rights, you could do the same in boiling down all the proved bestseller classics, as Louis LaMour did, and then use this common thematic approach for the same end. For our use (and in keeping this simple) there are only Campbell and Vogler to study - even though these make it quite tough enough.
  • The journey consists mainly of 3 parts: Departure, Initiation, Return.Theres an opportunity, dealing with it, and returning home with the goods. All ofthese steps have "or not" attached to them. Just like life.This has been broken down in to 17 steps or nexus-points within the overall cycle:The 17 Stages of the Monomyth I Departure 1 The Call to Adventure 2 Refusal of the Call 3 Supernatural Aid 4 The Crossing of the First Threshold 5 Belly of The Whale II Initiation 1 The Road of Trials 2 The Meeting With the Goddess 3 Woman as Temptress 4 Atonement with the Father 5 Apotheosis 6 The Ultimate Boon III Return 1 Refusal of the Return 2 The Magic Flight 3 Rescue from Without 4 The Crossing of the Return Threshold 5 Master of Two Worlds 6 Freedom to LiveAnd the wikipedia article details each of these. Needless to say, I consider these abit more "academically-inclined" than necessary.Within this overall cycle show up several archetypes from Karl Jung, whichthemselves are a form of shorthand from many different religions andphilosophies. Oddly, there are 7 of them, which is itself a mystic symbol.Heres an excerpt which lays out Voglers understanding of the archetypes:Hero: "The Hero is the protagonist or central character, whose primary purposeis to separate from the ordinary world and sacrifice himself for the service of theJourney at hand - to answer the challenge, complete the quest and restore theOrdinary Worlds balance. We experience the Journey through the eyes of theHero."Mentor: "The Mentor provides motivation, insights and training to help theHero."Threshold Guardian: "Threshold Guardians protect the Special World and itssecrets from the Hero, and provide essential tests to prove a Heros commitment
  • and worth."Herald: "Herald characters issue challenges and announce the coming ofsignificant change. They can make their appearance anytime during a Journey,but often appear at the beginning of the Journey to announce a Call to Adventure. A character may wear the Heralds mask to make an announcement or judgment,report a news flash, or simply deliver a message."Shapeshifter: "The Shapeshifters mask misleads the Hero by hiding acharacters intentions and loyalties."Shadow: "The Shadow can represent our darkest desires, our untappedresources, or even rejected qualities. It can also symbolize our greatest fears andphobias. Shadows may not be all bad, and may reveal admirable, even redeemingqualities. The Heros enemies and villains often wear the Shadow mask. Thisphysical force is determined to destroy the Hero and his cause."Trickster: "Tricksters relish the disruption of the status quo, turning theOrdinary World into chaos with their quick turns of phrase and physical antics. Although they may not change during the course of their Journeys, their worldand its inhabitants are transformed by their antics. The Trickster uses laughter[and ridicule] to make characters see the absurdity of the situation, and perhapsforce a change."A preliminary inspection of these shows all the steps and archetypes to be fluid.None are set in stone or immovable.----The story with this level is that it deals with dreams. Dreams are stories, nothingless or more. They have the force and effect you wish them to. For all of us asindividualities, one can assume that we are in any role compared to others aroundus.But the trick is that there are always options. And symbols are interesting things.They are best interpreted against workability - what improves the situation yourein. Youre looking for the most optimal solution.And that brings us right back to Kings Shaman studies.Our use is to "make sense" of them, to simply use dreams as the shaman would - toimprove our understanding of this universe we live in.Again, I dont expect you to believe me or follow this as any Gospel - which it mostcertainly isnt.This is just another way to dream in this cock-eyed universe you and I created. Itssimply another road, another journey. Youre option to be a hero or not.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 16, 2011 Seven Shamanic Talents This section is quoted directly from Serge Kahili Kings "Urban Shaman", which reference you probably will need for your library if you want to continue in these studies. These came to me as more important than before. You may want to try these out in various formats to get your own experience up. While King only talks about first and second levels, that was just an example. These 7 talents apply to all four levels. The Seven Shaman Talents The seven shaman talents are simply derived from the principles. they represent essential skills to develop, rather than specific techniques. Seeing (from The World Is What Yon Think It Is) This the ability to operate in the world from the perspective of the principles, to "see" things from that viewpoint rather than in the ordinary way. We often
  • call this operating at second level (ike papalua)insteadof at first level (ike papakahi). In first-levelthinking,the "ordinary" reality of most folk, the world is inindependent of your thinking, everything is separate,energy flows by physical mediums only, the past hasmore power than the present, to love is to riskunhappiness, power is outside of you, andeffectiveness is a matter of genius, reward, strength, orluck. Operating at second level in a primarily first-levelworld is not easy, but is the key to a shamans success.What makes it especially challenging is that you alsohave to hold the first level in awareness so you cancommunicate with others operating at that level.Clearing (from There Are No Limits)For the greatest effect this means using the best meansat hand to keep the connectiosn clear between all partsof yourself and the universe around you, mostly bycontinually releasing mental and physical stress andtension as well as remembering to bring other aspectsof yourself and the world into conscious awareness.Focusing (from Energy Flows Where Attention Goes)The skill involved here is that of keeping yourintentions, objectives, goals, and purpose in mind,which means frequent review of your motivations fordoing whatever you do. This helps you maintain a highdegreee of efficiency and a low degree of frustration.Presence (from Now Is the Moment of Power)It is important to remain in the present moment asmuch as you can, especially when dealing with present-moment affairs. From hard experience I have learnedthat peopel I am talking two can sense a drop in myenergy level if I let my mind wander, but not knowningwhat it is, they take it as aloofness or rejection on mypart. The greater your presence, the greater yourinfluence and effectiveness.Blessing (from To Love Is to Be Happy With)To bless is to reinforce actual or potential good byword, image, or deed. When you acknowlege beauty,admire skill, or appreciate kindness you are giving ablessing. What the shaman does thats extra is to blesspotential. "May you have a safe journey" "I wish yousuccess in your venture," "Let the wind be always atyour back" are examples of this type of blessing. And
  • remember that telepathic blessings can be effective,too.Empowering (from All Power Comes from Within)We empower something whenever we attribute anykind of power to it. People who attribute specialpowers to certain crystals are empowering them, andthey will get more benefit from the crystals as long asthey maintain the empowerment. Another way toempower is tp personify, to attribute human qualitiesto nonhuman entities or objects. The skill ofempowering also implies the skill of disempowering.You can empower or disempower anything at all,including people, places, things, the past, the future,and endlessly on and on.Dreamweaving (from Effectiveness Is the Measureof Truth)As a weaver of dreams, the shaman weaves dreams forhimself and helps others to do the same. This is alsocalles "shamanic healing" A first-level masseur doing amassage is using the physical body as a tool to weave anew dream and heal the spirit. It might look the same,but it isnt. Dreamweaving doesnt depend ontechnique. It has to do with having a healers attitudeand taking healing action, mentally or physically, inevery situation you encounter. At least, thats the goal.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, May 15, 2011 Some Notes on Release Technique Because I found myself missing a description, I went back to find this material. When you first learn release technique, you concentrate on the three "wants" which allow you to hold onto old programs: ● Security ● Approval ● Control And below these, you take it further and get rid of underlying fears. Ultimately, you tackle death or loss of individuality - but those can be very heavy scenes to get into without releasing a lot of general matter first. I set this all up on a page: 6 Steps to Releasing Once youve done all this, and you get pretty imperturbable about mostly everything, then what Ive experienced is that you tend to drop format, since you are simply releasing all the time anyway. Hale Dwoskin streamlined this to "3 welcomings" -
  • ● Welcome any and all feelings, sensations, pictures, sounds, and memories of any incident which appears. ● Welcome any needing to change or fix it, to push it away or hold on to it. ● Welcome any idea that it has something to do with you or who you are.Really, that last seems to be where a person winds up when theyve been doing thisfor awhile.But Im just including these all as notes. If you want more information, Ive got aselection of material and summaries at, my suggestion is to use Release Technique in conjunction with SilvaMethod to get the best results. Both borrow from the other to fill in missing points.(Really need to do a post or page on how these can be fit together - or dig up anearlier post. Mental note.) For now, those are the affiliate links.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, May 14, 2011 More transition (sigh). Of all the interesting situations to run into, we are again going "volte-vis", or "backassward forward." Ive covered before that Campbells "Hero of a Thousand Faces" was the clue to the symbolic level, the common plot to dreams. Its also the key to study in creating effective stories which entertain and captivate. And so this is the means to reaching the largest amount of viewers with greatest potential impact - is only gotten through study and implementation of that classic. (See "Lion King" and other implementations - through the essay "A Heros Journey".) So these then are a crossover study which is necessary at this time - even though Im not complete on Silva re-study (much less Hill, Haanel, Levenson, etc.) Means Im dealing from the symbolic level in order to get the greatest effect on the objective and subjective levels. And the holistic level gets a boost meanwhile... And if you want to follow these adventures, get yourself a copy.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, May 14, 2011 Talking to your plants and pets - just natural Of course, this was way too obvious to take seriously. Nap Hill talked about it in his "Think and Grow Rich", chapter 14 - on the Sixth Sense. And he had to say that he had been using this for years (his Invisible Counselors technique) and finally got to the point where he didnt care what others thought about him - that it was more important to tell people a proven technique rather than keep all this success to himself. Heres the kicker: what he discovered was something which is more natural than success itself. Something on the order of breathing, and as easy to learn as smiling. Intuition (also known as inspiration) is an always-on facility. Most of the work you are doing is to keep people out of your head and all your secrets unknown. (And of course this threatens governments, so its just between us on this very public blog...) No, Im not the first to discover this by a long ways. And I have to tell you that Ill need to come back to this to get the proper (affiliate) links in here so you can try it out for yourself. (However, breakfast is waiting, plus a long list of chores to do before I get to some caricature work this am.)
  • Back to our sponsor: Intuition is always on.You just have to see it happening around you to improve your ability in this are. Asyou get more confidence in this, youll start using it more.Some caveats: dont tell people around you that you can do this. It just upsetsthem. And theyll literally change their minds in order to make you wrong and"protect" themselves. If you tell them they were thinking about "A", theyll say no,it was actually "B". But you can tell they are now thinking about B on purpose.Only share this with people who are seeking the same level of improvement youare. (Politicians might want to use this to get more power, but since it doesntwork that way, theyll just try to shut you down instead.)Tools: Laura Silvas "Silva Intuition System". You could also do this with her "SilvaPeaks", but thats probably a later course.And yes, the complaint I have with her stuff is that it takes too long to get to thepunchline. But thats probably what this blog is for, anyway.The point is to get yourself into a frame of mind that you can use this material togain greater freedom.And you may find that those thoughts in your head are not self-generated.The full use of this material is probably after youve been doing Levensons ReleaseTechnique for awhile. This has a side-benefit of quieting the mind. So you get ridof all these old programs youve been carrying around and become much more atease with the world around you.Then learning to accept your native intuition becomes very natural.This doesnt mean you will be able to read minds a continent away right off the bator even with any certainty. So Washington is safe. But you will be able to startunderstanding the people around you much easier. And will know better whenyour plants need water or your pets are hungry.And your life will get incredibly easier.Thats probably the point - we work too hard at this thing called "living". Time totake it easy and enjoy the natural abundance which is trying to show up in ourlives - but we spend so much time and effort pushing it away.Theres todays tools: Levenson and Silva, Release Technique and Silva IntuitionSystem.Have fun!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, May 13, 2011 The transition begins. Google made me take a difficult choice recently. If you follow this blog, you know that while there have been some "hiatuses", its recently been 2-3 blog posts a day. And outside of some different research, mostly Im just too damned prolific for my own good. When Im on a roll, its mostly an accelerating ride until I get to the end. Recently, this blog has been the prime recipient. The only saving grace is that I talk about such extremely long-tail material that no one could really make much sense of it. Look over to the right and youll see what is "popular" on this blog - mostly some transcripts and compilations which cant be found easily anywhere else on the web. But this blog has always been a proving ground for some extremely logical research. Up to the very point where logic fails. It is that point which has hit home. Google was doing a little "update" on its Blogger platform, which meant essentially
  • that I couldnt post anything for most of a day.Now at about the same time, I hit into what I call the "penalty box" which mysatellite provider (all I can get out here in the boonies of Missouri) puts peoplewho exceed their download quota. While I still havent figured out what causedthat, it again forced me to stay off the web for an even longer period.The post you want to see (the only one I did in that period) is this: dont know how well youve followed this blog. For several years, Ive beenworking to get back to cartooning full time (outside of running this farm). But Ivealways had this or that project to keep me going.Once I got out of Scientology in 2000, Ive been working to sort out if self-helpactually worked. This gave us the first three of the "Go Thunk Yourself" series. Yes,it does work - and there are just a handful of laws/rules/principles which make ithappen for anyone.I did find Huna during that point, but only used it as a method for explaining whatHill, Haanel, Wattles, and Troward (as well as Nightingale) couldnt. The sevenprinciples of Huna really cover a great deal and kept pulling me back to it.But before I dove into the whirlpool (which youve seen recently) I had to finish upthe hole in self-help - which was finding Levensons Release Technique. That havea fourth and final version of Go Thunk Yourself, which coincided with the 10thyear of research into that field. And so it was titled "Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited."I found that "enlightenment" is simpler than was thought or made out to be. But atthe same time, it was simply another door that opened.Into what was the actual question.That was the stepping off point into shamanism, Serge King style. The next logicalpoint was to take these additional levels or ways of viewing reality and seeingwhere they led.And that study takes us beyond our extreme long tail into an area where theresmore "etheric" than actual substance. "Running on fumes" is probably the bestdescription.It takes us into areas where a person would be attacked for simply opening theirmouth. Because this undermines all established religions and belief-systems. Andexposes the problems which this planet and universe has as its own endemicmental dis-ease.That above post also explains that stories, parables, entertainment - these are theways to get this material across. Youll also note that recent posts on this blogpoint out Joseph Campbells "Hero of a Thousand Faces" as a key reference.This then becomes my bridge to this material.It doesnt mean that I dont have more to study. The point made earlier was thatwith these four levels of understanding (or living) actually contain the same
  • materials which brought us all through to the end of self-help.The workable materials (for me anyway - your mileage may vary):1) Proctor, Nightingale, Hill, Haanel, Troward (in reverse order, but most easilyunderstood.)2) Huna 7 principles.3) Silva Method4) Levenson Release Technique.Now, in and of themselves, none of these have all the answers - at least forWestern minds.Taken together, they fill in the gaps and bring you to an incredible, always-on,beyond-understanding, non-communicate-able, endless, fathomless, personalpeace.And for many, this is what enlightenment consists of. Probably why Alan Wattstells the story of Zen Masters returning to their old ways of life after achieving thetop of their training line. Same world, different look at it.So the trick is to then take these 4 shamanic levels which Serge King talks aboutand re-study these other materials through those new lenses.I generally outlined what to study for what level a few posts ago.The problem is continuing to blog about it. For this universe is set up with everyreason not to do so. Start with government itself - FDA says you cant curesomeone unless youre "qualified". The network of universities say you cant have apaper to be "qualified" unless its by their rules. Religions and dogmas all over theplanet are extremely touchy about mentioning anything about their foibles. Likethey all pretend to have a monopoly on spirituality or something.All these organizations and the individuals who support them are intocompetition. They want to pick a fight with you.The people who dont are something on the order of less than 1% of 1% of 1% -probably a few hundred thousand out of the billions existing today. What makesthis even more difficult is that most of these have never heard of this blog, which isprobably the only place (only one I know of) where someone is trying to simplyexpress these very workable truths.Or there are a couple dozen blogs out there which are similar to this, but also areso esoteric and un-marketed that they are similarly hard to find.All this long essay just points to the same solution: To educate or enlighten,you must entertain.And the real tool to defuse almost all bombs out there - humor.The format fits with cartooning, because people will participate and contribute tocartoons more than they will real life.So, to celebrate, Im taking three days of doing caricatures this weekend, whichwill give me time to develop the characters for a strip which will take up with
  • material I cant easily talk about on a serious blog.That cartoon will work to approach explaining life through the four levels at once.Much like the old Warner Brother cartoons, which entertained both adults andchildren at the same time, you should be able to find material which will be funnyand interesting on objective, subjective, symbolic, and holistic levels all at thesame time.For people who are simply stuck in being objective, these should be funny enoughto smile about at least (or maybe a mild guffaw from time to time - LOL...) But forthe seriously un-serious student of shamanic lessons - they will hopefully be somevery classic points of reference to forge your own chain of consciousness from.Ive already worked out the distribution such that youll even be able to get posterand framed prints if you really like them, let alone published volumes of thesestrips. If I do the production right, Ill possibly be able to crank out several a day -which would then keep up with my over-verbose and over-inspired cracker-barrelphilsophising.But, youre in luck: Ill post them here as well.Just wanted to let you know whats coming. Might take awhile to change gears.But transitions often have a few chipped gears and metal flakes in thetransmission before the driver learns how that clutch works best. Lucky we have afull crankcase of oil...Heres where you slap yourself on the back and say, "boy am I lucky - arent we all."Or just go and hug someone for no good reason. They deserve it, dont they.Because without them, you wouldnt be here reading this, would you?Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, May 11, 2011 You, Automaticity, and Everything Else Of course, this is more deep-end thinking which you can discard outright. After all, I only claim to be a scammer and an aspiring cartoonist. (Ive written and published some books, but almost anyone can do that - same for the college degrees.) The logic starts with Daddy Bray (from Laura Yardleys "Heart of Huna") saying that the 3 parts of Humankind are metaphoric. (conscious, subsconscious, superconscious). In Urban Shaman (and even more in Max Freedom Longs books), the Ku (subconscious) is referred to as an entity of itself. This is a workable approach. However, when you mix in the concept that the subconscious is mostly accepted programming - such as through Levenson and Silva training - then any "identity" for the subconscious would be another program. Review html, which outlines the world as being concentric, these 3 parts extending outside the individuality themselves. (A limited metaphor, but works for our argument.)
  • The consideration here is that what sits between you and Self (infinite potential,by any name) is a set of programs which are more or less accessible to you.The subconscious controls the body, but by breathing you can get some controlover several functions and turn semi-automatic to your control. Some have goneas far as stopping blood flow to specific areas - useful in accident situations.Extend that metaphor out, and youll find it workable in explaining how theuniverse around you continues to operate - mostly on full automatic, regardless ofyour input.As you follow the four levels of reality, you can see that this is far from anunchanging state of affairs. By getting into more and greater communication withthat universe around you, and in increasing your own responsibility for it, you willthen improve your abilities to change it in different ways.You are essentially expanding your individuality beyond the tiny core we start outat and through the body itself and into the universe. We arent talking "control"here - that is separatist. We would be talking instead along the lines of cooperationand coordination.Eventually, as you take complete responsibility for everything around you - being,doing, and having all that you can experience and sense - then you become Onewith everything, another name for resuming Self. At that point, you can make anyamount of changes to anything - if you feel like it at all. (Some say that then youllsee the perfection of creation just as it is, so would no longer need to changeanything - but the effectiveness of that statement is up to you.)The summary of this is that as you improve your own abilities, you will be able toimprove your ability to change or adjust the environment around you. It startswith your own body and your own life, being as successful and healthy as youwant. Then the physical universe starts changing exactly as you would want it to -and more success comes your way.Its all a matter of changing your considerations about your own limitingprograms. And starts with what you consider about your individuality.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Next Steps after Self Help While Ive been involved lately with too many instances of simply having to get my hands really dirty in back-end webhosting issues, among other points (such as arrogant "support" staff who claim their machines are superior to those their clients are using - and we should bow down to their impressive "uptime" statistics and impeccably working websites, no matter that we cant get their links to work.) It still tends to bring me back to the reality that things might not be as nice and cosy as wed like them. Still way too much separateness going on, and old habits of dealing with things as separate from ourselves. Now, while I hold that Kings description of three levels beyond our simplistic objective-experiences level are the next points to cover, it still doesnt mean you cant hold them up against the other in order to get the most effective truths and technique for your own use. Again, I say that Levenson and Silva are keys to understanding Hill and his mentors as well as his students (Troward, Haanel, Nightingale, Proctor - with a side helping of Wattles). Once you do have Levenson release technique to solve the remaining puzzles, you
  • are then smack up against the next level, which both Levenson and Silva talkabout. Silva went on ahead into the subjective/psychic realm with his last research.Ive been digging back into this while also sorting through Kings "Urban Shaman".(Dont try this at home.) And the main problem is that Laura Silva does a decentjob, but like her father, puts everything on long-play CDs instead of simply cuttingto the chase and giving you a simple course of action with the techniques you needto practice. It takes longer to study a video or MP3 than it does to get through aPDF (and a lot more bandwidth, to boot.)Silva is the simple route to getting a good grounding in the subjective level. Ofcourse, you then also need to get Kings methods understood and practiced as well.Daily practice. Underscore that. Daily.Really, until I get through this point and can recommend the simplest approachesand find the streamline shortcuts, I wont be doing much else. The symbologicalapproaches just will tend to confuse the matter, it seems.And being able to be in complete communication with everything around you isvital before you can understand the dreams they are living here with us.Knowing and being able to practice the simplicities of these levels are vital beforeyou can consider learning and practicing on the holistic level.So - its back to Silva via his daughters work, as well as his UltraMind recordings(particularly LaTourettes - who spills considerable beans during his asides.) Yes, Ineed to give you the Nightingale-Conant affiliate link at some point.My approach to this (other than giving you the heads up first) will be to actuallypost websites which start reviewing and briefing people on these various findings.And there you will find links galore.Meanwhile, I need to pull in more income to support this research. (So feel free tovisit my bookstore and various sites to buy my books or related materials. Hint.)
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 9, 2011 Talking with Life Acknowledging anothers purpose helps them. The point of social conversation is then to find out all about the other person so you can help them achieve their goals and become better. Then in your own meditation/prayers, you simply help them find their own successful points of reference. What often keeps people from helping others is simply two things: 1. Their own insecurity or self-esteem lack. Easily resolved with Releasing Technique and Silva Method. 2. Their mistaken ideas (very real to them, however) that they are separate from those around them. A persons wholeness comes from being part and parcel of everything around them. If this also means talking to animals and "things", then so be it. Anything that works with humankind would also work with plantkind, animalkind, and mineralkind. (Yes, you can also talk to the elements and even "empty" space.) Talking stands for communication, which there are many types. Our Western world is so very involved with words that this is just a more obvious transition. The path to wholeness would be to improve ones senses and communication with every part and the whole as a whole of the environment and universe surrounding
  • a person. Practically, this brings a person up to being able to recognise their ownresponsibility for creating it. As this level is approached, then seeing how a personcould improve the environment they operate in would become apparent.At the highest and best level, this becomes a persons goal - for all goals reallytranslate to this at their highest applications or permutations. Taken out beyondany imagined limits, all goals involve the rest of humankind and all things livingand created. All goals involve anything with motion or static qualities.There is one definition which defines life as everything having motion. As theearth itself is in constant motion (several all at once, actually - spinning, revolving,oscillating, etc.) and our atoms themselves are in constant motion, this then saysthat every part of everything you are aware of is alive.(Continuing on this line, youd also see that there is really no such thing as"death". For the elements and atoms which make up any "living" body continue tohave motion and change. "Death" is just a change. One wakes to another dream.And perhaps we go further than we need to at this time.)The point is that in your conversations with other humankind, animals, plants,and minerals around you - be sure to inquire how you can help them. And knowthem by their needs and wants. Pray/Meditate to assist them with their goals.By doing this, you will find and achieve your own goals faster and with higherquality, better results.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, May 8, 2011 How to see what is... and where you are going. Before you can move in any direction, you have to know where you are. And that you actually are somewhere. This was known to Archimedes, who is known to have said that if he had a long enough lever (and a place to stand) he could move the world. The "place to stand" is the problem. Because most of use dont really see the world the way it exists. We are so caught up in our own emotional subconscious state that we dont see anything but that. What we recognize around us is simply what programming we accepted long ago - and that programming tells us where we "are" and how we should be "reacting". And this is the hole in Napoleon Hills theory of how to proceed in "Think and Grow Rich". He didnt know how to fight the very programming which created any opponent. He lacked very simple solutions. The closest he got was Coues affirmations (see "Secrets Between Your Ears"). Coues approach was to simply replace any existing unwanted mental habit with a new one - mostly by sheer repetition of positive affirmation.
  • The bridge to this is found in Lester Levensons Release Technique materials.The entire success secret is in being able to release the unwanted condition, alongwith any underlying counter-create patterns (fear, anger, anxiety, dispair, etc. )which are holding that concept and pattern in place, mostly or completelyoverlaying the original creative and loving thought.And that bridges you from self-help over into the next level - subjective.At that point, you can make real mileage through the Silva System, in almost anyof its incarnations. Laura Silva has taken this way beyond her fathers work - butmostly in terms of marketing, not particularly improving on his basics. Jose Silvaslast work, Ultramind, is where he bridged over from the objective into the psychic- making it possible for anyone and everyone to utilize their native abilities in thisarea.But the Silvas didnt apparently know about releasing. So you want to take thattool with you. Once you get into a simple and deeper meditative state, you are thenable to utilize releasing to let go of the negative emotional states and programsyouve been carrying with you.Then program at this level the positive approaches which come to you as intuitivesolutions. And you combine the methods of Silva and Levenson as regards yourown goals so that you can achieve these the quickest, permanently from here onout.That then leaves you in a perpetually peaceful state, able to quickly dissolvenegative influences youve been carrying around. As well as those which pop up inyour life.Those are the only stops youve been having which keep you from being incommunication with everything and everyone around you. That is the subjectivelevel in full. Full communication with your environment.At that point, you finally can know where you actually are. And then start movingforward.Levenson releasing technique by itself left many open holes. It gets you into agreat personal state, but says nothing about where to go from there. And asLevenson apparently didnt know about Silva or Huna, there were no cross-overadvances to be made. The texts Lester studied in Eastern religions also didnt layout the paths which Jose Silva and Serge Kahili King (and Max Freedom Long)walked.Huna, in Kings Kahuna Kupua materials, lays out the ancient understandingswhich were recorded in the Polynesian language of Hawaii thousands of years ago.And this tells us of two additional levels beyond the subjective/psychic level.However, right at this point, I dont have a complete set of tools and techniques forthese levels beyond Kings own books and recordings, such as "Urban Shaman".Anything that maintains the separateness of the individual as a base can beevaluated for usefulness. It may or may not have any application beyond its ownuniverse of thought. Similarly, practices and dogmas which are full
  • of indecipherable or unclear approaches - which have no accurate or definitetranslation - may or may not be useful. (One interesting study is to take only theactual stories and commonly-agreed talks Jesus the Christ left in scriptures - suchas Thomas - and then throw away the practices, rites, rituals and so on which builtup in the centuries after his passing. Go directly to the source.)One book of possible application in that next level, Symbolic, would be JosephCampbells "Hero of a Thousand Faces", where he lays out just how the Jungianarchetypes can be used to explain the common plots which all mythologies use.Mythologies - Dreams - Symbols. This gives us a tool to sort through all these witha greater certainty of understanding. Again, you are able to use the Huna Gardentechnique, or Silvas Laboratory, or Hills Invisible Counselors - all to verify whatyou are working to confront and grasp.In all cases, you are getting information from Self (by whatever name you want tocall it) beyond that Holistic level in order to achieve your goals in spiritual training.----Luck to us all!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, May 7, 2011 Thats Entertainment! Stumbled onto one reason we all might have stuck into only the "objective" level. Its simply more entertaining than the others. Or at least it seems that way. Practically, they are missing out on the more sublime aspects of things. But its convenient when you want to play the game of "warrior" or "competition". And that explains why sports are so popular, at least among men. But that seems to be the way they are wired. Women also compete, but in much different ways. Well, around 97% of both sexes, anyway. The objective level says that you are separate from everyone and everything around you. And from the other levels, this is a fairly insane viewpoint. But not in a derogatory way. "Illogical" might be a more polite way of saying it. And this explains why people who are looking for the "Law of Attraction" are pounced on so readily. Because if you actually believe this stuff, then it ruins most of the games ongoing.
  • Games are simply fiction. They are employed to "pass time" - another fiction.People, in actual fact, can readily be shamans. Its as natural as being able toexperience the "sun rise". And if you ask people closely, they will tell you that theyhave had times that they "had an idea" what someone else was thinking (subjectivelevel) or had a dream that was so real and perhaps even explained something tothem (symbolic level) - or at times were really "in the zone" and knew exactly whatwas going on, that everything was incredibly real for a short while (holistic level).The point is that they revert to the most separate level, and the one where theirown native abilities are at their lowest - objective level.But thats what passes for Entertainment on this planet, in this Universe, at thisMoment.No one is required to keep playing those games or any game. None. Nada. Zilch.Zero.And if anyone really wants to improve the quality of their lives, they only have tostart practicing on these other levels. Lots of practice. But you get better the moreyou do.Life, as well, gets better and simpler. Easier.The toughest thing to do is to hold yourself separate from everyone and everythingand then try to do anything at all. Very tough. Probably why so many people aretrying to "succeed" at all this. Because its so hard, so very entertaining.And why the first step in all these various cultures and studies which describe howto take it easy - is to begin by learning to relax. Just relax. Take a few deep breaths.Loosen all those tense muscles. Quit holding yourself so hard out and in suchperpetual conflicts.You really should "spend more time" or devote more moments of your infinitelifespan to simply appreciating the amount of beauty and life in everything andeveryone around you. Even rocks, even dirt. Even pavement and trash. Once yousee the incredible and endless beauty which exists all around you and within you -then you will see life in a much different way.Between here and there, youll regain all sorts of abilities you havent experiencedfor years. But they are just there - waiting for you.Your choice. As usual. Like it always has been.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, May 5, 2011 Kahuna Kupua Chart Thought you might be interested in this chart of various Shaman correlations in Huna: Kahuna Kupua Chart Key Power Ability Challenge Color Element Beingness Talents Animal Ike Dolphin Awareness Ignorance White Fire Psychic Seeing Kala Bird Freedom Limitation Red Water Releaser Clearing of Blocks Makia Cat Concentration Confusion Orange Wind Manifester Focusing of Events Manawa Bull Persistence Procrastination Yellow Stone Shape- Presence Changer Aloha Horse Love Anger Green Plants Peace Cleansing Maker Manawa Bear Confidence Fear Blue Animals Teacher Empowering Pono Wolf Wisdom Doubt Purple/ Humans Adventurer Dream- Violet weaving Again, Kings interpretation of the 7 Huna Principles: Ike Your Ideas Create Your Reality Kala There are no Limits
  • Makia Energy Flows Where Attention GoesManawa Now is the Moment of PowerAloha To Love is to Be Happy WithMana All Power Comes From WithinPono Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Loving Your Way to Freedom While working on figuring out which tools and techniques fit to which Huna Kupua way (levels) of living, I ran across an old friend - Hooponopono. And while this really belongs at the top level (holistic), it can actually used at any of the lower levels. The relief is immediate, when you understand the actual theory of it and apply it with the intent of cleaning and resolving blockages wherever they may exist. On the objective level, it is simply a method of relieving anxiety or emotional stress. And that link above really gives more data about it. Dr. Hew Len boiled it down to a simplicity of: 1. "Im sorry." 2. "Please forgive me." 3. "I love you." If you look over these from a larger viewpoint, you can see that it consists of:
  • 1. Observation 2. Acknowledgement 3. Re-creating/Loving(I point out there, and here as well, that Charles Hannel and Thomas Trowardpointed out that Love is the primal element which was and is used in creating thisuniverse around us.)A rephrasing of this could also be: ● "I observe and understand." ● "Thank you" ● "Be Blessed"Now at the highest level (holistic), this becomes even simpler: "I Grok."That then encompasses the whole, as the whole situation becomes part of you andyour responsibility.As you use this, you can see applications on all other levels. Hooponopono (Big H)becomes a great tool when being in psychic rapport with anything or anyone(subjective level), and also it is a way to resolve dream situations on the symboliclevel - another tool to apply during lucid dreaming.The above-linked post deals with using it on the objective level - a simple way ofgetting unwanted emotional states resolved. Of course, since it is so powerful, itcan have miracle-type results. (This also includes politicians, IRS agents, andlawyers who may be impinging on you.) But Ill leave that for you to discover, asyou test this out and apply it in your own life.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, May 2, 2011 4 solutions for every problem The shamanic approach gives you 4 solutions for every problem you face. Again, these are: ● Objective - or Scientific, how did this occur - what caused this? ● Subjective - what does this have to do with me - how till this affect me? ● Symbolic - what does this mean, what does this stand for? ● Holistic - how does this fit into the whole? Its no longer just one approach - Science, as usual, doesnt have all he answers. You are no longer just stuck into your own emotional or analytical response for your solution. The world around us has stuck us into the dominant mentality of either/or. Either you get "rational" about it or "go with your gut" and leap into your emotional response. And dont think this gives you two choices. All your "emotions" are explained with what - science. Psychology, and all sorts of -isms and -ologys explain all that you could possibly do or want to do. The more you study these studies, he more you supposedly can "act rationally" or justify your reactions.
