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November 2011 Newsletter
This month, I cover how the Thrivelearning System is essentially able to give you the option of giving any ability back to you. You don't have to just sit as some sublime state, but can get beyond that "peace that passes all understanding" and get on with regaining all the talents you ever thought were possible.

Because the system is more productive than it's parts.

As well, I cover some online business basics which continue to improve. Because online business is still the best-leveraged way to get more income into your life.

And a list of resources are included to help you improve your life any way you want to. Because it's your choice.

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Thrivelearning System Nov 2011-newsletter

  1. 1. Newsletter November 2011Expanding to related enlightenment venuesAnd again, welcome to all our new subscribers!This month tells both personal and marketing progress, asmany have been writing me with their personalimprovment progress, and weve also been able to moveinto other marketing venues to spread the good news aboutthis enlightenment and personal development system.First, lets get our freebie out to you - something weprovide you every month: To make these even moreaccessible to you, they are now being uploaded to eitherScribd or Slideshare for easier access.This months special: a specially edited chapter of "IdealMade Real" by Christian Larson, entitled "The Art ofGetting What is Wanted." Now, I gave you his whole booklast week as a download, but if youve been reading it, youcan see that his 1905 writing style isnt the easiest tofollow by modern readers. So Ive edited it - just separatingit into sensible paragraph breaks, which make it morereadable. Of course, this chapter does tell more details about how the Law of Attraction worksand its mechanics.An improvement this week (as youll note from the link) is that Ive uploaded it to Slideshare. Soanyone can view or download it freely (and the online version of this newsletter has it asembedded.)----Ive streamlined this newsletter to just three sections now: 1. Spiritual Improvement, 2. Online Business, 3. Resources.Ive moved comments about my farming and raising cows to another newsletter, but can bring itback if anyones missing it. (Otherwise, drop me a line and Ill include you on that mailing list.)----Spiritual ImprovementLast month, I told you briefly about the interconnected-ness of the four parts to thisThrivelearning System (which has become its final name.)
  2. 2. And the posts this month picked up, even thoughIve been busy assembling comic collections andpreparing to write a new novel for November.I had an inspiration to start another blog set toget the word out. This is called the SavantTraining Lineup on - and crossposts to Hello Next Generation Savants! onBlogger and evolvednow on (ifyou have other preferences).This months posts:Living an "always on" universe.The 50/50 rule and individuality problemsTapping that personal positive feedback loop of infinite personal abilities...And youll find in scanning these that I expanded on what I was telling you last month about theinterconnected-ness of these 4 programs/books were greater in result than they accomplishedindependently.Now the kicker is another one I havent had a chance to write up as yet:The amount of personal abilities you can regain is infinite.True - just look it up for yourself. This system is like a ladder you climb with both hands andboth feet. Every time you move one of them, you are able to pull/push yourself higher - it doesntmatter what foot or hand you start with. They all take you into a higher state. And the point isthat because you move closer to that "Self@Now" state, you never really get there completely.Like moving half-way to the wall every time you move. Sure, you can reach out and touch it atsome point, which is what usually happens from what Ive studied. But your gains just keepcoming right along from here on out. Yes, you can get to that "peace that passes allunderstanding", but that doesnt mean you just have to sit there in some sublime state. You cango ahead and get all the various skills that psychics possess and more. Or just make everyonearound you happy and able to get along with each other.Of course, the same rules apply. You make the best progress when you help others open-handedly and concentratedly work on the win-win-win optimal solutions (you, them, andeveryone wins).Sure, theres a lot of details to this - and you dont have to believe me, as usual. Its just that thissystem works for me, so I evangelize about it to some degree in everything I do.EconomicsThere are a ton of improvements to most of the programs I list. Jurisdictionary has beenincreasing their newsletters with a lot more data recently. Some of these Ive been able to re-post
