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LinkedIn 102: Powering on your business


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You have your LinkedIn profile, you’ve made some connections and endorsed a few people’s skills. You are currently standing on the tip of the LinkedIn Iceberg – want to go a bit deeper? …

You have your LinkedIn profile, you’ve made some connections and endorsed a few people’s skills. You are currently standing on the tip of the LinkedIn Iceberg – want to go a bit deeper?

This session, originally presented by Threesides Marketing for the ACT Digital Enterprise Program is for business owners who want to take their LinkedIn strategy and skills to the next level.

In this presentation we cover profile building techniques, pointers to creating company and showcase pages for your business, developing your influence within your network and some simple evaluation techniques to calculate your return on investment. This is an intermediate level session.

NOTE: This session is not for LinkedIn beginners or people who want to start. It is suitable for individuals who have been using the platform for 12 months or more and are starting to or already actively using it in their business.

It was originally presented by Todd Wright of Threesides Marketing who works with businesses across Canberra and the Region to improve their LinkedIn skills and strategy.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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  • 1. LinkedIn 102: Getting on with business
  • 2. Housekeeping
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. We help these businesses with their social media marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW – Wild about Whales Lantern Apartments Thredbo Canberra Business Council Sportsmans Warehouse Deeks Health Foods Michael Milton Canberra BusinessPoint Capital Region Farmers Market The RUC (and more…)
  • 6. Your name, your business and how long have you been a member on LinkedIn? Months, Years?
  • 7. What can we achieve today? Inspire Direct Inform
  • 8. Linkedin 101: Recap 1. Where does it fit? 2. Why use it? 3. How to use it? 4. Getting on with it
  • 9. Linkedin 102:Overview 1. Developing a business LinkedIn plan 2. LinkedIn for sales leads 3. Spend money to make money 4. Your 60 day plan
  • 10. Where does fit into your marketing strategy?
  • 11. Digital Marketing Channels Website and Blog Paid and Organic Search Mobile Online and Offline Advertising Media and PR Events Direct and Email Marketing Social Media
  • 12. Source: SocialBakers 2013 2014
  • 13. Australia ranks 10th in the world for LinkedIn users. 23% of the online population is on LinkedIn = 35% of the workforce 3rd highest population penetration globally
  • 14. b2b-leads-and-conversions LinkedIn converts
  • 15.
  • 16. Why are you on LinkedIn - GOALS 1. Finding new business 2. Nuturing sales leads 3. Finding employees 4. Marketing / Brand Building 5. Business Intelligence 6. Networking
  • 17. Source: Digisocial Social network usage in Australia 2013 v 2012 2013 2012
  • 18. 5 things you need to do on LinkedIn right now…
  • 19. #1 Brand the Business
  • 20. Build your Business Profile 1. Get to ‘All-Star’ 2. Develop consistent ‘company line’ content 3. Showcase your skills 4. Upload product overviews or a video 5. Check your privacy
  • 21. Improve your company Profile 1. Be found 2. Build community 3. Drive inbound web traffic 4. Promote your products & services*
  • 22. Build your showcase pages + company updates
  • 23. CSIRO Canberra Best practice example
  • 24. #2 CONNECTIONS
  • 25. Personal Connections EDUCATION School, college, university FRIENDS (Real ones!)
  • 26. Professional WORKPLACE Current and past colleagues CURRENT Customers / Suppliers PROSPECTS Clients, partners, suppliers SUPPORTERS Past customers / suppliers (that still like you!)
  • 27. What is your connection criteria to decide who to connect with? (hint: It’s okay to say no – they won’t know)
  • 28. EXISTING CONTACTS • Search tool • Import via email • Import via database or apps • Ideas from ‘People You May Know’ tool NEW CONTACTS • Reach out • Market yourself and drive invitations Grow Your Connections
  • 29. Reccomendations
  • 30. 1. Target your best supporters 2. Personalise a message – make them an offer they can’t refuse 3. Get and give recommendations 4. Thank people on email, phone, let’s catch up 5. Reorganise your best recommendations to the top Reccomendations
  • 31. #3 MARKETING
  • 32. Use the newsfeed on both personal and company profiles
  • 33. 1. Be interesting and topical 2. Link back to original article or to your blog 3. Hook up to Twitter / Slideshare 4. If sharing, add thoughts and comments and have an opinion
  • 34. 1. What work about you about to bid on? 2. Do you have new products to showcase 3. What is in your sale pipeline – think ahead 4. How are you trying to position yourself Be tactical – use your content strategy
  • 36. Check out the LinkedIn profiles of: 1. Current Clients / Customers 2. Potential customers (search) 3. Partners 4. Suppliers 5. Your competitors
  • 37. Awareness Leads Prospects Opportunities Sales Delivery LinkedIn and your Sales Funnel Low Resistance High Resistance
  • 38. 1. Is this sales lead connected on LinkedIn? 2. Where they referred by someone who is? 3. Have they viewed your profile prior to calling you? 4. Have the followed your company page? 5. Did you use LinkedIn to background and contact them? Attribute value to LinkedIn
  • 39. #5 INVOLVEMENT
  • 40. Like Share Comment Discuss Debate Engage
  • 41. Use Groups and Forums actively
  • 42. Pay to Play in LinkedIn
  • 43. LinkedIn Premium
  • 44. Increased Visibility – more stats and profile information Greater Reach – Inmails and introductions Better Search – more criteria and results Kudos – the gold LinkedIn badge
  • 45. $$$ = Analytics = Intelligence = More informed decision making.
  • 46. 10 mins a day for 60 working days in LinkedIn
  • 47. 1. Identify your goals and your plan 2. Login each day when you check your emails 3. Update your profile and company page 4. Post on your company page 5. Establish new relevant connections 6. Follow, Share, Like posts 7. Participate in Groups 8. Research and build intelligence on leads 9. Setup a recommendations plan 10. Setup your evaluation metrics and start measuring results. The plan…
  • 48. The ‘Ultimate’ LinkedIn To Do List
  • 49. Stay In Touch