  • However, youre missing out on 3 other possible solution scenarios.While we all use our practical skills, the next level up is being able to use ourpsychic skills, such as direct communication on a telepathic or other similar level.Next would be processing the dream world of everything concerned. That all theworld is a dream you wake to. Everything has its dream and you are part of thosedreams just as those others are elements in your dream.The top level is that all this is part of you - you create the world around youdirectly.And those four levels simply are unnecessary when you become Self in the fullestunderstanding.Now, you dont have to follow this sequence, but can jump back and forth throughall these levels. You can ask for inspiration of which approach would be the bestfor all concerned - then act on that answer.I found a more detailed explanation of this at Paul Waters site.----Of course, you dont have to believe any of this. And you can live your life as"normal" as you can. On the other hand, you may find that this is a veryinteresting and new way to live a life. It could also give you remarkable insightsinto the world around you.The best word which comes to mind is that of "mystic", which means both "adept"and "initiate".----My own take on this is that the entirety of the physical universe is perhaps just anarbitrary creation we put in place to keep us separate from Self. This is forwhatever purpose we created. The route back to Self is to simply take increasingresponsibility for everything that is "out there" and make it our own, as it alwayshas been.To the exact degree that we do this - take responsibility and ownership foreverything and everyone out there - that is where are are at on our own FreedomScale.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, April 30, 2011 3 recipes from 4 authors to manifest anything. Hopefully this is short. Its just something that came up yesterday that might be interesting and useful for you. In Hills "Think and Grow Rich", youll find a phrase "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Now Jose Silva had another recipe for manifestation: "desire, belief and expectancy". You can see how these two are related. And the third is from Earl Nightingales "Strangest Secret" transcript, that 30-day program he lays out has at its core assuming the attitude of "calm, cheerful expectancy". Conceive - Believe - Achieve Desire - Belief - Expectancy Calm - Cheerful - Expectancy
  • Of course, you can plug all this into what youve studied on "The Secret" DVD,from which I have a quote by Jack Canfield on my wall over my computersscreens: ● "Decide what you what. ● Believe you can have it. ● Believe that you deserve it. ● And believe its possible for you. ● And then close your eyes every day for several minutes, visualise having what you already want, and feel the feelings of already having it. ● Come out of that and focus on what youre grateful for already. And really be, enjoy it. ● Then go into your day and release it to the universe, and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest."That gives you the longer version, so you can see how these all fit together. Theyare all saying essentially the same thing. Pick your flavor.Good hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, April 30, 2011 Why Huna, Why Now? The first key is workability. The second key is unlimited application. While I uncovered Huna early on, it wasnt until I needed answers to other questions that I started using it in earnest. This has been the key with all those who Ive found who work with this material. Tad James, who was known for his work in psychology and NLP long before, said that Huna actually explained all the left-over questions he still had after years in other fields of the mind. That is what happened for me. While Charles Hannel ("Master Key System") and Thomas Troward ("Edinburg Lectures") explain how this world works in no uncertain terms, there are still gaps. And so I mostly refer people to the 7 principles of Huna as an introduction. These are the bottom-line core answers to most questions still remaining. As well, the rest of Huna (for the most part) tend to solve other difficulties. Huna, like any study, is best done broadly. King explains that there are three main approaches to this subject, and that every family of practitioners had their own practices and preferences. King was adopted into the Kahili family, while others such as Daddy Bray and his lineage (which James studied under) has a slightly
  • different approach.Max Freedom Long was mostly self-taught. At the time he was in the islands, nokahuna would share data with him, so he had his breakthrough studies after hemoved back to the states.This is also explained somewhat by Laura Yardleys "Heart of Huna", which coversBrays approach and also Longs.King has long said that this is a study of workable truths. You use what you find tobe effective for you. And so Huna isnt selective or dogmatic in what it teaches.You can and should test and evaluate everything you study in this and every othersubject, then adopt only the really effective techniques as part of your box of tools.Similarly, Huna is inclusive of all other effective truths. (And usually has betterexplanations for why they work.)My own tool-set includes Silva, Levensons releasing, and Hills "Think and GrowRich" book, as well as Nightingales "Strangest Secret" and his recommendedDorothea Brandes "Wake Up and Live!".But Ive found that the simple basics of Huna explains why all of these work.----The next point is that this can be applied anywhere and to any situation.When I saw that self-help as a study was finite (which occurred at the end of"Freedom Is" research), I knew that the rest was going to be spiritual training.And while leaving all of this settle for awhile, I then picked up Huna again inearnest. The material King and LaTourette discuss about the shamanic approachbrought this all back around again. LaTourette was interesting in that (as Ivementioned) he brought both Silva and NLP practices in (going to level andtimeline therapy), it was still a very workable approach.King seems to be the only one who is explaining the shaman approach. And inreading his "Urban Shaman" (still not complete at this writing) I can see why. Hispurpose is to create more shamans to help handle this planet and universe as itexists for us. King had all this knowledge and saw that his job was to teach it andenable people to find it.And that aligns with my own purposes.Hopefully, it is also workable for you as you read this.Another reason is that most of the best books on Huna seem to be out of print(Urban Shaman, Heart of Huna, Longs materials). So I work to bring these backas I can.But my own work in this line is to share it as I start incorporating it in on top of allthat Ive researched on self help.Youll also see that Im now onto an approach which is beyond what is covered in
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 29, 2011 Sorry for all these posts - but when the spirit moves you... You can imagine that my life is filled to the brim and then some. While these last couple of weeks have been filled with esoteric posts, I have my farm-work and freelance web-design to keep me going. While the farm-work is done every day, regardless, the freelance work is often put off if Ive no pressing bills. Often, Ill come in for a mid-morning coffee and take some time to share what Ive discovered out in the fields, woods, and pastures. Today is no different. If you check the post dates and times recently, youll see theyve come out at irregular moments. That last post was in some early am hours, while the idea came to me just before sleeping. Seems to work out overall. One just has to ask, "And what is this reason I am now suddenly wide awake?" Then do whatever it is that you are inspired to do. In this am, I am continuing to chew over these shamanic ways (or planes) which Ive been studying as part of our spiritual training path. It came to me simply that Life has a synonym in "Choice". Another note: the actions in living are giving and receiving. And that is a balance
  • to achieve there. For while anyone can play the game of working to give more thanreceive, some ancient texts say that the universe tends to give back in an out-of-proportionate manner.What you are giving is value. And receiving tons of that energy-symbol "money"just allows you to give even more value. So you can see that this is a rising scale.Properly managed, it would be a continuing exponential scale of benefits to allconcerned.(Consider this post from T. Harv Eker on the necessity of receiving.)Your financial management is such that you would probably be best in investing inforgivable loans in fishing and bread-baking lessons rather than simply handingout loaves and fish on a continuing basis. By teaching people to put food on theirown table, you are giving them a greater value than simply continuing to hand outfood.Just a handful of successful people doing this would then quickly create a tippingpoint - provided they trained the people around them to do the same, and trainingthose they helped as well, etc. - which would bring about true world peace in lessthan a lifetime.Our modern welfare system and all these laws about minimum-wage have donemore to keep people poor (not to mention increasing funds for education whichmostly goes into administration salaries and bigger buildings instead of effectivetraining.)The point is to improve everyones ability to choose.Now as you work with these ideas on the subjective, symbolic, and holistic level,things around you tend to take on different meanings - often simultaneously. Andin that case, you can simply ask the question: "What is the most effective way toprocess this information?" The answer you receive will be one to take action onimmediately. But all of this is a fascinating adventure, regardless.- -- -Later today, I hope to publish some notes from these various recordings Ive beenstudying. They should help you speed any work you have in this area.Last month, I released in my newsletter a video on how you create your day. Usingthese four ways can enrich your creation intensely.For instance, if you get a dis-ease (disease), you can look for what lesson to receivefrom it, what action you should be taking. As well, you can consider that this is notdebilitating, but will rather leave you stronger and more able as a result. Theadjustments the body is making are necessary to improve the world around youeven more. Where their might be pain (and mostly, there is no reason for that),consider that this is communication bridges which are reforming to new andimproved patterns. So future interaction with that body part will be only improvedperformance.But dont be stuck in working only on the objective plane. Consider what any andevery instance means on many levels, then pick the best one (or ones) to act on.
  • Create your day from that, moment by moment.----Ill also be sending out this months newsletter shortly, which should beinteresting as usual.Cheers.Its back to fencing this am for me. A nice day for it.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 29, 2011 Relation of 4 "Ways" to You After my last brain-crunch, something else became obvious. Just as self-help materials help a person master the objective level and move out from being mostly effect of the body and universe, so would other studies then help you empower yourself through other levels. These levels seem to be nested (although thats just a convenient metaphor):
  • Huna is perhaps the first to describe these levels as separate (most others only describe theconscious-unconscious-superconscious arrangement). Even then, you have to pass into shamantraining in order to get the above explanation. Thanks to King, Bray, and others, we are able to havethis data again. Western culture had essentially lost its way.Most of this has been an all-or-nothing approach to this point. One would either go all the way, orwould stay minorly operating in the Objective plane. That left most of humankind simply slavesand slavers. (Our current condition for the bulk of humanity.) This is applied to governments, suchas the "Arab Spring" currently underway. People are getting better communication tools and sobeing able to organize and demand their basic human rights.Humankinds highest states were known vaguely as "enlightenment" or "bodhi". But even then,enlightened buddhas had differing ability levels. Even still maintaining a body would to somedegree keep you in this objective plane we apparently share.The materials Locke and others wrote which formed the foundation of the U.S. republic is veryenabling in dealing with the objective plane. Other materials for this level include the bulk of self-help texts.Some take you further than others. Silva takes you into the symbolic level with their "MentalLaboratory". But youll also find this in Hills "Think and Grow Rich" chapter 14, with his "invisiblecounselors" technique.Levensons releasing technique can take you into very stable, sublime conditions - but wont giveyou the tools to fully understand and develop what you find. And this is where spiritual trainingcomes in. Levensons own studies were mostly to bring him back to being able to communicate with
  • those around him, in order to help them achieve that high state he found. He died a very normaldeath.Some studies, such as Jungs archetypes, tend to educate mostly in the symbolic plane, but arewidely misunderstood. And that is apparent as people try to "make sense" of them on the objectiveplane and fail.Very, very few deal with the holistic level, which bridges the gap between the body as a symbol forthe universe, and not needing a body or separate individuality to prove your existence - which is atthat level and beyond. Apparently, a handful of people are able to "see" entities who operate on thisplane. And our legends are filled with this type of material.Again, just take this as a metaphor. But it may give you a way to study this area as you work toregain your native abilities. Dont use this material to "make sense" of anything. Use it to explore foryourself.Its apparent that you can pull from any of these planes to solve whatever is affecting you adversely -aka: healing. And thats where the metaphor falls apart. But if it werent for being able to access the"higher self" via intuition and inspiration, then all these "breakthroughs" wouldnt have beenpossible.Through these planes, there are no enemies or actual conflicts. There is just adventure. (Id hazardthat the "warrior" concept and philosophy ends at least on achieving the symbolic plane, if notbefore. And pushing people to drop any idea of "competitive" in favor of simply being creative isknown through most of the basic self-help materials (Haanel, Wattles, etc.)Again, these are just notes for your own studies, as I continue mine.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, April 28, 2011 Why popular is popular Just watching a long-running crime series tonight. And got curious about popular "culture." Oddly, this drives right into the recent shamanic studies. What we know: ● Most of humankind function far more on the subconscious than conscious. ● The patterns used are those which are objective. ● And the point of this universe is to play the game of making sense of it. So mysteries are composed with missing parts. And often altered sequences (things out of order). The challenge is to make sense out of things. Added into this is emotion, which is illogical - and often non-sequitur. And this then sets the stage for "reality" shows.
  • Why are shows like this popular?Escapism allows alternate programs to come into play. Different emotions cansurface.Entertainment, for the most part, is simply distraction - a roulette wheel ofemotions.Since often motion pictures will hang around for days later, and songs can replayfor days to weeks - this forms the basis of addictions. If the emotions are wanted,but then suddenly cease, then the impulse to replace it surfaces.Once a given input doesnt return the same wanted emotions, then a related inputis sought.So: fads.----Now, when you look for successful people, follow their back-trails. You will find inevery single case that theyve kicked this habit scene. For greater or less, theyknow the bulk of the success habits which Napoleon Hill distilled with his Law ofSuccess and Think and Grow Rich.If you take this further, youll find that they are connected on other levels -intuitive and inspirational.The common objective plane becomes childs play to work. Abundance andsuccess are commonplace.Because they are no longer particularly held by their emotional states oraddictions in this area. Where they have failures or collapse, it is because theydropped their particular success model that theyve been following all along.The funny thing is - all these popular plots are the same. Just read JosephCampbells "Hero with a Thousand Faces".And Hill (plus a very few others) will tell you all you need to know to get releasedfrom the emotional rat-wheel.Now Huna shamanic studies point at least two more planes above our "successstory" models.Should be an interesting ride.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, April 28, 2011 Handling Government and Politicians Now, again, Im about to give you data which you are free to disagree with - and I encourage you to. This will of course seem completely strange and impossible. I will say, if asked, that I am simply a scammer and am out for my own monetary gain. That makes it simpler for everyone concerned. (If this helps: Visit my Best Self Help Books store.) But heres todays wacked-out, conspiracy-theorist-ridden, but-very-mystically- logical way to handle those problems called governments and officials. First, you have to work for the improvement of all concerned. Everyone has to improve their lives as a result of your efforts and thoughts. Its completely and utterly win-win. Thats the bottom line ground rule. Anything else is simply temporary effects, and we are interested in only permanent change. (Also, this keeps you from having "enemies" - thats good for warriors, but we arent taking that path.) Next, you are going to have to completely "grok" the problem. ("Grok" is a term from Heinleins "Stranger in a Strange Land.") Which really means, in its essence, to fully become the problem in all its aspects - not just the solution its demanding, or how its affecting you. You have to see both (counter-opposed)
  • sides of the problem and all the creating that went into it. Once you have it allfigured out and know, personally, what is going on with it, then the solution isobvious. The most optimal solution benefits all concerned, everyone concerned.And if you are familiar with Silva, you can ask for Higher Intelligence to send youinspiration if you cant figure it out yourself - or similarly, visit your Garden inHuna and ask the Master Gardener for advice on the best way to proceed - or havethe Master Shaman appear. If youve read Haanel, you could just visit the Silence.Or from Nap Hill, use the Gates technique of sitting in a darkened room andconcentrate on all the aspects of the problem. Lots of ways to get answers to this.The point is to get the best solution which you can use for the situation youre in,and your current abilities.To grok the people connected with the problem, you may need to be that person.This doesnt mean that you quit being you - or even that you have to go anywhereor do anything. And this isnt trying to control anything, or have power overanyone. Its non-judgmental and depends on being secure in your own skin first.Grokking people is a great way of learning things from people who have moved on,from historical figures. Napoleon Hill describes doing this with his"invisible counselors". He had people attend his board meetings both alive andpassed on - who gave him direct advice on various aspects. Instead ofa Huna garden, he had a board room.One interesting point to this is that of gifting, thanks, and blessings. You are givingin these, always. And grateful for what you receive and experience. This forwardsyour flow of healing. All who are on this planet, in this universe, seem to beincomplete. So as you fill your own gaps in understanding, you are assisting otherswith theirs. This is why governments have to compromise all the time. They aredealing with the most rudimentary of living ways - that of separation andorganization. Compromise is the order of the day, which is a form of mutualexchange and giving.Often a good way to proceed is to give a gift when you arrive, and accept a giftwhen you leave. Gifts can be anything, something you consider that the otherwould find valuable. What you take away may not be apparently valuable - youmight not see the use of it to begin with. But you trust that its use will show uplater.The highest form of government is self-government and free association. Thatcould be the goal your grokking takes. At any rate, your work in this is to help andassist those in government to do better. In many cases, this will be just in helpingthem be more certain and have more esteem. Its probable that you cannot "force"them to think or act any certain way. But you can always request that they workfor the greatest good of everyone concerned, not just their party or a certain groupof people.Another technique you can employ is to access those with similar intent of solvingthat problem. Simply reaching out will then bring these others to you. And thenyou can work in harmony with them to bring about the positive change andimprove the creation.And yet again, you could bring any visitor to your own garden. Meet with them ina familiar landscape of your own creation. Treat them as a guest and help them
  • feel at home. Have a conversation with them and seek out their views. Learn fromthem, just as they learn from you. Gift them and accept their gifts to you. Bid themadieu and see them off, then return to the Here and Now. Absorb what you havelearned and get all possible lessons. More will probably show up later. Let themshow up as they may. Be open to more lessons at all times.Look for feedback which shows you the effectiveness of what youve been doing.Recognize the rightness of what youve been doing and youll improve. See whatyou could still improve on.As many people do this with their elected representatives, then they would trulyreflect more accurately what their constituents want. Again - we are looking foroptimal solutions. It could (but probably wont) be exactly the one you started outwith. Reason being that it came from your individual concept, not a holistic one.This is the exact point we are dealing with - that we are not particularly taking the"warrior" route of combating and winning against adversity. We are insteadworking with finding and forwarding the most optimal solution we can find withinour current awareness, while we improve and expand our awareness-ability.All these esoteric practices do work - and just to the degree you consider that theydo. Of course, youll need to practice with this to improve your ability.And if this is beyond what you want to try at this time, just consider that Ive toldyou a nice fiction. When you need this talent to resolve something in your life, itwill be there for your. But its smart to simply practice this regularly - as most needto develop their rapport in many different ways to get this easier.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Getting along with Government, Taxes, Politicians Listening to Serge King is quite heady. And hes telling me for the last several days all about healing. Now the FTC, FDA, DEA, etc. have pretty much sewn up the monopoly of healing - they say that only licensed doctors are able to cure anyone. They long ago ran extensive campaigns about the dream that anyone who says they can actually cure someone is a quack. (Yes, I know, if it sounds like a duck...) And youll see many different self-help gurus who carefully tip-toe around this point. Because the people-are-authorized-to-carry-guns can use deadly force to require you to send yourself or any of your relatives to a licensed doctor and undergo their treatment. They say that, simply, you dont own your own body. And they can kill you to prove it. Oof. Thats their idea of keeping everyone safe. But theres a simpler way - one which the Christ is held as saying: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars." Huna healing isnt the same as taking pills and having operations and injections
  • and so on. Those are all external to the individual, usually not of their creation.Huna healing is just allowing the person to be themselves, wholly. You dontdirectly change someone else, but a more accurate definition is to get into suchgood communication with that person that they feel safe enough to changethemselves into however they want to be.Its the person who changes, not the external influence. The healer doesnt heal -they simply help the person correct whatever it is that is bothering them. (If it isntbothering them, then maybe it doesnt need to be healed...)Again, this is learning to understand the universe around us. Once you grok theactuality of existence, then it becomes much simpler - it becomes your creationagain.Of course, you then come right back around to the point that all of theseindividualities we maintain are just part of Self, so its not a big deal. Healing ismuch as you would pull out a small splinter from your thumb as a nuisance.Healing anything and everything around you becomes second-nature. Its a goodhabit to evolve into. Everyone and everything gets better around you just becauseyou get near them (more or less.)The point may be to appreciate all the fine work these government workers aredoing and to purposely not get in their way. Let them play any game they want to.Because as you are Self, you can appreciate all their efforts. And of course, it maybe obvious that its best for all concerned that nothing needs to be done at all. (Thebest government is one which governs least, it has been said.)As all are in agreement, then there is no need for laws or their enforcement. Agroup of healthy people have no need of doctors.And the ducks can enjoy their pond and raise their young.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Habit Replacement - Fact or Fiction? Found today where Serge Kahili King was telling me one habit needs to be replaced with another. Now this is just as true as you find it workable, as much as you join in on the creating of it. If you are in the habit of having persistent habits, perhaps this is a workable truth for you. One concept which sits a bit sideways to this is releasing. (A description is linked in the title.) In Levensons release technique, the action is to simply let it go. Quit holding onto whatever it is thats bothering you. Sure, it may take several rounds of releasing to really let go of something. The idea that I had was in that once you let it go, it would just be gone. You are simply getting to the core reason (usually a deep-seated fear) which helped you create that habit to begin with. And so you dont have any reason to have that habit anymore. If you consider that something has to replace it, you might see that a calm, fathomless peace replaces it.
  • So I suppose that your new habit would be one of endless and indescribable peace.(This is the "peace that passes all understanding.")And then you are really expanding your habit of peace to encompass all otherhabits.I suppose that King would say that you are simply then connecting up the "Ku"with the Higher Self as an "always on" condition - or habit.My understanding of Ku is that this is all that sits between you and Self. It is themutual creation youve agreed to as well as that youve directly created and may ormay not be taking responsibility for. Your education is to learn about the Ku (yourbody and subsconscious) and expand this to the whole world and universe we livein. As you continue to learn about your surroundings, you can bring these intobetter forms of creation - or vanish them as they are no longer useful to you.Habits, like most things in this universe, are pretty much set on automatic. Likegravity, the seasons, how your heart keeps running, etc. Habits. Patterns.Automaticities.So consider what it would be like if you just took things back to the originalcreative thought. Far from being a dull, grey void, it would instead be one ofpeaceful pre-creation - where everything is possible. Bright and sparkling perhaps- tinted in shifting pastels, possibly.And so your habits simply return to their origin - where they are simply in pre-creative form. Which means you can have that habit again if you want it. Butperhaps next time, youll simply use it for what you want it and then let it go again.Much like an actor who can smoke on stage as part of a character, but then is not"addicted" to cigarette smoking afterwards.At least this is my understanding of habits at this level.Have fun with this.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Starting to see the "world" in a new way Well, like it or not, were on our way. Since youve followed me this long (and Im working on reviving the archives in PDF form for any to catch up on what you may have missed) - you deserve only the best. And the more you feel that you do deserve this, the faster all manner of good things will show up in your life. I had some time today (while waiting for a new front bearing for my truck) to sort out the skeleton of what real spiritual training consists of. Funny enough, its the stuff youve already studied. But this time, its now looking at it all from a completely different viewpoint. Up to this point, youve been working on just getting your own Freedom back. Which you had all along. And that realization is what passes for enlightenment for many people. Or Clear.
  • Or even bodhi.Those people who have attained this have achieved an incredible level of truth intheir lives. So its not something to be taken lightly.Its also the end of individuality as you know it. For after this, you will continue toexpand your beingness and abilities to even greater heights - but those are withthis world around you. Its that world which youve gradually or suddenly realizedthat youve been creating all along. The world which you are completelyresponsible for.The trick and secret is to view this world and universe through these other 3 waysin addition to the objective one where youve had all your training to date. Youllnow be required to learn how to perceive and study and deal with things not justobjectively, but subjectively, symbolically, and holistically.You will learn to deal with things in terms of what they mean to you, what they canmean for you, and how its all you, anyway. At the same time, the pleasures ofseeing things separate from you continue to delight you - because you can be,have, and do at all these levels at the same time.Now getting used to these various ways of operating isnt particularly easy, but itgets easier as you get more used to it. Like any skill you learn. Like dancing, orchess, or riding a bike.Obviously, I have a great deal more to work out on this. But the fascinating part isthat all these techniques you learned on the way up - the ones you used to gainyour own freedom - can now be used to free the entire world around you.Certainly, your prosperity and good health, as well as fantastic relationships willcontinue to the exact degree you continue to apply these techniques. But as well,you will now have access to even more power to create the complete and entireworld of your dreams. And everyone will join you in that.Its the final adventure - one which never ends, actually.----In case I get busy with other stuff (which Ive been putting off to write these posts),heres the basic tool sets you can review.0. Huna Kupua - the four ways of the shaman need to be fully understood.1. The 7 principles of Huna2. Key books which lay out how this world works: Napoleon Hill (both Law ofSuccess and Think and Grow Rich), Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, ThomasTroward, Genevieve Behrend. (And dont forget my "Go Thunk Yourself" series,which review all these...)3. Review "The Strangest Secret" recording by Earl Nightingale, plus the books hementions: Dorothea Brandes "Wake Up and Live!" and Claude Bristols "Magic ofBelieving".
  • 4. Key techniques to master: Silva System (Jose or his daughters more recentmaterials), Burt Goldmans "American Monk" series (based on Silva, plus Easternstudies), Serge Kahili Kings recordings as well as the Huna recordings of TadJames, John LaTourettes Huna materials (if you can find them), LevensonsReleasing Techniques (I prefer Cranes version as more straightforward, butDwoskin or Seretans will work, too.)5. Anything else that shows up for you as workable.As I can, Ill come back to link these up and speed your access.Youll see as you study these, the more you really master the 4 ways of theShaman, they all now have incredible depth to them. And the trick isnt to stick inany one field, but work to master them all. With that wealth of understanding, youcan then simply choose the most effective tool for any given situation.With that: I wish you all the best of everything.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Ready for your next step? Ready for real spiritual training? These recent studies (and some collections I have been doing in the background) are bringing up a very sensible approach to moving beyond mere self-help into a much higher, more abundant, more powerful way of living. While you already may be familiar with many of these tools, prepare to study them in a new fashion. The key is to be able to move beyond simply the personal, individual view of things and start to recategorize these from the views of subjective, symbolic, and holistic as well. The object is to re-program your universe into the one youve always wanted, always known down deep was possible. Hopefully, well make this ride as easy as possible for all of us. Not that it wont take some "hard work", but the results are already proven on each of these. We will simply be taking the next, logical step. Ill post here as I get them ready for your study.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, April 25, 2011 What Does Your Life Consist Of? This just adds to what weve been covering so far. (Logical, I am.) Now all this shaman stuff is fun. Dont take it for more than that. Seriousness can get you dead faster than anything else I know. You can simply take your life down to nuts and bolts: how much love is in it? Now, just as "there are no limits", you can think your life into any quality you want. ANY quality. Its just how much love you want to create. How does that work - create love? ...I thought love was creating? And you really do. But the amount of love and creation you can do is infinite. Just like the spiritual world around you. Let me tell you a funny story. Those serious scientists who were studying Quantum Physics came up with this wild theory that the observer affected the outcome. Not only did they prove that to be correct (which they really couldnt find otherwise, if you think it through...) but they also found that this physical universe we live in is actually infinite. Whenever a person considers that they can find other planets out
  • there, they scrape up some money to create a rocket and send something out there- and get a lot of other people believing in the concept as well - then, Voila! Theyfind something else out there.This is exactly how Obama got elected - and why he is so polarizing today.Essentially, he was a "fill in the blanks" candidate with his political marketing -and so many people did. Many people got into this scene who didnt normally getinto politics. Because they were reading into the situation what they wanted there.And, like any president, candidates change when they get in office - because nowmore people are seeing different things there. Like the other 47% who didnt votefor him. Peoples thoughts, meditations, and prayers do have effects. So anyperson elected to office now starts behaving according to the way the peoplehe now represents perceive them. Elected officers can be changed, and frequentlyare, by those they represent. Analysts try to say this isnt so, but its the samepoint. Same reason celebritys lives sometimes fall apart.The way people "think" about a candidate or celebrity isnt anything trivial. Its amatter of how people natively are - how people want to live their lives. Peoplethink their world. Sure, "they say" its all about what other people say to themand act for them to model.Im not just talking about the media and their coverage. Only about 30% of theirreaders actually believe what they say or report. Sure, this creates some effect - butlisten closely to the "news" as impartially as you can, and youll see that they arenot trying to really improve our culture much. Most of their reporting is on thelower-end of the "love spectrum". So much so that they now have to say "accused","suspected" and so on. Doesnt mean they dont concentrate on the worst, mostsensational stories they can find.Now you can always trace this back to the point that most people (including thoseworking in media jobs) run on 95% automatic - which is mostly leaving it up to thesubconscious to tell you how to live your life. And yes, the media are just parrotingback what we supposedly want to hear. Yes, this includes the "public" stations aswell - different content, but essentially all emotion-laden, not simply - well, simple.The more complicated things are, the more interesting, the more entertaining.And for some, this complex universe we live in is just for that - entertainment.But regardless of how you want your life to be, you dont have to have anyparticular life-quality that your environment says. Just because the people aroundyou say or act one way doesnt have to mean anything.You assign any meaning to your life - or all of it. No one else actually can. Unlessyou let them.So, if you want, take this suggestion for what its worth:Fill your life and those around you with as much love and loving actsas you possibly can.And see if this doesnt invite more love into yours. The quality of life and living iswhat counts.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, April 25, 2011 Finding Stuff that Works As you can see, Im having a great deal of fun recently in studying all this Huna material. Today, Serge Kahili King reminded me of a corollary to the 7th principle of Huna, "Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth". This is: There is always another way to do anything. So this can mean whatever you want it to. That is the essence of Huna. Of course, that comes from the 1st principle, "The World is What You Think It Is." Yes, these all interact. Now the recordings Im listening to reminded me of the four parts of awareness - how shamans operate: 1. Objective - the meaning is in relation to other things out there. 2. Subjective - the way of determining what this means to the individual. 3. Symbolic - that things mean something else than the actual, they represent something. 4. Holistic - that all things work together and share the same meaning.
  • And the more I write this, the more there is to write. Sometime earlier this month,I was inspired to tell you that the highest purpose of humankind is to putmeaning into things.Of course, you can disagree. However, if you take the viewpoint of Self (or God),then youll see that the Holistic approach would answer a great deal of questions.Some entity that is all-powerful and all-knowing, and present in everything - thatentity wouldnt have to deal with anything as trivial as meaning. Because suchentity would already know all there is to know about anything and everything.That entity would consider something form they moment they created it - whichwas just a moment ago.The game of meaning is one which we separate identities play.You can take the idea that this living through "creating meanings" is simplyanother game.And all the training and courses and what-not that you study is simply anothereffort to remind yourself of various meanings (training, knowledge, lessons) whichare out there and available to anyone.(As well, that there is a very valid view that we are here just for entertainment - yetanother workable metaphor.)The bottom line seems to be that as you get closer to the original creation, youheal. This is one description of Love, which Haanel held as a core and primal forcein our universe. As you love something, it gets better. The more you areconstructive and helpful - to everyone and everything around you - then these getbetter. The more you consider things to be separate and distinct, and not worthyof your love, then things around you get worse. This is considered "hate" by some -but actually is just a "non-love". Hate, like darkness, doesnt exist as actual. Butthe absence of love can be felt as "real".However, it is simple to change anything. Like in a dark room, you simply turn ona light. (You do not try to "shovel out the darkness" as Haanel put it.) For anyperson who feels less than whole, you simply enable love to exist. There are manyways to do this, such as recalling times where something was perfect, or loving, orbeautiful. Or you could simply cause yourself a positive emotion right now. Or youcould simply start smiling for no particular reason.The point is that as you put more love out from you, the more love you will findexists within you. And your life begins to run better and better.----That point of "there is no one way to do things" is also where LaTourette usesNLP, Huna, and Silva in order to accomplish improving peoples lives. All tools aregood tools if you use them for good. The most effective ones are the best - butthose tools vary depending on the other individuality you are addressing. And ifyou dont know a tool, you can simply ask for inspiration and it will show up foryou.As the Beatles, said, "All you need is love." But obviously, you dont have to "need"
  • it for it to show up in your life. You can if you want, however. Far be it for me tointerrupt what you consider to be true for you.----Just to have more fun with this, to allow you to think in different terms than justthe rote ones - heres some interesting quotes Serge Kahili King pulled from anolder book by Pukui. These describe the ancients knowledge about the 7 Hunaprinciples as contained in their proverbs ( 1.Aohe pau ka ike i ka halau hookahi, "All knowledge is not taught in one school," a variation on the idea that there are many sources of knowledge and many ways to think about things. 2.Aohe puu kiekie ke hoao ia e pii, "No hill is too high to be climbed ," a way of saying that nothing is impossible and that there are no limits. 3. He makau hala ole, "A fishhook that never fails to catch," said of one who always gets what he wants. The fishhook was a primary symbol of concentrated attention, and a good fishhook could attract fish even without bait. 4. Wela ka hao!, "Do it now!." 5. He olina leo ka ke aloha, "Joy is in the voice of love." 6. Aia no i ka mea e mele ana, "Let the singer select the song," a poetic way of acknowledging that power comes from within. 7. Ike ia no ka loea i ke kuahu, "An expert is recognized by the altar he builds." As Pukui puts it, "It is what one does and how well he does it that shows whether he is an expert."And so: Aloha!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, April 24, 2011 More About You, The Universe, and Self Ive been studying along in Huna again, some LaTourette, some Serge Kahili King. And the LaTourette stuff is interesting, because he uses material in the highest Huna traditions - that of "Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth." He has trained in NLP, Silva, and Huna - as well as martial arts. And in this, he also studied a great deal about the bodys meridians and, on this particular series of videos, covers how you can utilize these to improve the body strength and abilities. In searching around to verify this data and answer other questions, this went through neuro-vascular points, the meridians, and ultimately to auric fields. None of this do you have to believe. LaTourette explained these in terms of kinesiology, which mainly deals with muscle-testing and muscle-strength. So the viewer (and those at the seminar) were able to immediately test the results of what he was saying. Again, he taught in terms of application, of effective use. But this auric field stuff is whats interesting at this point. Because it backs up this other idea which I blogged about the other day. That one was relating how Daddy Bray thought the 3 parts of humankind were actually metaphor.
  • My addition to this was not saying (as Max Long and others held) that you neededto go via the subconscious (Ku) to reach the Higher Self (superconscious).But theres an interesting approach to this that one has to work through that layerof physicality in order to reach the purely spiritual and infinite beyond. Whilesome say you are training the Ku, you would be perhaps just re-learning lessons ofdealing with the physical universe in order to enable your inspirations to talk toyou more easily.One point that both Long and King cover is that you cant work with the Ku on aforce basis. It has to be loving discipline, much as you would a younger sibling, achild, or a pet.That of course brings us right back to dealing with this physical universe aroundus. Sure, you can get some things done with force - but its limited. The greatereffects are created through dealing with Nature and the natural forces already atwork.There is no shortage of energy around us, but there is an apparent scarcity ofpetroleum which has to be forcibly extracted from far underground, then refinedand "cracked" to make gasoline, which is then transported over great distances sothat we can put it into our car engines where it is exploded to make our vehiclesroll across the ground.All very violent.What hasnt been concentrated on is how to take the natural energy around us andwork out how to efficiently convert that into the forms we need. There is an almostunlimited amount of earth-energy potential available, for instance. Simply byputting several rods into the ground and connecting them up, you can actuallypower a considerable amount of equipment with just the DC energy you can tapoff. (Google "earth-batteries".)There are also reports of people being able to communicate across massivedistances just by putting posts into the ground and attaching the old-styletelephones to them. But all this is pretty much "lost" technology at this point. Justbecause it could be done for free without towers and carbon-fueled electricitydoesnt mean we should study it.(I am considering a study of this simply as it would eliminate having to chargebatteries to keep my cattles electric fence charger running...)We are getting a bit off the mark with these illustrations - just showing how wecould actually have high quality of life with lower cost if we really wanted it.(Imagine just being able to sell infinite amount of energy and keeping nearly 100%of the profits. What a monopoly - until your secret got out.)The three selves show that you have to learn how to first talk to your mind (again,with kindness and simple releasing). Then you have to learn to talk with thephysical universe, starting with your own body. Once you master these, then youcan start accessing your intuitional states of beingness - which extend from thereon out, and arent physically present in this universe we can directly sense.But of course, since only 3% of 3% of 3% will actually go that route, this is safe
  • with us. Dont even bother to explain it to people. Go ahead and heal them if youwant with all this effective knowledge you have acquired. However, until they startto reach for it and work to apply it to benefit humankind, theyll try to tell you thatit doesnt work and you are just another scammer.Simply smile and nod - and go ahead to heal them as best you can, giving a lot ofbenefit to everyone you meet - but giving nothing away except those who are readyto be taught.And if this doesnt make sense to you, well - download it or print it off and put itsomewhere that you can find it later. Once youre ready for it. It will show up then.Luck to us all.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, April 24, 2011 How to make yourself stronger and healthier Theres an old trick which W. Clement Stone used to live past 100. No, he didnt discover it, he just used it every day of his life. And of course, it disproves all these "gurus" who dump on positive thinking. Stone was the past master of positive mental attitude - and was a Napoleon Hill student. Heres what he said to himself in the mirror every single morning: "I feel good. I feel great! I feel TERRIFIC!!!" Yes, thats out loud. Looking at himself in the mirror. While he said it. And yes, you can do that, too. This came up as an illustration after I listened to an old video by John LaTourette about Huna. When you pay yourself a compliment (true or not), it makes the body stronger. Of course the true ones are more powerful because you believe it.
