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This is a presentation that I gave for the Crafts Council of Ireland to a group of multi-disciplinary craft designer/makers on branding with a particular emphasis on adapting to these challenging …

This is a presentation that I gave for the Crafts Council of Ireland to a group of multi-disciplinary craft designer/makers on branding with a particular emphasis on adapting to these challenging times. I focused on social media as a cost-effective way of bringing a human dimension to a craft brand. I also focused on pop-up retail as a cost-effective way of overcoming the issue of accessibility which is a major barrier for many craft products.

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  • 1. Branding for Irish Craft Designer/Makers Siobhan O’Dwyer Threesixty November 19 2009 for the Crafts Council of Ireland
  • 2. Let’s start by getting to know each other.. (quick introductions please and what you hope to get from today)
  • 3. agreeing what we are here to achieve… (stepping outside of the day-to-day and into the footsteps of our customers)
  • 4. and how we’re going to do it! INTRO: • Coffee / introductions • Quickfire trends analysis using real niche brands • Key branding trends BRAND STRATEGY AND CREATIVE FOR CRAFT BUSINESSES • 10:30 – 11:15 Brand platform • 11:15 – 11:30 Coffee break • 11:30 – 12 Case studies • 12 – 1 Breakout session: each group devises a very different brand strategy for the same product LUNCH BREAK • 2 – 2:30 Social networking • 2:30 – 3:30 Brand Experience in a Retail Setting • 3:30 – 4 Case study presentation: Pop-up shop WRAPUP 4 – 4:30 • Thinking Big • Final Q&A
  • 5. Watch out… Thinkpink There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for branding. Every so often I will throw in a different perspective, idea or statistic to keep us all thinking fresh! Watch out for the pink box…
  • 6. So let’s take a look at some niche lifestyle brands who have achieved success with clever branding strategies….
  • 7. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree A very clear, pioneering market position (ethical yet chic) with a clear view of her target customer (20 - 40 female) www.peopletree.co.uk
  • 8. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Who they are, why it is important, external endorsement - all in a very engaging written style.
  • 9. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree The person behind the business, her values, her lifestyle (and style!), her crusading activities etc.
  • 10. Quickfire trends Thinkbox A blog is a great way to communicate in a less formal way.
  • 11. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree PR (critical for a niche brand). Used to be loved by the media simply because they were Fair- Trade, now elevating themselves to fashion brand.
  • 12. Quickfire trends Thinkbox But what about traditional advertising? Recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising, according to the latest Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. Ninety percent or consumers surveyed noted that they trust recommendations from people they know, while 70 percent trusted consumer opinions posted online. “The explosion in Consumer Generated Media over the last couple of years means consumers’ reliance on word of mouth in the decision-making process, either from people they know or online consumers they don’t, has increased significantly,” says Jonathan Carson, President of Online, International, for the Nielsen Company.” Source: blog.nielsen.com
  • 13. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Pop-up - a cost-effective way of extending distribution, creating an experience and leveraging someone else’s brand and community.
  • 14. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Guerilla design - strong graphic style, cost- effective execution.
  • 15. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Youtube: low- cost, easy-to- use, highly viral if carefully planned. Opportunity to “meet” the person behind the product.
  • 16. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Twitter: very simple way of reaching high numbers of people very quickly. Great way of promoting events, special offers etc.
  • 17. Quickfire trends Thinkbox Ethical doesn’t have to look ethical any more.
  • 18. Quickfire trends 1. Peopletree Facebook: interactive, lively, visual, makes people feel part of something bigger.
