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IDEAGEN Wind Energy event-post event presentation

IDEAGEN Wind Energy event-post event presentation

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  • explanation for this and importance of customer needs and validation


  • 1.
    • Networking roadshow
    • for the ideas generation
    • Wind Energy Workshop
    • Facilitated by
    • Sean McNulty, INNOVATOR
    • May 25 th 4pm – 8.30pm
    What Happened
  • 2. Guest Speakers Marina Donohoe Enterprise Ireland Offshore Wind Energy Michael Walsh IWEA Market Trends & Opportunities Christian Wefer Case Study
  • 3.
    • 1. Ideas:
      • Idea gathering
      • Group Ideas
    • 2. Opportunities:
      • Map Opportunities
      • Vote on Opportunities
      • Share Opportunities
    • 3. Business Intentions:
      • Develop the Business potential
      • Rate your business feasibility!
    The DIY process ideas ideas materials processes
  • 4. Networking
  • 5. Idea Gathering
  • 6. Idea Gathering
  • 7. Ideas!
    • Geo-thermal in all government building
    • Reduce energy consumption during peak times
    • Reduce packaging
    • Use role models to promote and practice better consumption
    • Solar panels for farm shed roofs
    • More use of sheep wool – insulation
    • Capturing rain water for non-consumption purposes
    • Triple glazing upgrades
    • Better insulation and sound insulation upgrades - internal and external (apartments and houses)
    • Smart metering to encourage/reward better consumption
    • Localise energy production
    Smarter Consumption
  • 8. Ideas!
    • Nuclear
    • Hydrogen manufacture by offshore wind and storage off shore
    Predictability of Renewables
    • Not just electricity itself - system/people/skill set
    • Training providers opportunities – home/export
    • Academia/industry links
    • Offshore expertise – growing markets globally
    • Cluster offshore turbine makers (design services)
    • On line training services/courses
    Earning Through Export
  • 9. Ideas!
    • Impact on finishings
    • Impact on military
    • Wildlife
    • Impact on ferry routes
    • Visual impact on environment
    • Habitats
    • RF communications with TV
    • Reception
    • Noise
    • Offshore fishing zones – effects
    • Heritage/archaeology effects
    • Effects on tourism – manage
    Environmental Management and Assessment
  • 10. Ideas!
    • Geo-thermal in all government building
    • Viability
    • Infrastructure
    • National energy strategy body
    • Grid pylons - access and construction
    • Towers, foundations, servicing, construction
    • Wind resource – access sea/land
    • Sea cables, manufacture and laying
    • Fire protection, electrical and structural
    • Social and community business impact
    • Wind farm stakeholders
    • Regulatory control
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Rotor cleaning
    • Offshore needs coastal sub station
    • Roads
    • Wireless communication for remote sites
    • Fault detection and triple trip
    • Operational and yearly maintenance
    • Fire door insulation
    • Control zones
  • 11. Ideas!
    • LYIT –training graduates for employment by local green energy companies
    • Training in various regulations, H&S
    Local Companies Supplying Green Energy
    • Not just electricity itself - system/people/skill set
    • Schools generating wind/solar
    • Public/private financing projects
    • Improve export tariff
    • Lower capital costs
    • Wind – electricity, Solar – heating
    • Heat pump design and manufacture
    • Car batteries – storage – develop better versions
    • Recovery of waste heat
    Small Scale Generation and Insulation
  • 12. Ideas!
    • Clear authorised local activities, strategies and policies Communicate benefit to communities
    • Cooperative – community owned investments
    • Current gap in knowledge/skills needed
    • Access to clear and transparent information
    • Strategy with short, medium and long term planning
    • Effective consultation from both industry and community
    • Community involvement in decision making
    • Landowners become shareholders
    • Locally agreed policy
    • Industry needs to involve and consult community
    • Community water schemes –example of local buy in
    • Micro generation option
    • Need to involve and provide incentives
    • Carbon credits for community wind farms
    Environmental Management and Assessment
  • 13. Ideas!
    • Lease land for onshore/offshore installations
    • Hydrogen power storage of excess wind
    • Action team that can pass on knowledge
    • Define environmental concerns
    • Need local consultants trained up
    • Run pilot schemes
    • Cross border clusters
    • List of contacts,. Government, agency, experts, right down to local levels
    How To Store
  • 14. Ideas!
    • Generation – community schemes
    • Local involvement for speedy planning
    • Spirit of Ireland connections
    • Rid/energy regulation or private networks in partnership with ESB
    • Transmission and distribution loads
    • Domestic kitchen energy dashboard
    • Smart metering
    • Market signal – wind high – encourage local downloads (storage)
    • Transport electricity
    • Monitoring, target and gauge
    Renewable Energy
  • 15. Ideas!
    • Engineering knowledge and expert base
    • Deep water port
    • Scale – think bigger
    • Community acceptance
    • Under sea cable
    • Supports infrastructure
    • Link academia and industry
    • Storage – hydro format
    • Storage – batteries (small scale)
    • Transmission network
    Delivering Infrastructure
  • 16. Ideas!
    • Blade transport and construction (on site?)
    • Develop off shore services
    • Storage space required
    • Local designers/specifiers needed
    • Haulage cranes
    Energy Supply Chain
  • 17. Idea Grouping
  • 18. Opportunity Mapping Gave the opportunity a ‘nifty’ name! Defined the customer Collated & acknowledged ideas of influence Described the concept Outlined the benefit
  • 19.
    • Title: Self Sustaining Communities
    Concept: Self funding business model Utilising local resources heating supply to meet all local needs Storage facilities to balance peak/off peak Benefits: Less imports Low CARBOMN Emission Local Employment/Opportunity Export Potential Customers: Co-ops ESB Local Authorities Opportunities!