  • When you criticize someone else, you make yourself weaker.So if you apply that Stone technique above, you immediately start off the daystronger. (An un-healthful state is simply weakness, isnt it? Thats why this helpsyou get healthier.)And if you find yourself thinking critical thoughts of yourself or anyone else,simply make a series or observations of what is right about that person or yourself.What is it that you (or that person) are doing that is good? What is a positiveaction you (they) do consistently?Do this in threes, if you want.Every time you feel less than great, simply give yourself a compliment. Keepcomplimenting yourself as needful until you get over it.Every time you are critical about someone else, simply think somethingcomplimentary about them. Do this several times - not as penance, but becauseyou want to personally get better (and help them as you can.)Critical people are weaker and get sick more often. More often than they would ifthey went around noticing the positive attributes people have.The human body is designed to live to around 150 years old. Its probable thatlittle things like this could help us live to our potential.Try it for yourself. Wont cost you anything. And it might even put a smile on yourface.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 22, 2011 Huna 3 Selves - another view In Yardleys "Heart of Huna", she mentions an interesting point that Daddy Bray thought the 3 Selves of Huna were metaphoric. Those three selves have been described differently, but in Kings "Mastering Your Hidden Self", he says they (very) roughly approximate to the sub-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious. The classic (Max Freedom Long) explanation is that the conscious has to work through the subconscious to get to the super-conscious. And pictures of this show the subconscious being lower to the conscious, often being talked about as a "younger brother" or someone not as educated. Theres another interesting datum that the conscious mind is really only about 5% active. Most of the "brain" is just unused space. (Nap Hill readers will see why that is in quotes.) Add this to the concept that the subconscious does all the work of running the autonomic system as well as digestion etc - most of which we would never do consciously, even if we could figure out how to. So the "sub" is probably misplaced, as is the "super" part. A metaphor is probably more accurate. But there is the training required so you can move through the barrier of the body into the spiritual version of Self. Of course, this all comes back to the idea that there is just Self out there and we are all connected ("there are no limits.") You simply have to let go of your own programming enough to push through your identification with a singular body and begin to experience the infinite Self, to start living in potential - instead of arbitrary limits. Heres the schematic of that:
  • The trick is that while there are limits to the ego and the body, Self is unlimited. Just goes onforever. Which is why all this telepathy and akashic records stuff works. And why certain belief-systems put great store on "astral walking". But really, being "out there" is far more "normal" thanbeing "inside".You just retard your own abilities to fit into a little tiny Cinderella glass slipper so you can go to theball.Practically, youre actually the ball, all the horses, carriages, pumpkins, fairy godmothers, andeverything else all at once. But to play a game, you figure that you have to have a foot small enoughto fit into a slipper so that gorgeous guy will marry you and take you to live in his castle.What you are pretending to not know is how you built that castle and supervised its constructionand collected the taxes to pay for it while keeping the borders secure so that commerce could takeplace, etc. etc. etc.All of this is just another excuse for you to look outside whatever existence you have and decide tomake some sort of meaningful and positive change in your life - one which will help all concerned.Plus it gives me another chance to talk with you.Thanks.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 22, 2011 Infinite Positive Thinking One reason "positive thinking" is eschewed by so many self-help gurus is that it "doesnt work" for everybody. Practically, it is so powerful that it immediately dredges up all the negatives you have stacked up to ensure that it doesnt work. Its your basic game-ender. If anyone and everyone could simply have anything they think about come true, then the world as we know it would end. Everyone could be rich, happy, successful, peaceful - you name it. So all this work weve put into making this fascinating play-ground around us called "Reality" - all of that would be for nought. Weve just been wasting our time. And that, of course, brings us right back to why you have to first be grateful for everything you have around you - all that is happening to your right here and now. Because you put it there and you did a great job of it. At that point you can then say, "well, lets see how we could make it better." The last thing you want to do is keep combating all the creativeness thats happening around you. Fighting against stuff just makes it more solid. Realizing that you had something to do with whatever it is thats bugging you - thats the first step to solving it.
  • Yes, thats positive thinking. You start thinking positive. Even if its just a little"Boy, I sure screwed that up." And then revel in how well you did it. Then you canstart "fixing" it.The point is that this is all creative.Now, this line of approach also brings us to a very interesting point. The logic goeslike this:Self is basically infinite. All-compassing, etc. (Many people have equated this withGod - but thats their equation.)You are part of Self - just with your own purpose, Free Will, etc.You are therefore possessing infinite potential.----Go ahead and swallow that for awhile. The next step is worse.Everything you create has infinite potential.Whew. But its all true, logically.And if you dont accept this, or some other thought comes in like "hes off hisrocker", or "yea, right." All those are perfectly valid thoughts. You thought them,so they must be true.All Im offering here is another concept of how you could be running your life. Justanother option.So have fun with this. Go on and try being infinitely positive for awhile. All thatsgoing to happen to you is that youll be running into your own counter-thinkingand creations as you do.Or not.Your choice.As always.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 22, 2011 My Job My own job is seemingly simple. And of course, its logical and timeworn. Its also completely Self-ish. I just think that people (especially me) should be able to create the world they want to live in. This means, logically, that I should be simply working to enable anyone and everyone to re-create their own world exactly the way they would want, need, and like it. Thats because, according to the Golden Rule, anyone wont be able to get what they really want unless they enable others to get it as well. (Like all the millionaires Ray Kroc and Sam Walton made as they built their own successes.) And how I do depends on how you do. So Im here simply to help people find/create their own "road out." And that road is individual, because we are all individuals. Thats been our choice throughout this fiction we live in called "time."
  • This blog, all my books, my websites, every conversation I have with anyone -virtual or actual - is all toward that end. Helping people be, do, and have all theycould possibly want to.It might be your job, too. But your wording of this (like your own mileage) maydiffer.Cheers.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Winning Every Time You can win every time, at everything. Follow this pattern: A trap, examined for barriers, becomes a game. A game, examined for rules, becomes winnable. Playing both sides of a game allows you to win every time. May you find Self in every part of the world around you.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, March 25, 2011 Sermon Problems - Ask, Seek, Knock? Some people make even make a problem out of the Sermon on the Mount. Its just too easy: ● Ask and it is given, ● Seek and you will find, ● Knock and the door is opened. But they say - "But there are so many things to ask for - what if I ask the wrong thing?" And others say - "And I could be looking forever if I dont know what to look for..." Not to mention those who say - "But life is a hallway full of doors - which one should I knock on?" Really?
  • So the simple resolution is this: Ask for what question to ask. Keep youreyes open for clues which tell you what you should be seeking for.In short, the next door you knock on, look the person who opens it right inthe eye, and ask them, "Is there a better door I should be knocking on?"Youll find the only bad question is the one you dont ask, theres no harm inlooking, and youd be amazed what you youll find when you open any door atrandom.When you trust yourself, every move is the right one.It takes practice, this self-trust and self-faith stuff.So start today.Youre life is only getting shorter, as they say.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, March 23, 2011 The Bottom Line (Huna) The lowest common denominator Ive found to date was discovered in a rephrasing of the English version of Hunas first principle, as: "The world is exactly as you imagine it to be." or "The world around you is exactly as youve been imagining it up to this point." Have fun with these.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Books to read and absorb to find Self And, of course, Im sitting on the very books I should be studying. It goes like this: ● Ancients/Huna ● Troward ● Haanel ● Hill ● Nightingale who peripherally mentions: ● Claude Bristol ● Dorothea Brande Their exact point - belief. That particular line-up - if taken to heart - would and will take you to a completely new world.
  • The first point - and only point - is belief, AKA personal faith.----What you have to start doing is observing your own life, how your thoughtscreate that world around you. Every hour, every minute, every micro-second -each and every moment of NOW.And as you do - they become even more powerful as you do.The world is just as you create it.Just.It cant be described, but the above authors have tried.I then leave it up to you to prove it to yourself. Because you are the only onewho can.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Imagine your Life And right off, I have to thank you all for following this small blog and reading these many posts Ive placed here over the years. Its because of you that Ive picked this up again and started seeing where this road heads - so thank you. Very much. Because you and I and everyone are very, very special. That is: if we want it to be. Now, perhaps like many, I was irritated at the News lately. Yes, I know, Ive often said that people shouldnt watch the news. OK, but maybe there was a lesson I still needed to get... They were talking about all the various disasters which had hit, plus a few wars, and an ever-present problem of a tiny minority plotting to terrorize the rest of the world. I wasnt irritated at what they were covering as much as HOW they were covering it. They were going right along with all the various histrionics of crying people and
  • sad, angry, worried views of life and all that. Every single emotion you could use.Of course, weve gone over here many times about how anyone can get addicted toemotions and let these run their lives. And how to simply release all these andhave endless, unfathomable peace.But the "real world" is simply a thin layer over the actual one. Its much like wipingthe early morning dew off the outside of a window in order to see better. Thatworld you now see has always been there - its just a thin layer of stuff in between.So this actual works that way with life.All along, you are surrounded by people telling you how this world "really" works.And this is a world where its filled with uncertainty and strife and competition.But then, you can find a very small handful which will tell you how it "actually"works. And they say that you can have certainty, that you can live a life of ease,that you can attract anything and everything you really want - that anything ispossible.My take on this: Youll have to believe in leprichans first.Because the whole point is creative imagination. Napoleon Hill covered this in his"Think and Grow Rich". And valued it higher than anything else.This is actually a connection to the Supreme, to the Universal, to Mother Natureherself.This is the reason that your pets and all animals live serene lives and exist to filltheir own niche even though living a life filled with the necessity of death-in-order-to-live. Pets are there to bring you joy and love. (As are all animals, if you get rightdown to it - the wild ones have a different way of expressing it.)Humankind is busy running around finding "meaning" of things and playing allsorts of wild control games on each other. Because they have this very fascinatingconcept of "Free Will" going on. And that has a side line of keeping everyoneseparate from each other. And that is the source of our problems, angst, and so on.Sure, we have several major natural disasters every year. And people need helpoutside their area to rebuild their lives. Now, imagine how much faster we couldrush aid to them if we werent involved in all these wars around the planet? Howmuch faster would we solve things if we werent spending tons of money with allsorts of government inefficiency and meddling?You may know Im no fan of the fiction government in general. One book I just gothanded to me (havent read much of it yet) simply points out that believing inauthority is the first error. (Called "The Most Dangerous Superstition".) Butregardless of what you think of that author (Larken Rose), the underlying point isthat same one weve been talking about all along.There is no limit - we are all connected. And - The world is what you think it is.In other words, listen to your imagination.
  • It will calm your life down and help you live a fantastic new life.Because once you start living in harmony with everything around you - when youquit looking for how things are and start looking for how they might be - then theworld takes on a completely different hue and aspect.Just follow the life of some of these miracle-workers who have lived among us.Like Earl Nightingale or his student, Bob Proctor. Both had become rich beforethey ran into Napoleon Hill. (Like W. Clement Stone.) And they live very rich livesin just helping people out.And no, the main-scream media wont bring these guys up. Because they are alladdicts looking for the crack cocaine that drives their lives.Start filling your lives with these (add T. Harv Eker to that mix, would you?) andyoull find the one thing they have in common - they believe in themselves andthey believe in the potential of every single person around them. They constantlygive regardless of getting. And they are all multi-millionaires because of the valuethey give to others.Their lives are dedicated to this one, single purpose - to help people anyway theycan, so everyone they meet can live the best quality of life possible.And its actually easier than all the messes we humans otherwise get involved with.Pick up their books and recordings fill your life with them. Youll see, as I(finally)did - that common string they all have running through their lives.Then start living your own life of ease.As you start imagining that better world around you, and imagining all the betterways life can be lived by those around you - all this will start taking place.You only have to imagine your better world, then start acting in any way possibleto start making that happen. Youll start getting a lot of help in this as you do.And as usual, its up to you.Come - imagine with me.As Nightingale said in his famous "Strangest Secret" recording, "Start today. Youhave nothing to lose — but you have your whole life to win."
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, March 12, 2011 Does your thinking have anything to do with you? Thats the conundrum which leapt at me yesterday. It was Harv Eker giving me inspiration again, one of his Peak Potentials CDs. In that, he was going over the point that others attitudes toward you have nothing to do with you - that you dont need to take anything anyone says, emotes, or any of their responses personally. (And he goes into a great deal of other reasons why, but you can see already that taking something personal is an emotional response, which is a dead end - it wont set you free.)
  • Backing that up, youll have todig out your Levensonmaterials, where you want torelease the emotional content ofyour life and simply get back toyour native peace and freedom.(See Freedom Is.)Eker then went into a followingCD, where he talks about"quieting the thoughts" anddifferentiating between an "idle"and a "quiet" mind. However, hemissed a beat here.Its very possible that yourthoughts have nothing to dowith you.They may be, as the physicaluniverse around you, somethingwhich more or less "justhappens".Lets consider how this could be.OK, now theres this thing calledSelf, which we are all part of.Then there is our ownindividualistic "Free Will" scenewhere we are here to fill aparticular purpose. And that David Davieskeeps us individual.Now, we are all connected, per Huna ("there are no limits").So your thoughts and my thoughts arent so very different. And thats telepathy,more or less. And explains why most all success in any endeavor is in the ability toconcentrate. To follow your own purpose with a plan and action (Napoleon Hill,"Think and Grow Rich").That action of concentration would then be a diciplined approach to thinking. Theother end of this is known as insanity - where you blindly follow any thought.In checking this down, lets observe the different approaches to thinking:1) Analytical - this is perhaps what the Mind was essentially created for. Tofigure every possible combination of everything. This is pure analytics, and is timeconsuming. This goes back to the point that the Universe is a respository for allthoughts, that like the idea of Akashic records, you can access anything you wantthere. And if you consider that we are all like one huge networkd computer cluster,we are all thinking things through as a massive work-in-progress. But that wouldjust be a Matrix-like explanation.
  • 2) Emotional - this is all your feelings and such. Emotion was said by one to be"thought plus effort". However, thats wide of the mark. The point is that most ofus live with having feelings and emotions, and these also give value to our livesand living itself. However, they also can be entrapping to various degrees - and sopeople find themselves just running their lives based on what they are feeling. Andso the effectiveness of releasing in order to restore freedom of thought and action.3) Inspired or Optimal - most meditation has this as its aim. And followingJose Silvas work takes you down this route. The point is that there is a balancebetween your purpose and all other thought and action. Much like the example ofDr. Gates in Hills book, if you sit and concentrate, then you will eventually getinspired thought to act on. This is also known as intuition. As you practice yourintuition, you get better at it.The idea is to get into the "Zone" all the time, where you are living intuitionally.Every inspired thought you have leads you to take the optimal action. And your lifeis full of "miracles" to others, because they cant see how these things "magically"occur to you. You have, do, and be anything and everything you want or need.Of course, there are some rules to this:a) Golden Rule - respect others and their purposes, help every one you can toachieve their own purpose and youll get all the help you need for yours. But it hasto be open-handed help - not expecting any response at all. Treat others as youdlike to be treated, not because youd like to be treated any particular way.b) Study a) until you really get it.In this is the Law of Attraction, the effectiveness of positive thinking, everytechnique anyone has ever offered which works.And when you know your purpose and let go of anything and everything thatdoesnt help you follow that purpose to its end, then your life becomes more andmore miraculous and perfect.That is the life I wish for every one. Complete peace beyond all understanding anddescription.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, February 27, 2011 Scammers, Joseph Campbell, and the Eternal Story Howie Schwartz, a self-admitted black-hat marketer (turned grey) gave me this clue in the depths of some material he marked "Confidential". (Although Ive found the same actual datums in several places, such as Charles Heflins SEO2020. com.) Howie said this about a social site: "One of the strategies that work very well in rapport with [site concerned] is to put the accent in the personal point of view. Self improvement systems or anything that can be connected with the solution of problems affecting us in an emotional level are very easy to market with the appropriate line behind. "The structure is the same of a story: it has the opening with the presentation of the problem and the protagonist, a transformation suffered by the protagonist thanks to the presence of an external element (contained in the product being sold) and the happy ending. "Interesting elements to be added is the presentation of the protagonist as authority in the subject as a consequence of the transformation. Authority can be showed by the presence of a website dealing with the problem." And of course, this is Joseph Campbell with his "Hero with a Thousand Faces", his Jungian archetypes, and it also rolls back to T. Harv Eker and his Peak Potentials
  • training.Let me fill in the details.All life could be considered a story. Each person, being, entity, form in it is herefor a specific purpose. To that end, we all have our problems to face and to solve.Campbell hit on this when he studied mythology for ages and boiled down all theirplots to a single one. Mythology, of course, is the stuff of the verbal lessons handeddown for generations before they were ever written down. These are the same asour fairy tales in terms of plot and substance. Horrific adventures when you boilthem down. Much worse than what we face in our day-to-day over-filled-with-media lives. (The modern tragic-filled media simply gives us the ethos and pathoswe want to feel we need in our lives.)So Campbell figured out this one single plot. And then found out that the Jungianarchetypes he was using actually had something to do with analyzing anyonesindividual life - that a person could use this material as a form of self-analysis. Youcould see where you were on your own journey - and that even the archetypes hadtheir own journey they were following.Schwartz tells the classic point that marketing in all its 30-second TV ads andeven a good elevator pitch, is telling a story. It says that this product can help theprince find the princess, waken her with a kiss, and then live happily ever after. Heis saying that marketing is all about solutions to life problems. This was Robert Colliers claim to success aswell. While known for his landmark "Secrets of the Ages", he also known inmarketing circles for his "Million Dollar Sales Letters" book.
  • The success of these sales letters were in the stories they told. In every case, youfind that they contain heroes and protagonists, challenges overcome and boonsfulfilled. In just the space of two single-spaced pages of type, the reader iscatapulted into a world of mystery and adventure - and brought out the other sidewith a simple request: share in this adventure and buy this solution. Your problemis mine and now my solution can be yours.The authority Schwartz speaks of above is that of the story teller.But that authority is offered by the reader, based on the value inherent in the text(or modern video) which is offered. Does the story entertain? Can we seesomething in our own lives or something we could use to solve the problems in ourown lives? Is our own story explained here?Thats the value of marketing. To bring solutions to people, to engage thempersonally, to help them to act.In this way, marketing is another route to enlightenment.Of course, the marketer themselves may be the Trickster, or the Changeling, orsome other protagonist archetype. However, this is still another part of the story.In those cases, the scammer is bringing the lessons home on a personal level. Andso you have to consider that being scammed was a lesson you learned.And far from being angry or resentful toward scammers (particularly after you getyour money back) - you should be grateful for recieving the lesson offered.The best marketing involves the reader and gets them to decide. Modern salesletters condense this into short, pithy diatribes which are formulaic and able to beskipped right down to the bottom line of "how much is THIS going to cost me?"But not if they are well crafted.And if you do follow modern marketing legends such as Jay Abraham, youll seethat he teaches the underlying and foundational principles which have guidedhumankind all through those ages.Self-proclaimed Black Hats like Schwartz (and those scammers who live shadowlives) also know this.The same principles which allow a sale are those which will solve any problem setin front of anyone of us.And that is the same set of problem which Robert Collier found when he had to dohis own research when dying of a mysterious illness. He cured himself with whathe found, then wrote it all up in his "Secrets of the Ages."His story is also yours, according to Campbell. And its the story you can find whenyou pick up any modern tabloid and read the ads inside. Its the same story youllview on the evening news.Its my story.
  • Its your story.And the ending is the one we pick for ourselves.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, February 25, 2011 What Harv Eker and I are teaching each other The biggest problem with making spiritual progress is that you are putting something there to release or get rid of. Thats the old scene that all the "secret end phenomenons" of $cientology had in common - that you are always realizing, with every personal level you pay for, that you just put the stuff there to begin with - and the only reason its still there is because you say so. That is all there is to the "state of clear", which is just a marketed (proprietary) version of enlightenment, by all descriptions. And as well, the biggest fall-off point of their little set of corporate-cult followers. Because once you get this completely handled, then you really dont have anything else to operate on. And the guys who buy into their "Advanced Levels" are just spending money on stuff that really isnt there. But the concept is that if you can sell people on the point that there is something there, then they will "mock it up" in order to then "run it out." Today I was listening to Harv Eker and finished up his "Millionaire Mind" CD set and started in on his "Peak Potentials" CD. Great stuff, really.
  • If youve taken my "Freedom Is" lessons, youll see that Ive probably gone a littlebeyond what hes offering. Simply because after 20+ years in $cientology, andthen another decade sorting all self help out with my "Go Thunk Yourself" series,culminating in finding Lester Levenson - theres just not all that much to handleany more.So when Im running through all this material, I see that Eker is dealing with thevery raw sliver of humanity who just found out that theyve been asleep all thistime.Now his material on Millionaire Mind is very useful, since most of us haveproblems with money in one form or another. And those CDs literally brought meto tears several times. Excited other times, and intrigued mostly - because hesusing some very powerful techniques within this - including Levenson releasing.He goes into mentioning his Zen teacher from time to time, so hes right up therewith Alan Watts - where hes working to get people to higher spiritual realms, justusing this very common line of money.This then rolls right up the line, since just about any approach will get youenlightened - if you consider that you can get enlightened at all. That is this "wakeup" moment. After that, its all down hill.The key point is that when you get over "putting it all there", then theres noreason to release, or "run it out" or anything else you "have" to do to handle it.Again, its "Just Be, Now." Anything else is additive. And you put it there.Listing to these CDs gave me the explanation of what I was running into the othernight. Something was bothering me. Didnt know what, particularly. So I startedworking at doing some massive releasing - really big goals. Didnt work. Just madeit worse.So I just plowed on through, a little testy and so on. Finally, I got to the bottom ofit - what I was doing (not thinking or emoting or anything else - doing) didntalign to what I knew I should be. And it was a bit false. Sure I was doing a test of anew online marketing system (and thats where the bells should have gone off) andso I knew it was pretty wild. I was busy digesting all this new material andfiguring out how to apply it and condense it and then I was testing it on somekeyword which I knew wasnt going to go anywhere.But the key point was that it was basically a bit dishonest and scammy. And so itbecame upsetting. Once I saw that and simply quit it, then I found that thingseased off. As I started working on what really did align to my purposes, then allwas well and things lightened up.Now, to be sure, there are still some bad habits lying around that I need to replaceand re-orient. Always some work to do there. But the more I DO at things, themore I follow my instincts (inspiration, Divine guidence, etc.) the more thingsstraighten out. When I get off that thin line, I "feel" lousy.Having feelings should have alerted me to that to begin with. Because a person canquit those when they get some basic fears released. Get over worrying about deathor anything to do with non-survival - recognize that youve always been suppliedwith anything and everything you really wanted or needed - and then all is well.
  • Worry is just holding two opposed ideas up and deciding not to decide which tochoose.So the bottom line is to quit mocking up problems to run out or release from. Theyjust slow you down.The simplest advice - Just Be, Now.Everything else is additive.Luck to us all.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, February 23, 2011 All Criticism is True But like that old phrase, one finger points out, the rest point to you. And this is a very tough pill to swallow, especially for those of use to post our mental meanderings online for the world to see and keep track of. Everything a person says tells the world what they think about themselves. Thats the real bottom line. A politician complaining about the lack of "bipartisan" support means that hes only out for himself. A person saying that another is just (some expletive deleted) is really just condemning himself, as he considers his own self-esteem or self- worth to be low. What a person says about others never has anything to do with the others in our shared world- it has everything to do with the personal world they are creating for themselves. Of course, that takes some getting used to. But follow the logic our oldest philosophers left for us:
  • ● "As within, so without, as above, so below." ● "The world is what you think it is." ● "There are no limits. (We are all connected.)"So the critical person is practicing separateness - a futile game, but must of us playat it.What they are wanting is some help with getting their own purpose done. Thatindividual purpose is the only thing which really keeps us separate. Otherwise, wewouldnt exist in this universe. (Yeah, swallow hard.)Consider, then, that you could rephrase everything you say in terms of "how can Ihelp you so you can help me?"You major efforts would be to find people with similar life-purposes to you, suchthat you could join with them (Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanels "Master Mind"coalition) to accomplish mutual/common/associated purposes.Life then becomes much, much simpler.Your duty as you live your life is to simply help others in every way you can, inorder to find people who want to help you attain your own purposes.The highest goal would then be making it possible for everyone to achieve theirpurposes in a harmonic fashion. We simply need to help people make more andmore optimal decisions which help the widest possible amount of people to attaintheir own purposes.Of course, this rules out decisions that kill other people. Or other violence. This ispractically a route to world peace.And youll find tools like the Internet (which was made to share informationbroadly) to now be a tool people can use to improve their own lives. We now havefrank and open discussions about things that have for a long time been hidden.Dictocratic rulers are having a rough time now - because they arent working forthe optimal good of everyone around them.The funny part is that there is a level of mutual abundance weve neverapproached before. And its not with hand-outs or welfare, but by re-educatingpeople around us to drop poor mental habits and simply helping everyone theymeet open-handedly.Try this for awhile, and youll prove the workability for yourself.The next time you get a critical thought about someone or something, considerhow you could help that person, or how you could improve your actions, or howyou could better that condition around you.Sure, this is known as "constructive criticism".And sometimes, the best thing you can do is just smile, nod, and keep going. Theworld may already be perfect as it is.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Living is just too easy - with Practical Faith Its simply to easy to live life. Once you have a practically, self-proved reality that you create the world around you. Now you have to first get rid of all irrational (and rational) fears. With those out of the way, you then can simply live life in the moment, not with the shadow of some formerly impending disaster hanging over your head. Or wanting always to change something in the past - same difference, still a fear and a memory running your life rather than simply acting in the present to improve your life. (Of course, you get over all these fears with Levenson releasing technique. And the easiest way to do this with by applying the Silva Method.) After you get this done, then all the various work you can do to reprogram your life (such as Earl Nightingales "Strangest Secret" program, which just pulls from Napoleon Hills "Think and Grow Rich") - all these programs simply fall into place once you have a "middle ground" from which to stand. This is really a version of the "middle path" that Buddha recommended. And Zen practices.
  • Self actualization, per Maslow, is "...freedom from the good opinions of others."The advice Harv Eker tells his children: "Dont take anything personally."The universe doesnt tell you what you are, or how much you are worth, oranything at all. Only you can do that for yourself. And as you find yourself out ofall the memories stacked around in your mind, youll find that you are very, verysimple. Nothing like you thought, actually.The point is that you generate your own faith in yourself and what you are allabout.The simple strategy is to drop whatever youre holding onto in the moment. Justaccepting it for what it is just as it is. Thats the releasing part.Its nothing to do with thoughts or a quiet mind. That last is simply a by-productof releasing. Trying to discipline your mind into quietude hasnt been the mostefficient method found over the years. And a quiet mind isnt particularly a goal,anyway. It just happens when you find Self.And thats when life becomes easy.Now, there are some interesting (some say fascinating) things which occur at thispoint. Pain, it can be observed, is mostly thought and memories. The body isattempting to resolve a problem as best it can. The source of all illness, some say,is emotional stress - which again is a series of conflicting thought-patterns andmemories. The outrageous successes you occasionally hear about are simplypeople who are savvy to a relatively small number (17, I think Napoleon Hill finallynarrowed it down to) of success principles. And employing release techniques (andSilva Method) allows these to do their most effective work without the mindinterfering.So thats something to put in your pipe or under your hat for today...
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, February 11, 2011 Its a puzzle inside a conundrum - but the answer is at your feet All this universe around us is simply a puzzle that - if we really take the time to sit and listen - we already know the answer to. Most all of the emotions y0u are experiencing are their simply to make the experience interesting. You put them there, so you should know. When you strip those away, life becomes a calm, cheerfully expectant situation. Everything opens for you. Everything. Of course, this is just to help you achieve whatever purpose it is that youve selected to accomplish with this existence. For most people, this involves helping others with their situations, to achieve their purposes. (Like Carnegie amassed a fortune in steel mills and then put libraries all over the place across America. Gates got his fortune with personal computers and is now spending it to bring literacy to millions and also to solve certain diseases which are also global. The list goes on...) If I had you in front of me, I could help you answer any of the questions you have about what you are doing, and help you find the tools you need. But this blog is the best substitute for that.
  • All I can do from here is to simply point out some of these esoteric rationaleswhich lay behind some of the thornier problems we have - and to inspire ormotivate you to reach within your own resources to do greater things.But what you do is, as usual, all just your choice. The results are yourresponsibility. And the more you really look at the world around you and listen toyour own heart, this becomes less and less of a "burden" and more the joy itsalways been.That is also why I keep sending you all these links - so you can have the tools tofind out for yourself exactly what you need to take your next step.I mean, its not like Im writing this from some mystic trance in a cave somewherein the Himalayas (with power to keep the battery up on my laptop and some reallyincredible wi-fi...)This is coming from an old farm in Missouri.And yes, you can come visit - its easy to find with Google Maps.But the point is that wed learn from each other and the world would be a betterplace.Of course, you knew that already. Because we all know the solution to the puzzlesin front of us. Just part of being Self Now.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Tetrad Releasing - Making Life More Fun (Disclaimer: all this is rather advanced and wont make any sense unless youve followed my other stuff somewhat. Get my Freedom Is book for a simple grounding, but really you should get and study the whole "Go Thunk Yourself" series. Otherwise, just consider me a crazy scammer and move on.) You can take releasing and release far more than most consider possible. Usually, they leave off with just releasing thoughts, emotions, desires, and fears. And this takes you to a very nice state of release. Even enlightenment - total personal freedom. But you can also take this a lot further. Essentially, as this universe is your own creation, you can start releasing the universe itself. What this does is rather interesting. Of course, you get all sorts of calm and peace coming in - thats a given. The point is to take responsibility for all youve created and experienced, then simply see whats beyond that. Now this takes you beyond your normal physical senses. What you are left with is your own concepts - what you created your universe with to begin with. The underlying basics I found there were two interactive dichotomies - a tetrad of four interlocking points: ● Self ● Now ● Purpose ● Choices If you went into your Silva Method meditation, or (Burt Goldman approach) every
  • day, youd then simply and quickly be able to apply a releasing technique such asLarry Crane or Stephen Seretan in order to rapidly achieve an unflappable calmand endless peace to deal with life.The approach beyond what you are told with any of these is then to combine them -Get into alpha or theta level meditative state. Then simply release until you arefree from any thoughts, emotions, and deep-seated fears like death (and all otherof the 7 basic fears Napoleon Hill lays out).Once you are to that point, then you can simply release all your creations. Realizethat youve been "mocking them up" all along and simply let them go.This takes some discipline. Its far too easy to simply put them all back in place.But the steps you will be taking at this point is to review your basic purpose andthen look at the choices youve made. Again, as you look over your choices andtake responsibility for them - you can simply let them go or polish them up if youconsider they are still valuable.You arent trying to change the past. Cant be done. However you can release anythat you are still holding onto. Yes, this should have happened before, but the keypoint is that you simply release what you find.The point is that you are building a new world around you - just as you actually doevery moment of every day you live. This simple technique just puts you at causeover the process.You should release at the end of every day. Review your choices that day andrelease any and all of them which still have "should have" or "could have"connected with them. You should see that all the decisions or choices you madewere the best possible at the time - they always are. The next step is to simply seewhat youve learned from those choices.Then program yourself (using Silva Method) to get the answer to anything youhavent been able to resolve - while you are at the delta level during sleep.In the morning, simply do this again to release right off. Youll have the solutionyou were looking for (or another part of it). Release any emotion or reactions toimplementing that solution. Review your goal and also how this might helpimplement your planning. Consider that this step has already occurred and releaseanything that comes up as limiting or adversely affecting its outcome.Then let it go for the Universe to deliver it to you.Open your eyes and feel the gratitude for it showing up. Then assume your normalcalm and cheeful expectancy of all the opportunities now coming your way.Simple.Makes life a lot more fun, too.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, February 3, 2011 Empathy is Logical Boiling all this material down to basics leads to some very interesting conclusions. It helps when the entire world around you is your laboratory and crucible. And one of these conclusions is that empathy, in its basics, is completely logical. Of course, it stems to the point of the Golden Rule, and that comes from the point that we are all connected - Self. (So of course, everything you do or think makes sense - you are always right and doing the best you can with what you have. Everyone else is, too.) Now, you have to watch out for some fallacies that creep in. ● We arent all harsh and uncaring to allow the "tooth-and-claw" evolution concept to just continue. On this planet, life forms consume life forms - be they animal or vegetable. And buried lifeless bodies are consumed again, in order to free up natural resources for later growth. (The only really weird idea is to try to keep bodies from decomposing - tries to defy the cycle of life.) ● Also, we dont need that fiction called "government" interfering to make sure everyone has everything. Actually, we already do - and its in all of our best interest to help the person next to us live better quality lives. ● There is no innocence, only non-confront and avoidance. There is Self and there is Now.
  • Of course, in knowing this then gives you the option to either accept responsibilityfor everything around you and work to improve it somehow - or just to say Im off-the-deep-end-crazy. And go on trying to live your life as a "rugged individual" -with everyone else "out to get you."You always have Free Will and choice, after all.What you see around you is the result of your earlier choices based on the data youhad to hand.What you want to improve is based on your empathic understanding of how thingscould be.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, February 2, 2011 The way to really live - and still get everything you want... After about a year or so of living this way, Ive come to the conclusion that there are two ways of living: ● un-enlightened, and ● enlightened. Now neither is really effective at getting anything done. However, the peace you find with enlightenment is worth everything. The trick is that as you get enlightened, you have to make a decision as to whether you want to help someone else (or several) attain that state you just found. Because when you get to that fabulous level of peace, it really doesnt matter. Nothing matters any more, as everything is perfect. If you want to get a lot more people up to that state, youll have to come back over that line to the shared place called "reality". Unfortunately, youll soon be working with emotions and stuff again.
  • After trying both, it seems to me that the mix of the two is where its at. Nobodysaid you couldnt go back and forth at will.What you want to do, IMHO, is to "red-line" your state. You want to get as close asyou can to being enlightened, but still stay in that action state just below it. Soyoure always motivated to help others achieve that state.Simply, you do get into releasing all the time. And you do let go of everythingthat doesnt contribute to a regular "calm, cheerful expectancy", as EarlNightingale covered.And you do clean up your environment so you only have in it those things whichcontribute to that stable attitude.Then all your work with goals and vision-boards and all that will be the mosteffective.Thats the recipe.Wish us all luck.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, January 30, 2011 Sorry, youre becoming a saint. I have to apologize here - mostly because its rude to change people without letting them know whats happening. Well, its a point of wanting to treat people as youd like it. So when I tell you youre becoming a saint, its just fair warning whats coming down the road at you (or youre coming up the road toward it - depending on your model.) As all roads lead to a greater spiritual freedom, you are simply rising to what people in earlier ages (and some today) are calling sainthood. Practically, if you worked out the best possible way to treat people according to that ubiquitous Golden Rule, you wind up with attributes of living which are usually reserved for sainthood. Of course, these are actually much simpler and more rewarding ways to live. And far more profitable these days (if you follow T. Harv Eker and Bob Proctor). But saints dont live troubled lives. And they dont particularly have to rail against authorities (or turn over money-changer tables in temples.) Ive covered before that there are far more enlightened living among us that is
  • commonly suspected.And this is whats making the world improve more rapidly than every before.Todays logic:The bell curve also predicts action. The great center just reflects what action isbeing taken on either extreme. You see this in politics - where people will vote oneside or the other more heavily.But practically, its not just a two-sided dialectic approach - rather it is a 3D scene,where you have a bump in the middle of an otherwise flat plane. If you pull anyparticular side of that bump over, the rest tends to follow.And like Eker points out, there is no right or wrong belief, there are only beliefs.This doesnt mean that there arent more pro-survival ways to live your life. Justthat just as "the poor will always be with us", so will criminals and the insane.However, if you follow work in Hooponopono (like Dr. Hew Len and Joe VitalesZero Limits), youll find that there is a hole in this logic. Because Love can simplydissolve things without consulting them ahead of time. There is practically nodefense against it. It is, per Haanel, the force which created and continues tocreate this universe.Now all that is saying is that we are dissolving this playing ground around us as wecontinue to evolve.But thats OK, because our legends tell us that we have many more besides thisone to play around in.And this is all very short-handed, and more than a bit skimpy. Ive misplaced someof my notes for all this to sketch out this path more fully. So there: Ive just got toomany things to apologize for today.As youre reading this, you have already come to some of these conclusions foryourself.Otherwise, this is going right over your head and you probably leave it at this pointor before.Because blogs are supposed to be fascinating things which appeal to that commonaddiction we have called "modern culture".It was just that I got woken up this am with something I was supposed to say - andits just that I had to tell you that Im sorry youre being turned into a saint as youread this type of stuff.The only disclaimer I have for you - if its any consolation - is that its a helluvaway to go.So please enjoy this incredible new Now we are all creating.