  • 19. Quickfire trends Thinkbox Is Facebook just for kids and/or social use? •More than 300 million active users •50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day •The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older Source: facebook.com
  • 20. Quickfire trends 2. Patchwork Pate Clear market position, strong personality, great name, clarity of offer, friendly and interactive. www.patchwork-pate.co.uk
  • 21. Quickfire trends 2. Patchwork Pate Standout packaging with strong shelf appeal and great product names. www.patchwork-pate.co.uk
  • 22. Quickfire trends 2. Patchwork Pate Ideas for how to use the products, emphasising their value and deliciousness! www.patchwork-pate.co.uk
  • 23. Quickfire trends 2. Patchwork Pate Clever use of social media drives traffic back to the site as well as building community. www.patchwork-pate.co.uk
  • 24. Quickfire trends 2. Patchwork Pate Online and offline reviews are a cost- effective form of advertising. www.patchwork-pate.co.uk
  • 25. Quickfire trends Thinkbox How can you keep an eye on what people are saying about you? 1. Addict-o-matic - Allows you to create a custom-made page to display search results. 2. Bloglines - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client. 3. Blogpulse - A service of Nielsen BuzzMetrics. It analyzes and reports on daily trends within the blogosphere. 4. BoardTracker - A useful tool for scanning and tracking within forums. 5. Commentful - This service watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts and similar content such as Flickr or Digg. 6. FriendFeed Search - Scans all FriendFeed activity. 7. Google Alerts - Daily or real-time alerts emailed to you whenever a specific keyword (chosen by you) is mentioned. 8. HowSociable? - A simple way for you to begin measuring your brand’s visibility on the social web. 9. Icerocket - Searches a variety of online services, including Twitter, blogs, videos and MySpace. 10. Keotag - Keyword searches across the internet landscape. 11. MonitorThis - Subscribes you to up to 20 different RSS feeds through one stream. 12. Samepoint - A conversation search engine. 13. Surchur - An interactive dashboard covering search engines and most social media sites. 14. Technorati - Search engine and monitoring tool for user-generated media and blogs. 15. Tinker - Real-time conversations from social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. 16. TweetDeck - Not only a great way to manage your Twitter account, but the keyword search means you can see what people are saying about you. 17. Twitter Search - Twitter’s very own search tool is a great resource. Can be subscribed to as an RSS feed. 18. UberVU - Track and engage with user sentiment across the likes of, FriendFeed, Digg, Picasa, Twitter and Flickr. 19. wikiAlarm - Alerts you to when a Wikipedia entry has been changed. 20. Yahoo! Sideline - A TweetDeck-esque tool from Yahoo. Monitor, search and engage with the Twittersphere. Source: Econsultancy via Futurelab
  • 26. Now that we have seen some inspiring ideas, let’s get back to basics with how to build a Brand Platform for you…
  • 27. What is a Brand Platform? It is the blueprint for your brand, the output of a process where you have thought about what market position you want to own, who you are, why you are different, what’s important about what you do, who loves you and why…
  • 28. Brand Platform Start with your strategic objectives 1. 2. Own a Create Market Core Space Difference
  • 29. Brand Platform Start with your strategic objectives Then get creative 1. 2. 3. Own a Create Build a Market Core Sticky Space Difference Story
  • 30. Brand Platform Start with your strategic objectives Then get creative And finally, tell the story.. 1. 2. 3. 4. Own a Create Build a Engage Market Core Sticky the Space Difference Story Market
  • 31. Brand Platform Start with your strategic objectives Then get creative And finally, tell the story.. 1. 2. 3. 4. Own a Create Build a Engage Market Core Sticky the Space Difference Story Market Visualise where you want your business to go to Creative messaging / story Create brand gameplan Define the market you want to own Name Apply to key touchpoints Build the story for why you should own that market Trueline Equip sales teams & partners State the value that you bring to your customers Identify what is unique about you / your work Visual style Define your core difference relative to competitors Why is what you do important and necessary? Logo Identify each of your key audiences and work out what is Visual branding system most important about what you offer to each of them
  • 32. Brand Platform What steps should you take to really think about what your brand stands for and how to bring it to life for your customers?
  • 33. Brand Platform Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Fact-finding Research Brand Brand Brand launch platform development workshop & strategy Understand all Understand all Bring it together Build your brand Focus on generating about you about your into a coherent strategy, evaluate awareness into the customers, your picture of where your existing brand, long-term. No point in competitors and you fit into the develop your brand, having a great brand market trends market work out how to and product if nobody apply your brand to knows about it all the touchpoints
  • 34. Brand Platform How should you apply all of this to the different brand touchpoints?
  • 35. Brand Platform Rule 1: Think about •“Noisy” market your customers •Competitive “clutter” •Price sensitive (?) and the reality •Time-poor of their lives. •Seeing similar but cheaper alternatives that may be more convenient •Design is often a “safer” bet than craft •Spending less and less time reading traditional media •And ?….
  • 36. Brand Platform Rule 2: Think about •Friend recomendation how to guide •Review from a trusted source them along a •Endorsement journey •Exhibition towards you •Website (AIDA). •Email / Facebook relationship •Pop-up shop •Retail outlets •Studio / online purchase
  • 37. Brand Platform Then weave your story through the touchpoints, remembering that not everyone will interact with each one.
  • 38. Brand Platform Who you are How this comes to life for your customers
  • 39. Brand Platform Thinkbox Product styling is a powerful way of engaging with your target customers.
  • 40. Case Studies Case Studies Time to hear from the people who are actually putting this into practice.