  • 20.
    • Title: Donegal West Wind Trans.
    Concept: Community based initiative to coordinate service and proved complete solutions for potential clients Benefits: Regions Creates a one-stop-shop initiative Ease of access to suppliers for customers Less resource commitment for clients Customers: Developers of wind farms Turbine Manufacturers OEM companies Opportunities!
  • 21.
    • Title: Community e-power 20-20-20
    Concept: Cooperative to become generator and supplier of renewable power for rural/local community Benefits: Create local jobs Cheaper electricity through local grid Cleaner environment, reduced co2 and no carbon tax levy Local knowledge & expertise Reduce stocks of oil/gas nationally and locally Value chain spin offs (suppliers, parts, maintenance, servicing management, upgrades Customers: Domestic end users Independent Grid suppliers/ESB grid Local businesses Government and local authority Investors – partner with local community Opportunities!
  • 22.
    • Title: Power for the People
    • – Local Green Power
    Concept: New business model of cooperation Issue shares per local community / per household to ensure and encourage buy in Benefits: Pilot scheme to show value and benefits Reinvestment back into households to become even greener Reinvesting into community Create return for community with projects Use to create parks, creches, other community needs Reduce dependency on imports, oil, gas, etc. Cheaper energy and profit from future surplus (export potential) Customers: Domestic and commercial market Local and regional communities and authorities Opportunities!
  • 23.
    • Title: Renewable Connect
    • (Fastrack Renewables Team)
    Concept: Fastrack team to plan and implement green energy solutions to meet local needs. Empowered and authorised to build feasibility case, evaluate and make things happen Benefits: Speedy return on investment Customers: Wind Farms Developers Energy Co op Land Owners Banks Opportunities!
  • 24.
    • Title: Offshore Opportunities
    Concept: R&D – gain information fast (academia/industry) Feasibility studies Offshore wind farm technology (develop and promote) Devised industry and academic partners Exploit local resources Support industry start-ups Enlarge marine and engineering existing infrastructure Benefits: Local economy Jobs/new opportunities to be exploited International export potential Customers: Affordable companies, investors Support companies Rest of Europe – potential to export, power and skills Opportunities!
  • 25. Concept: Smarter consumers seeking new ‘cost effective’ services Visual display in kitchen of all green energy consumption Connected to internet to update current price comparison IT using oil, gas, electricity Benefits: Entice people to become smarter consumers Incentives - see immediate benefits of better insulations and use of right energy Customers: Domestic – end users Local businesses Local authorities Opportunities! Title: Smarter Consumers
  • 26. Business Intentions
  • 27. Business Intentions Evaluated/ summarised feasibility Outlined the next steps- resources, costs and activities Ensured that you had the customers needs at the heart of the opportunity?
  • 28.
    • Question1
    • Issue: Schools etc. are working between 9am and 3pm-no home for electricity during night. Lack of incentives to make schools more renewably energy friendly.
    • Good business opportunity
    • Check guidelines eg. Procurement of electricity
    • Look at lease back schemes
    • Look at guidelines by Dept. of Education-know incentives
    • Look at doing a pilot-show via. Facts and figures
    • Government are currently working on renewable energy guidelines
    • UK may be a potential market-more incentives
    • Potential to reduce output to meet needs
    Q&A Session
  • 29.
    • Question 2
    • Are we wasting our time looking at renewable energy based on limitations of the national grid?
    • There are a lot of barriers, but also a lot of opportunities.
    • Question 3
    • If you were a wind company here trying to start up, how would you approach it? (Question directed to Christian)
    • Get safety certification etc. to get your foot in the door.
    • Safety is the entrance card.
    • Question 4
    • How is performance of wind turbines being gauged? What happens if there’s an issue with the performance of a wind turbine purchased by Christian’s company?
    • If you are an owner of a turbine-then Christian’s Company would have to travel from Germany to fix it-which currently would take between 1-3 days.
    • There is the potential to partner with national companies which would enable one person to travel instead of a team from Germany.
    Q&A Session
  • 30.
    • Question 5
    • After a wind farm is constructed, apart from maintenance what is there in terms of work locally?
    • Small companies can do corrosion protection on turbines. In Germany 2 men ensure the day to day running, and act as the communication link.
    • Additional considerations include roads to turbines which must be well built.
    • Ship builder etc. can do repairs on roller blades.
    • Question 5
    • We have the best wind in Europe-but the perception in Donegal is that energy is being taken from Donegal and we’re being left with pylons. How do we change this perception/mindset?
    • Illustrate the benefits- wind energy in Donegal makes infrastructure a lot stronger-which consequentially will encourage other industries and sectors.
    Q&A Session
  • 31.
    • Question 6
    • How do you compromise between tourism and renewable energy, which are fighting for the same area?
    • It’s about the planning process-it is a compromise about how much you want to ‘pay’ for renewable energy. Though a lot of these (tourist) areas are not suitable for wind farms.
    • In some areas in Germany wind farms are tourist attractions-people want to know more.
    Q&A Session
  • 32.
    • Presentations were good
    • Brainstorm was good
    • Q&A was a bit long, but enjoyed
    • Limited time to fit in all
    • Networking was key benefit
    • Follow on event would be useful
    • Develop the context through follow-on
    • Mixing people was good
    • Could have done with longer networking time
    • EI should highlight more support schemes
    • It would have been good to have a regulatory input re grid connections/delays etc