  • Even though there may be some apparent bumps in the road, they are beingcreated just to make it all seem more "real". Its all part of waking up. The bestpart.And in between the lines of this is far more meaning than I have time right now totell you. But as you continue your own studies, and start analyzing the worldaround you more carefully (and a lot less seriously) youll find all sorts offascinating meanings which help you along that path-that-isnt-there toward asimilarly non-existent mountain.Have I been mystic enough this early am?Well, we all have access to that line of prose when we need it.Of course, if this strikes a chord - you can always leave a comment.Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, January 27, 2011 How to Change Your Mind - Really Shift Gears The problem, after awhile, is not how to get inspired, but how to quit having to deal with all these inspirations coming in all the time. Seriously, it can get bad after awhile. And you have to learn how to shut it off, as it were, so you can have some peace every now and then. Otherwise, youre going to get ragged out just trying to keep up with all the genius- type thoughts you have all the time. They come faster than they can be put to use or developed into a working model. The result is that you get nothing done, make no money, have nothing to show for all that thinking and writing and whatnot youve been doing. The point, as so many of the real masters have told through the years, is to concentrate. However, the problem is that most initiates have to work through this effort band of trying to force themselves to concentrate or "dont think" of things around them. And of course, they wind up thinking even harder. (Thats the old NLP conundrum that there is really no negative in the mind.) Let me give you the solution right now, then well cover how to get from here to there: You simply let it all go and just be. Yes, Ive said that before, and its really that simple. And once youve really mastered this for yourself, you have an always-on, endless supply of Peace that
  • you could almost bottle and sell for pennies to make your fortune and retire. (Ofcourse that secret is that youve already retired at that stage and are into yoursecond or third career by then.)But thats the simplicity of getting your mind back to where you want it.This has always been the point, and probably why most people just leave theirmind on automatic (as well as most everything else.)There havent really been decent tools a person could use to get their mind backinto a "clutch-gearshift" mode. I mean, I love automatic transmissions - but if youcant utilize the lower gears when you need them, whats the use of having them?When you have to manually shift, then you know whats going on all the time andcan get a lot more performance out of your vehicle.And thats what a body and a lifetime are - a vehicle for you to ride in for now.(If all that transmission metaphor doesnt appeal to you, then maybe try the freevs. trapped concept. Same point.)Key to being able to think of what you want when you want is based on a fewprinciples: 1. Know you can be free and get unlimited peace anytime you want it (or need it.) 2. Know that you can tap into an unlimited amount of information, knowledge, and understanding at will. 3. Know your own purpose, what makes you an individual here and now.Really, those are all three the same thing (and theres a fourth kicking aroundsomewhere which should show up shortly...)The best solution Ive found to get there (aka enlightenment) is to learn both theSilva Method and Levenson Releasing - as Ive covered before. You can always tryBurt Goldmans stuff, but its based on Silva UltraMind/Peaks. And there are atleast 3 main versions of Levenson (Dwoskin, Crane, and Seretan).Both of these methods (Silva-Levenson) have many additional tools you can use totweak it for your own best experience and results.The key theory is to simply let go of whatever chain of thought youve beenworking on and simply drop back to your natural state of peace. This will meanrelaxing into an alpha or theta brainwave state (thats the Silva part) and thensimply letting go (the Levenson part).As soon as you have that peace back again, then you can review your basic purposeand see what goal you wanted to pick up again and what needed some more work.Then the thoughts you want to take up can start - because youre working fromintuition forward.
  • Now, this doesnt mean that you cant pick up any chain of thought again, at anytime. Practically, it will stay just where it was until you do get back to it. Becauseits a creation process - and until you create on it some more, it will stay there,unchanged.This works because you are simply pulling from a much more powerful sourcethan anything in this universe. You may have heard of the concept, "as within, sowithout" (comes from the old Emerald Tablets if you want to look it up.) Thekicker is that the inner universe is much bigger and resource-full than the outerone. The world and physical universe we live in is like looking down into amicroscope. Sure the world you know see when you concentrate on that small littlebit is huge and involving, but when you back out of it, you can see that it really isjust a speck of something in a drop of water between two thin pieces of glass.----All of todays post is really short-handed beyond belief. But since I had theproblem, I wanted to share with you how I scratched my own itch.If you want more data, youre going to have to check out those links for Silva,Goldman, Crane, and/or Seretan. Or just look their stuff up online. Most have freedownloads you can check out. All of this data can be gotten by lots of time spent inresearch on the Internet. But I can tell you that youll get it faster by investingmoney rather than time. Your choice.Hope this helps you.RobertPS. Whats that? You dont have the "always-on Genius" problem? Check out thisbook I cobbled together a couple years ago - "Genius: How to Be One, How to LiveWith It." 20 bestselling and all-time classic authors from the last 100 years(except mostly the last 50) who had that problem and lived to write about it...
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Now for some queer controversy Homos, fags, queers, dykes, lesbos, fudge-packers, you name the slur. Just about as bad as kyke, honky, spic, jew-boy, negra, etc. (Now you can see what we are in for today... Controversy and imagined slights - here we come.) Once weve seen what real empathy is, then we can start examining where and why its not apparently present everywhere and in everyone around us. Basic principles that drive this examination: ● We are all connected, all Self. ● For each of us, individually and collectively, the world is what we think it is. ● Mental patterns of thought are just that - habits. ● Nothing is set in stone, all is possible to be changed - including these statements. Change is our only constant, part of evolution. So now Ill take up what I understand at this point about homosexual/queer/gay phenomenon.
  • There are physical differences between the two sexes. And interaction has to occurin order to continue any species. Its this yin-yang thing. There are subtlephysiological differences with glands which make different responses. So there hasbeen some hard-wired differences.(That of course doesnt affect empathy, it just makes the practice more interesting.)Two people of the same sex can get along better because theres more predictableresponse. It doesnt mean theyll all like football or art the same way. But guys andgals tend to have different responses according to gender. So its sometimes easierto get along with those of the same sex.But there is no - and can be no - definite proof that queers and straights are onlywired that way. Theres enough shifting back and forth to observe that its a matterof choice.Once again: queer or straight is a matter of choice.Anyone has patterns they were brought up with. They model their lives on thebasis of some set of patterns or another they observed or were taught. And byeither severe interruption (like a dire illness or catastrophic event) or simplycontinuous work over a long period of time, any pattern can be remodeled. Andlike the "brain-washing" in WWII, that newly-remodeled pattern can be changedback.But queers dont inspire trust. Because you have a person who looks one way andacts another. People think in patterns and it throws them off when their assumedpatterns arent followed.This "queers in the military" conversation is an interesting one. If you look up"Book of 5 Rings", by one of the greatest samurais of all time, there is a sectionabout homosexual samurai which were commonly accepted during that ancientcentury in Japan. And a lot of advice there on how to get along. One of the funnieranecdotes Id heard in this modern review of this ancient subject was that aforward combat company had a queer in with them and he was trusted implicitly.Because he was big and tough and killed people without a qualm when he wassupposed to do it.That meant he fit the pattern and job requirements. To be sure, he didnt "hit on"others around him when he was on the job. Such action would destroy that trust.Once you live with a person for awhile, you can figure out generally what they aregoing to do and how and when, so it gets easier. And the more people work to beempathic with others, it gets better.What doesnt help is all this "minority rights" stuff. Because that is counter-empathic. In order to champion rights for a "repressed" minority, you have tomaintain your individuality, your separateness. And so you wont be able tounderstand where others are coming from. Because you cant be them.This is, of course, why the "Civil Rights" movement is dying off - and why these"reverends without congregations" seem the biggest bigots around. They dontwant to understand that people can get along. They make their living in fact from
  • the imagined continuing existence of non-empathic rugged individualism. But themore people co-exist with each other, the more they "work out" their differences.Sure, there are still some racists and sexists (particularly in government jobs andgovernment-supported academia). Thank God they are all a dying breed. Theymake for poor entertainment.You can also see why extremists on both sides (particularly the liberal left) aredying off. Same logic. Unsustainable viewpoint. Politicians only get elected fromthe center. And government intervention always eventually just screws things up.Take the EPA and IRS - way out of bounds these days.That said, you also then know that the majority of the mainstream media are alsobigots. Because they make their living by leading their audience along by theirlittle individualistic noses with their penchant for and addiction to extremeemotionalism. If they cant get someone crying, or furious, or pathetic on TV, thenits not much of a story. And if they cant fill these addictions, then they dont selladvertising which keeps them afloat.Emotions and feelings are all created, all arbitrary. Sure, they are entertaining. Butwhen they are mixed up with actual facts and logic, the whole smorgasboard getspretty unworkable.And people trust movies more than they trust the news. Neither news programsnor politicians can get regularly above about 30% believabiliity according tosurvey (which is why perhaps they are such solid bedfellows.)As a person (speaking as an individual here) I dont care whether a guy or gal isstraight or queer. But I dont like having it thrown in my face because they areinsecure in their own skin. Makes them unpredictable. Cant be trusted.And as far as being a repressed minority, try being a white male for awhile. Youreblamed for everything that is "wrong", yet are expected just to suck it up and takeit.If you want government hand-outs and special treatment, claim your minoritystatus (except for white males). But dont expect it to get anywhere except moreisolated and alone. Handouts never made anyone happy.To get real peace in your life, get out of this trap of being special and separate andunique. Quit listening to any "individual" around you and start listening with yourheart.Just let it all go.Now all that doesnt mean diversity (or sex) isnt fun, and it doesnt negate theapparent fact that all this individuality is present due to separate purposes we eachhave to accomplish while were here.The overall point is that life can be incredibly fascinating and amazing and aheckuva lot of fun.And the next time you meet a bigot, just smile and nod and try to understand theirnarrow view. Realize its just you looking back at yourself.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Ultimate Empathy - Boiled Down The key seems to be in letting go of the individual in order to be all.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, January 23, 2011 Got game? Now Ive gone and done it. Life as we knew is it over. Cats out of the bag. Of course, you could have seen this coming - and so could I. Lets review: There is Self and there is Now. These two things all philosophies and religions agree on. (In some fashion or another, anyway.) Now life in this universe includes these two, but they dont depend on us living to prove their existence. In fact, our individual lives are just an itch that needs scratching. Not vital to their existence - as theyll just continue long after this planet turns to dust, which is a lot longer than any individual humanoid or animal or plant or mineral life on it. Just the way it is. Self and Now are obviously outside of conventional concepts of time and space. But Ive covered that before. Were all just Self Now, otherwise. Go ahead, wipe out this planet, blow up the entire universe - wont mean a thing. The meaning for all our thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires - all that mental stuff
  • - these only exist as justification for our own existence. Everything we create asthoughts is just more lies on top of lies. (Of, if you like, truths on top of truths.) Ifyou look all that mental stuff up, youll find that you can and do consciously createall thought, any feeling, every desire. All of these can be controlled at the drop of ahat. (Youd think some actor had figured this out long ago - well, there wasShakespeare...) Of course, weve put most of them on automatic just to make it allmore efficient.This then brings us to purpose. Why the hell are we acting this way?Each and every Life has a purpose. Life in this universe, you and I and everybodyelse, exists to fulfill some purpose or another. And thats the only reason forindividuality at all.The best explanation Ive heard for this is the metaphor that "Life is a game". Thatmeans you have a playing field and rules, and competitors and goals and a setlimit to the time of play. Death is a fictional part of this game, just like everythingelse.Most belief-systems cover some idea of reincarnation (even the original Christianworks, before an editor got a hold of them). But thats just a promise that youll beback for another game, later. Another Now in that fiction called a time-stream(which is neceesary in order to play a game, isnt it?)Proof of this is that when you can revive (or exhume) a persons purpose, you cancure any particular illness or even bring them back to a living, breathing form(which have both been made completely illegal by the FDA). And you can traceanyones illness back to a series of thougths they had just prior to that point.Applying any technique you want that allows a person to change those thoughts(such a recognising their own responsibility) will then "cure" that illness, or atleast make healing speed up.No stranger to this, I had a malignant cancer when I was in my early 20s. Andsurvived (obviously - Im way past 50 at this writing.) But I later found out a friendof mine that I went to school with had also contracted cancer about that same age.She didnt survive.The difference is that I took an instant to decide I wanted to live, as I considered Istill had some things to do. It was a conscious effort - and I still remember theexact incident like it was a few minutes ago.Life is just having a purpose and following it. And death is an arbitrary.Everything else you experience as part of that game is just your own creation inorder to play that game and fulfill that purpose - or not. The number of sands inthat hour-glass are completely up to you. As well as how fast they run through it.I could go ahead and tell you books and methods and techniques that would helpyou live that life and get that purpose accomplished. But Ive already done that,over and over.Any example Id give here would just be more justification, raison detre - reasonfor existence.
  • Its now up to you to do something with this, to make it part of your own life, yourown existence.Or not.Because in any game, you have choice.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, January 22, 2011 Ultimate Empathy
  • Its simpler than you think.And possible to know everything about anything, to have/do/be all you could everneed or want.Of course this takes practice. (Nothing in life is truly free, until you find it was allalong...)Essentially, you just need to let go of any idea of separateness from anyone oranything else out there. Thats just simple releasing (Seretan or Crane versions willdo). And its simpler to just get into an alpha level state (Silva).You also let go of any necessity for time or space - since these are just arbitrary aswell, since we are all connected in the Now.What you are contacting is that primal force called Love (best explanation is inHaanel).The formula is: Just Be => Love.Of course, this is a higher level meditation than just concentrating on your goalevery day. But its a lot of fun. Very refreshing. And when youre there, youll seeall sorts of connections where people actually want to give you the things youwant. Yes, your Millionaire Mind is there, even though this sounds a bit likeGoldman.Now I could go on with this for hours, telling you all about the specifics of this, butIm told you only need the simplicities of it so you can invest yourself in it.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Talking to Yourself Helps You may find that this Golden Rule can be a bit disturbing. Because whatever you do comes back to you - some schools say it comes back amplified, as 3 to 10 times as much. Of course, you can get into karma as an explanation for all the "bad" things which happen around you. Or you can also see that these are all simply opportunities to learn and grow (or to make yourself rich.) Earl Nightingale was my mentor in this area, with his 1950s hit Gold record, "The Strangest Secret". He had a 30-day program which told you essentially to practice non-critical, positive thought for that time period. And if you slipped up, to simply start over for another 30 days. What he said youd wind up with was a "cheerful, expectant attitude" where everything could turn out for good - just to the degree youd let it. Now, of course, in these days of news media and politicians who only profit by finding controversy, chaos, and cacaphonous catastrophe - its really sometimes a stretch to even justify the existence of God. Because they consider their job is to fill
  • your life with these contrasts (so that they continue to have you as viewers andthey can sell advertising.)However, its really just true that what you say, do, and think about all comes backto you.So as you are critical, youll fill your life with incoming criticisms. As you continueto think that conspiracies are running this planet, you will continue to findevidence in your personal life that "they" have tried to "done you in" again.On the other hand, looking for simple pleasures brings more of these into yourlife. If you love baking cakes, youll see more enticing recipes to try out. Drivesafely and youll observe that the vast majority of people around you are doing thesame. Be courteous and empathetic and youll find kind, understanding souls aremeeting you at all points of life.You see, the world is what you make it. Those ancient Polynesians were telling thetruth.Napoleon Hill, then Earl Nightingale, and now Bob Proctor just repeat it with theirown versions - set to modern music.The tune is and always has been the same. Only the details (and todays "specialoffer") have changed. But thats just a different wrapper on the gift - marketing.So try this today: talk to everyone you meet just as youd like to be talked to. If youlike to be motivated and inspired, then talk only in motivational and inspirationalterms. If you want to be amused or entertained, then make someone laugh or helpthem pass the time enjoyably.The more you work to simply help others make their own way through life, themore help and ease will happen in your own life.Just the way things are set up.Yes, we are talking about responsibility here, but putting a nice face on it.Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, January 17, 2011 How that Millionaire Mind is going along... (ref: Splendedly, in all actual fact. Heres how this stuff works - from a personal perspective. No, I wasnt able to keep every point in every day. I was already meditating/reviewing/praying daily, so thats not a problem (doing this last in evening before sleep and first in am as part of dream analysis). Writing down my goal 15 times a day seemed the hardest. Now I have it at my workspace to be prompted to do it before I fire up the computer and get going. The daily declarations were finally solved by printing them off and hanging them next to my bathroom mirror - so I can do them along with my daily morning rituals, before leaving. No, I havent gotten a card to carry with me per Earl Nightingale. Since my work is all in my home- office, thats redundant. I posted it right above one of my monitors, instead - and started reviewing this every time I came back to the computer. The only added point Ive discovered is an overall plan with daily to-dos which get that done. And
  • of course, this follows Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich.The results are quite interesting.What this seemingly laborious point of writing your goal downl 15 times a day really makes youconcentrate on that goal. Keeping it in a notebook tells you any days you might have missed - gooddiscipline.And concentrating on that goal builds a "fire in your belly" for it. Much like Hills "Burning Desire"from Chapter 2 of his bestseller. It also reminded me of Claude Bristols "Magic of Believing" wherehe concentrated on making money by doodling dollar signs every time he was on the phone. Thepoint is to concentrate your attention on that single point. (And this is covered by many, manyauthors in my "Mystic Marketing" compilation - if you want additional views on this.)This fired-up goal is added to with the declaration. Yes, you hold your hand over your heart (formetaphysical and spiritual reasons) and point to your head, just as T. Harv Eker says. And this thensubtly changes your attitudes toward yourself. Any time you think of lack, you plug in these otherstatements and start changing that thought to how you could improve your financial scene.And, as I am a big fan of Levensons releasing technique, anytime and everytime you notice a non-optimal attitude (thought, feeling, emotion, desire) you simply release everything about it as you go.Sure, stop everything you are doing and just release (dont try this while driving, unless you pullover.) And that particular attitude is gone for good. You may get echoes of it, but that is becauseeverything in your mind is cross-related - so you release other connections as they come up. (Again,check out Seretans or Larry Cranes versions of this - or just get my "Freedom Is - period" book.)The summary is that this stuff really works. Now Im just about 15 days into this and have morethan 15 to go. Because one just keeps this up from here on out. After you go 30 days, see how muchprogress youve made toward that goal. You can adjust the wording of that goal, and you canreorganize your life so that you continue to reinforce your concentration on that goal with evenmore steps.But you have to commit to being into this for the long haul. The only reason to stop is when youvegot everything possible you could possibly want or need. And the worlds population is also in thatstate. No kidding.----Now, that said, the next point to add might be listening to motivational or inspirational messagesthrough the day (for me, this is too distractive and slows my work) but any commuting time youhave would be a good point to try. I need to get this into my truck as a CD while Im driving to checkcows or pick up supplies in town...T. Harv Eker sells CDs of his various presentations. So does Bob Proctor. And there is a ton ofspeakers at Nightingale-Conant who can do similar for you.Your life. Your choice.Thanks for letting me update. Hope it helps you with your life. Leave a comment?
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, January 16, 2011 "The Search" is Entertainment For a long time, Ive spent my research hours pondering the outliers, the crossovers, and the masses. Frankly, its time to admit they are all heading in the same direction. The difference is in their speed of arrival. Outliers by definition are the strange exceptions to the rule. Far from proving that the law doesnt work, they show that there is a different definition to that law - that it has other boundaries and agreements. Feathers dont flaunt the law of gravity in a vacuum, for instance. However, various laws of aerodynamics tend to mitigate gravity, which give us the 7 types of flight. Crossovers are where a study in one area suddenly shows up as a factor or explanation in another. The stone vs. feather experiment above (as executed on the Moon) is one example - aerodynamics affecting gravity. Or, in the case of outlier miracles, faith being the explanation where science cant. Huna principles giving the explanation for the light bulb and telephone being invented simultaneously on two distinctly different continents. (See Claude Bristols "Magic of Believing" for more of these...) The Masses are the ones who follow the rules. Marketing has long been known to
  • deal with these by their psychological norms. For the bulk of humanity, there aresimply and only one way to do things. Just as 95-99 percent of all people respondto the same stimulus, any sales page will always get between 1-3 percent response.And so spam was created. Most advertising is a numbers game. As well, around95% of our decisions are based on subconscious decisions which can beoverridden, but are mostly followed like lemmings over a cliff.Evolution is the one argument which really makes sense out of all this.Its logic tells us that we are heading in the "right direction". Because more peoplesurvive than succumb. Good is winning out over evil more and more every day.And our little inward "free will" is the opening to understanding how inspirationand intuition guide our progress technologically and spiritually.Of course, we keep conspiracy theorists around (and birthers) to keep everythinginteresting. (But I couldnt tell you why the White House wont simply produce abona-fide birth certificate and end the ruckus... Maybe because they thought theywon too easily in 2008?) As I was saying - it makes things interesting.The bulk of humanity is mostly involved in interesting ways of living which helpspass the time they have on this earth. Theres even a remarkable niche market inhelping people find what their purpose is. And then, you dont have to go furtherthan religion or politics or "making money" to see how people invest their seconds,minutes, hours, years, etc.One could say that all we are interested in is education, entertainment, orenlightenment. Given that we are all connected, and have an always-on connectionto the entirety of knowledge on this planet spiritually - you can rule out educationand enlightenment. Youre already there, bub.So the remainder is entertainment.And so we have movies, TV, cruises (even when we get sick), trail rides, tours,pilgrimages, and so on.Most of this is stuck to the hilt with the idea that we are separate individuals. Likeplayers on a football field, we break into a number of teams and all play by thesame rules on equally-built and maintained fields, with nearly identical safetyequipment. And the trophies we pass back and forth each year, while we continueto break new records, and so on, and so on.Of course, artists break these rules, because they see things differently. I had anuncle who told my parents I was an artist without seeing any of my work. Theytold him I just didnt make sense of football or sports in general. And he told them,"Well, he must be an artist. Only artists think that way." Everyone else got behindthe players and teams and so on. Artists are, for the most part, outliers. (Oroutlaws.)Yet, the works true artists create are lauded beyond reason, because the bulk ofhumanity cant go there. Not wired that way. So its a trade-off. Artists (evenwriters) really live simultaneously in a different world. Like the feather and therock. Only devoid of their mutual environment do they act the same. Otherwise,feathers float to earth and rocks plummet.
  • And there are crossovers between those worlds. The occasional artist who is anoutstanding football player - or the football player who paints, plays instruments,etc. And there are some "modern" artists who simply cant. Their work sells eitherby outrageous marketing efforts (sold to the masses) or doesnt sell at all.Wannabes. You look at Picassos stuff and youll find that he was an incrediblyaccurate portraitist in his earlier work. And Pollack studied under Thomas HartBenton in classic studies before he drowned himself in psychologically exploratorydrip-painting. Art which truly is loved through the ages has a masters life-longstudy of art and communication and life behind it.But back to our point - we are essentially moving forward as a culture. Ourspirituality continues to evolve much as our mechanistic technology does. Allmoving in the realm of good winning out over evil.So you can rest easier at night.The main difference is arrival speed. Those few and minority active people (andthese include politicians, oddly enough) are very active and work to change things.(While the rest of the governed would rather they simply didnt. By consistentsurvey, people are happier with Congress when they are gridlocked.)But we are all "getting there", regardless. The 9-5-plus-overtime worker with theirTV set and beer, is making progress in general. And by their influence, they helpothers to keep on the "straight and narrow path." Government takes its share oftheir income (by whatever means it can) and keeps the roads open and its cronysupporters rewarded with fat contracts, etc.Everyone wins in this. Representatives and Senators who dont reflect their voterswishes are replaced with regularity. And with the Internet, its easier than ever tolet them know exactly what we consider they should do.Again, its the point that every decision you make moves you forward or back.Fortunately, we are mostly taking far more steps forward. Evolution proves it.Regardless of how we started, the doomsayers have never proved their point. Sure,weve had the Black Plague, Hitler, and so on. But Nagasaki and Hiroshimashowed that we really dont want to go that route. North Korea and Iran areworking to prove that once again. (And the people who live in those countries aresome of the poorest on earth, while their governments are investing in becoming"world powers". Heres a hint - get a life. Your neighboring countries have.)Just read this (or consider it) when you get feeling down. And realize that youremotions and feelings are just what you create them to be - that you can simply letgo of the bad and start feeling good. Because good is what will get you there.And now, you can see why Im going to start cartooning for a living. Lighteneveryone up a bit and well get there faster.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, January 15, 2011 Do you speak Intuitive?
  • Evolution is an always-on proposition.Its not just genetically, from generation to generation, based on the random assignment and chancecombinations of our DNA. Nor, on a sped-up format, is it through the yearly recombination of genesthat our crops go through (did you know that now our genetic manipulation has been found to havespread into remote Mexican original corn gene-stock?)More that we are constantly evolving all the time. The best and worst of us are on display daily, andwe are actively working to improve our species and all species. And the best of us (re)learn to speakintuitive. Usually as an always-on condition.As usual, Ill work to give you my inputs which you can decide if Im speaking sooth or downrightcrazy.You might be familiar with "Go Thunk Yourself, Again!", where I derive a method of intuitionalanalysis. This says, basically, that you can tap into your constant connection with the Universal. Themethods used to induce this are simply getting out of dichotomous thinking (hot-cold, plus-minus,right-left, on-off, black-white, etc.) and start thinking in terms of at least a four-sourced thoughtsystem (which are described in the book as "tetrads"). These systems are interlocked and worktogether to bring the others up or down in value. (And the bulk of this book was published on-linein 19 posts at if you want to study it for yourself - oryou can buy the book for easier review...)Huna connections and explanations, "There are no limits" and "The world is what you think it is,"gave further fuel to this, meaning that we are all connected through this Universal - and this is analways-on connection.Later studies of Levenson (as published in Freedom Is) brought up ancient traditions that we are allSelf, not individuals - other than to play the interesting and entertaining games we have. Of coursethat can be logically traced back to the Huna principles above, which you are welcome to disregardor disbelieve.Further, the point that we are running on about 5% conscious thought and the rest subconcious hasbeen pointed out by many, many scientists, researchers, and metaphysicians. In Max FreedomLongs books, he refers to these as the High, Middle, and Low selves - while the actual Huna namesfor these give a great deal more insight. The psychological explanation of these are Superconscious,Conscious, and Subconscious minds. (Serge Kahili King describes these in "Mastering Your HiddenSelf."However, Daddy Bray, as discussed by Laura Yardley in her "Heart of Huna" considered these to bemetaphor.Taking that concept, one could see how Levensons releasing would then allow one to analyzememories and re-align them, resolving most of the "power" which the subconscious has over ourlives. (Most efficient technique seems to be the use this in conjunction with Silva Method type ofmeditative/prayer-state.)Now, this doesnt mean that our subconscious isnt good for keeping our breathing going and bloodcirculating. And some have held that this is really the animal body we inhabit, not our spiritual self.If you take this back, youll see that this is limited, as we obviously did create this universe we live in- and create it constantly during our days. This is what makes releasing and other forms of mentaltherapy so demonstratively effective. Changing thoughts and belief-systems (patterns/programs)then result in a changed world around us.However, the term "animal" is misleading as well - since all our pets and livestock, even wildanimals can be communicated with on higher levels than speech.This brings us back to our concept of being able to "speak" intuitively.We are simply connected to everyone and everything around us - because we put it there. (Thisagain comes back to concepts of there only being a Now to Be in.)
  • Of course, you can disregard this entire essay if you want. After all, we are surrounded by allmanner of ridiculous dramatizations of various reactive thought as voiced by our media, politicians,etc. And all the techniques to "sell" one another stuff is built on these factors that we are about 95%reactive to the world around us.And the very tiny, tiny percentage of people who get "enlightened" have observed this over and over.One of the more classic descriptions was published in Claude Bristols "Magic of Believing", asreferenced by Earl Nightingales "Strangest Secret" recording. Another referenced work wasDorothea Brandes "Wake Up and Live!".What youll find with these people who have "kicked over their traces" is that they are the mostempathic and understanding individuals you may ever meet. They have personally evolved to ahigher spiritual state than their companions, and no longer have to see things the way othersaround them do. Now, this doesnt mean they dont "make a living" like the rest of us. In fact, thevery point that they are still around running separate bodies like the rest of us just goes to show thatthere is some value in hanging around this planet.The trick is that life is no longer a chore. Money can be had - or not - by choice. One of the moreinteresting points I read about was in "Outliers" by Gladwell. His entire premise was built on theidea that people who were intensely gifted were rich - or more that the very richest among us werehighly gifted and thought different. However, one of the exceptions (Christopher Langan) to thiswas discounted by Gladwell, saying that while he was every bit or more gifted than the worldsrichest, he chose not to pursue that - because he wasnt trained though his social upbringing tomake that leap to success.Gladwell, (IMHO) has a warped view of success. Langan is particularly and emphatically successfulin the life he chose to live. Which is running a horse ranch in northern Missouri (which Gladwelldismisses as a "farm").Ive earlier disclosed that there are many, many more of these "enlightened" living among us thanhas every been discussed or disclosed. Because they dont have to be rich or famous, they may ormay not be. But once you meet one of them, youll realize it. No, they dont advertise and dontbelong to any secret society - particularly. So theres no way to get a roll call happening on this, oreven to verify my claim.To my consideration, these few people are those who have the potential to "speak intuitive" all thetime. If they want to.Because choice, particularly this choice to be an individual, runs deep in humankind.Try to speak intuitive today. Its a hoot.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Simple re-programming - you do it all the time (Warning: below has affiliate links and self-promotion. But you can change your life anyway...) That doesnt mean I said re-programming your life was easy. But it is a habit you set up along the way that keeps you wherever you are right now. So you might as well know now how you keep all this in place. But be warned, Im giving you substantial short-hand Ive boiled down over the last decade of hard-knocks research - thats why there are so many links to other products and books. Lets take building a millionaire mind. If you follow T. Harv Eker and Bob Proctor, youll find out that they tell you that anyone can change their mind and start making any amount of money (earning, actually) that they want in their life. But it will always, always, start about 28-40 days prior. At least. Because the mental habits youve created which hold you back take that long to replace. (The only reason you hold onto your current world-view is that you are surrounded by material and people who support your opinions in this area just as
  • they are. Change those aspects, and youll change that world-view.) Of course, youmay see changes right off - or they may show up later. Everyones different, asindividuals.Now, you can (and should) take extra steps to make this easier, which is releasing(simply letting go) of the emotions, desires, and feelings which underlie thatpattern of thinking. (Try Larry Crane or Stephen Seretan. And theres my last self-help book, Freedom Is)Another tool you can use is the Silva Method, which frees up other blocks.Particularly Silva UltraMind, or Silva Peaks (same stuff, based on his lastresearch.)Actually, these work together better than separately. Silva helps you get into ameditative state faster, where releasing is far more effective. And both have othertools to use in this journey.So, yes, Im telling you to envision and meditate/pray on this daily.Best, simplest approach is per Earl Nightingale: ● Take a note card. Write your goal on one side. (Use Bob Proctors phrase "I am so happy and grateful now that..." to introduce it.) ● On the other side, write the three statements from the Sermon on the Mount: "Ask and it will be given, Seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened."Study this card three times a day (each meal, perhaps) with a relaxed frame ofmind, knowing that it has already occurred. Then with that vision in front of you,simply let it go for the Universe to manifest. (Thats from Napoleon Hill, and "TheSecret" DVD)Now, thats not all you do daily.Get a copy of T. Harv Ekers declarations and repeat these to yourself in the mirror- looking straight into your own eyes.And on top of that, theres another little secret I found in an online course for JoseSilva - get a notebook, spiral bound. Now, for thirty days do this: 1. Write the date at the top. 2. Write your goal 15 times down that page, long hand. (Yes, you can block-print, if its easier.)This technique was used by a cartoonist (Scott Adams - Dilbert) to get two booksonto the New York Times bestseller list at the same time. Plus, he also used it toget into and through graduate school, among other things. So it works.Recap: 1. Make that card and review your goal 3 times daily with a relaxed frame ofmind, getting the idea that this goal has already been achieved. 2. During this and throughout the day, release any negative emotions, desires,and feelings you have that is contrary to that goal.
  • 3. Every morning (you can do this 3 times daily as well) review T. Harv Ekersdeclarations to a mirror, looking yourself straight in the eyes. 4. Write down your goal 15 times daily in a notebook.Yes, this is a lot of work. But so is staying broke or constantly worried aboutmoney. The notebook keeps a journal of what you did that day. You could evenmake a grid on the other side to check off what you did that day out of this routine.If you want to get a copy of Nightingales "Strangest Secret" recording, this is ahelpful addition. And as you commute, its a smart move to play motivational oreducational recordings as you go - by Eker, or Nightingale, or Proctor - anythingwhich is by people who really did make themselves into millionaires and areactively helping others achieve that goal.If you want to know more about making yourself a millionaire, Ive set up a sitejust for this at ● Yes, thats a pitch. ● Yes, theres some good material there. ● Yes, it has affiliate links. ● No, you dont have to buy anything at all. ● Yes, you can change your life.Yes, these are the steps Im taking myself. No, it isnt easy, and No, I havent keptall these steps in myself. So by writing all these down, Im putting more pressureon myself to simply get this all done.Over to you.PS. Yes, those links above are mostly either my products or affiliate links. The point is to make this allavailable to you. Yes, you can find all of this for free on the Internet if you want to. Buying theseproducts can simply speed your progress. Your choice. Just wanted to let you know.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, January 5, 2011 TheTricky Paradigm-shift Which Could Save Your Life The trick with all this is not a trick - its a paradigm-shift. A person has to move from belief in this mortal plane into simply belief in self. (Or Self, depending on what youre preferences are.) And Ill tell you that the point is to make your visualizations and then let them go. Mock up the world just the way you want it as a fact. Then let the world roll it out as it will. This takes courage - probably more than facing the most devilish opponent that can be mustered up. Of course, its one of the easiest things you can do in your life. The reason being is that all this evil, all these opposing forces, all these conspiracies which are keeping you down - are just self-created fictions. Fictions. Lies. Theatrics. Puffs of smoke-and-mirrors which you created to keep yourself amused.