  • 41. Breakout Session Breakout Session Time to get your creative hats on and think about building a brand strategy for…
  • 42. Breakout Session Breakout Session Time to get your creative hats on and think about building a brand strategy for…
  • 43. Breakout Session •Describe the brand personality •Describe the brand difference •Describe the brand position in the marketplace •Describe the brand customer •Create a brand look and feel moodboard (logo, display, packaging, graphic style, materials) •What are the most important touchpoints for this brand? •Come up with creative ideas about how the brand should come to life through the most important touchpoints
  • 44. Breakout Session
  • 45. Social Media How can you harness the power of social media to build your brand…
  • 46. Social Media How can you harness the power of social media to build your brand… Blogs Twitter Facebook Flickr YouTube
  • 47. Social Media Blogging Blogs are a look behind the scenes, a great way of letting people get to know you, what’s important to you, what influences you, how you work New work You making and so on. Your studio Your way of life Why is this important? Because Exhibitions & events people buy from people with the Things that inspire same values. This is a way of cutting through the marketing b******!
  • 48. Social Media Thinkbox Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with your blog!
  • 49. Social Media Twitter A fast, easy way of sharing knowledge and letting your friends and wider community know about what you are up to. New work New retail outlets Awards Events Offers Interests
  • 50. Quickfire trends Thinkbox Twitter can also be used to overtly promote your website.
  • 51. Social Media Facebook An interactive and informal way of sharing, updating and building a community of like-minded people. Also a powerful way of New work You making networking into groups that don’t Your way of life know about you. Exhibitions & events Things that inspire
  • 52. Social Media Think carefully about your Facebook and Twitter avatars.
  • 53. Social Media Flickr Very effective away of bringing work & exhibitions to life and also driving traffic back to your site, particularly after an event. New work Your way of life Exhibitions & events Things that inspire
  • 54. Social Media It’s an informal medium but you still need to be mindful of your own image
  • 55. Social Media YouTube A very simple and cost- effective way to tell your story with great viral potential. How you make Launches Exhibitions & events
  • 56. Social Media Low production values are absolutely fine but think carefully about scene-setting.
  • 57. Retail Brands How can you bring your brand to life in your own, or someone else’s, retail space? Let’s step into the shoes of a customer and answer these questions…
  • 58. Retail Brands How can you cut through the clutter and stand out?
  • 59. Retail Brands How can you create a brand with a strong visual style that resonates with your customers?
  • 60. Retail Brands Well, that’s one way…
  • 61. Retail Brands How can you have a distinctive presence in an environment where everything is displayed in a uniform way?
  • 62. Retail Brands How can you control how people view your work when it is taken out of context?
  • 63. Retail Brands How can you create theatre while retaining a sense of the unique and precious?
  • 64. Retail Brands How can you communicate your ethos, heritage and provenance without being cheesy?
  • 65. Retail Brands How can you help people picture what your product might look like in their lives?
  • 66. Retail Brands How do you send them away knowing that they got, or will be giving, something really special?
  • 67. Pop-up Retail Accessibility is a huge challenge for many designer-makers. Could pop-up be the answer?…
  • 68. Pop-up Retail Before you start, consider: What is the commercial objective? Who is your target customer? Where is the right space for commercial success? Who can you partner with? How can you make the space & experience reflect your brand? How can you create a PR-worthy event that will cut through to new customers? How can you use the event to build a community / database? Can you piggy-back to maximise publicity / footfall?
  • 69. Pop-up Retail Sketch at the Royal College of Art
  • 70. Pop-up Retail Commes Des Garcons
  • 71. Pop-up Retail Louis Vuitton at Commes Des Garcons
  • 72. Pop-up Retail Adidas
  • 73. Pop-up Retail Kenzo / Vacant
  • 74. Pop-up Retail Dover Street Market
  • 75. Pop-up Retail And finally, let’s look at some topline trends that are driving a new form of consumption (or nonsumption)…
  • 77. URBAN FARMING Future ecological living is going to be urban-focused. But nonsumers have a new appreciation for the local and the natural alongside an understanding of the spiritual importance of connecting with Nature’s biodiversity. Here are some ideas that bring the farm back into the city…
  • 78. Eco-pod A living skyscraper
  • 79. Aquaponics Farm in Box A rooftop fish pond that grows vegetables
  • 80. Biosphere Farm Futuristic kitchen garden from Philips
  • 81. The Bikube An urban beehive that attaches to your outer wall
  • 82. The Eglu A town garden chicken coop
  • 83. Vbites New family-friendly vegan fast-food restaurant led by Heather Mills
  • 84. Stuwer A vending machine for local farm produce
  • 86. MULTIFUNCTIONALITY For people who are trying to live with less “stuff”, multifunctionality not only makes financial sense, it makes ecological sense. Products that are cleverly designed to perform more functions and to extend their life will be valued. Here are some innovative designers who are responding to this trend.