  3. 3. to Thrivelearning News and Views. And I simply havent been able to keep up with Site Build It! and Ken Evoy. Every month they are coming out with more materials to both help you with building and effective online business, plus help you sell others on the concept. Meanwhile, T. Harv Eker continues to give regular Millionaire Mind Intensives across the country and has some new ways you can tune in without having to leave home. (Sorry Im not on top of it, but send me an email and Ill look up the links for you.) The key thing is that online business is the best-leveraged business system you can getinvolved in right now, and has been for nearly two decades now. The trick is to get into what youreally, really love to do and concentrate on making that earn income for you. (Hint - how can youbest help others? What skills do you have and how can you fine tune them to positively affect themost people?)For myself, Im busy with my 30-30-30 plan. Theres National Novel Writing Month, whereNaNoWriMo is encouraging people to write a small novel (10,000 words) during the month ofNovember. And meanwhile, National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is challenging peopleto post to a blog every day for a month - (not to be confused with NaBloWriMo, which is thesame thing on a different blog platform for October - take your choice.). And the 30 CharacterChallenge is just that - create 30 characters for the month of November and post them. Since Ilove to write and draw and blog - its a natural for me. The trick is to get it donebefore/after/inspite of Thankgiving, which takes a bit of time out of the equation.Ive just spent most of the last week getting some earlier work up online - which gives an overview of some busy years (mostly up to 94, but theres some 2010 cartoons collected there aswell. I dont have these posted other than on Slideshare and Scribd, but hope to get these out inthe coming weeks. At least Ive gotten this marketing venue sorted out somewhat. Oh, you cansee them now at Midwest Journal Press...Hope your days are as filled with fun...Resources for your Personal/Spiritual Improvement:Again, a listing of the various online courses and lessons you can take. All these lessons are free,and many contain PDF downloads so you can print them off, or use Adobe Acrobat to searchthrough them as part of your own studies and research. Several are based on published books,which is an inexpensive way to collect a study guide and book at the same time. Do print theseoff as you can, high-light and dog-ear as you want - this is one of the very best ways to applythem to your own life.
  4. 4. • A Midwest Journal - • Go Thunk Yourself - the blog • "Go Thunk Yourself" Self-Help bookstore • MidwestJournalPress - • Online Lessons - Start or expand your business online - The Online Sunshine Plan How to Start a Blog Get Your Self Scam Free • An Online Millionaire Plan - Lessons on how to get and keep your money • Get Your Personal Freedom Back - Freedom Is (period) book review and lessons • "The Dreamer Dreamed" book review and sample pages----So I hope this newsletter has found you in good health andtypically abundant prosperity in all you do.Again, your path is your own. What I tell you here is simply what Ive found personallyworkable. You can take it and do what you want with it.But until next month (outside of any lessons you still have coming) - have a great life and enjoyeach moment as you create it!RobertPS. Heres that PDF:The Art of Getting What is Wanted
  5. 5. Additional Resources Go Thunk Yourself!(TM) What do Napoleon Hill - author of Think and Grow Rich, Norman Vincent Peale - author of The Power of Positive Thinking, Dale Carnegie - author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Stephen Covey - author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People all have in common? They all THUNK the same way. These and other authors discovered the same basic secrets behind wealth, success, and fame. Each of these authors became wealthy, successful, and famous by applying these secrets. You can, too. This books simple 14-day program allows you to re-create your own life, just the way you want it to be! All you have to do is invest some time each day to read these simple chapters and do the exercises. You can learn these secrets and start taking control over your own life, to start achieving the riches, fame and success youve always dreamed of. Your Dreams CAN BECOME Reality! Get your paperback edition today!
  6. 6. An Operating Manual for Modern LivingAvailable in paperback and instant download.Once youre done with enlightenment, things can get funny.Life takes on a completely different meaning as you dont look at things thesame way. In our modern world, this can be almost un-nerving - as you dontreact to things as others do around you and have few or no pressures on you(only as much as you want, actually).I set out to write a guide to modern living, but of course it didnt take theusual approach. Because theres a Zen approach which beckons... And thisbook listens.Each piece is told in a Q and A style, as if the young student approches anelder Master with his questions and is sometimes educated, sometimes teased,but always answered. Please enjoy this.Just throw your mind away and listen with your heart.Get your Paperback edition today.Download your ebook instantly!Secrets to the Law of AttractionAS FEATURED in the underground hit movie, "The Secret ", the Law ofAttraction has quickly become a working tool in the everyones survival kit.You may not be aware of all the secrets that have been written through theages about this Law.The Law of Attraction Classics series is composed from carefully selectedbestselling authors who define and add to the theory and practice in usingthe Law of Attraction.The idea and purpose behind this series is to make these classics againavailable so that you can study and understand the principles at work in thisUniverse.