  • Politics, government, shadowy crime syndicates, rogue dictators pursuing nuclearweapons - all these "real-life" characters stem from your own participation in thatgame they are playing.Because, in actuality, all these characters are you. We are all connected. And whatis out there is your responsibility, because you put it there.At some point, you have to (or not) take charge of that point of your mind whereyou are giving up your power of choice and self-determinism to something else -creating those entities which can "run your life" and that you "have no say over."But take this single idea for now: The world is what you think it is.Sure, thats an old Huna principle, one of the oldest they have (and its a very oldphilosophy).If you take that single principle really to heart, then you see that all of this world isin fact a stage. But you are the director, in charge of casting, wardrobe, scenerydesign - the whole works.You write the play that you star in. Every single, itsy-bitsy bit of it. All the largescenes where the hero or heroine comes in and saves the day, as well as the smallones there just to accommodate scenery changes.How these scenes come out is exactly as you script them - in advance.Because your thoughts create your reality. And you think too muchsometimes. But all those collected thoughts youve been amassing for so long arejust your "swipe file" so you can create the next scene.When you sit in movies, or watch TV, or listen to your uncles stories, you arepiling up more and more references to build your life with. And to the degree youhold onto the tragic ones instead of the comedies, just to that degree will thescenes in your life play out that way. To the exact degree that you let go of thecritical ideas and considerations you hold - just to that degree will your life bepeaceful, joyous, and free.Because any and all internal, personal peace stems just from this one point offaith: that you create your own reality through your own thoughts and actions.And you can say these are the ravings of an old man who lives on a remote farm inthe middle of nowhere. But I would reply - yes, and I put myself here just so Icould study out the insanities of this planet and culture to get to their actual base.And report on these back to you and your created world we live in.What you want out of life are your own choosing. What you get is what you want.Too simple.Try it for yourself. See if you cant change your own mind. Even a little bit.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, December 31, 2010 The underlying tetrad - four-way flows to Peace
  • There seem to be four balanced flows which move in different directions aroundus.Pilots commonly use three of these. Philosophers use all four, but most hang onthe last one (unless they are accessing their Zen side).These are: 1. up/down 2. turn right/left 3. roll right/left 4. change/no-changeThat last one is known as time.And a centered individual knows that nothing "has" to be done, that there is onlythe Now.Of course, with any extreme, there exists the opposite - probably to balance it out.Corporate extremes are matched with activist groups to rein them in. The politicalright is matched in intensity by the political left. Poverty is matched byphilanthropy.Obviously, there are exceptions to this. Particularly where "found" by those whodont want to look.But the "hard" or "impossible" usually starts with non-confront of what is. As youconsider the possibilities, then all becomes possible.A workable (and relatively stress-free) life can be made out of finding the "middleroad" as many follow.Now, you can also step partially or entirely outside this scene. Just to the degreewhich you consider the Huna principle "The world is what you think it is." (Hint:create visions.) Nothing is truly carved in stone forever. Meanwhile, this is a veryworkable way to consider things.And Peace shows up when reaching the center - that "peace that passes allunderstanding."Cheers!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, November 25, 2010 All Life’s Answers are Already Yours (Of course, you get this here because I don’t yet have my main blog set up again. It’s coming, I promise. Just because I can get more resources available for your study when I do.) The real underlying basis to your life is that you already have all the answers. Yes, to any question or situation you may have. Most people don’t believe this, however, the mystics have been talking about this since forever. (Nice phrase, that.) Also, any casual search of self-help classics brings this same point up. Lester Levenson, Burt Goldman, Jose Silva, Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward, all of these guys. (And Dorothea Brande, as well as Genevieve Behrend – as far as gals.) First, let me tell you the logic: 1. We are all connected. In Huna, “There are no limits.” 2. Your feelings and emotional programming that you’ve subscribed to is what keeps you separate. (Levenson, and NVC.) 3. By releasing the emotional content programming you use to confront the world around you, then you can access all sorts of data – which we all share anyway.
  • If you check out “Think and Grow Rich”, this is described in his chapter about aDr. Gates.The technique here (which is also in Silva’s work, as well as Huna) is to simplyrelax and concentrate on the data to hand. Then you get your inspiration orintuitive insight to resolve whatever you are concentrating on.What does this mean?Of course, you can re-program yourself anyway you want. And theoretically, anyability you want is already yours as well. So you can be, do, and have anything andeverything you want or need.The bottom line is to get the wants and needs released from any insatiable desire –which is another internal program you are running on yourself.Now, this is accomplished with just daily meditation or reflection, relaxingphysically to enable this to happen more easily. You can’t force this into play.Now, this can result in what was earlier known as enlightenment, or satori –which is a form of moving target as well. Once you have the basic realization, thenyou can use or abandon this knowledge (and state) anytime you want. If you dodrop it, you can get it back any time at all.And there can be some fantastic abilities acquired this way – and that’s in the realdefinition of “fantastic.” But most of these can only be obtained by dropping the“must-haves” and “gotta’s”, as well as “now we’re supposed to’s”.Once you really get beyond worrying about or fearing mortal death – or evenhaving to be a separate entity or survive as one (as odd as that may sound). Andwhen you are willing to give up everything and not having to need anything, apeace beyond all understanding and description can be attained.Of course, this means anyone could be a prophet or Master if they “don’t” want toor have to. It’s a funny contradiction.And that’s why this “secret” is simply unknown and is in plain sight, if you look.But that’s the deal – you already have any answer to any question possible.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Dreams, Sedona Releasing, and Empathy If time weren’t tight already, I wrote another novel for NaNoWriMo – this one exploring dreams in our New/Internet Age world. Some of the essential questions: Are your thoughts your own? Are the dreams you have self-created, other-created, or mutually created? And what to do about them, if anything? The other reason was to see how fiction is a way to entertain new ideas and analyze them with various interactions. As writers have done since even before Shakespeare. Of course, you’ll see Joseph Campbell entering into this fray as one of the characters – with his “hero’s journey” laid out. Of all this work, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusions 1. Dreams are ever-present 2. They are due to our always-on connection to everyone else. 3. A disciplined approach to these allows you to have access to any answers or inspiration you need. Now, the interesting thing is how to approach them. Burt Goldman and Jose Silva worked on these points from a scientific approach. Silva’s last work, “Ultramind", lays out how simply calming the mind can give you all sorts of access to data through your “sixth sense.”
  • Napoleon Hill already laid this out in “Think and Grow Rich” with his “InvisibleCounselors” technique. And that was back in the ‘30’s.Meanwhile, Huna has been enabling people to have this access for centuries, withtheir “magic garden” technique. Whether you get Max Freedom Long or SergeKahili King, it’s much all the same. (But Dr. King has a nice study of dreams in his“Mastering your Hidden Self.”The point here is that you live your dreams – whether you take responsibility forthem or not.And that is the crux of any self-help or personal improvement approach.A recent development is getting clued into “Non-Violent Communication” (NVC).A friend told me about this, as he’s been taking this journey with me from oursimilar backgrounds.But this is applicable to living your own life. And gives you the tools to deal with allmanner of upset and irrational/emotional responses within you and surroundingyou.Lester Levenson gave the underlying ideas to actually handle the problems NVCsets out to solve. But NVC also gives the tools that Sedona (and Ho’oponopono) ismissing in direct interpersonal interaction. While Sedona Method graduates aremore empathetic than others, they still miss the simple tools of how to defusesituations by communication alone. NVC actually doesn’t have the underlyingunderstanding of why people put such evaluative feelings into their owncommunication to begin with – or how they could get to the point where they can’teven recognize the difference between thoughts and feelings.The whole trick is to find and use a wide variety of tools to obtain your goal.What each of these (including any search for satori or enlightenment) is lookingfor is to attain an inner level of unshakeable peace.The short-hand approach to this is ● Utilize releasing technique as a regular, ever-present approach to living. Get beyond having to utilize feelings in your interactions with life around you. ● Develop your empathy to deal with any limits you are finding that you’ve accepted or others are using around you. ● Seek to simply expand your own beingness to the wider world around you, taking responsibility for all this universe you’ve created. ● Act on your intuitive and inspired glimpses as you concentrate on simply what is around you.
  • And, as usual, once you get there, it’s just too simple. Well worth experiencing thejourney.----Sidebar: Difference between work and a job.Work is simply getting something done which isn’t forwarding your own purposedirectly. You get paid for it somehow, but it’s not what you would do by choice.A job is simply repetitive actions which accomplish something.Once you have your purpose figured out (or any goal you’ve set), then you’ll havejobs to do, but these aren’t really work.I’ve been studying the idea of intuitive living, and it really does boil down to thepoint that you are going to have to do some jobs every now and then. And some ofthese will become regular features of your life for awhile (or maybe from here onout). But the point is to approach these from your own inner peace, and drop allthe unnecessary emotional baggage which can accompany you on this journey.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, November 15, 2010 Unlimited Limits – for the secret few 1% of 1% of 1% of the people on this planet possibly have it all figured out and get everything they want, living abundant, peaceful, and healthy lives.But nobody knows except them. While they live completely normal lives to everyone around them, their success is also a nearly complete secret. The best media investigative reporters can’t uncover them. And while they make as much money as they want, they only pay the taxes they feel they should – which might be nothing. Government has no control over these people. And like Poe’s Purloined Letter, their secret is safe because it’s right out in the open. Just like “The Secret” DVD showed that the Law of Attraction has been known throughout time, yet people wouldn’t accept it and use it because it was so obvious, perhaps. The math of this is simple: The wealth of this planet is controlled by about 1% of the people who live here. That is no accident. Because that wealth is generated by these people. Out of that 1%, only about 1% of those people know exactly how they achieved that wealth. And this was laid out, partially, in “The Secret”. Now, of that very small amount, only 1% of those understand and know and have personalized the understandings which make those laws work. And so they are above and beyond any humankind or spiritual laws which exist. For them, there are no “miracles as usual”, because miracles are easily explained, like magic. OK, one example:
  • Money is a fiction. It doesn’t really exist except as a generated commodity which isuseful to exchange aggregated value between various peoples on this planet. It’sanother toy we play with.Now, people who know this fact, and who know the Law of Attraction, will actuallybe able to amass any amount of money into their lives. And that’s a proved fact,over and over.However, the people who go ahead to do the research to discover why the Law ofAttraction works – and internalize what they discover – find out that those truthsthat underlie this natural law also explain and empower a person to utilize allnatural laws, as well as change the physical world around them at will.These people can have, do, or be anything and everything they want. It’s actuallypeople who have achieved “satori” or “enlightenment” or “seen the light”.Yet they are no different than you or I. Most live very ordinary lives, the exceptionis that they are very much at peace with everyone around them. Their lives runsmoothly and calmly. No disasters happen, few serious illnesses if any. And theyappreciate life beyond measure, because it is always good.Some are famous, but not because they have it all figured out, but for some otherreason. And they’ll tell you exactly how and why they got into that state if you ask.But most have given up telling people years ago, because most won’t take the nextstep and see if those steps work for them.Now some, like Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, Wallace Wattles, and ThomasTroward had long figured this out by a wide-ranging study of other authors andsuccessful people – or simply studying all the religious and philosophic texts theycould lay their hands on.And there have been some, such as Lester Levenson, who have stumbled onto thisjust by sheer self inspection and an indomitable will.If you follow those authors I’ve linked, you’ll see the secrets they all worked ashard as they could to publish to the world.The only subject I’ve found which I would recommend you add to those studies isHuna, which is Serge Kahili King and Max Freedom Long, among others. For thatancient knowledge was hidden away and only really started to be revealed andpublished in the 1970’s.But you can live a very long, prosperous, and healthy life, full of greatrelationships. It’s just up to you to do so. No one is going to force you to – eventhough it may take considerable work on your part to change your mind.Good Luck.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, October 30, 2010 Found the secret to longevity, good health, etc. You just have to love all the time. Now that is probably too simple. Let’s look over some examples: W. Clement Stone, student and mentor to Napoleon Hill, and one of the richest men on the planet for his time, died at age 100. What was he known for? Positive Mental Attitude. He, like Earl Nightingale, already had it when they uncovered Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Certain Taoists in remote mountains are known to live even longer. Health is not an issue here. And most of our modern world would say that they lived fairly boring lives. But they don’t suffer from illness and live longer than anyone you know. Now, just a point here – we aren’t running away from Death. There is no fear of death here. It’s a natural phenomenon, along with illness and is to be embraced just like any other part of life. Life is a dream (per Serge Kahili King of Huna) and so you are really looking for the most rewarding dream you can find. Something which tickles your fancy. The bulk of people on this planet (upwards of 97-99%) are here simply to get
  • entertained. They fill their lives with all sort of conflict and distractions whichkeeps them more than busy.And there are some who are here to figure things out. The trick to this one is to seethat the universe itself doesn’t need to be figured out, as it’s a complete system andwill keep running all on its own – you just need to work out how to contributewithin it and do your part. But you can figure out what you’re supposed to bedoing here.When you do accomplish that, you move onto another dream, goes the theory.And these never really run out – since you have an infinite amount of dreams tolive out. The imagination is just that infinite. No dream is wrong or right. Nodream is perfect, but they all are – and we’ll get to that later. The point is to takethis as the light game it is.So the key secret is knowing what the universe is built on.Love.This is the creative source which built this universe. And you can look up more ofthis via Charles Haanel and his “Master Key System”. The more you create theworld and universe around you, the more you take responsibility for it and move italong, the better it gets. You have to love it to death. (I did this with somescammers and they never recovered… but a lot of people got their money back.)And you also use tools like your own intuition, which is also infinite and will giveyou any answers you want – the old “Seek and you will find, Ask and it will begiven.”Negatives like Death and Evil are just absences of their positive. If you want morelight in a room, you don’t shovel out the dark, but you turn on more light. If youwant a longer life, than throw more living into it.In short, you need to concentrate on the original love which created the scene youare in and work to make it even greater.Of course, this also entails another Huna principle – that “There are no limits.”Meaning, you and me and all of us are connected. So the more you work to spreadyour love and get other people to love/create more in their own lives, the bettereverything works out.When you run down any ill health problem, what do you see? Stress. Which issome form of combating or wanting to change what’s there. What is the commonsolution to ill-health? Not drugs – these just combat. No, it’s relaxation. And theyused to tell people to take up a creative hobby. Of course, move to a rural area isn’ta bad idea – where there is a lot of Nature around you which just keeps going in avery ordinary pattern. (In fact there was a village of people reported recentlywhere they all routinely live past one hundred years old. They lived a verymundane life of simply working out in the fields and weather most every day of the
  • year, producing their own food. Simple, routine lives.And they are constantly co-creating the world around them. Simple. Pure. Freefrom stress.Now this doesn’t mean you have to give up your current world-view or lifestyle.But I brought this to you to share one of those secrets which is right in front of allof our noses.Hope this helps.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Back to multi-tasking, coincident analysis Boy, I really hit you guys with some thick stuff, don’t I. Well, this all goes back to my old “tetrads” from “Go Thunk Yourself, Again!” The idea is that when you learn to think with four interrelated and interactive analysis factors, you are able to achieve a much more insightful and productive outcome. (Comes from older Buckminster Fuller parallels.) Now, what brought this all up was noticing an old line of analysis I’ve been using for some time and hadn’t noted the tetradic connection. In Huna, specifically Serge King’s “Mastering Your Hidden Self”, he mentions that there are four ways available to the shaman – objective, subjective, symbolic, and
  • holistic. ● Objective – how did this happen? ● Subjective – why is this happening to me? ● Symbolic – what does this all mean? ● Holistic – how does this fit together?In tetradic analysis, one simply sees that by solving any particular one, all the restare improved/strengthened at the same time.So when you improve your objective understanding, you also improve yoursubjective, symbolic, and holistic understanding at the same time. And so on.There is a value for each tetrad, a sort of conceptual understanding of the whole,which has its own worth. As you pursue using these four ways on an interactivebasis, all life becomes far more simpler. Other mysteries begin to solve for you.And in this book, I laid out that this becomes a sort of “universal solvent”.Nothing stands in its road as insolvable.Obviously, then, if you are working as a shaman this then gives you an incredible,possibly unlimited understanding of this entire universe within each exactmoment of Now.Yes, it’s a real rush.Try it and see.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, October 24, 2010 Average Success is Normal
  • And everyone is entitled to it.Now this runs counter to most modern thought, more or less. Because “Success”has been defined as something out of the ordinary, something extra-ordinary andextreme.But look over the statistics for any society and you’ll find, relative to their norms,that the majority of people out there are making a decent living and scraping by.There are always a very, very small number who are in serious trouble as well as avery, very small number who making an outrageous success of themselves.Even politics is set up that way. There are usually two parties, one in and one out.And they swap places with regularity. In America, the liberals are wanting to saythat everything is a “right” and government should prop up everyone to make surethat they have what they need. Conservatives, meanwhile are fighting for the rightof people to wreck their own lives if they want to and to take the chances to make aruddy fortune if they can.(Our latest recession is just a follow-up to the idea that housing is a “right”, sogovernment and financial institutions should give loans to people who can’t paythem back so they can live in houses much bigger than they need. And since thatdidn’t work exactly right – prices got too high – and so the solution was that thefinancial trading of commodities should be better regulated, as well as passingsome law that everyone should get health care as another “right”. All to improvethe lot of the average person.)
  • Some countries, like Norway, have it set up so that 50% of your income goes intothe public coffers and if you ever lose your job, you instantly get an apartment anda car to drive. Huge safety net.This idea that it’s easy to be an average success. There are all sorts of people tryingto raise the standard of living for everyone. And if you go along with what themajority are doing, you’ll have a nice life and live out your years with no particularproblems – and you can watch all the free TV you want with cheap beer and fastfood.Of course, this idea of success as normal is supported in the majority of the self-help books. Earl Nightingale stated in his “Strangest Secret” that the economy wasset up to keep pace with the slowest ship in the fleet. Dorothea Brande (mentionedby Nightingale in that recording), said to “Act as though it were impossible tofail.”Because when you need a solution to a problem it generally pops up if you don’tbat it away. This is that same intuition we are all built with from Day One. The onewhich keeps you safe most of the time.Jesus the Christ gave it out in his famous Sermon on the Mount, “Seek and youwill find, Ask and it will be given.”Of course this runs contrary to all sorts of conventional wisdom. But you couldconsider that people are telling you that life is a struggle and the rich should paymore so that we can all live in comfort, so taxes are higher when you are anoutrageous success, and so on. TV is filled with stories about how tough life is.(The current fad is cop shows and forensic science wizards who use computer toolsthat don’t exist yet.) If you look at any sport, you’ll find that all the rules aredesigned to make sure that being average is your best way to success.While the tabloids are full of stories about people who are extreme in one way oranother, they are always contrasting this with an average, safe, normal life.The trick is to figure out what normal is and then do that. Not really a trick,though. Just pick up any how-to book and then scale it back about 15% or so.Everyone wants you to be a plodding success and live out your life in relativecomfort – relative to your neighbors on each side of you.The safest route in this society is to not stand out, but just be “normal”. Do whatyou are expected to do. Dress like everyone else. And then you can live a verysuccessful life of being average.And if you want some excitement, then ask for some solutions which will makeyou stand out in some way. (Like the guy who put a KKK-draped figure on hislawn with another figure being lynched from his front-yard tree – all as Halloweendecorations. Oh, he also flew a Confederate flag all year round.)
  • Or do the homework to make a fortune and then be pestered by people wantingyou to give donations, or tax people saying you know owe even more. But guesswhat – people who have high-income lives tend to move into areas where they areaverage with their neighbors…I’m just saying that life is easy. Success is guaranteed. All as long as you just wantto travel in a pack with the regular herd around you.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, September 30, 2010 World Peace Self Help Lessons There is a reason you are here. And you probably don’t know it yet – although you have a pretty good idea. Because if you did know, then you’d have a very good idea of what you should be doing to solve it. (If it were truly solved, you’d more likely disappear form this plane of existence.) That is the point to enlightenment and subsequent spiritual training. Lots of people get enlightened and find that limitless peace beyond all understanding which is now ever-present. But you’ll also see, as they do, that they keep moving right along with life around them. The world may still be filled with tragedies, but these don’t bother them much. The next trick is to get these to disappear. Of course, there are many, many solutions to these. Ho’oponopono (such as following Dr. Len Hew and “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale) would be one solution. There are various miracles reported from using this 4 step technique. Another solution would be to use the “Law of Attraction” with the various steps outlined in “The Secret” DVD. Because you could attract a better world around you – and you do. Concentrating on the best you could imagine will then move you again into the “miracles as usual” band. There are even more ways to do this. Some examples are found in the “Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol – plenty for you to study and learn. What’s the point here? Look, if you really got perfectly clear on everything, then your job in this particular existence would be complete. And you’d move onto something else to solve – or simply be happy in a constant state of unlimited satori and join the other Masters who exist in different realms than what we can experience.
  • But if you’re still here after reaching your own enlightenment, then there are other lessons to learn,other purposes to fill.There are, in my estimation, an unlimited amount of lessons you can learn after you reach a stablestate of enlightenment. This is where your spiritual training begins.As near as I can figure at this point, and based on the Huna principle that we are all connected(“There are no limits.”) – then the world’s problems are our problems as well. And this is exactlywhere Dr. Len’s version of Ho’oponopono comes in. The one and first point you can deal with is whyyou are having the perception that you do. And then erase the bad parts of what you see.Fear and most negative emotions are based on a lack of something. But if you look closely, you’llfind that all lack is manufactured, a fiction. Like letting a light shine – darkness isn’t turned on oroff, so cannot affect a light. You don’t shovel out the dark in order to get more light – or open drainin the floor. You just let the light shine.And while people could argue with the semantics of that example, listen to that idea with your heart.See what it tells you is possible. For if you keep your attention on the im-possible, then you areshunning all that is possible – and it won’t show up for you.Those are the various lessons we can now start learning as we make our travels through this life.That is our spiritual training – which won’t quit as long as you keep following this dream you arecurrently in as you read this.All the best to you and yours.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, September 29, 2010 The Fastest Route to Enlightenment May Just Kill You Off. As you study the Masters on this planet (at least the ones who wrote about themselves or had disciples who did), you’ll find a very interesting common factor: the ones who got to enlightenment the fastest nearly died in the process. Most were exceedingly sick just before, and many kept a chronic condition for the rest of their lives. Others had to go through a long and arduous process to get there, lasting years.
  • They either had to force their attention onto the subject and concentrate onexclusively that as they did nothing else and others brought them food, water, andkept them sheltered – or they were so sick that this was the only thing that keptthem living.The only ones who didn’t fit this model were generally unknown (Lao Tse), or diedhorrific and tortuous deaths (Jesus the Christ).Lester Levenson was our most contemporary Master – and he died of cancer andbelieved all manner of horrible catastrophes were about to hit this planet. Eventhough he earlier had the personal abilities to change many things about his lifesuch as teleporting, instant healing of his own body, and control over inanimateobjects – among other talents.But that is just what he believed. That is what he studied in order to understandhis own condition which he got into after three months of dedicated study –because his doctors sent him home to die as his physical condition was so severe.Yet he lived another 42 years after that.However, the longest living people are contented with their lot and optimistic. W.Clement Stone lived to be 100 and was the champion of the “positive mentalattitude”.Of course, a long life means nothing.Its the intensity of the life which brings the most extreme results.The average person gets no closer to enlightenment than they do when they getinto or out of bed each evening.Most live lives of “quiet desperation” (or not) doing a factory or cubicle orwarehouse or farming job for their entire life and then surviving for a few yearsafter that in “retirement” just to die of one of several hundred ailments. Cancer isjust one of them. Death is death.And this is the trick. As long as you are alive on this planet in a humanoid (orother) body, you have a problem. You are to some degree or other separate fromthose around you. There is still some game to play you haven’t finished.Otherwise, you don’t need to be a piece on the board of this game of life. You couldbe the board or be the game or be everything – and it wouldn’t matter in theslightest.Why do some people get critical of the “Law of Attraction” for instance? Becausethey are jealous. It wrecks their game if everyone has more than enough ofanything they could possibly want. 99.9% of the games in this realm depend on 1. People being separate and different. 2. A continuing scarcity of something or everything.People who reach enlightenment know that both of the above are simply fictions.And can be dropped as beliefs at any time. The real well-off ones can drop theirbody or just have it disappear from this continuum any time they want. But that’s
  • a far cry from what the rest of us are able to, regardless of our particular spiritualtraining and abilities.The key understanding you need to have to reach enlightenment is that you aresimply mocking everything up around you. Sure, you can read all the books youwant which say this. But until you take it in as a personal and unshakeable belief,then no amount of books or tapes or DVDs will do you any amount of good. They’lljust support someone else’s budget and lifestyle.The real, authentic Masters don’t need your money. And will probably be foundgiving it away by the truckload to everyone who does need it. Because those thatare here on this planet are either busy helping others to reach their ownenlightenment, or are studying the rest of what they need to get their own nativetalents back – or both.And sure, they’ll keep this up until they die – or will simply disappear (which isnever noted or talked about by any of these guys – but it’s a possibility and hasmore than likely occurred even though it takes all the evidence with it. )The trick is that these guys don’t fear death, life is just another dream to them –one they can wake up from at any time.But it almost killed them to find that out.I wish you a better and simpler way of finding this for yourself. But that is why Iwrote this for you.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, September 20, 2010 Negative Logic Flaws Open Doors There is an interesting little flaw in the non-dualist thinking. Mostly in how it’s explained. If you consider that there are no negatives, only lack or less of a positive, then this whole argument that you have to accept the negative and positive both in order to achieve a balance could be a bogus concept. Consider that we only created the negatives in order to have a game. Like the zero is just a place holder, as “no” in NLP is considered. That case would then tell us that there is only what you create and those instances where you are withholding your creations/creating. There was a consistent argument against “positive thinking” in several schools of releasing. Simply because it was so booby-trapped, according to their line of thought. But Levenson was trying to understand his own paradigm-shift by studying various Eastern non-dualists. And so these releasing schools were stuck into the same logic patterns. Releasing simply lets go of old patterns of thought you’ve found less useful than before. Their idea of “truth” is something that won’t release. Which follows, since “fiction” is something that is invented but not actual (even though many people still believe in the Easter Rabbit, Santa Claus, the inevitability of taxes, and the supreme might of “government”.) The fictions you believe in need to support the creative approach you are taking. Otherwise, drop them.
  • This doesn’t mean anyone else has to agree with your own beliefs to make themreal to you. They only have to be effective for you. No one else agreeing ordisagreeing with you will make them more or less effective. Now, a lot of peopleagreeing to the same thing (like those invented fictions above) can cause them towork. (There’s stories of an island in the Hawaii area which repelled an invader bysimply gathering on the shore and chanting to reinforce a single idea – and thatinvader was unable to land… and then there’s Claude Bristol’s “Magic ofBelieving”.)The point is that, again, the world is what you think it is.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, September 20, 2010 Entertainment Meat Locker I’m afraid this post might be offensive to some. To others it may be a wake-up call. Still others might find it droll. Life on this humankind-dominated planet can be compared to a meat locker. The bottom line to human existence seems to be the fact that most (the vast majority) just want to go along and get along. They will never (and this is by their own design) reach any sort of high point on Maslow’s pyramid. Because they aren’t here to do other than be entertained. This is people who have no “purpose” in life. And also applies to people who reach “enlightenment” and then do nothing (many of these who use “Zen” to justify doing nothing to help others as they’ve achieved such a “high state of being”…) There are a very small minority who are extremely active. And they are thinkers as well. So they resolve tons of problems for themselves and others and humanity. At the same time, there exists another extremely active minority which is creating massive unsolvable problems for themselves and others and humanity. These mostly balance out. (The old Moriarty and Holmes match up.) Taking that extreme view is also where we find our scammers. They believe that people are no more than stimulus-response animals – and that the entire point is
  • to get theirs first. (And funnily enough, many of the people like this that I chasedup were found to be church-going people…)But religion has been turned into another form of entertainment. A pacifier for thesoul. “Just suck on this when you’re feeling blue…”Sticking to the main line – the point is that the bulk of humanity is clueless, bytheir own design.Take the point that our existence here is of our own creation – our own continuingcreation. And all you’ve read about the “Law of Attraction” is completely true.Anything you think about, you create and attract. The world around you is the sumand total of what you’ve been thinking about up to this point.And others’ worlds are what they’ve been creating – as an extension of yourself.Of course, that gives me a complete explanation of what the solution is to thisproblem. Simply think it.Realize that you can’t get any valid solution by studying natural systems. Becausethese are all meant to stay in balance. All of the Nature around us is intended tosimply enable us to survive.Spiritually, survival is a joke. You create survival as an idea in order to havesomething to think about. Karma and all that are just more thoughts. Morejustifications for the game you are playing.We’ve long since passed the point where everyone on this planet could have long,successful, healthy lives. For Western culture, the bulk of any stress in living hasbeen removed. (If you don’t watch “news” or TV in general.) Even politics is drivenalong this line – that everything balances out and bad laws are modified andrepealed or replaced as needed when they prove unworkable. (And knuckle-headed politicians are voted out of office.)So we can simply work at being entertained from here on out – or we could usethese various facts and systems which we have put here in order to change themodel we live in. And achieve a new balance.People around you are an extension of you. The world is reaction to your action.Don’t look to the world to get your motivation – seek the Silence and inspirationwhich comes from within (or wherever).And this, then, finally gives clue to why the bulk of humanity is seeking onlyentertainment – because that’s stasis, a balanced system. Don’t just yourself byhumanity – evaluate yourself by your own thoughts. Follow Descartes, theBuddha, Muhammad, Jesus, any of these characters. Examine your own life bybacktracking your own thoughts.As the Tao, implies, this was another needless writing. Hope you enjoyed it.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Living in the Akashic Stream When you look up “akashic records”, to my mind what appears is some immense static library of books. Or like the old Alexandria library, a collection of scrolls of all written knowledge in existence. But practically, we are surrounded by such all the time. Just not necessarily in a tangible version. Simply, the world as you know it (or as you ignore it) is composed of all thought of everyone. So one has access to all knowledge at any time. Of course, you see bad examples of this played out in insane asylums all the time – people either quiet and withdrawn and in their own universe, or people screaming and ranting in non-sequitur performances. We are all – whether immersed or in denial – living in this Akashic stream of data. Perhaps the Internet has brought this more to the forefront. As I often point to the Quantum Physicists, who have made the complete loop of materialist-only science right back to the ethereal understandings of faith and belief, – these fellows now hold that what you think is what you get. (WYTIWYG). And thinking itself as a word (along with “faith” and “belief” have taken some trips down wordsmith lane, similar to affirmations and Emile Coue’) doesn’t mean anything other than what you consider that it does.
  • So lets use “consideration” as a neutral term.Being surrounded by all knowledge, all understandings, all postulations – that canbe a bit overwhelming. But practically, your tools to handle this are already athand.That old “Law of Attraction” which got over-hyped a few years ago – this is theexact point. If you pick up Atkinson and study his works, you’ll see that you get tothis point of concentration being the key point. Atkinson even wrote a bookentirely on this point.What you concentrate on will start bringing in closely associated data (like attractslike). This is held up as example by Napoleon Hill in his “Think and Grow Rich”.He talks about a Dr. Gates who simply sat in a darkened room and concentratedon the data to hand until he started getting answers – and then wrote them downfuriously until spent. Turned out Dr. Gates was the author of numerous patentsbased on his discoveries.But you’ll also see that anyone can do this. This is why the light bulb, telephone,and other inventions have been separately “discovered” at exactly he same time onseparate continents. Edison had his own techniques for accessing this “stream ofconsciousness” by taking as many as 14 naps or more every day. He napped forinspiration, not to remedy tiredness (although he also only needed 3- 4 hours sleepevery night.)You can get any solution you want simply by concentrating on what you want. Andso this explains success in any form. Trace down people who have written aboutthis (Claude Bristol, Dorothea Brande, W. Clement Stone) and you’ll see how theydid it. Sports figures also do this. As well any successful song-writer.And track down successes in film, TV, and entertainment – you’ll find that afterthey made their string of hits, they often would then concentrate their activitiesinto a singular line and become success at that as well. (Fess Parker of “DanielBoone” and “Davy Crockett” fame went into producing wine. Gene Autry ownedseveral successful businesses in the recording and entertainment industry,including a baseball team. It goes on.)Those who were “one-shot wonders” and died broke never mastered their ownability to concentrate.So try this out for yourself. In your daily prayers, or meditations, or “seeking theSilence” – just calm yourself by relaxing and let the thoughts flow by. Hold ontoonly those which you would like more of in your life.And watch your own inspiration from flowing in from the akashic stream…
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, September 9, 2010 BFF – because we can The most remarkable and powerful statement is in that 1st Huna Principle - “The world is what you think it is.” And what you think of yourself and the world around you is exactly posed in how you consider that statement – what you think it means, how effective you consider it, whether you can change the world around you. If you are looking for enlightenment, just take that one statement and run with it. Of course, you’ll find that enlightenment is already there. The secret is in that sentence itself. The other 6 principles only work to explain the 1st one. As does the rest of the study of Huna itself. My own analysis of this takes it quite down to a simpler form (several, actually.) Goes like this:
  • Consider that the 2nd principle (“There are no limits.”) means that we are allconnected. This could really roll right into the non-dualist concept that we are, forall practical purposes, just One. But of course, that won’t mean that yourpersonality disappears overnight or in the next second. But it does mean that theGolden Rule might work all the time (as it does) because you are really onlyreaching out to help your self when you help somebody “else”. (And also explainswhy politicians never keep their election promises – they are now responsible for alot more people and so are being changed in ways they as “individuals” neversuspected could happen.)So drop out the “you’s” in that sentence.Next you’ll see two “is’s”. This is the various forms of be (am, is, was, were, are,will be, etc.) English is fairly unique in that regard as we’ve taken all thesedifferent words from different languages to express the same concept. Be.Take out the articles and helper words (the, what – which don’t really meananything except to help glue the sentence together) and you now wind up withsomething like “world think be”Look over those concepts for a bit.World is obviously the universe itself – everything that you perceive around you.Think just drums up the Quantum Physicists’ concept of what you think, youcreate. And when you take this idea of creating back through Charles Haanel’s“Master Key System” to Troward and on back – you’ll find that to Create is toLove. And to Love is to Be.So an early shorthand of this gives a simple formula: Creation : ExistenceAs a formula, you can just put an equal sign there, or one of those math symbolswhich has an arrow pointing in both directions, implying equal action-reaction onboth sides. The colon is something that probably says it best (without having tojump through typographical hoops to print a simple sentence.)However, this really can become even simpler. Bottom line is Archimedes place tostand (in order to move the world).These two words also simply have Be in common.And to couch it in a simple term, a meme we can all support to help each other aswe help ourselves: Just Be.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, August 26, 2010 Review of Lester and Me by Stephen Seretan “Lester and Me” by Stephen Seretan 84 pgs. Available from http://lesterandme. com When I read this, I was amazed at how much truth could be told so simply. Very, very few of us ever get to meet a real Master in the flesh – and Seretan has done so. You only have to look up those people who are still around who did talk with Lester Levenson in his Sedona days to verify that this was one incredible being. As well, copies of Levenson’s recorded lectures are available, as well as some rare videos. What Seretan offers as well is the personal glimpse into how Levenson affected his life – and what he went through on his own road to greater understanding of himself and why his own world was working as it did.