  • 87. Vanishing Creatures Packaging that turns into a bird feeder
  • 88. (and allows you to eat chocolate rhinos…)
  • 89. Solo Ora Clock, mirror and lamp in one object
  • 90. Andrea Decorative indoor planters that filter and purify the air
  • 91. 1to3 A garment that changes form and function
  • 92. Energy Belt Monorail system by Iosa Ghini in Bologna, a multifunctional structure that incorporates a solar system and pedestrian walkway
  • 93. Iflect Fashion that becomes reflective at night for urban cyclists
  • 94. Solar panels shaped like clay roof tiles
  • 95. Trask Low-energy LED lighting system that can be reshaped as a standard lamp, desklamp or overhead track lighting.
  • 96. THE HUMAN TOUCH A combination of factors - technology & social media, the global recession, an appreciation of the simple way of life, a straightforward reaction to the highly technical forms of the past 10 years - is driving a return to products and services with a spirit of humanity.
  • 97. Good Hotel Guest co-creation wall in a low carbon hotel
  • 98. We are scarf Community-created design for a design- led fashion scarf
  • 99. Calgary Society for Disabilities Annual Report Entirely written by hand on objects bought through fundraising efforts
  • 100. Scott Chair Gathers fibres from bottoms to create a story of all who sat in it
  • 101. aboxlife.com Recycled box project where people can add to the story of each box via a tracking number on web/ mobile/ twitter/ flickr
  • 102. Kinded.com Community brand-building initiative by kindsnacks where an act of unsolicited kindness is supported by a card which is tracked as it travels the world
  • 103. The Forever Story A public online story-telling project to raise funds for autistic children
  • 104. Fabric Calendar A slightly sinister photographic take on middle England
  • 106. Tofu Chair 100% recyclable breathable chair that moulds to the human form
  • 107. Lanana Shopping bag made of folded recycled paper
  • 108. Philippe Starck & Ballantyne Multifunctional ergonomic garments made with “intelligent cashmere”
  • 109. Ecopod coffin It's made only of earth-friendly materials, such as papier mache, which readily biodegrades when buried.
  • 110. CRUSADING COMMUNITIES The collapse of many of the stable structures within society - religion, global peace, the environmental health of the planet, our financial system - is spurring the search for a new meaning in life. Crusading brands with evangelistic qualities and genuine integrity that allow people to gather around a common purpose will win in this new economy.
  • 111. Change Obama’s use of social media united America around a common crusade for change
  • 112. The Human Race Nike united a global community around running and tapped into running’s spiritual qualities
  • 113. Earthkeepers Timberland’s eco outdoor boots were supported by a viral tree-planting campaign and an online community of Earthkeepers activists
  • 114. Earthkeepers Activist website and online shop
  • 115. 1010 Public campaign with a simple rallying call - cut carbon emissions by 10% by 2010
  • 116. 1010 Twitter page that makes you feel part of something big
  • 117. LoFi Aesthetics that are driven by content and functionality combined with an appreciation of the hand-made and the authentic.
  • 118. Sew Sew Handstamped branding system by Because Studio
  • 119. Wolf Olins Deceptively underdesigned website with “elastic” pages
  • 120. Twitter Inclusive, easy to use, open & sharing ethos.
  • 121. Blogs Free Wordpress templates rule! The lo-fi website that values content above all and still allows you to express your personality.
  • 122. Hattomonkey Uber modern milk packaging design that embroidery as the graphic device
  • 123. CRADLE TO CRADLE Highly innovative designs using environmentally-friendly production processes that incorporate an ecological end for a product when it comes to the end of its life.
  • 124. Cradle to Cradle Technical nutrients and biological nutrients to remake the way we make things. Essential reading.
  • 125. Sebola Technical sportswear that is Aesthetic, Technical and Ecological. Great brand, great ethos.
  • 126. EcoATM An ATM for recycling consumer electronics
  • 127. Bloomcard gift card When you’re done, cover it in soil and it turns into wildflowers
  • 128. Are these just niche ideas with niche appeal?
  • 129. 83% of global consumers say they are willing to change their consumption habits if it helps make the world a better place to live, and 68% feel it's becoming unacceptable not to make efforts to show concern for the environment or live a healthy lifestyle. Source: Edelman global survey of 6,000 consumers, Oct 09
  • 130. Thank you Siobhan O’Dwyer Threesixty www.wearethreesixty.com