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Gartner Conference Presentation from Plantronics, Datahug, and ThreeWill


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Leveraging Big Data at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud …

Leveraging Big Data at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud

Published in: Technology
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  • BarryIntroduces the two speakers that will demonstrate how the Plantronics Spokes Platform is being used today by their applications.
  • TommyThreeWill is a leading social systems integrator and solution provider. We help innovative enterprises work together better by integrating leading collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Jive, and Chatter.Plantronics Spokes SDK has enabled ThreeWill to bring enterprise content to the edge of the network with context. We can better serve the information worker (and as you will see today the sales professional) by providing the right information and the right time..As you will see today, Popcorn is a key new product for our company that we think brings CTI into new scenarios that have not been seen before and is now possible through Plantronics Contextual Intelligence Platform
  • Connor – Datahug automates Business Networking. This takes the pain out of understanding ‘who knows who’ by automatically unlocking the untapped network that exists within your company today.We do this by analysing the communication logs within your organisation to build a rich and dynamic picture of ‘who knows who’ and ‘how well they know them’. By partnering with Plantronics we can now include Telephony logs in addition to the email, contact and calendar logs we already use today. This allows us to give our customers better analytics and insights into their business networks to support sales and business development. As CIO’s this allows you to turn your existing communication infrastructure into a revenue generating source.
  • TommyWe would like to take you through how the basic technology pieces come together in a solution that leverages the Plantronics Spokes Features. Talk through the slide to highlight what spokes features are being used.Demothe technology first hand (live demo) and then walk through a scenario before showing a video of all the technology coming together.Note that the live demo shows how the mobile call can initiate a simple, but contextual workflow that involves Plantronics, Popcorn and Datahug
  • Transcript

    • 1. Leveraging Big Data at the Nexusof Social, Mobile and Cloud Tommy Ryan ThreeWill CEO and Co-founder Connor Murphy Datahug CEO and Co-founder Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 2. Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 3. Popcorn – Sales Dashboard Call Control Social Context Enterprise Views and Updates Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 4. Datahug Automates Business Networking Marketing Business Networking Salesforce Customers Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 5. Datahug – Business Networking Automation Company Relationship Score People we know at the companyMy colleagues that knowpeople at the company Individual relationship scores, when we last spoke & no. of interactions Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 6. Enabling Smarter Sales Apps withContextual IntelligenceMore than half of all business calls in-office are mobile Sources Data Popcorn Features Spokes Telephony Log Caller ID Call Control Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 7. The Better Call Workflow via Popcornand Datahug Unexpected Incoming Call Move the Deal Forward Who Knows Whom Making the Connection Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 8. A ‘Day in the Life’ of a Sales Professional UsingPopcorn and Datahug… Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 9. Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 10. The Unexpected Call Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 11. Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 12. Who Knows Whom? Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 13. Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 14. Making the Connection Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 15. Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 16. Moving the Deal Forward Simply Smarter Communications™
    • 17. What is the Business Value• Improved Sales Productivity• Smoother Workflow• Better Sales Conversations Simply Smarter Communications™