  • Now much of this book could be straight out of a sci-fi novel – and in fact, it has allthe makings of a good movie. The characters, the pathos, as well as the ultimatetriumph possible where Seretan actually did understand Levenson and took it toheart.For instance, when he couldn’t get into an advanced class, Seretan applied thetechniques he learned and got into the Inn where it was being delivered, thencalled Levenson – who arrived in his room and gave him more personal attentionthen he would have gotten in that seminar. However, Lester himself had to pointout how much of a remarkable event Seretan just created for himself – and yetchided him that instead of getting that room at a sizeable discount (as he had) hecould have gotten the room for free.There are other tales of supernatural events, and out-of-body experiences, evenUFO encounters. But there isn’t space here to tell these tales.My own understanding of Lester’s work is simple, but indirect. And too manytimes, a person of this magnitude is simply lionized and sanitized for publicconsumption by those who would profit off their memories.Seretan, in his own style, just tells about his friend and mentor as he met him andas he knew him. To him, Lester would pull no punches. One time, he told Stephenin front of a whole class that he would make better progress if he taped his mouthshut. But the meaning – even if it seemed to hurt – was obvious to Seretan, andassisted him to understand himself on a deeper level.And for those who may be familiar with Hale Dwoskin or Larry Crane’s or others’re-telling of Levenson’s story, it is really requisite that you get this book to get thehonest, inside story of the very real Lester Levenson.You might even see a new side of yourself.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, August 22, 2010 The 4 steps to miracle making Ho-oponopono, as taught by Dr. Hew Len and promoted by Joe Vitale, is able to create miracles in your life. If you get Vitale’s Zero Limits, you’ll be told stories of how this has happened to people who used it. For Vitale and others, life moved into the “miracles-as-usual” band. While Dr. Len based his procedure on his mentor’s, Morrnah Simeona – who in turn had been refining very traditional healing techniques from the earlier Huna traditions. There are, to my understanding, just 4 points to this – which, when understood in their depth – are able to reverse any situation you have going in your life. 1. Be responsible for what is. This means welcoming it fully in all its aspects and accepting that you somehow, and in some way created this. As you consider and accept that we are all connected, then you see that this is true – even if you don’t see how in the present moment. You may see initially that something could be improved. But also look for the perfection that is in that solution you are seeing. Look simply at what is.Drop any resistance, or wanting to change it, just welcome it for what it is. 2. Recognize all the effects it has caused up to this point. Again, as we are all connected, the Golden Rule is bringing effects forward from the original cause that started from that creation. Accept these and be responsible for them. Again, drop any resistance to this or need for change – welcome whatever you are looking at for what it is and be willing to let it be or let it go.
  • 3. Create it newly with love. See that it now is a new creation, a more optimalsolution than ever before. See that now it creates a win-win solution for everyoneinvolved. Completely create it with absolute and elemental Love such that itspreads throughout all you are aware of, and benefits all it touches and effects –which is everyone.4. Let it go for the Universe to manifest newly. Feel the gratitude presentthat any effect has already been created. Feel the calm, cheerful expectancy thatyou are now experiencing the echoes of this Love you just sent into the Universe.Know it’s already complete and everyone has benefitted from your actions andthoughts and creation.----This is really the answer to everything in your life which is non-optimal. As you seesomething happening (like government interference, taxes, wars, poverty, disease,etc.) then apply these four steps to them. As you consider and create optimalsolutions for everything around you that you are connected directly with, you’llstart seeing “miracles” occur with greater and greater frequency. Accept these andvalidate them.Of course, as you practice with this, your ability will improve. And you can take onbigger and bigger situations. Like World Peace and Global Prosperity.You may see parts and pieces of various training systems in this – all quite inaddition to the original Huna techniques. Silva Method, Levenson releasing, evenEarl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret”. For all these roads lead to the same placeand all these story tellers have the same plot-line.The point is that anything you feel is incomplete or non-optimal around you cannow be changed with those four simple points above.And they obviously work best when you get into a quiet, reflective, and evenmeditative attitude. Quiet the mind as best you are able, then simply consider eachof these steps above.You might want to learn Dr. Len’s short-hand for this: “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “I love you.” “Thank you.”You’ll see that the four steps above just fill in the background information whichthese four statements address. And were found through researching thebackground of Ho-oponopono, Huna, and a wealth of related materials.Please use this, improve it, and share it with all who are interested.Love to all.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, August 19, 2010 The difference between I, We, and Us – or is there? My decade in the “wilderness” was self-enforced for a reason. And, just as the hermit, I was never really left alone. But I did have substantial time to simply reflect. I found that time to be very rewarding. The more I dropped away connections to this outer world, the more intimately connected to it I became. Because I quit seeing it for what it was and started seeing it, and living it as it just is. Pronouns (and nouns) have limited use. Mostly, they are placeholders. And this is a difficult concept for most, since this is exactly what we’ve been working at all this time – to remain separate, to find differences. And the people we hold as true statesman and leaders are those who resolve differences. Those who we hold as outcasts and villains were those who sought to raise or hold one group above the others. (Gandhi vs. Hitler) Those politicians we’ve elected on the hope for this who then disappoint may or may not be working toward greater resolution. But politicians live in the realm of politics, whose highest accomplishment is in compromise, which is where no
  • participants are truly satisfied with the results.Government is no answer. And can, for the most part, be ignored.The individual is the point to work with. And of course, that gives you a movingtarget, since the “individual” is a hard thing to pin down. Hale Dwoskin’s latestmovie, “Letting Go” really goes into this point that we are all connected Self.Of course, that is no less than what the ancient philosophies have held since beforeour recorded times.So I’ve been independently going outside the mainstream in order to look at theseflows for what they are. And see that they are all really going in the same direction,for the most part. If you follow popular, bestseller self-help authors, you will seethat they both cross-influence each other and also have the same underlyingtheme. And that if you compare these with the most ancient recorded texts, you’llfind them simply echoes of what went on before.Certain people like Thomas Troward have been the bridge between those texts andour modern times. Similarly Lester Levenson and to a degree, Greg Braden.The essence of this solitude has been to simply build understanding of who andwhat I am – and then go beyond that into how this fits into the rest of thisuniverse.The results are, to me, astonishing. And have taken me through some incredibleadventures – meeting all of Joseph Campbell’s archetypes along the way. All weresuccesses. All lessons learned.These don’t mean I don’t still cast stones without being pure myself, first. Oldhabits die hard. But communication (and satirical parody) is another learningexperience.Every message you give is simply a message you receive. I’ll often refer to theGolden Rule, but this concept is Universal in every philosophy. As you give, youwill receive. So what you put out, you get back. And in order to get, you have togive away first.A corollary is that the less you have to have, the more you are able to give away.And Wayne Dyer has laid out an interesting test along this line: give awaysomething you really value and prize. Instead of giving your “old” clothes tocharity, give the ones you love the most – the newest and most expensive. Helluvalearning moment.Teachers are learners and learners teach. The word “mystic” has two meanings,“initiate” and also “adept”. What goes around comes around.But enough about me. How about you?
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, July 12, 2010 How the 7 Huna Principles were discovered Now I wasn’t there for this, and neither were you. (Of course, this information is freely available via intuition, and that’s my source for what follows…) If you look at these 7 Huna Principles, you’ll see a logical progression as you follow them backwards. 7. Pono – Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth. This is the definition of philosophy, by the way: Love of things that work. Truth is something that works for you and improves (or can improve) your life some way when applied. Now you’d see that this was a very basic concept as to how this universe operates. You’d only want to work with data that was proved to work – and the best data is the most effective in solving things. Of course, this isn’t a bottom-line datum, since it only points a person in the direction of finding the most effective truth possible. 6. Mana – All Power Comes From Within. This starts us on the road, but the path narrows somewhat. Obviously, figuring out where power comes from would be useful. But if it comes outside a person, then everyone would simply be puppets or slaves. And no masters. So a person is natively in control as regards Free Will and only gives this up to trade for some sort of security – would be one example.
  • However, spiritually you see a different approach to this. There is a creative powerwithin, which is to be Self. And this power cannot be subjugated and cannot beused to have power over another.And how do these ultimately powerful people get along?5. Aloha – To Love is To Be Happy With.If everyone is all-powerful, then as well we are full of certainty and grace. Enoughto share with everyone around us. And as well, we have an infinite abundance ofhappiness – all native.To share this happiness is to love and give this unconditionally to all we know andmeet.Aloha itself has dozens of meanings in addition to this one. Which would makesense, as the happiness you can share with others has infinite variations andapplications.Your highest amount of love is in the present…4. Manawa – Now is the Moment of Power.Memories are not as powerful as what we do in the Right Here and Now. Thefuture is only some plan or idea of a goal to shoot for. What makes that goal areality is the work you do right in front of you.Your Power, your Love, your effectiveness is measured in terms of Now, not then’sor will-be’s. The past has no hold over you, and the future doesn’t exist.What you do right Now gives you the place to stand to move the world.3. Makia (mah-kee-ah) – Energy Flows Where Attention GoesThis again, is another logical step. What you put your attention on is whathappens. Your power from within is spent in the Now in order to do what? Tomake a better Now. To help others around you make the Now you share a betterplace.And what gets your attention is what changes. So this world around all of us canbe changes according to what you concentrate on.Of course, that just brings up our next point, the next logical discovery down thisline of investigation…2. Kala – There are No Limits.
  • We are all connected. We live on this planet and share the same gravity, the sameair, the same sunshine. I cannot create an effect on you without in some wayaffecting me. When I work to help you create a better Now, I am also working toimprove my own quality of life.Waging violent wars, or violence of any kind affects all of us. Practicing peacethrough every action, every effort you exert – that helps us all.But you have to wonder, still – why? Isn’t this the bottom line to all existence?No…1. Ike (ee-kay) – The World is What You Think It Is.Now we are at the lowest common denominator – at least what we can see in thisuniverse around us. Because we thought it into existence. And as you think, as youcreate with your mind (or wherever thoughts come from) the world changes. Andit starts from within. And is only effective to the degree it is workable. And appliesto everyone you know or meet. And will help you share your happiness. Andcreates that internal power.Because the thoughts you have or create in turn create the world. If you want toexhibit more power, more love, more unity, more peace – change your thoughts.Quit listening to limiting thoughts and create unifying, peaceful, loving thoughtsto replace them. Fill your life with these type of thoughts and the world aroundyou changes to that degree.----And so my tale is done. It isn’t a fancy one, or one which will be told through theeons. It is one which came to me just so I in turn could tell it to you.Now you may do with this whatever you will.Aloha!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, July 11, 2010 Looking and Finding More Perfection in this World
  • As you seek, you will find.And this is exactly the conundrum Quantum Physicists stumbled across. The morethey looked for smaller and smaller particles, the more they found exactly whatthey were looking for. Experiments seeking to prove that sub-atomic action was inwaves, found they worked together in waves. Experiments looking for particlesfound particles.This effect was so noticeable and so profound that it was an epiphany for some.And why “The Secret” DVD and “What the (Bleep) Do We Know” have so manyquantum physicists in their host of teachers and experts. These scientists had tonow research into other areas to find texts and observations which would explainwhat they had just run into.And so, many of these went into ancient Eastern texts (because we really have noancient Western texts – until you wind up over in the Polynesian islands… whereWest meets East.)Oddly enough, the practical philosophy of Huna has in its legends actuallycreating these early civilizations. (Well, the same people who brought you Hunaalso brought you…) And there are even Greek islands and real estate withPolynesian names.But the point is really that what we are looking for we find.This is the first principle of Huna, Ike (ee-kay), which Serge Kahili King interpretsas “The World is What You Think It Is.”
  • Of course, that then explains why the Golden Rule works better for those who havefaith in it. (It works regardless, but it’s efficiency goes through the roof when youstart really applying it with full faith.)If you want more peace in your life, you simply have to start looking for morepeace in the world – it’s people, things, animals, circumstances – that “happen”around you.Now, you don’t have to believe that the cause-effect balance is that simple.On the other hand, you can try it out for yourself to see if it might not just improveyour life somewhat. Even a little bit.And the reverse is patently true. People who love to follow conspiracy theories findall sorts of secret meetings and hidden agendas everywhere. By the same token,people who find that these “high-and-mighty” people who are involved in this areclumsy and bumbling also find evidence of that.You find what you look for.Most people simply don’t look. Earl Nightingale opened his famous “StrangestSecret” recording by quoting Albert Sweitzer to explain it all: “People simply don’tthink.”So the world around them is an endless pattern of 9-5 daily work and commutingand being at constant effect of their job, the government (and its taxes), the peoplewho moved in next door (or upstairs), the economy, etc. Their only choice is tochange the channel – but that just gives them different actors and mostly the samecontent and commercials.Insanity is defined as doing the same actions and expecting different results.However, you’ll see just in the above that such a definition is flawed. If you“expect” strongly enough and with sufficient faith in your own ability to create theworld around you – you will indeed have different results.Of course, that explains why certain athletes can break records with the sameequipment and on the same track as the people around them. Rarely, you’ll findpeople with a different genetic make-up. But mostly, it’s just a different idea thatthey hold. For shortly after someone breaks a record, several others follow suit andbreak it as well.The world they live in is all in their thoughts. As this blog is in yours and mine.So if you want more wealth, better relationships, fathomless inner peace – yousimply have to consider that you can have these and then go looking for them.Because exactly as you seek, you will find.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, March 7, 2010 Your simplest 2-step formula for peace of mind… I’ve found that it’s just too simple to get peace of mind at will. You just have to really want it, and then use Lester Levenson’s Sedona Methode (release techniques) to simply get exactly what you want. This also means you can have all the Happiness and Freedom you can ever consider. Because these terms just really mean the same thing. And it’s quite simple to do this. While it’s easier done than said, there is a simple two-step release process. But it’s a bit more of a Zen-related aspect to life, since you can easily get to where all those former worries just doesn’t seem to matter any more. Simply: 1. You can accept whatever it is thats influencing you - accept it for being exactly what it is. 2. And then get the idea of letting it go. With all the distractions that sound off all around us, this might be a good technique to keep in mind. And any Master would simply say you are talking the obvious, so why talk at all? It really is just that obvious.
  • This came up with all the earlier Lester Levenson material I was covering. Not thattheres anything missing from Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskins versions of this. Itsjust my method of study to dive right into the hard-core deep end of the poolbefore even learning to dog-paddle adequately.Lester spend a long time – years, actually – studying everything he could in orderto understand this state he achieved in only a few short months. So hisexplanations are full of quotes from swamis and prophets with equal abandon.And while you are releasing all these negative thoughts to just be yourself, you alsomeanwhile learn how to get all the wealth, success, and loving relationships youcould ever want as well. But the trick is to get beyond the “get rich quick” mindset(which Sedona helps you to do) and really concentrate on that peace of mindwhich money can’t buy.You can also look at it this way: all the versions of the Golden Rule point out thatyou can get a great deal of help into your life – if you will only let them. Do this bywelcoming and releasing.Try this for your self for 30 days and see if you cant improve something by lettinggo.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, May 27, 2009 The answers you get depend on the questions you ask This is an old, old way of looking at things. I never understood the Huna method of teaching - that the kahuna wouldnt tell the student an answer until they asked a question. Now, the kahuna might put the student into a learning situation or offer them a gift which could prompt questions - but thats a little different. Not much, though. In all cases, it was the students responsibility to originate and pose the question based on their own background and understanding. This is the way life itself works - how the Universe that surrounds us responds. If you are constantly seeking to learn, to find out - then all sorts of answers are available to you. And on many, many levels. The story of Dr. Gates, which Napoleon Hill mentions in his Think and Grow Rich, is classic: Dr. Gates had a room which could be made totally dark, with no external distractions. In that room he would sit with a pad of paper and his hand on the light switch, concentrating on the details of the Problem he was working to solve. He would sit there and concentrate until inspiration would hit - and then write down everything he was getting as fast as he could.
  • This technique often brought about new approaches to working in materials andin theories of application - so much so that he was known for his body of patents.Needless to say, he was in great demand as a consultant.Your own life goes this route, doesnt it? When you devote your energies to findingout something, only then do you get your answer. Sure, sometimes you have torelax and take your mind "off" of something in order to suddenly get aninspiration - and perhaps this is because you arent living a relaxed life all thetime...But try this. Figure out what you really want and study all the details that youknow about that thing or job or person you want to bring into your life. Reallyconcentrate on every facet of that. Do it in a relazed frame of mind - like an easychair in a room where you can be undisturbed - or at your desk with the phone onmute and the computer screen turned off.See what comes into your mind as you do. Write all this down when you get thathint, that flash - and see what you have when you finish writing everything out.Could be we just opened a door to your own fortunes, the ones that have beeneluding you for some time...Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 26, 2009 Free Will and Universe - where inspiration is born and thrives. Lets tackle this head on - ● The Universe contains all knowledge, a repository for all data. ● Free Will puts order into that data. ● This is where genius and inspiration comes from Genius is native and usual. Stupidity has to be worked at. There is no teacher and student. In that scenario, the teacher is the stupid one. There is only teacher AND student. Both share roles. Goes back to the Huna: "There are no limits." We are all interconnected. (Which explains the Golden Rule.) And the best way to learn (that Ive found so far) is 1. Find the data you need 2. Tell someone else about it who wants to get that data
  • 3. Write it out as a text or tutorial that someone who has never met you could understand.Of course, you can see in this the old phrase, "Those who cant do, teach. Thosewho cant teach, write textbooks." Which is a cutative to the original idea - thatyou learn best when you pass it forward.Again, back to the Golden Rule - that you get as good as you give. So in order torecieve good data, you much be constantly teaching others - or passing good dataalong.See, the Universe isnt coherent. It does run in established patterns, but by habit ischaotic. At least by our standards. Our Internet is a way of getting all this massiveknowledge into use, making it available.Ive been working with Internet scammers recently and they really dont knowthese rules and how they work.You see, in this Universe, every single person is an "Emperor has no clothes."When a company delivers truly shoddy merchandize, complaint boards will startaggregating data from that community. With the current setup on Google, newdata always trumps - at least for awhile - old data. Social media then, is a continualflow and so ebbs and rises as tides. If you use social media to market your goods,then you have to constantly keep at it.The difference between scammers and decent companies on these complaintboards is that good companies run slightly over 50% favorable on these boards.Scams run about 5% favorable (shills) and 95% unfavorable.But a company cant really get on these complaint boards and boost their ownrankings - simply because the more posts you put on a non-complimentary thread- the more this simply pushes that thread up.Any scams real solution is to reform. Quick.But the community of complainers wont go away. Because they are a communityof complainers. People will join and leave, yes. But the basic reason they are thereis to contribute to the complaining community.If you want fewer complaints - give good products on a routine basis. And offerthem at a value which is less than what they would be able to get that product foranywhere else.But figure that complaints are like the fact that heroes have fleas and no beautyqueen is perfect.The downfall of a scammer is that they routinely rip people off. And so, as they areconnected to everyone else, this then haunts them until they shut down. Doesntmatter what PR they have.I was working recently with some aggregators to collect up this data and thenrepublish it on a manual basis through several outlets. Turns out this drove themnuts. Because I was able to find the dozen or more salient data already posted on
  • the Net and match this up with the people and their contact data - then post this ina dozen original ways, so taking over top areas of the Google real estate. And ofcourse, I then got attacked by these guys in defense. And told them simply to giveme my refund - which is mostly what I was after.But you see, they were teaching me as well as I was teaching them.Today, theyll come to work and fire up their searches to see what I posted over theweekend. Ive just told them that their efforts to shut me up with bluster abouttheir trademarks didnt work. And I taught them there how to improve their ownstance on trademarks - as well as anyone else out there in how to shut themcompletely down. Completely.That book I linked in the title ( "Genius" - actually lays outexactly how to tap into this continuous flow of solutions to any problem you runinto in life.And the test of it with these Scammers has proved it once again. But its actuallybased on some very old writings - which are mostly ignored today. Its just that theInternet has brought them back into play.I can say clearly and confidently that Internet scammers are doomed. Like thepoor, they will always be with us, as an ever-changing set of personalities. And,like the poor, they only have to change their decisions in order to move into beingoutrageously profitable and honestly helping the rest of humankind succeed andevolve.Their choice.Sure, Im not going to be blogging about scammers forever. Once they pay me off,Ill be able to move onto other areas which are far more fascinating and rewarding.But this was an action I had to take - because intuition told me to. And Ive learnedmore in a shorter period of time about myself and the way the world works than Icould have through any study of books or classroom.And I must have been teaching as I went (the reason I blog, no doubt) as Icontinued to get good data coming into me - that I could learn from.Those people Ive met through this line have affected me as Ive affected them.Weve taught each other. Scammers and Saints alike.I figured I owed it to you to tell you how this scene works and why.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Competition is another lie designed to distract. Came to me that competition is a false term. In modern school sports, its a great thing to have pretty equally-matched teams on a clean, nicely marked, mostly level (crowned slightly for run-off) playing field. Both start with clean uniforms that are mostly the same except for colors. And they have a set of rules to keep the playing fair. Horrible training for life. Because nothing on this planet works like that. While members of the same species are "dressed" alike, thats more for mating purposes than to compete with other species. Humankind, for instance, is a horrible competitor to the other species. If we dont hunt them to extinction, we generally plague them with our exhaust fumes, or cement highways, and metal vehicles which either smash them flat or cripple them in any collision. But competition in itself is a lie. Species do not compete with other species - they eat each other to survive. Humankind does the same with others of their own - eating them in a corporate sense, not (except rarely) a physical one. Look at Microsofts rise and dominance. Apple had a much better interface (which they copied from SPARC) and then Windows copied theirs. There were much better Disc Operating Systems (or Digital, whatever you prefer) than what Gates bought from a
  • programmer to license to IBM.But Gates knew how to play cutthroat poker and got the IBM Operating System license fortheir new line of Personal Computers. Sheer bluff. Didnt actually have the OS. Bought itlater for $50K. A fortune at the time for those struggling programmers they bought it from.I was going along with all my research on Internet scams and realized that trying to"compete" with them was a fools errand. They were getting all this money by rippingpeople off with their false promises. When enough people complained, they simply packedup shop, declared bankruptcy so they didnt have to pay the rest of them, then started a newLLC or corporation with the same line of work, the same people, the same scams - justcalled something slightly different.So it was a constantly moving target which mostly stayed in the shadows or moved backinto them whenever the light shone on them. Paid off politicians to look the other way -everything like the racketeers they are. Almost as bad as the credit card companies...But competition is never on a level playing field. Someone gets a product out there first andusually keeps the lead. Others whittle away at their flanks, but never take the big prize. Andif they start getting close, the leader usually makes them a deal and buys out themanagement, folding that competitor into their side.Sure, there are laws against this, but that practically doesnt matter. If the Feds dontapprove it, you can always see that later, one "suddenly" goes bankrupt and then is boughtup at fire sale prices by the market leader. There used to be two satellite radio services...And how did GM get so big? Its not just the Pontiac brand which bit the dust...And how is Ford not being part of this bail-out? They have better ideas - like seeing thiscoming and re-negotiating their loans far ahead of this economic collapse. And as well,already shifting their production lines to be able to shift from trucks to cars in the sameplant within a few weeks. Never done before in this industry. And they just reported theyare probably going to be profitable next year.How do they do this?Not compete - its create. You have to way out-think those people who are competing withyou. But more than think - its create. You have to pull great new ideas into your space andutilize them to build great new worlds.Where do ideas come from? Well they dont grow on trees -- they grow within them.Huh?Look, all inspiration comes from the Universal. Check out your Bible, New Testament,especially. All these New Thought guys, these "Secret" teachers, the ancient Vedic andHuna teachings. Theres a river runs through this for everyone.Around a year ago, I edited and compiled a book called Genius. Here, I searched for everyarticle I could find which defined how a person became and harnessed their own nativepower of genius.Turns out anyone could become one, and/or learn to live with that extreme talent.The secret is that it all comes from within - and without, for that matter.Same place your creativeness comes from. Mostly your application of Free Will with thatgreat repository of all knowledge called the Universe.And those who know this "secret" are way ahead of everyone else. The simplest explanation
  • of those sentences above are in "The Secret" DVD, but also in Earl Nightingales "TheStrangest Secret" and also in Robert Colliers "Secret of the Ages".No surprise that they all have the word "secret" in them - but the funniest thing is, asNightingale says, its no secret at all and writers have been talking about this since ancienttimes up to the present.But back to our competition. If you really want to be outrageously successful, have fantasticwealth - dont try to compete with someone or some corporation. Simply create a bettersolution. And be more creative in marketing that solution.And better than that fabled mousetrap - the Universe will flood you everything you couldpossibly want.Try it and see.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, May 3, 2009 Hows your River of Life Running? Earl Nightingale had a great recording, I think it was out of his "Lead the Field". He talks about "River People" and "Goal People". The latter work incessantly toward a fixed goal, and the former swim in a river of interest. Nightingale gave several examples of each. It came to me gradually over the course of several days, that you really need to be working at what you like to do best - what turns your crank, what makes you happy, your passion, your purpose for your life. For when you do that, you are just completely involved and no task is to onerous or too involved. Some are incredible at merchandizing. Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, as well as the original J.C. Penney - where Walton got his earliest training in the field. Others are incredible at manufacturing, like Henry Ford. Some have logistics (UPS, Fed- Ex) as their bent - others work at computer programming (Microsoft, Apple). Some simply write entertaining and educational or enlightening stories. But they have their "rivers" of interest which are ever flowing, never stopping currents which keep them fascinated all the time. Im reading a story right now where a psychologist is fascinated with the mental ease with which Jesus met life -
  • the human side of him was constantly intrigued with how people around him metlife and how he could help them achieve their own peace by no more than talkingwith them.In every life, there are the eddys and tidal washes, the still pools at the edge wherea snag has slowed the current. When we seem to get into one of these scenarios, aperson starts to question their lifes purpose. Did they go wrong somewhere, is theway they are traveling still the right path for them?In all cases, the action is still to reaffirm the river you are swimming in and thenget back out into the faster current. As you do, youll find your interest in life picksup and everything becomes far more enjoyable. Sure, theres lots of work, but itisnt a drugery, onerous, or taxing. You simply fly through your work, staying uplate and then rising early - inspired by yet another idea.For me, when Im in that river, its the point of constant inspiration - so much thatI often mis-prepare breakfast (still edible, but oops...) or tend to space out in themiddle of a TV program with some riveting notion turning in my head while Iscratch notes onto a handy yellow pad. Yes, I was trying to catch the weather so Iknew what I should be planning for over the next few days of farm work, but -oops...Life in those times is fascinatingly smooth, cheerful, full of expectant ideas andsolutions which appear just a moment after you get the question just right.And as I write this, Im bringing myself out of some sort of back-water eddy I hadslipped into. Sure, I knew that this was an exploration when I started - but I didntknow that it was going to show me so much about my own interests and what Iknew I really should be doing.So - ask yourself these questions: 1. If you didnt have to work for a living, what would you be doing all day? 2. What activitie(s) bring you the most joy in your life? 3. What situations have you been in where you found yourself remarkably calm, assured, content?Answer these honestly for yourself. Take a few days or weeks or months to actuallyanswer them if you have to.Once you have those answers, cross-compare them to isolate what your true "riverof interest" is. And then plan carefully to wrap up whatever you are currentlydoing, getting your replacement grooved in, and this new (or current) occupationreally streamlined and financed and set up so you can devote yourself utterly to itfrom here on out. (Of course, you dont neglect your family and friends - but youllfind that they bring you part of this calming internal peace, dont they?)For some this river is a series of goals achieved, one after the other, a new onestarting as the last one is finished. But a river, nonetheless.----
  • And you can always leave me a message here or on one of my other blogs abouthow youve found your river and how to swim in it.Or you can have your own blog - and post calmly, serenely, and actively. Postingall the things, ideas, activities which you find fascinating.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, May 2, 2009 Read the fine print - youre actually in charge, the boss... Theres an interesting point when you study all New Thought and Huna and all these Bibles/Korans/religious scriptures - and its in the fine print. If you squint right down there - and its in every single one of these books, no kidding - just get out your magnifying lens and look. Yes, right there on the cover, or the inside page, or back at the bottom of the index, but when you see it, you actually find that its been obvious the whole time... Theres some little tiny text there. It says: "Youre in charge, bub." Really. Heres how I got there: I covered in my Go Thunk Yourself series how there is no limit, really, to human ability. You can become as talented as you want. And I mention the Huna principles - which really back all of these New Thought
  • authors up. They say, ● The world is what you think it is, ● There are no limits, ● Effectiveness is the measure of truth.Now there are 4 more, but lets look at these for now.No limits - meaning also that we are all connected to each other and the planet. Ifyou reach out to slap your neighbor, that hand comes out and hits your own cheek.Which is the reason that people who manage to accumulate incredible wealth thenstart giving it away. The ones that dont usually wind up bankrupt or insane (andcant benefit from it).The world around you is determined by thought and by action. Yourattitude brings you awareness of any problem and also its solution. You decide(another thought action) to put that solution into effect or not. Actions are all justlittle thoughts demonstrated - every action requires a thought to get started. Theuniverse around you is the sum result of your thinking.Now, there is some magic just in those two ideas. Or it looks like magic. "Miracles"can occur just because of belief and faith. Faith is internally generated. So you canactually have "miracles as usual" happen around you. (And if you look closely, thisis whats actually happening. Scientists still cant explain how Life starts - exceptthe ones who re-converge the spiritual and the material.)You are, in fact, a walking and breathing miracle. And all the miracles in your lifeare free.Now, all the truths I just told you are only as valuable as you considerthem to be. Thats the third point - effectiveness of truth. How valuable are allthose old books that have this data in them? Only as valuable as you considerthem to be.The bottom line that all these books come back to is this:You are completely in charge of your own universe. What happens around you isall up to you and what you consider to be _______. (Fill in the blank with anyquality or condition.)Whats good is good. Whats bad is bad. And they both either remain or become so,depending on what you want to do with them.But it means that you are actually ruler of this planet, this galaxy, this universe -all universes out there. If you want to be, that is.The catch is simple. You just have to take responsibility for yourself, and youractions - or the lack of them.Because there are no differences among us. Republican/Democrat/Tory/Labor,atheist/agnostic/religious zealot/weekend church-goer, killer/savior/victim. Weare all cut out of the same cloth. And all our cheeks feel the same.People who want to believe that they are separate from the rest of the world have
  • far more problems than those who are working to help everyone they can. And thisis the simple solution, the why which sits below all our political and ideologicalmesses around us. People have come to think they are separate from other people.Actually, you have no enemy.You are your own worst enemy.The faster you realize that and start to work with that concept, the faster real peacewill start coming into your life.Because, in fact, you are both God and the Devil at the same time. The devilsproblems started when he decided he was separate from God, no longer part of thegrand scheme. Before that, he was an angel up there with the rest.But our own Free Will is our blessing, not our curse.If you want to look all this up, the proof is there. Those who live and work toimprove the broadest part of humanity have the most peaceful lives. Countrieswhich encourage individual responsibility and action create the highest quality ofliving. (The U.S. poor would live like royalty on their annual income iftransplanted to some other countries.) Look at North and South Korea. Just twodifferent approaches, two different thought series. However, the South could helpthe North become fantastically comfortable and healthy and well-fed. Even havesome of the fastest Internet on the planet...But all of these examples and all of this logic all just point to one thing:Youre in charge, bub.Its all up to you.So go ahead, be your own miracle-worker.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Why the mind files your data "crazy" sometimes The mind files (actually closer to free association - like multiple labels or tags instead of actually file folders in cabinets) by feeling. This is the principle approach in filing the experiences you collect. While there can be some "analytical" approach to this, the primary means of recalling data (especially those random thoughts you have) are by feelings. And so this explains why so many people cannot evolve into higher states of awareness without first mastering their feelings . And why Eastern masters require so much dedicated meditation toward the idea of silencing all thoughts and just "being there". Once you master control over your feelings, you can start mastering your thoughts. As "Thoughts are Things" per Mulford, and "The world is what you think it is" per Huna teachings (Nightingale quotes considerably more in this area in his "Strangest Secret" recording) - then this gives us an explanation of why maintaining a positive attitude makes for so much success. Nightingale phrased it as keeping a "calm, cheerful expectancy" - which others
  • around him observed he did on a regular basis.And so we then have a shortcut to getting our lives in order: get your feelingsunder your own control. Then you can control your thoughts. And then you cancontrol your own life.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, April 23, 2009 What you or I should be doing with our lives. There are two things I keep coming back to - 1) Integrity, 2) Purpose. Integrity means living with your mistakes and knowing that the Golden Rule is inescapably tied to everything we do. Purpose is your passion - what you are here for in this life of yours. And really, I havent found any other items which destine what I say, do, and feel more than these. Mostly, Ive still been examining the 7 principles of Huna - and I continue to evolve in my thinking and my ideals as I work with these. And the work I have to do (and love to do) daily on this farm keeps me very real in all this. Cant get "big-headed" when a tree fell on the fence, and its too cold to plant the crops, and you are the proud proxy-father of a new, cute calf. Keeps you humble. But that second principle of Huna explains that age-old Golden Rule. "There are no limits." In a non-NLP way, this could be better stated as: "Everything is connected." So what you do to someone else has your own hand tied to it - slapping someone elses face hurts your own. Giving open-handed is then the best policy, isnt it? Would you like to recieve a gift? Then give openly. If you like complements, then pass some around. Honesty used gets honest treatment in return.
