Ideagen Cork report


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Ideagen Cork report

  1. 1. Theme: Therapeutics –evolving and growing sectorLocation: UCC,Western Gateway Building, CorkDate: Tuesday15th February 2011 © DOLMEN 2010
  2. 2. Sean McNulty, MD Dolmen / INNOVATOR is a leading consultancy providing innovation management and design services to our clients in diverse markets.WHO I AM © DOLMEN 2010
  3. 3. SPE AKERs Mark Ledwidge, PhD Founder & VP Strategy, Solvotrin Therapeutics Ltd. Christian Stafford, PhD Senior Commercialisation Specialist, Lifescience & Food Commercialisation Group ( EI Bio) Enterprise Ireland © DOLMEN 2010
  4. 4. a Generation 1. Ideas:Team Ide Idea gathering Group Ideas 2. Develop Opportunities: Map Opportunities Select Opportunities Share Opportunities 3. Business Feasibility: Develop the Business potential Rate your business feasibility! © DOLMEN 2010
  6. 6. se ts aseting la-rmark ce llu > •Cellular arrays tifyity ->IdenUnivers •Primary Cells •Royalty •Toxicology •IP legal •Stream-lined decision time •Cost of patents and cell lines •Commercialisation focus •Cell banks •Devils advocate •Preclinical •Personalised med •Pre Ind •Deposit bank of information •Identification process Ger Fitz (Micro) •Value •Broadband in a box Brand •Product for sale •Brand as commodity Benefits: •Linking into catelogues • University revenue generation Co-cost of entry: •Marketing commodities • Centralising through single conduit. •Cell lines •International access. © DOLMEN 2010
  7. 7. ity tun or ng pp pi TITLE: SILVERCELL . O ap2 M The ideas Describe the solution - Customer• Existing certified storage GLP concept/system Identify what is the target market? Who is the customers? End users? Other• Licensed by the IMB beneficiaries?• Facilitate the international - Toxicologiststrade of cells and tissues. - Pharma• Direct link with Pharmacies. - Dry discon.• Create revenue for What are the benefits?Univeristies -University revenue generation.• Make research sustainable Cost efficient centralised• In future Industry will require process. International singlesafety and ….. On human tissue brand.and cells.• Toxicity testing © DOLMEN 2010
  9. 9. n g rtunit y M ap p i2. Oppo TITLE: LINKSYN IN 51st STATE The ideas Describe the solution - Customer concept/system Identify what is the target market?• PROFILE TARGET MATCH Who is the customers? End users? Other beneficiaries?• NETWORK - HOW TO LEVERAGE LOCAL -MNCs + SMEs.• ‘Irish Mafia’ Techlink. Team of FOOTPRINT BY DEVELOPINGexperts LOCAL NETWORKS.• BARE PIPELINE• R&D What are the benefits?• NICHE EXPERTISE - FUNDING COLLABORATION.• Id: decision makers, HQ MARKET ACCESS. JOBS. TAX.contacts © DOLMEN 2010
  10. 10. ig a rma + b se of big Ph print in anced u • Unused IP tE nh d tech foo + big me efit of SMEs. • License money food en nd for b • What do SMEs need? Irela • Money market resources • How not to get swallowed? • Contacts to HQ •Path to market • How to leverage local footprint. • Linksyn in the 51st State • Customer- an individual or a group within a … •Customer decision makers. • Value proposition • Profile multinationals • Research Vs Development • Match company profile to your offering • Niche expertise • Incentives • Networks: Bio, Pharma… •What is in it for local MGR? • services supplied? • Irish Mafia •Broaden pipeline © DOLMEN 2010
  11. 11. TEAM 3SPIN DOCTORS © DOLMEN 2010
  12. 12. nity M apping2. Opportu TITLE: SPIN DOCTORS The ideas Describe the solution - Customer concept/system Identify what is the target market? • €5million fund Who is the customers? End users? Other beneficiaries? • 20 in 5 Experts in therapeutics will lead • PI Institution • market driven evaluation start-ups to success by following • VC • Early partner scouting the money from seed to • Big Pharma Foundations •Follow the money $millions to exit. • Business Partners What are the benefits? •Mentors -Industry experts. Seed funding. • R&D and production in Right location. Money. Ireland • HQ in USA • Experts © DOLMEN 2010
  13. 13. R O DEL FO P EW M TART-U1. A N UTIC S 2. P ICKTH ERAPE AND ‘LAN PAR D’ TH TNE E RI R GHT • too much focus on start-up? • For Pharma •Startup US license? • Their needs, market size • When is the right time? • Data compatible with product roadmap • What is a good idea? • sales force-IP/patient • Market size >€1b •Niche • People-lack of comm skills- sales/mk • Reg status • No VC infastructure •For startup • €5m fund 2015 •Source of funding • Technology evaluation • Routes to market • Follow the money • Business Plan • Market driver- R&D!!! • Sale or partnership, (exit), timing •Scouting Partners early • Value of business/technology •Reg status © DOLMEN 2010
  14. 14. TEAM 4NCTFC © DOLMEN 2010
  15. 15. nity M apping2. Opportu TITLE: NCTFC National Clinical Trials Funding Corp The ideas Describe the solution - Customer concept/system Identify what is the target market? Who is the customers? End users? Other beneficiaries? A new funding structure for • Pis Clinical trials in Ireland. •Pharma •Device What are the benefits? -Deliver Phase II trials in Ireland. - Funding streams -Health system -Grow indigenous companies © DOLMEN 2010
  16. 16. o ment (t Make develop cient ore effi •I.T systemphase II) m •Data management • Specialist areas •Pharma •Sponsor (Directives) •Device •National Structure •€250million •HSE •2% budget •Regulatory Ethics •CRO •C.R.C’s •Research nurses •Revenue Streams •Funding •€5-10million © DOLMEN 2010
  17. 17. resentations PTEAM Presentation of value propositions for selected opportunities. © DOLMEN 2010
  18. 18. t happe ns nextWha • Complete and return the participant follow up sheet to your EI Regional Development Executive • Join the IDEAGEN LinkedIn group Keep up to date on latest from IDEAGEN by • Following on Twitter •Becoming a fan on Facebook © DOLMEN 2010
  19. 19. T he End Thank you Sean McNulty © DOLMEN 2010