  7. 7. This single volume was produced from excerpts out of this series for yourimmediate use.You can change your life using the Law of Attraction - but you have to knowhow to use it to do so...Sign up today for a free ecourse on the Law of Attraction.Get your hardback edition today!Additional ResourcesThe Dreamer DreamedDoes the dreamer dream? Or is the dreamer dreamed? Some hold that life is adream and you awake to yet another. In this novel, a young man finds peopletrying to control his dreams - and his life. However, all are subject to thesame rules they seek to break... This story combines elements of runawaysub-tropic adventure with advanced technology, as well as metaphysicalsuper-realities, all rolled into a fast-paced narrative to keep you riveted infascinated reading. Robert C. Worstell is more widely known for his manynon-fiction books and publications based on his life-long research into self-help. This New Age novel is his latest work and continues explorations intothe human condition.Download your ebook instantly!Get your paperback edition today! Freedom Is (period.)Heres a new idea for you: All the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you could ever want or need - can already be found within you.The only things keeping these from showing up are the mental habits youhave. And its just too easy to get rid of these.
  8. 8. If you dont have all the wealth, abundance, loving relationships, good health,or anything else you want in your life, you dont have to look further thanyour own thoughts.But these are directly solved. You can simply learn to control and quiet yourown mind.Follow these authors: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles,Charles Haanel, Earl Nightingale, Max Freedom Long, Lester Levenson - asthey show you how elementary it is to get all these thoughts quieted. Andthen everything else you could possibly want simply starts showing up inyour life!For the first time, these teachers secrets have been assembled for your use.Will you take the offered hand?Get your paperback edition today!Get Your Self Scam FreeHow do you quit being a victim to every slick telemarketer out there? Is thereanyway to see a scam and get out of their way? Ive been there and done that.There are reasons people have been trained into being dupes. And all thesereasons can be un-trained as well - if you know how. I wrote this book basedon the research I did to dig myself out of the hole I had been scammed into. Idecided not to get mad or get even – just get my money back somehow, writeup what I had encountered, and then move on. And writing this book is part ofmoving on.While Ive put the bulk of this data into several blogs, ebooks, presentations,papers, and so on, Ive decided to cobble it all together into a single book sothat people can get this data without having to go through what I did. Our jobhere is not just getting our own lives free from scammers and rip off artists,but it’s making this planet we live on a bit safer place for everyone else.Buy this book today and get more freedom!Download your ebook instantly!
  9. 9. Go Thunk Yourself, RevisitedThrough all the books Ive studied and lectures listened to - as well as my ownresearch and tests down this line — it has become very clear to me that weeach already have all the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace we could ever want.Its just sitting there waiting for us to recognize its presence in our nature. Justwaiting for us to let our own light shine.Thats the secret people have been looking for all this time, the one which theself-help gurus will sell you unlimited books, CDs, videos, and personalconsultation to help you find.But I think, like Dorothy with her slippers, you eventually find that youve hadthe solution all along. And also like Dorothy, you have to make the journeybefore you’ll believe it’s that simple.The trick is this one, simple datum:The only things holding you back are just those limits you have accepted.This book contains the extremely simple methods to letting your ownFreedom, Peace and Happiness shine out to help your dreams become reality.Get your copy today!The Secret Science Behind MiraclesArriving in Hawaii in 1917, psychology-trained teacher Max Freedom Longwas fascinated by tales of the kahunas and their ability to heal at a distance,walk on barely-cooled lava with bare feet, and even raise the dead.However, no native would tell him the secret behind these miracles - whichwere commonplace in the backwater areas he travelled to.Study as he might, he ultimately had to return to the States, unable to find outhow this ancient belief-system could work these miracles. In 1935, he gotinspiration from a dream and began to crack this code...And now the secrets are yours to learn - if you will walk in his footsteps.Two books are included from Longs pioneer work which has brought Huna tothe Western world. These have been edited and republished in the hope that youand yours are able to continue his work and make miracles commonplace in ourmodern world again.
  10. 10. Get your paperback edition today!Visit our Midwest Journal Press for more information, books, and materials.Useful Programs Useful Books and Materials • Release Technique • Midwest Journal Press • Silva Life System • Release Technique Books • Remote Viewing and Influencing • Zero Limits - Joe Vitale • Silva Intuition System • Serge Kahili King books • Silva Ultramind - LaTourette • "Writers Journey" Chris Vogler • Silva Peaks • "The Law of Success" - Hill • Millionaire Mind Intensive • "Think and Grow Rich" • The American Monk • "The Secret Behind Miracles" M.F. Long • Hooponopono - Zero Limits DVD • "Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited." • Just Be. • Joseph Campbell books • "Freedom Is - (period.)" • Earl Nightingale Strangest Secret Video • Earl Nightingale - "On Success" • "Wake Up and Live!" Dorothea Brande