  • ----This recent work Ive been doing in "stop telemarkters Internet scams" hasntreally seen my positive side in all this. And, as both "The Secret" and Huna pointout, when you push a negative, you get its opposite. Opposing someone gettingelected gets them elected. Supporting their opponent (positive) gets theiropponent elected.So in order to get "Thrive Learning Institute" shut down (or starting to honestlydeliver what they promise), Ill need to start promoting what they dont deliver on.Means moving back to my earlier work.But Ill leave the subject on a positive note - by telling people how they can gettheir prosperty back by reclaiming their privacy. (Stop telemarkters from callingyou, in other words.)Should be an interesting approach to life. Get these guys handled by working onmy own prosperity - which actually means getting others to prosper. Great stuff.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, April 18, 2009 Thanks for letting me know. Ill do what I can to help you with that... Theres a point which people mostly dont get, although Quantum Physicists are recently starting to find out: Its an always on, always interconnected universe. Gregg Braden told of experiements they did with tissue, flying it hundreds and thousands of miles away from its owner - and finding that it would react to any influence as if it were still physically connected. It really stems from the point made clear by our planets most ancient surviving philosophy as represented by Huna in the Polynesian islands, "There are no limits." Just to take this to its fullest phrasing - (the mind as NLP tells us, sees no "no") - we are all connected to everyone and everything around us. And you should play with this idea to develop your skills in this. Because when you are thinking of someone, they can feel it - and are probably thinking of you. Same for pets, plants, and so on. Sure, its a weird idea. Weve been carefully trained to ignore those influences all our Western lives. And this is what gives us politics, the CIA, Weapons of Mass Destruction, North Korea, etc. You name any ill we have in our societies and you
  • can trace it back to closed minds.The idea of scarcity goes this way. While the Universe operates in abundance,humans manage to set themselves up to starve right in the middle of it.Buckminster Fuller proved that we have had the capacity to feed, clothe, andhouse every single person on this planet since at least World War II, if not before.And that is actually the mechanical definition of it.On a spiritual plane, this datum both explains and explores fascinating newrealms. Here is all they psychic stuff of intuition, remote sensing. And actuallythen brings a practical hard-wired explanation to the Golden Rule and evenDruidic concepts that what you give out comes back to you several times more.Criminals (and politicians) are often on the dirty end of this stick. Because theythink they can act (and think and feel) with impunity. But any downfall of the "richand famous" can be traced back to how they treated people.Heres the actual point - its an always-on Universe. Your dreams, your randomthoughts, your hopes and fears - these are all thoughts which you are sharing withthose around you.2nd point - you can control your thoughts by self-discipline. (And perhaps youvenoticed the calm that seems to exude from some people when they enter a room...)And so we have the power of prayer. How to pray, the most effective way Ivefound, is to simply get into the feeling you want to have in your life or towardsomeone else or on their behalf. If you want healing, you get the feeling of how aperfectly healed body. If you want rain, get the idea of happy children playing inthat rain, of peoples relief, even of the plants reduced stress.Words, of course, help you get into that feeling and maintain it. So we have thechants of Amerindians and ancient tribal societies, the mantras of Easternreligions, the Latin prayers in the Catholic rituals.Oldest has been simply entering "the Silence", as found in our New Thought booksand our oldest traditions. Arm wrestling champions in Japan, some of them intheir 80s and 90s were beating challengers a quarter their age and their secret:think of nothing.A last point before I go this morning: This universe we live in actually stores allthought. Like a massive battery. Anyone potentially has access to any informationthey need to improve their life. And they can get this simply by being still, relaxedin body and mind, and get the idea that they have the solution to whateverproblem is in front of them. Then inspiration will come in a flash.So put good thoughts out, OK? Live a happy life.Because what you think affects everyone and everything around you. There are nolimits.Pass it on.;)
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, April 17, 2009 Solutions and Lies - Love applied. Love is a creative elemental. It cannot really be described as a force, but can be used that way - "force" limits its use. "Power" also limits its use. Truth seems an accurate fit for this current use, but take that as simply the foot wearing a shoe for the purposes of this discussion. Truth, when applied to material situations, will bring about an improvement. As all life is actually just matter animated by love, this then brings about all situations known to humankind, and also our animal and plant co-habitants. Truth is known to be relative - just because of the purity of the Love within it. Pure truth (pure love) dissolves all. To exist on our current plane, there is a partial absence of pure love - also known as a lie. One would think that politicians, lawyers, and criminals would quit existing (joke). All that is alive has redeeming qualities - which involve its reasons for existing. All life is evolving (seeking greater truths, expanding its inherent love) or
  • devolving - becoming less truthful, less loving, more a burden on thosesurrounding. Devolution manifests disease and poverty. Evolution manifestshealth and prosperity.Education allows a person to evolve. Education is a matter of observation andmaking choices.One of the highest regards for our current society is the ability to make a choice.This explains and defines our "rights". Human rights are defined by how muchchoice - or ability to improve/evolve - they grant.Governments do not grant rights. Government (and politics) are built onconfirming and defending material wealth, particularly property ownership. Lawsare composed to extend common decency which is held by the group to be survival.But laws and government cannot guarantee rights.Rights are thoughts, held beliefs. When "rights" include material objects, they arepaper rights, not actual.The individual, through their thoughts and actions guarantee their own rights.Wealth is a transitory symbol - of the value of action and thoughts outward fromyou.Politics is, by its base, built on partial truths - also known as lies. All laws containsome sort of partial truth - real truth cant be written down or formulated: becauseis it love.People can talk about things, write about things.Love creates solutions, dissolves situations.Any lack or scarcity is an artificial situation. Governments which say there is a lackor scarcity are building lies upon lies - and will ultimately collapse from its ownweight as a house built of playing cards.People who follow politicians and governments which are more lie than truthcreate their own problems.Taxes seem a necessary agreement. When government seeks to tax unfairly inorder to remedy social "ills" - it is just creating more lies.A person who can organize crews and materials and build good roads will berewarded by the community. That is the logic behind taxes - valuable servicescommonly appreciated by the community because their quality of life is improved.But this essay digresses...Love, when directed, brings improvement to the quality of life.Education allows people to find better truths, better solutions.However, there is no "right" to be educated. That is a personal action.
  • Those who are living in poverty and lack are refusing to educate themselves. Andwill not actually improve their conditions no matter how much money is giventhem.But approach people with ideas and find the ones who reach to improve - and thenyou will have the actual leaders of those around them. Leaders are educators, notelected officials or authorities.Any leader is responsible for those who follow, those who trust. A true leaderalways seeks greater truth.Ultimately, we need only our heart to lead us - our own propensity for love.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Money - only a symbol True. Charles Haanel said it in his Master Key System (first I read of it). Napoleon Hill covers this point, as well as Wallace Wattles in their best sellers. First Western writer to cover this was probably Thomas Troward, who had his sources in ancient Eastern and Judaic/Christian texts. Even older is the ancient Polynesian Huna philosophy, which actually doesnt even mention this as a vital subject at all. Money-as-symbol represents the value of the exchange. With poor exchange, the symbol evaporates. Thieves cannot hold onto and cannot spend what they obtained by deception or deceit. Anyone who looks around them even briefly can see proof of this. Too many people build up huge wealth only to die in bankruptcy. Others hold onto vast sums, but live their life a recluse because of their own fears - no amount of money could by them peace of mind. Money represents the value of what you have given to others. It is only a fluid, not a static. And even ice cant he preserved forever. Wind and sun erode through time. What, then, is the value of life? We all seek to improve, to evolve - which includes
  • our family, our children, our relatives.People who defraud, who scam, these people are reaping the whirlwind of thechanges they created in the lives of others. Their own lives and the lives they touchare ravaged by forces they cannot control once unleashed. And whether theybelieve in it or not, the Golden Rule says all they create for others will be createdfor themselves. A Natural Law.Peace of mind, true happiness - these things cannot be bought.The wealth a person possesses is measured by his worth to others.If you have people on your lines, connected to you, giving you advice - or settingyour examples: wise them up. What is their actual value to you? What do they giveyou and what do they give others around you? How do they expect to be repaid?Who do you owe? How can you repay those debts?Are you being held ransom by the quality of life you lead? When can you jump offa spinning treadmill?Do you seek to live with the Truth - or is everything a gray area of PR?What you wind up with - not what money you are now getting - is determined byhow you answer these questions above.For your world is as you create it - you can only lie in the bed youve made foryourself.----Heres to comfortable and pleasant dreams...
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Leverage There are two essentials to leverage in a persons life: ● Time. ● Mind. Below and controlling these - Love. The creative, not merely the carnal. Money is no leverage - it only registers flows and exchange. A false god. Leverage those two single forces - and all prosperity and peace will be yours, forever. Dont seek how to leverage these through belief in or study of financial data. Render unto Caesar... Mind and Time solve each other - one only has to listen. In silence.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, April 2, 2009 The funny philosophy of happiness - it was exactly where you needed to look for it all the time Fascinated with how things are coming together recently. Things you are looking for truly and always show up exactly where you needed to look for them. This image is one. Of course, its a search on Flickr for pictures of "happiness" - and I get this fascinating image which the center of attention is on that beautiful glowing tree. But what you dont particularly notice right off is that there are several other trees n this photo. And you find them when you look for them. Thats right where they are - where you needed to look. Of course, thats a simple explanation. But lets go over supposedly immutable laws. Like the Bell Curve - states that any distribution of data has about 3% actually making an incredible success of themselves and somewhere around 95 % just muddling along. (With 3-5% being criminals who commit most of our crimes, and around 10-15% being "poor" that the media love to trumpet about.) If you check around, this bell curve shows up just about everywhere. But you and I know that the rich are there because they changed their minds. Another way to look at this is that they started looking where they needed to look in order to find what they wanted. Of course, that phrase says "wanted" comes before "look".
  • My own example in this is somehow following this inspired idea to get a refundback from a company I was scammed by. Sure, I can make it work to pay off thesethousands of dollars that I really got nothing out of. But that idea of "inspired" wasa new thought. I was born a Scorpio and so have worked with this heritage for along time. It means that Im wired to be incredibly dedicated to whatever orwhoever I attach to - it also has the flip side of bringing new meaning to "hell hathno fury" when scorned.So when I get this nagging idea to get a refund by using all the tools I already haveat my disposal, I then get a bit leary about it. But testing my intuition, the thoughtcame back, "Go ahead, it will be okay - everything will turn out fine."Yesterday, I got my first live phone call from that company - and I hadnt actuallysent them any email directly for probably months. Now the guy was pretty niceabout his stonewalling. And we left the conversation on more or less even terms.Afterwards, even three blog-posts later, I was still a bit ticked off and unsettled.Sleeping on it gave new answers to that problem. And of course, I was looking inall the wrong places for my solution.Ive said many times that your purpose is what makes you happiest. And havequoted Earl Nightingale in his "Strangest Secret", who says that what you arelooking for as a chronic attitude is one of "calm, cheerful expectancy."The kicker in this is that you can use this feeling as an indicator of what you aredoing in life. If you feel this way, then everything is going along fine. If you areintense, upset, or otherwise off-beam and away from this attitude, then you arelooking in the wrong place.All this work in refunds from Internet scammers can lead you through some of themost intense negative emotions that exist. (Follow that link for the graphic - its ahoot.)Thats the point to living - having fun at things. Sure, there is Justice and there isnecessary discipline to keep things on an even keel. Those who follow the route ofevil simply have to have more structure installed in their lives. Training a pet isone of these. (Ive gotten my dogs to get along with my cattle and vice-versa, aslong as Im right there near both of them.)Again, that result is because Im looking where I need to. If you want naturalantagonists getting along with each other, then you have to look for that as aresult. Figuring that they are always going to be this way or that way - of coursegets that result.Thats why I love working on my farm. My dad worked his cattle like most peopleand so had to build up high fences to keep them from jumping out. Ive studiedbooks on this and found out that if you simply work slowly (and hand feed them alot), the cattle will go just about anywhere you want them to - calmly, quietly, withlittle fuss. And when I get around to it, Ive got a heckuva lot of building materialsI can re-use somewhere else...Back to this telemarketer scam refund business. To make short of it (so you donthave to get an education in internet marketing here), there are marketing
  • keywords which I havent used, but are enlightening. One of these is "funny thingsto say to telemarketers". This has far more people looking for it with a lot lesscompetition than keywords like "stop telemarketers" or "Internet scams".And that would get me back to battery, wouldnt it. Make fun of the silly peoplewho rip others off for greed. Too simple.Wheres my refund? Its right where I needed to look for it all the time. Use the"old" tools Ive learned from these old books I talk about all the time. Atkinson,Napoleon Hill, Haanel - right up to more modern authors like Nightingale andeven "The Secret" and Jose Silva. You just calm down, relax, think the thought ofwhat you most want - and release it for the Universe to manifest.Wherever you need to look, it will show up there.Too simple.But thats the way this Universe is actually set up. That Bell Curve above justshows how many people arent looking where they need to - if they did, theyd findit a very simple existence.(And, not so oddly, this gives me a whole new approach to Internet Marketing...)Cheers.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, March 30, 2009 Hate; anxiety; addiction - how emotions run our lives. Ive been working on a book about how to stop telemarketers internet scams and ran across both ends of the emotional spectrum, which gives us pause to study what we do every day. At one end was the Cialdini 6 (or 7) emotional triggers we all have to some degree and that telemarketers (and most all salespeople) use to a greater or lesser degree to get us to buy. At the other end is the work we can get into in "exacting Justice" or "getting even." Of course, both sets of emotions are present in a scam. (Plus the plain old- fashioned greed of the Internet scammers.) I know this last one well - as I was born a Scorpio and you either run hot or cold, depending on how youve re-trained yourself - or not. Scorpios can be the most dedicated staff you have once you gain their loyalty - but the term "hell hath no fury" aptly describes their darker side. And so I was a bit surprised when my intuition told me to pursue a refund after I found I had been suckered into an Internet scam. But testing it, that inner voice still said to "go for it". So I went about turning my research tools loose in this area - but still standing back to watch what I was doing.
  • A short side bar: the scammers Im dealing with take advantage of people who are the early boomers, in their 40s to 60s and dont know a great deal about the Internet. These scammers sell them an overpriced training package which may teach them quite a bit about setting up an Internet site, but it wont make their money back. The scammers Achilles heel is that they dont really apply what they teach. And so are easily blindsided by people who can link them to a scam by regular old search engine optimization. (So people who learn to look someone up on the Internet will find their scams right off.) See, they get their leads from people clicking on some freebie gimmick - and then telemarket those leads into sales. Scammers dont actively cultivate their own niche of Internet training, or whatever they think they are supposed to be looking like theyre doing. To them, the Internet is one big scam - with millions of suckers born every minute.Now, what we are talking about today is how emotions run our lives. And how thisis actually a form of addiction (or at least the metaphor fits.)Im straining a bit here to find where Ive covered this before. Ive earlier said thataddiction was a matter of choices. And also that a person could reprogram him selfby choosing the interests which surrounds him - in marketing terms: their niche.And theres an older post which covers exactly how we are re-programmingourselves constantly - the trick is to take this off automatic.But theres no reason to go into how to do that here, just pick up a copy ofNightingales Strangest Secret and follow his 30-day program, if youre needingstructure about how to do it - or get my "Go Thunk Yourself SMore" (or its blog)and follow those instructions.The main point here is that whatever we do, we need to be studying our ownactions as well as the emotional motivations we use, and also our emotionalresponses. Both of these terms, "emotional" and "actions" are entirely self-caused- if even by neglect.And when we take responsibility for these actions and emotions - and startplanning our works and then working those plans toward our own innate purpose- then life becomes extremely livable and even joyous. But more than likely, wereach some inimitable and indomitable internal peace with ourselves - somethingNightingale describes as a "calm, cheerful expectancy" about life and living. Ibelieve some might refer to this as "Zen."----What to do about those scammers? Well, Im not purposed to be some sort ofactivist, so Ill finish up the book and its marketing, get my refund, and move ontoa number of projects which cry out for my attention. Is there a need to get thatscene sorted out? Sure - there has to be some discipline in life for all the guys who"cheat" the rules which the rest of us live by. Mostly because if we dont put somerestraint on them, theyll wind up in a very sorry and expensive state which therest of us will physically and morally pay for. (Both prison and state-financedhealth-care are both extremely expensive with little or no return to the taxpayers
  • who foot the bill. Plus we tend to feel bad about the people in those conditions.)----What do you think?Have you got some addictive emotional situations of your own? Comment orcontact me.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, March 22, 2009 The universe is a team activity Yes, the Universe is a Team Activity - but you knew this all along... That old Benjamin Franklin phrase comes to mind, "We must all hang together or surely, we shall all hang separately." And its not just the "greenies" or "enviros" that have a point here. Im speaking far more pragmatically here. Theres a Universal connection in/with/around all of us. If you want to refer to it as God, that would be fine. This is one concept of the Western Christian view. However, Buddhists and Hindu and even older religions and philosophies essentialy hold the same view, just by different names. And those who hold this thought and follow it (where do you think genius and inspiration come from?) have the world rise up to them and give them everything they want. True. Read the biographies of the outrageously successful - or books by people who have studied them (like Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich or Law of Success). Youll find that there are just a handful of people who didnt have to study and learn esoteric concepts in order to succeed in anything they wanted. But they did follow a few basic principles regardless. Dale Carnegie tapped into these same principles when he studied the average, ordinary person who came into his public speaking courses (Ripleys noted that he had critiqued over 150,000 speeches, which I think is also in the Guiness record
  • book.) And his books became bestsellers when he wrote about the basic conceptshe tapped into.That Hill and Carnegie continue to be successes are due more to the caliber oftheir thinking than the quality of their writing or the foundations which took overtheir works after they passed.They both did extensive studies of humankind in the raw. And found that therewere simple underlying basics to any persons success.Teamwork is one of these. We have it in all of us. And all the corporate magnatesHill studied, or the small business entrepreneurs who came to study with Carnegie- they all knew this to be a fact. When people cooperate, they get more done thanthe same amount of people can do individually.This is due to an inherent common connection we all share - the Universe.And while I can go further into tools and approaches and ways to improve yourabilities in this area, Ill leave you with this simple beginning approach: 1. Pray or meditate or simply sit in relaxed silence at least once daily. (3 times is better.) 2. Just listen when youre in that mode - to your heartbeat, your breathing, the wind. Just listen. Banish all thoughts simply by letting these go - simply relax and let the world fall away. Listen. 3. Come out of that (after 15 minutes or an hour or however long you can keep it up) and revisit your own purpose - what is it that brings a smile to your face, quickens your step, really sponsors your action on a daily basis. Your purpose is what you would love to do if you didnt have to "work" for a living. 4. Get the concept of your own ideal scene and really visualize it - get the feelings of having that all around you. These will be calm, cheerful, expectant feelings - because youll know that this is possible. 5. Release this to the Universe. 6. Right about then, or shortly after, youll get an idea about what you can do to bring this into existence - a small step or a series of them. Write these down somewhere so you can keep track of what you need to do. 7. And then incorporate those inspired steps into your life somehow. Start acting on them.When you do these steps daily (like I said 3 times a day is best for our Westernworld) - youll start making the improvements in your life that align your ownpurpose with the Universe around you. Youll be "doing your own thing" and theUniverse will be helping you accomplish it. Because we are all in this together andthe more we work together, the more we can get done.Yes, this means real world peace is just around the corner - and an end to anyserious food, housing, clothing and security problems currently in this world.All we each have to do is outlines above (and it will only take about 3 percent ofthis planet actively doing those 7 steps listed to make major changes).
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Wisdom and Teaching - two companions on the journey Wisdom and Teaching - requisite partners in lifes journey One of these odd wake-from-sleep lessons - Wisdoms payment is teaching. You can learn all you want, but as you do - you must share what you know. Theres the entirety of study and training - regardless of what they hold as valuable in Western schools. Once you learn, you are required to teach what you know. The student and teacher are one and the same - because so often they trade roles. Only in our western culture does the dogmatic teacher-student relationship become a one-way, top-to-seeming-bottom flow. Our oldest surviving philosophy/life-system is found in the Polynesian Huna- Kahuna (Secret of Secrets). Here anyone who had mastered his particular set of life-skills was a kahuna. And taught only as another student asked questions. Being judged a kahuna wasnt some official status, it was just a community recognition of the wisdom and skill a person had attained. This didnt mean they knew everything about everything. A kahuna skilled in catching fish would not know the same data as a carpenter-kahuna. So there was ample opportunity for a person to learn from others while having apparently mastered his own niche. But I dont think that within any particular niche that there are closed doors to continuing knowledge. Farmers I know who are judged expert in rotational grazing cattle (moving them to a new section of land every few days or daily) say that they are constantly learning new stuff every year. (And the land so grazed is
  • producing grasses no one has ever seen before, interestingly enough.)Once, for some years, I had a job of internal consultant for a large West Coastcorporation. It had set policies on how to consult. I had been trained several timeson their consulting methods as they had changed over the years. And had gottenso good at it that it had almost become repetitious. Solutions were too easy. Butthen I got so good that it looked like I was "cutting corners" because I could tellpeople within minutes what their problem was and write out a short list of policiesfor them to study and actions to do. This made my bosses so afraid of reprisal fromtheir seniors that they forbade me to act that way. Seeing that I was trying tooperate with understanding in a corporate structure based on fear, I quit.Transferred to another department in that organization that had nothing to dowith consulting (graphic design, actually) and set about learning a whole new setof skills. And a few years later, transferred right out of that corporate cultureentirely.Didnt mean I quit learning.After that, I then boiled down their entire structure and phil0sophy into a shortbook called "Go Thunk Yourself!" This then became a short series, which actuallycontains a sort of universal solvent to learning just about anything.Of course, then I had to learn all about marketing, since no one will sell your booksfor you.However, just having these books and knowledge doesnt mean you can sit on it -so blogging is a natural means of expression. Here, people can find what they wantto understand through searches and RSS feeds and life-streams and otheraggregators.So its the old Kahuna-student relationship on Internet steroids.The expert in one field is the rank amateur in another, a willing student as well asa willing teacher.Thats the future of our lives, our planet, our cultures.What a great life to have!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, March 16, 2009 How to "sell" self-help books to people who dont want them. "Selling" self-help seems impossible when people dont want it. But thats the secret itself... Ive been working around this area for years. The people who are already interested in self-improvement books arent really the ones you have to worry about. And trying to get their attention is very difficult, because there is so much competition in that field. So you have to work on niches, not shot-gun it. Ive been selling by author recently, and that seems to work pretty well, once youve figured out which authors are actually selling - or what specific books are selling. Of course, this limits you to mostly public-domain books and anything you can work them into, like audio books or courses.
  • Again, though, there are only about 9 authors who still sell regularly - and ofthose, none have incredible demand.But since Ive been studying marketing, I may have made a breakthrough in thisarea.You dont "sell" anything. You offer solutions to stress.When you target the stress in peoples lives, you can open up the entire world toawakening.Because just about everything out there is self improvement, if you really look at it.Learning how to garden better is self-improvement, isnt it? Finding what the bestcar on the market is a form of self improvement, isnt it?The people you want to convert to self-improvement arent those who are actuallylooking for it, they are those who are looking for solutions to some sort of stress intheir lives. Thats the keyword - stress.All stress is covered in any decent book on self-improvement. Sure, they may settleon meditation as an answer, or diet, or health, or financial worries - but they areall dealing with stress.Stress is actually and only either not knowing what your purpose is and/or notfollowing it. Just trying to "get by" or "make a living" is inherently filled withstress. Because anything that makes you feel bad is off your purpose-line in someway. And tells you that you should be changing something.But the avenue to reach these people is through whatever stress subject they arefixated on. If they want to lose weight (because they are eating too much becauseof their purpose-related stress), then you talk about diets - but also then bring inthe mental/spiritual reasons they are having weight problems. Same for health.Same for finances. Same for work problems.All of these have the same set of solutions (although they have to be tailor-madefor that individual).So this then gives a route where we can tell anyone about how to get on the self-improvement bandwagon - simply start solving the problem most real to thatperson at its root.And that way, we start reaching the whole planet...Neat, huh?
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, March 15, 2009 The haves and have-nots - how two worlds live together simultaneously There are two worlds living together simultaneously, but only one knows the other exists. These are not the worlds of have and have-not, but probably they align pretty well that way. Some of those who know about the two worlds simply wish to live in relative obscurity rather than living in fantastic opulence - while the other world around them burns. Some know the universe can be easily changed, and the rest figure that they have to go along with whats presented. Nightingale, Hill, Holmes, Haanel, Troward, Carnegie, Emerson, Eddy - all these authors and more found out that there was a completely separate world right at their finger-tips. All they had to do was start thinking different. Youll find in most of these writers above that they did exhaustive/exhausting research to determine what was actually going on in the world around them. And if you look up the thinkers who made incredible amounts of money through these methods, youll see they have become philanthropists the rest of their lives - Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Gates, plus many, many others. So we have our Matrix red pill/blue pill choice.
  • Start by turning off your TV and start thinking for yourself.Your future can be whatever you have always dreamed it as - and make thosedreams become real and actual in the world around you.But you have to start thinking for yourself.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, March 13, 2009 Seeing your future by looking at Now - marketing meets the metaphysical When you look, you see. But what youre looking for makes all the difference. Ran into an interesting datum yesterday - actually, I was told about it from one of my dreams (you know, when you wake up from a nap with an inspired thought... happens to most all of us.) Theres this datum which is repeated in many, many places on the Internet - that 95 percent of all your thoughts and actions are guided by the subconscious. Now this runs right into what Ive been studying with Cialdinis "Influence". The interesting part is that you can turn this completely around and start influencing the influencer. While I dont have time to go into the technical details of it, just listen to this train of thought: ● All knowledge is recorded and available in the mind. ● All minds are linked. ● Prayer/Meditation can place a definite thought in this Universal mind - and so communicate across any distance instantaneously (proved by the results of many, many studies - and most people believe it, anyway - through personal experience). ● By seeking out the common ideas people have, you can then help
  • them find their own bliss and align this to their own lives. ● People who seek violent ends are an extreme minority and are shunned - they are self- as well as other-destructive. ● The vast bulk of humankind is interested in prosperity and peace in the world around them. ● It would only take about 3 percent of humanity to actually move the bulk over to a new state - as happens daily (its just not coordinated). ● Getting 3 percent of this planet enlightened and praying/meditating daily for world peace would move the world almost permanently into that state.Going to have to leave this as a simple, enigmatic note at this point. The basics ofit, and proving the rationale behind it, can all be found on the Net. But if you wantto read how this is possible, check out Hills "Law of Success", Colliers "Secret ofthe Ages", Holmes "Science of Mind", Haanels "Master Key System", and studyup on Larson and Fillmore.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, March 11, 2009 How to kick over a beehive and survive. Social Proof Be Damned. Bees, Humans, Tribes, Herds - not so much difference. And turning from follower to leader doesnt hurt, it helps. Background: On another blog about Internet Marketing and Marketing Insight, Ive been examining how marketing is done on line, using keywords which people commonly search for - and then tracking these down to the long-tail, profitable niches. This trains you quickly to ignore the spiky trends and seek out the flat niches, where people dependably buy over a longer period of time. Added to this is recent work in buying and reading books (usually I just download what I need, but for some reason I had to have a few of these new ones in print) - so I bought these few books: Gladwells "Outliers", Godins "Tribes", and now I did get a bootleg copy of Cialdinis "Influence". If you are familiar with these three books, you can see how they work together. And reading Cialdini last tends to fill in the missing parts of the first two. Gladwell is an illustrator, he really doesnt prescribe anything. So he only rambles on about a coherent theme, saying that people are more or less the effect of their social environment, regardless of how brilliant they are. (And he misses the point that he thinks all brilliant people should be monetary and social successes - his own tribe.) Godin is a marketer, but while he markets marketing, he doesnt really get a cohesive call-to-arms in his book. What this is, really, is a collection of essays of
  • studies hes been doing down a particular line. So you can see the trend of hisresearch, but not any end point. Godin points out that most of us live in Tribes andonly a handful lead those tribes. He calls ineffectively for people to become leadersof their own tribes. Ineffectively, because he never lays out how a person movesfrom tribal member to tribal leader.Cialdinis book (and Im only really about half-way through, as its scientificallythick - unlike the more populist writing styles above) - his book is really, reallyfascinating. Because he is outlining how he, you, and I have been patsys our entirelives - because its in our make-up and our native training. But he goes further inoutlining how people dont have to be the effect of people who use these to theirown advantage - or tribes which only follow the leader.For instance: people follow the actions of people around them. If a lot of peopleare seeming to take no action, then they will take no action. And so you can seepeople get mugged, killed, brutalized in plain sight with no one taking any action.This explains a lower crime rate per capita in rural areas - people tend to actindependently, because there are fewer of them.But this also brings to view my own work in studying this recurrent Bell Curvephenomenon. Now, as Ive posted, the Bell Curve and Long Tail in marketing areso similar, they are nearly identical. If you can figure out what people are buyinginto and get into that market ahead of that trend, youll find very profitable sweet-spots. Problem is that people cant predict trends - or so they lead you to believe.Now, a recap: an economist named Pareto made an observation that became the"80/20" rule. 80% of your income comes form 20% of your customers. (And mostof your problems at work are caused by a minority of your workers by the sameproportion - at least in large corporations.) Anecdotally, Id heard a local policeofficial state that 90% of their crimes were caused by the same 5% of the localpopulation - as Casablanca had it, "the usual suspects."But then, 20 percent of 20 percent is what - around 4 percent.Cialdini quotes one Cavett Robert, who tells his sales trainees: "Since 95 percent ofthe people are imitators and only 5 percent initiators, people are persuaded moreby the actions of others than by any proof we can offer."You see, most of us take our clues from the bulk of the people around us - whichexplains why governments exist regardless of the fact that people hate them.(Some thought that however bad it is, its probably better than nothing.)But all thought from the tribe is justification. People are going to follow the bulkaction.And so, Gladwell was disappointed with this one genius he found who simplywanted to live a quiet life on a backwoods Missouri farm so he could write a bookwhich described the systems which ran this universe. He explained his actions bylack of social training. But it is Gladwell who has been mistrained. While he seeksout the unique stories as part of his job writing for a New York magazine, he isonly again working for the larger tribe and penning articles which they findamusing - but wont find too inspiring or motivating.Gladwells concept is that brilliant people should be over-achievers - leaders and
  • wealthy. But when he finds that many brilliant people simply want to live"normal" lives, hes curious about this, and a bit disdainful.The truly brilliant can make their own choices. And be brilliant followers if theywish. They can merge into the woodwork better than the "average" person - justbecause they are so gifted. Like Poes letter - the best place to hide is in plain sight.All you have to do is to observe what people around you are doing and then lookand act like them.So who, then, are our leaders?A definition of our leaders wont be found in their autobiographies - because mostindustrial and market leaders dont write. Now a few, like Shakespeare, put theirincredible thoughts out for the world to study at its leisure. And in doing so, laidout all the key concepts found in all religions and time-proved philosophies on thisplanet.So youll find a lot of biographies which were written by others about those leaders- most always third-hand information.Stories about leaders dont express the unique genius of those leaders, theyexpress what we want and what we feel about leaders. Popular books are just that -written and consumed by the bulk of the populace. Thats what most of any groupare: consumers. They are customers of habit - they act by custom.But these leaders are not intentional. (The worst case Ive seen of a person tryingto become a leader was a Missouri governor who studied "Political Science" andworked his way up the ranks to get himself elected - then promptly was defeated inthe next primary. Actually enabled the other party to gain and hold completecontrol of the state legislature.)Leaders arent accidental, either. They are people who tend to think completelyindependently of the world around them. Probably, outside of the "accidental"situations where people are thrust into the limelight and somehow survive (butagain, Gladwell reminds us of the 10,000 hour theory - that it takes that long toreally learn any profession) - outside of the apparent exceptions, most leadershave - by these same 10,000 hours of study prepared themselves to consistentlythink outside the box. And thats any particular box or all boxes - they take theirchoice.But they are completely individuals and know what they are doing.What really makes the individual a success is a singular passion. Napoleon Hills"Burning Desire." They simply follow this passion and train down that line so thatthey understand exactly what it is that they need to know in order to succeed atwhat they really want in life.The bulk of the people on this planet dont. They seem happy enough to live outtheir lives as "grist for the mill" or, in an earlier age, "cannon fodder."Does government know this? No. They are just as much social followers as anyone.Otherwise, they might get something done in those hallowed halls besidesregularly changing our "Daylight Savings Time" (another governmental oxymoron
  • - how much daylight do they save with this?).The last leaders in government youll find were our Founding Fathers - most ofwhich didnt actually fit the bill of leaders, per se. But this tiny minority of peoplebanded together in their own group and took a body of peaceful settlers right overan ideological cliff. Most of the people in the Colonies didnt want to do anythingexcept raise a family and live their lives out. But England had sown their own seed(much like Australia) where they sent their malcontents over to another land, fullof their malcontented ideas.And extremists like Locke and Adam Smith became the rallying cry for thesehandful of people, supported by "liberal" interpretations of the Bible andShakespeare, among others. (But you also have to note that most of the Americaswere rural at that time - full of independent peoples.)Those same ideas still range far and wide.Sure, we are beset at present by "vested interests" which are not the corporate K-street lobbyists, as some would have you believe, but actually the populist vocal-points who simply follow the followers. Our vested interests are our ownCongressmen who think they get elected by "bringing home the pork" withearmarks. But I diverge.The point of this is that each of us are individuals and both can and shoulddevelop our own keen sense of individuality - a native distrust for accepting whatsimply goes on around us. People can live better lives by their own individualchoices.But they have to learn to make those choices.I could rail on at this point about how one author says that the first seven years oflife are where you learn everything about living - and then the rest of your life youare hard at work un-learning all that. And government schools - a near monopolyon education - which is built on Prussian military organization so that people learnto operate in groups.You can find out all this for yourself - all the data is readily available.And thats what makes this time we have incredibly unique. With the Internet,anyone can find out almost anything. If you train yourself to look for patterns,systems, routines in the world around you, that same world will tell you how it canbe mastered. Mastered completely. Every single clue you could need is right out infront of you.All you have to do is open your eyes and look. Then keep looking despite all effortsof those around you to close your eyes for whatever reason they say.Ive done my long studies in these areas just for that reason - to help people findout about themselves and to help them change their own lives. And that work, youcan be assured, will never quit.This is, of course, the reason I continue to blog. One day, all this will pay off - as itreaches its Tipping Point (another Gladwell book).
  • For you - just keep being yourself. Find out what you really want in life and reallygo after it. Put everything and more behind it.Because all your happiness and self-satisfaction depend on following only whatyou - and not the crowds and groups youve been part of - really want out of life.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Addiction, Poverty, Success - All the same thing? A Brain Theory... Maybe your success, your failure, and your mediocrity are all the same brain chemical... Now I dont really believe the brain boys who think that everything is just a machine and that you can cut out parts of the brain or feed it different chemicals and change a persons behavior. But, in addiction, a person can get the body to physically need a substance in order to avoid painful physiological withdrawal... So lets try this idea out just to examine a theory: Suppose (just suppose) there were two chemicals in the brain that monitored behavior - one for success, one for failure. Both were very potent chemicals and would result in addiction-like symptoms if over-indulged for too long a period. This would explain over-achievers and complete failures, wouldnt it? Both are either addicted to success or addicted to failure. And the bulk of humanity simply avoids either one and continue muddling along - and, according to them, live the sanest life of all. This would make government by the majority very popular, since it helps people avoid both extremes - and so their lives would be the happiest if they just do what the government says.
  • (Three biggest lies: "Your check is in the mail." "Thats a really nice tie." "Im fromthe government and Im here to help you.")This idea we are running down says that people who succeed are addicted tosuccess and so must be helped to curb their addiction so that they can live inrelative ease like the rest of us. And those who are addicted to failure must also behelped, so that they can live in a better state.Unfortunately, this is far from true. Even though our modern tax structure is builton using taxes to redistribute wealth as a means of curbing excessive addiction.While it does make the really uber-rich move out of that country, it doesntsimilarly work for the poor. You cant keep handing out money to the poor andexpect anything except more poverty.Getting rich, being successful - that has the same mental process as living your lifein continuing poverty. Poor and Rich arent addicted, but they use the samethought process to get there.What is that?Decision - or, more practically, a lot of them.The rich, successful person decides to get rich and successful and continues tomake decisions which create that wealth and achievement.The poor person has made a long series of decisions which keeps them in thepoorhouse - or on government dole - all their lives.Both live just as long (because now the poor can get all the free government healthcare they want, just like the rich).And the government wants to keep everyone in the middle where they are happiestand continue to vote for people like themselves (and so politicians who get richnever dress up - although they make far more than the "average person" theyprotect). And the government runs the school systems and so trains everyone intobelieving that this system is right.Education is just a series of decisions, isnt it?Now, of course this whole theory is bunk, isnt it? The government doesnt reallycontrol everything, does it? (Tin-foil hat conspiracy theories aside...) If they did,wed all be back in some sort of Maos China, or Stalins USSR, wouldnt we? Alldressed the same with smiles on our faces.It doesnt work because you can see people in America who were born to poorbackgrounds who became rich, famous, and successful. And you see people whoinherited wealth blow it all and wind up bankrupt (like most lottery winners windup worse off financially).So what is keeping a person up, down, or in the middle is only that personscapability to decide for themselves and make the changes they want to. Noamount of government intervention prevents a person from becoming (andstaying) rich, or a person from becoming (and staying) poor.
  • And this is true regardless of where a person is born on this planet. Sure, in someof the worst countries, its difficult to get past childhood. And most of us will sendany spare disposable income that way if it will do any good. (Sometimesgovernments will actually keep that aid from arriving, because theyve decided tomake themselves rich first - big porkers muscle to the front at the trough, afterall...)Its just what we, as individuals, decide what we want to do with our lives.So, go ahead - get addicted anyway you want. Or just stay happy in the middle.Anyway you go, youll be successful. Like Henry Ford said: "If you think you can,or if you think you cant, either way - youre right."----Now, if youre happy with that - stop here and read no further. What follows is alecture on how government could run more efficiently (and get out of our lives, butstill pave our roads and defend our borders - just more cheaply.)A note on taxes. (Since I brought the subject up.)You got to hand it to our country. For generations, our poor have had the higheststandard of living on this planet. In fact, if you took the income we considerpoverty right now and tried to live on it in some foreign countries, youd findyourself living in relative luxury there - a prince (or princess) among the throngs.But I object to raised taxes and heres why:Taxes are a necessary evil. Without them, we wouldnt be able to pave our roads orprotect our countrys borders. But thats about the limit I consider they areneeded. You cant tax or subsidize social programs successfully. Welfare doesntwork. Pay people to work and they keep working. Pay people to stay poor and theydo. Pay single mothers with lots of children and, yes, you get more single motherswith lots of children.However, if you stay out of peoples way, they generally figure out how to make agood living and get along with each other. Ask Russia - it invaded Georgia andovernight lost billions of investments. And within a month, it was one of the firstcountries to start their recession this time around.For a brief time, we got to see a fascinating situation occur - when they droppedtaxes, revenue increased. Which means that there is a sweet spot for taxes. If youhit the right level, you have all sorts of money to spend.But the reverse isnt true. Ask California. If you raise taxes, because the programsyou are running need more money - what happens? The rich move to anotherstate. And you face the worst budget nightmares possible. Because youve beenhanding out all this money for social programs and now have to tell people youcant do it anymore.The trick is to get the right balance of taxes to make it easiest for people to pay -and then drop your budget needs to only what you need to spend it on.
  • Of course, this means that you have faith in the individual to succeed and make allthe money they want. And you have to really want people to bootstrap themselvesout of any situation they are facing in their lives.And it means you distrust the idea that people who run government know betterthan the person on the ground who pay for them.I live in a fairly interesting state. Born and raised here (other than about 20 yearsin California.) They consistently vote down taxes. And guess where people comewhen they want to invest - you guessed it. And people retire here because the taxesare lower. So the place tends to vote more conservative than not.The state is also neither too hot or too cold during the year, so its great for a lot ofthings. But its our little secret - so shhhh - just bring your money and retire hereand start your second business, we wont tell anyone about our little secretparadise here in Flyover Country.----Ok, Ive prattled on long enough.Whats the takeaway? 1. Decide whatever you want to, plan out what you want to achieve, and then do it. 2. Pay your taxes - but vote for sensible people who will lower them (and spend less). 3. Live a great life - by choice.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, February 9, 2009 The dramas we go through can be one-act plays, not lifetime soap operas Taking the melodrama out of your life and replacing it with honest, livable emotions. Probably the biggest situation people can get into in their lives is to think that their emotions are beyond their control - or thinking that they have to control their emotions all the time (same presumption). Wild swings in emotions, as well as chronic/fixed emotions are both signs that a persons emotions run their lives. Practically, one should be able to experience any emotion, both appropriate to the circumstance, or when someone elses story prompts them to surface. Emotions are necessary to actually living. They are the spice of life, and what makes things worth living for. But emotions dont run a persons life - they shouldnt leave you feeling like a rag doll clenched and tossed in the jaws of of an
  • excited, teething puppy. They are instead the high points, the full flavor of theright wine accompanying a truly gourmet dinner at a friends house who alsohappens to be a consummate chef. (There is no pause or let down as their is no"check" to pay.)Any emotion is able to be experienced as itself, and not something that has to be"triggered" or "caused". One can decide to experience an appropriate emotion - atany level or volume. Or pass the opportunity by.Its said that liberals "think" with their emotions and conservatives "think"analytically. So there is supposedly the "feel good" motive to everything versus the"cold, calculated capitalist" approach.Neither extreme is accurate. Ive said before that people think with stories. Butthese stories have to have an emotional content. Its what makes a truly greatmovie - because people can "lose" themselves in the character and plot of a trulygreat film.And is why box office records (or nowadays, downloads) are really the greatestindicator of quality - not any amount of prizes awarded by committees. In ourlong-tail world, this is how many of your like-minded friends view that movie andask you to go see it.To really evaluate your life, you have to appreciate the emotive content of it. Thereis no life or way of living which is more right than any other. None. Your own lifeis the most important one you will ever know. (Duh.) But you can experienceothers lives vicariously and so evaluate your own quality of living. That is why ourmodern movie industry continues to thrive - and does best in the worst times -because people are wanting to improve their own living by seeing through the eyesof another character, to see if they agree with the choice of actions that personmakes.And that explains why professional salesmen will listen and buy from anyone witha great sales pitch. Even if they dont need the product - because it helped themwith their own life, just for that instant. They think their lives in terms of salesstories - because the time-honored best sales pitches have always been stories (seeRobert Colliers Letter Book for examples.)These stories are good because they motivate by not "playing on" but insteadinviting the emotions of the viewer.One of the key points which came up in "Go Thunk Yourself!" research was that aperson needed to take control over their emotional lives and learn that theirattitudes were self-created. This doesnt mean one starts keeping them under rigidcontrol - but instead means that any individual could and should learn to studyones own lifes emotive content to experience all the richness that is possible.A point in example is that captain of the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight. He hadsomething like maybe half a minute to live out the drama from the point hiswindshield was covered with birds and both engines failed shortly after take off -to the point just seconds later where he was helping all his passengers get out ofnear-freezing water onto nearby ferries. When asked if he experienced any reliefwhen the plane landed in the water, safely - he replied, no, that he knew anotherjob waited - to get the passengers off that plane. And while the plane soon filled to
  • chest deep water, he made two trips from one end to the other to make sureeveryone was off.But the tale of that flight has substantial emotive content. And of course the flightcrew and passengers made trips to the various broadcast networks who playedtheir story to riveted listeners. Because this is a story few of us will ever experience.And we can all now, due to the wonders of our modern media, experience the widerange of emotions every person on that near-death flight experienced, as well asthe practiced calm of those pilots and their cabin crew - all trained to keep theirown emotions in check in order to deal with that exact type of situation. Thattraining succeeded in all cases. As well, the passengers had to keep their ownheads and take the right actions to ensure their own and their fellow passengerssafety. And only in telling these tales after do the other emotions come out - ofappreciation, of joy, and so on.It could be said that the truly insane among us are there by choice. Theyvedecided to a greater or lesser degree to not control their emotions or to over-control them - both because of the computation that emotions are notcontrollable. But from William James back to ancient Greek philosophers, itsbeen noted (and verified by modern studies) that any attitude can be created orregulated at will.And so this now frees us to live the life weve always wanted, to evolve and reachthat higher state of personal beingness - to live any life at any volume we want.Because, as one modern philosopher pointed out: thoughts create actions, actionscreate habits, habits create character, character create your life. If you allowyourself to be too feeling or too analytical, your actions, habit, character, and lifewill be shifted to that degree away from the balanced, rich tapestry of life.To that degree, you wont experience the fullness this world has to offer. Becauseyour life will be either have too much or too little emotive content. And yoursenses will be dulled to that degree - overly "tight" in one extreme or the other.Having full control over your own life - in every aspect - means that you arecausatively choosing the thoughts you want to think. All thoughts have emotivecontent, this is their power to manifest in the actual around us.Your life, as it turns out, is completely designed from that chorus of thoughts. Butyou are the choir master and the conductor to the accompanying orchestra. And aswell, you are the stage designer.The self-chosen opera (not recorded melodrama) of your life is the one youvechosen and the one you live out by your decided thoughts and actions.So - decide what you want to live, and then live it well, live it fully.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, January 17, 2009 Changing your lifes mind isnt that difficult, afterall Mental Reprogramming Made Easy - 30 days to whatever new you that you could want... Heres todays inputs: ● "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell; ● his quoted concept that it takes 10,000 hours (about 10 years) to master a new skill; ● another concept that it takes 28 days to change any habit; ● Google Reader as a method for changing your inputs. One review of Gladwells book (in a farming magazine, no less) says that a persons success (or failure) has been building up for a long time, that anyone suddenly hitting the popular wave as an expert in their field - well, theyve been studying for this moment their whole life. Or at least devoting the last 10 years to it seriously. Which explains the concept Napoleon Hill (and others) have said, that most life successes show up when the person is mid-life. Ive started taking my own advice and beginning to read my Google Reader daily. (One tip is to set it up to just read the headlines as a quick filter.) What I ran into is exactly what I thought - I didnt want to read a lot of this stuff, and so will have to continue to weed and prune my "garden". And there is a lot of other stuff I want to surround myself with.
  • The trick is to do what you really like to do in life. Things that bring you pleasure,that get you excited. And then do these in a flat-out fashion that really helps otherpeople improve theirs.After 30 days, youll get an inkling of how to do it. And if you switch fields awayfrom anything you really are already expert at - well, its going to take ten yearsbefore youre really good at it. (So keep a part-time day job, or move in with familyif you can stand it.)But if you take stock of what you have always been successful at, and all yourskills, you can probably figure out where youve been headed all this time - at leastthe general direction. Ray Kroc started McDonalds after a lifetime as a salesman.He was 40-something at the time, and stumbled onto a pair of brothers who reallyknew how to make french fries... Died rich and happy. Stories of Microsoftsfounders success show that he played a lot of poker - which enabled him to sellIBM an operating system for their new PC when he didnt even have one.Anyway, youve been tooling around for quite a while and now you can dosomething about it. All this self-re-programming stuff is just installing a hopped-up carburetor on your factory-built engine - supercharge it. 1. Surround your self with stuff you are really interested in - 2. and look up your back-trail to see what you are already good at. 3. Then, find your "unique selling proposition" and go out to conquer the world! (Or at least a sizeably remunerative part of it...)
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Quickly reprogramming your life - the Internet way And if you reprogram your mind, via the Internet, do you lose it down a rabbit hole? Nah - its not that easy. Theres lots of failsafes along the way - plus, theres an automatic route back. OK, why Im bringing this up: in my marketing research, Ive discovered 1) that the world is nichefying at an incredible rate because of the Internet - which is a good thing, and 2) there are now technical ways to do this which allow you to concentrate and narrow your focus - which will then ultimately reprogram your mind into something quite different than what you currently think is "normal". First the failsafes: Common sense keeps you from doing things that would be self- destructive. Well, most of the time. These can be over-ridden, but usually one keeps from personal destruction. If youre hell-bent on doing it, anything is possible. But for the vast majority, there are certain patterns youve held onto which keep you safe in most circumstances. The road back is because you never really forget old patterns. And usually you can readopt these easily - it just takes a little less effort than changing an old habit into a new one. Slipping back into old ways (like an addiction) is easier than coming off that addiction. Mental bread crumbs and all that. Now, what are these ways to reprogram yourself via the Internet? Well, the social
  • media we have also has developed aggregators which can be programmed tosimply and only give you the data you really want. Like Yahoo Pipes andFriendFeed. You can take all sorts of data which has RSS feeds and get thesefiltered into only the data you want - and then pipe these into a feed reader so youonly get the data which interests you and you think is valuable.When I went down this line with marketing, I soon saw that by putting theseblinders on, you would simply and quickly become an expert on that niche subjectand would be putting yourself into conversation with other people who havesimilar interests to yours - your clients and associates. And that is the way to reallymake it in any niche - surround yourself with key data that has to do with just thatniche, and then blog/write/podcast/video about it all the time. People who arecollecting that type of data will then seek you out.Its actually a natural function. Thats how you pick your friends and how they pickyou.And its how you are constantly reprogramming your mind.Only now, the Internet also allows you to do this much quicker - and influence ahelluva lot more similarly-interested people than ever before.The worry was the rabbit-hole concept from Alice in Wonderland (as made famousby The Matrix movie). People have described going down into rabbit-holes ofinteresting data-leads, only to emerge hours later with nothing to show for all theirfascinating Internet surfing. (Probably a smile on their face, but maybe not.)By creating aggregators to find you data and filters which then clean and purifythis data into only things you are interested in, you can then build your ownblinders so that you are only getting that data which makes you happy. And so,you become a walking expert in a particular niche - and in search enginemarketing, this is how you can then grab top spots so that people can find yourproducts.Essentially, you reprogram yourself into success.But that is really what all these books and tapes and videos on self improvementare all telling you, isnt it? They are trying to get you to quit listening to the herdmentality and start listening to yourself. And when you do, you becomeconcentrated on the one thing which will give you everything you want in life.That "one thing" is different for every single person alive on this planet.Its just the way things are. And why the way things are - if you wanted to look.So, worry not - its all cool. Just be yourself and listen to those things you feel youshould - that make you feel good all the time. And as you improve your filters andaggregators, youll be easily replacing your old datums and mental habits with newones.Cheers - and Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, January 9, 2009 7 Life-changing Principles: The ways its all laid out - too easy, but we make it complicated Heres 7 simple principles you can improve your life with and go about living a much easier life. But I dont tell you that you have to believe in these, only that you can... 1. The world is what you think it is. This is one of the oldest principles out there - and only survived through oral history. But it surfaces in every religion and every philosophy there is. Modern "positive thinking" also adopted this from older New Thought writings, which in turn lifted them from Eastern beliefs - which were influenced by that older oral tradition. "Thoughts are things." "We become what we think about." "What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve." All these are the same concept. 2. Now, after that, examination shows that there is no such thing as "chance." Everything is caused in this universe. If something "happens" to you which is a "surprise" - just go back and figure out why you left this up to someone else to decide. Of course, you have to really believe that the first item above is true before you can say with any certainty that this second one could be. 3. Another principle from those older (Huna) principles: "There are no limits." Essentially, this means that we are all connected somehow. Quantum physicists have been proving this for nearly a half- century by now. Of course, this tends to support #2 above, and also #1. But realistically, you have to believe in #1 before youll believe #3 - so its a bit of a self-serving cyclical belief structure. This starts to explain this universe we live in - if you take the quantum view of things. These scientists discovered that what a person thinks determines what happens to him - but also that we are connected to each other in very strong ways, regardless of
  • how separated we may be physically. Which leads us to: 4. All your thoughts are shared - and so are everyone elses. Braden and others have gone down this route. But you can figure this is where some of your "inspiration" comes from. We are permanently connected to each other and our "separateness" is a convenient fiction. Of course, this explains psychic phenomenon and a few other things. Youve probably ran into anecdotal evidence of this in your own life from time to time. Such as a mother and child knowing when its time to feed, as well as when the other is under stress. 5. So, practically, there is nothing you cant know and understand. Tapping into this would then be a way to gain advantages in your life - personally, financially, socially. And if you look up the subject of genius, youll see that you can find ways to bring out your own native genius abilities - which methods have been known throughout the centuries, by many different writers in many different times and places. Only our modern Internet Age has made all this data readily available for anyone with an Internet connection to find. 6. You can change your personality into anything you want or need it to be. This is known to be true completely outside of any of 1-5 above. But those earlier 5 points explain why it happens. Thoughts determine actions, which consistently performed produce habits, which then form personality. Any habit can be changed (according to many recurring and overlapping studies) in about 30 days - if you simply force yourself to do something different every time you are about to do something "habitually" you want to change. People can start drinking water every time they want a cigarette - and wean themselves off that physical need. (Which is one explanation why some people gain weight when they quit smoking - they can substitute food for cigarettes.) Of course this means that criminals and pedophiles can change their minds. And there are even some studies which show that changing your personality (habitual ways of thinking) will change your DNA to a greater or lesser degree. And of course, that throws another larger set of studies saying that people are genetically one way or the other - well, I love that study which says 50% of all scientific studies contradict the other 50%. 7. "Effectiveness is the measure of truth." And so, you choose what you want to believe based on whether its workable for you or not. Means you can throw this post away, along with all the data above and keep living anyway you want. The final proof of anything lies only within you. And people will continue to find things in their lives which support any way they like to live. Liberals always find support for liberal policies, conservatives likewise. Criminals can always justify their actions, and the religious can find some scripture which supports any particular way of action they choose. Like Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do it, or you think you cant do it, You are right.”So there you have it. If you believe in what Ive gone over above, then youve got itmade. And if you think Im full of it, youre also on the right road. Because eitherway, youre right.
  • I post this because maybe you had an inkling that you could have more controlover your own life, or that you could get out of a stressful situation you are goingthrough. These above principles are just ways you can change your life and live iteasier.How do these make your life easier? Well, when you are happier, life is easieroverall than when you are all stressed out, right? And if you can change your mindabout something you find you dont want to keep doing, then you can do thingsyou really like to do. Doing things you like to do as a routine basis will help you behappier all the time. So, by changing your thoughts - and tuning into positive,helpful thoughts of people around you - you can then change your life intoanything you want it to be.But of course, thats your choice. And no one elses.Thought youd want to know that.Cheers.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Friday, January 2, 2009 Practical Right and Wrong - Truth Explored Whats the difference between Right and Wrong? Well, this is probably going to set you back on your heels a bit... In terms of survival, these are defined by what raises or decreases your quality of living. Right improves your ability to keep surviving, wrong makes it harder to survive. But in an argument, or logically, or in just wordplay - it really doesnt matter. Because "the world is what you think it is." Whatever you think, therefore, it natively right. And those people who can back their arguments up with various facts are really just good at manifesting stuff in this universe. Really nothing more than that. Its explained by another Huna principle - "Effectiveness is the measure of truth." Whether something works for you is whether it is "true" or "right". And that is also what makes it more or less survival for you. Can you put this idea to use in your own world? The above is actually the reason for discussion and why diversity is important. Not
  • all ideas will be useful for you - but it is important (and IMHO vital) to yourimproved or decreased quality of living. Many people have different experiencesand views on those - two people wont see the same incident the same, and theywont evaluate it the same. So these lessons can be useful stories for you toevaluate your own world-view and life-story against.Unfortunately, this means politicians and centralized governments are very muchless important than they have ever needed to be. The individual, and their localgroups are the most important. Loosely-coupled into organized groups, they candefeat any oppressive influence - and ensure all the individuals within will be ableto take charge over their own lives.So whats right or wrong? Whatever you think it should be...
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Thursday, December 18, 2008 How to survive life itself - and succeed into enormous wealth meanwhile...
  • (photocredit: can actually survive life and get incredibly wealthy atthe same time.(Recession-- what recession? We dont need no stinkin recession...)Of course, you wont figure this out by watching the news or attending any numberof schools.Because these are designed to serve the majority. They are designed to fostertabloid fascination ("news") and lockstep conformity ("schools"). Their end resultis a populace which tends to follow the same trends and not really questionanything they are told, but just react appropriately.Your own purpose for being here runs counter to those two groups.Because you and your purpose are unique, individual.
  • And what you are doing here is special - you are here not just to "make a living" or"support a family" or "live to reach retirement".Practically, you are here to save this universe. Really. Because every single personhere is depended on by the Universe to provide diversity and independence ofthought. And the universe would quickly just run down and quit if it werent foryour particular input.Its called the law of entropy. And its just Natures way of taking out the trash andthen picking it up from the sidewalk. All the way things are done.But growing things, building things, making stuff bigger, better, more exciting -thats what you are here for and what you are supposed to be doing.You werent created, werent born, werent infused with Life - just so you could sitin front of the TV with you chosen partner and then just "watch."Whatever youre here for, only you really know. No one else can tell you whatyoure here for - they can only tell you about ways theyve used to find their own.And these ways may or may not work for you.But the trick is that you have to try.A few hints here: 1. Try to constantly build the attitude of calm, cheerful expectancy. This will bring you more good things into your life - almost more than you can imagine. 2. Give open-handedly and dont expect anything in return. This will help all these good things coming to you surprise you even more. Especially works for charities. 3. Worried about your job? Dont be. Work positively on how you can give the most to your company and improve its ability to expand in its current economic climate. Work for expansion of others. Dont have a job? Find a company you can help - do the research to get a plan for their expansion, then offer that plan to them along with your services. (See the chapter on this in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. He wrote it for people coming out of the Depression - it works!Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Saturday, September 20, 2008 5 Keys to Success In Anything You Really Want Heres 5 Success Keys to Getting Anything You Really Want 1. Seek the Silence daily. 2. Find your vision. 3. Plan your work. 4. Work your plan. 5. Build your support group. Ive studied thousands of self help books, recordings, lectures, transcripts, articles, blog posts, you name it - over the half century Ive been on this planet. And they really only boil down to five key points anyone can use to improve their lives. Use these and youll be able to achieve or acquire or accomplish anything. Anything. These are nothing new. And youve heard them all before in one manner or another. But this time: Write them down and put them on the wall in front of you - or on your computer monitor on a tabbie - or the ceiling above your bed (if thats where
  • you do your best thinking). Memorize these and tell several people about them.Blog about them, Twitter them, Do a podcast or a video or stumble them. But getthis word out.Because they work. They always have, they always will. And if you want a betterlife, if you want someone around you to have a better existence or solve someproblem, write out these five keys for them and tell them just what I told you.I didnt invent these. They are as old as the hills - or older. But we can use themright now, today. And thats the point of writing this now.1. Seek the Silence daily.Some call it prayer, others meditation, others yet - just a quiet time, like a longwalk in the woods or sitting in a favorite chair looking out on a scenic view. Thepoint is to find a few points daily where you can sit in a quiet space, relax, and letyour thoughts simply go. Get some peace.As you get more peace into your life, youll be able to work easier and moreefficiently. Youll lead a calm, comfortable life. And good things will happen to youall the time.Plus, the calm, the peace expands around you. Youll be helping people quitworrying and enjoy their lives more - all because you enjoy yours.2. Find your vision.Now, find out what you really like to do, what you really want to get into your life,what you would rather be doing if you didnt have to do anything else for a living.What you want to wear, how you want to look, how you want to feel.Haanel, Wattles, Bristol, Peale, Shakespeare, Plato - the list is long. They all saidthis. Jesus and other religious phil0sophers, prophets, and sages all covered this.Get a quiet time and figure out what it is you really want. Hill and Nightingale sayto write this down on two little cards. Write it like its already done - not, "I wanta ....", but "I have a ...." One card goes on your nightstand by the bed. The othergoes with you to work. Review this three times a day, preferably at the same time.Get the feeling of this being already there - how great, how satisfied, how gratefulyou feel for this showing up, being brought to you.Thats your next step. Take your time and work it out. You probably already havean idea. Go for it.Then review it at least three times a day and every chance you get in between. Themore you chew over your vision in your mind, the more details start to appear -and the more real it becomes. Youll get inspiration and intuitive insight on how tomake it happen faster as you do.2. Plan your work.The trick in this is to plan out what you have to do in logical sequence - what hasto happen first before something else can. Just lay out your ToDo list all insequence. Simple steps - but only those things that you can do. And only write
  • down the really vital things. Its not a grocery list or a wish list. Its a sequentialseries of steps you need to do to get the next part of your vision to actually occuraround you.You know what these steps are. Just write them down so you can work on themand get them done.Nothing gets done in this universe without some sort of action taking place.Dreams remain just daydreams until you act on them.So write them down so you can.3. Work your plan.Now, how you get these done is important.You get them done one at a time. Period. Work on one thing and get it done. Thenthe next. And then the next after that and so on.All multi-tasking is over-hyped. Computers only "multi-task" by working on onething at a time for a short period of time each, and in rotation - and they slowdown and crash when asked to work on too many things at once.Sure, if youre waiting on something to finish, you can do something to fill in - butdrop that and get back to finish what you started originally as soon as you can.Once thats done, then finish the next thing you started. Concentrate on gettingwhat you started done - in the order you started it. And preferably, you canorganize your life so that you dont have to start more than one thing at a time.Yes, there is true multi-tasking. Put one computer doing one thing and anothercomputer doing the second thing. In business, this is called hiring more people.Two people can do two things at once - one works on one thing, the other works onthe other thing.Just the way this universe is laid out. Penalties for routinely trying to "multi-task?"Nervous breakdowns - a "crash". Computers are modeled after human thought,after all. They can only "think" as good as we can. Take the hint. Work your ownlist from the top down. Only.If you dont get it all done that day? Put it in your pocket and bring it back to workthe next day. When you do get it all done, lay out the next steps you need to do.And then work this list from the top down. Keep the same list and check it off.Dont re-write it every day. Just do it, complete it. Theres always more paperready when you start your next list.Another point - how do you go at this? Calmly, cheerfully, and expectantly. Likeeverything you want is going to show up shortly - you are just "clearing the decks"so that it has a place to set when it does. Remember the first step - get your ownpeace happening daily. And let the world revolve around you for a change.4. Build your support group.Surround yourself with people, books, recordings, articles, blogs, etc. that shareyour vision or some part of it.
  • These are mentors, mastermind group, accountability partners - they go by manynames. The point is that you have some point, great or small, of your vision incommon. And thats the point that you cover with them. Because you are helpingthem to achieve their own vision - their own purpose.Move the rest off somewhere or let them drift away. You only want to concentrateon these few which you can directly help and they can help you. Seems harsh, butit doesnt have to be. Factually, youll find that as you concentrate on yourpurpose, your vision, the people you need will start showing up in your life and allthe distractions will start dropping away.Your job is to simply concentrate on your vision and get their advice and supportfor that part of your vision they can contribute to. Dont bother them with thewhole rest of it - keep that to yourself and someone who has that in common withyou. No two people are exactly the same, even twins. No two people will have theexact same set of mastermind partners. But people can mesh and coincide atcertain points. Thats what you share with them - and help them with their similarpoint.Remember the old adage - "You cant get without giving." Some say to give first inorder to get what it is you want. And there is the best type of giving - open-handedwith no expectation of a return. If you want success in your life, look around youand find someone you can help be more successful. For free. Sure you have yourbusiness - but every time you do something for someone else, give them a littlemore than they expected, like Wattles suggested a century ago, and as the GoodBook said a few thousand years ago. Give in abundance and abundance will returnto you.Its just the way this universe is set up. (And why criminals and critical people livesuch awful lives. ) And why smiles are contagious.----So there you have it. Write these down and memorize them. Get it so you cancount these off on one hand (or your toes, if thats the way you count). Just fivepoints. Reword them anyway you need to so they are easy for you to remember.Get these going in your life and you really cant be anything but an outrageoussuccess from here on out. Sure, I could write (and have written) books about thisarea - and so many, many people have throughout history.The point is that these five points are all you need - and you can work out the rest,or whatever additional advice will come to you as you need it.So:1. Seek the Silence daily.2. Find your vision.3. Plan your work.4. Work your plan.5. Build your support group.Or - Prayer--Goal--Plan--Work--Group
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Sunday, September 7, 2008 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The eternal question: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is answered. We will apply Alexanders solution to the Gordian Knot -- The thought of the conundrum came before the conundrum. Without the thought, the conundrum wouldnt exist to puzzle people with no answer possible. Change the thought, the conundrum changes: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Hint on visualization - change your time Heres a tip on how to manifest something - change the time what you want... I was looking around today and caught myself thinking, "I really need a new ______" And obviously, it was true - and would continue to be true. Keep thinking that thought and Id always need a new ______". Because the tense is a litle off. Get in the habit of seeing things around you that need improvement in the past tense. For that _____ I needed, I should be saying, "I now have a great, new _____." And visualize it completely where the old one "curently" sits. Visualize it so completely that it starts to take the place of that item in your mind. And then you can take it further: Close your eyes and get the mental sequence of walking into that room, just like you always do. And when you look over to that same, old space - voila! A new ______ is there! Of course, you then feel the
  • feeling of satisfaction and cheerful gratefulness that youve been able to have thisnew ______ in your life. Now you can do whatever you usually do with it muchbetter.So: change the tense to the past. Get the concept of the new one being there. Thentake it a step further and start seeing it there as a normal scene for you. Make sureyou get all the good feelings that correspond with that scene.And then, like Joe Vitale and others suggest - just let it go.Now, of course, at the beginning and end of the day when youre in bed all relaxed,go through all that scene mentally for yourself with all the positive emotions aboutit. If you have time during the day and can be by yourself, relax and just gothrough those happy thoughts again.Every time, you create those happy thoughts for yourself, those comfortablemoments where you are truly grateful for all thats come into your life. And thenlet it go - and be calmly, cheerfully ready to receive all these new great things intoyour life.But the first point is to change your time.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, August 26, 2008 What you run into when you start to change your mind... Changing your mind will run you into some interesting fixed ideas. Kinda like finding a pole in your way when youre driving down what you thought was a clear street. You can run into all sorts of things when you start to change your mind on purpose. Ive covered before how we are constantly re-programming ourselves - its part of learning, which is something we never quit doing every second of every day and even while we sleep. But I was even surprised when I started down this road -- surprised how many strong ideas Id held onto which were in turn holding me back. Those can even be painful, it seems. The stronger the idea, the harder it is to let go of. Critical thought is one. Being able to differentiate and find better ways of doing something is a valuable skill. Running people down or finding fault isnt. Its just how you view the same action and what you expect to gain as an ed result which determines how you are going to approach something.
  • But if you have this nagging, almost carping criticism going on in the background,its really a hard addiction to crack. Because that is what it is - habits areaddictions: you dont think you can live without them and you cant envision yourlife without them. But they are simply chronic ways of thinking which limit yourabbility.Of course, they come with their own justifications and emotional reasons to justifytheir existence. And these make perfect sense. However, you cant see how theyneed to be changed until you start seeing somethings got to be in your own road.And then you see the outline of he beast, and WHAM -- you just hit something inthat road in front of you.Most often, it comes with a (cracked) mirror, since that is your own reflectionlooking back at you. You see, you put it there years ago to deal with somethingyour life and now its just not needed anymore.But dont figure that just because you know its there that its going to be easy todeal with, or easy to move. Sometimes it just goes *poof* and the whole thingblows over like a single dark cloud. Other times, it has to be painfully-inched-out-of-your-way-with-incredible-effort-at-every-single-step.And theres no particular sense as to why it moves or doesnt move. But the pointis that you are really only going to get it moving if you start purposefully changingyour mind.Heres the kicker, though: evolution/learning is a constant process. So you aregoing to be finding these "instant roadblocks" from time to time as you movethrough life. Some will be easy to change and others not. The trick is to realize youare continuing a learning process and so are going to be getting "lessons" fromtime to time.How to make your lessons easierThe easiest way is to take everything that happens to you as an additional lesson.Some inconvenience which occurs on your lines can be resolved, but it can also belearned from. Simply ask yourself, "What is the lesson here?" And intuitively,youll probably receive some sort of hint about that.Any situation, as Huna sages tell us, can be analyzed four ways: 1) Objectively, 2)Subjectively, 3) Symbolically, and 4) Holistically.When you "seek the Silence" daily, you drop in your request to learn solutions towhatever problem you are running into. Then you are expecting an answer insome form or other.This is simply another version of manifesting, which several people cover (like JoeVitales "Spiritual Marketing" and Jack Canfield on "The Secret" DVD):1. Be still, relax completely.2. Concentrate on the peculiars of the situation you want to resolve - all the details.3. Simply request a solution to the Universe.4. Consider next that your solution is here, applied, and the situation resolved.5. Let go. Move onto something else.
  • Some find, as I do, that the best time for this is just before going to sleep at night.Charles Haanels "Master Key System" gives all the theory of this and 24 lessons toget these practical points into your own life.Good Hunting!
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9 Authors who have changed your life There are 9 bestselling authors who continually sell and have changed your life. You may or may not know their names - but someone you know has read their books and applied them to get incredible success, wealth, happiness, health - anything you could want, they have used the data in these books to find them. Someone you know has read these authors and has changed their lives. And you look up to them or have been influenced by their own success. These 7 authors comprise a personal development bible of sorts - composed of their books. How to get inspired answers. Heres how you would use them to take yourself to whatever heights you want, to achieve or acquire anything - anything at all - that you really want.
  • First, get copies of their books. This can be in any version, since they are all foundin the public domain these days. Id suggest you get the physical books, althoughyou can also use digital versions.Second, choose one book at random.Third. in that book, choose a random point and start reading until you have an"AHA!" moment. This is where you suddenly have an insight on something you aredoing, working at, or some way you have been acting.Fourth, get a yellow pad and start writing down your inspired idea. Write downeverything about it and dont stop until youve got it all down.Fifth, put that plan into action - merge it into what you are already doing.Thats really the simplicity of it all. As you keep doing this, you will continue torefine your own purpose in life and the plan you are following to get it fulfilled.Its just too simple. But it works - every time.The 7 authors and their books.Heres those authors and their bestsellers: 1. Napoleon Hill - "Think and Grow Rich", which was based on his 17 Volume "Law of Success" (Get both books.) 2. Wallace Wattles - "Science of Getting Rich" 3. Charles F. Hannel - "Master Key System" 4. Genevieve Behrend - "Your Invisible Power" 5. Dorothea Brande - "Wake Up and Live!" 6. Robert Collier - "Secrets of the Ages" 7. Claude M. Bristol - "Magic of Believing"If you have the time to read all of these, youll find (as I did) that they keeprepeating the same basic data, although they give their own personal views of howthis data applies to them and to people around them. You also get their distinctapplications - how you can apply these into your own life, simply and easily.I make no apologies for their writing styles or their influences.I do tell you to keep an open mind as you read these. There are incredible data youare going to find for yourself that can make fantastic changes in your life if you letthem.A high-tech way to get inspired answers.1. Get audio versions of these books and put them into an MP3 player or MP3-capable CD player.2. Set this machine to play at random.
  • 3. Play it in the background and keep your yellow pad to hand.4. When you get that flash of inspiration - stop the recording and start writing.5. When you finish writing, implement that new idea and its plan into what youalready have going.Dont worry if you seem to find new things when you listen to these tapes. Whenyou get an inspired moment, you tend to focus on that new idea and so quitreceiving external inputs like listening or reading. What you should be doing atthat point is writing down this inspired idea - so turn off that tape and bookmarkthat page so you have time to write it all down.When do you do all this?Probably youd best be doing this at a set time daily - I like first thing in themorning, but it can be any time. If you are busy on your work - getting your plandone - then maybe you should do it at night when youre done for the day.But you should do this daily and always keep your yellow pad to hand for theinspirations which strike you out of the blue.And all the worlds riches will become available to you...Seriously.Give it a try.Update (9/27/08)I would add:Dale Carnegie: "How to Win Friends and Influence People"andEarl Nightingale: "The Strangest Secret"Brings it up to nine.
  • Winning Your Infinite Freedom How to regain your ability for fully living life on all levels.● Home● A Rough Spiritual Training Guide● 4 Levels of Reality● Why This Approach?● About Dr. Robert C. Worstell Monday, August 18, 2008 How the Universe Works - and How to Get the Universe to Work for You (and why both candidates and all news sucks) The Universe-as-Play-Doh theory expounded. TRUE or FALSE: Anyone can have, achieve, acquire, become anything they really want in life - anything at all. This statement is both true and false at the same time. It has nothing to do with heredity, or how much money your parents had, or what church you participate in, or the politics you follow - and at the same time is completely dependent on them. Life is both what you make it - a blissful joy and inspired, glorious series of leaps of faith - and an onerous burden which makes you weep in every spare moment you arent slaving away for someone elses benefit. This is why politics sucks and both U.S. candidates are full of it - and why the
  • press (and Congress) can never get anything right.Its how can this universe deal