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We are THM

  1. 1. Because stories are powerful...
  2. 2. They let us immerse for seconds, minutes and hours.
  3. 3. They feed our imagination and fantasy.
  4. 4. They are the glue in our relationships.
  5. 5. They sell ideas and missions... and products, of course.
  6. 6. It‘s storytellingthat moves hearts, minds, and businesses.
  7. 7. We are a storytelling consultancy from Hamburg.We use dramatic techniques to create emotional impact in a digital world.And help our clients to tell the right story to the right people.
  8. 8. Call us... ...when your sparkler is spent. From advertising to a Powerpoint presentation: Most communication efforts simply aim to raise awareness. It‘s like burning a sparkler: win attention, if only for a few seconds. However, once a sparkler has finished burning, it‘s time to find and tell a campfire story. A story that turns temporary awareness into long-term engagement, excitement, loyalty and trust. This is exactly what we do.
  9. 9. Our ServicesWe help our clients to tell stories that win peoples‘ hearts and provoke engagement.Stories that open minds and gain you new insights, customers, products, and services -as well as advancing your business ideas. Winning Hearts Opening Minds Moving Businesses Content Strategy & Development Audience Interest Research Content Strategy & Development [Owned Media, Social Media, Websites, [Interests | Themes | Topics] [ Intranet | Investors | Employees] Corporate Publishing] (Branded) Entertainment Concepts User Stories & Project Storytelling [Audio, Video, Digital, Gaming, Event] Customer (Hero-) Journey Mapping [ Presentations | Knowledge Sharing | [Real users | Their stories | New insights] Documentations] Transmedia Architectures [Visualizing touchpoints with empathy][Planning, World Building, Story Development] Pitch Coaching [ Content | Story | Presentation] Campaign Drama Coaching Story Idea Workshops [Use Storytelling & Drama in [Using Storytelling to inspire creative ideas ] Leadership Storytelling Coaching PR | Online | Social | Advertising] [ C-Level | Personal Storytelling | Media Product & Service Stories Training] [Which story does the experience tell? What is Brand Story Consulting the recommendation story?] [Brand Values | Core Story | Communication Change Communication Consulting Strategy ] SciFi - Writing [ Empolyees | Investors | Press] [Trends and future scenarios brought to life in easy to understand stories for stakeholders. ]
  10. 10. How we do it.STORY-DRIVENFrom the ancient campfire to the digital world: people share experiences and meaning in stories.It is the only way of communicating facts embedded in emotions that signal relevancy to the brain.“What is the story?“ - This question guides everything we do - not just because of the brain.It is our passion to create working content.WITH DRAMATIC TECHNIQUESGreat stories follow dramatic rules that make them exciting and meaningful.From the Hero‘s Journey, over the 3-Arc Structure to the newly formed rules of interactivity:we constantly use, adapt and transform dramatic techniques to enhance the impact of our stories.AUDIENCE EMPATHICA story is nothing but a bunch of thoughts and words - without an audience. We see people asintelligent and emotional beings instead of consumers. So for us asking “What‘s in it for the audience?“is as important as the question “What do you want to tell?“.TOGETHERWe have worked in agencies and have experienced how frustrating it is for us and our clients to workblindfolded with an unclear briefing. Now, we can offer our clients closer, more personal, more deeplyembedded cooperation. Let‘s start with a story workshop - because we are in this story together.INDEPENDENTWe focus on the story to make things more meaningful. In order to do so, we need to be independent,so we operate without a hidden bias towards a certain media channel.
  11. 11. Working with us is like a hero‘s journey Guess what: You are our hero. And you‘ll return as an even bigger hero. YOU And every hero has a goal. And we know that something is at stake: a product, a business, a job... Goal Without Measurement there is no impact. In our first Story Workshop We use several metrics to measure our successes and IMPACT we collaboratively develop the right story that will support achieving your learn. Story goal. Workshop OUR ADVENTURE BEGINSWe test the story beforewe release it to theaudience. Test & During the Audience Empathy PhaseAnd when the story startsspreading, we open a Release AUDIENCE we empathize with the audience, thus suggesting topics, themes and interestsbottle of champagne. Empathy that strategically resonate with your audience. Production Platforms AestheticDuring Production During Story Buildingwe will oversee the process Story Building we identify what to tell the audience. We will find a hero and a conflict thatto ensure the story‘s integrity evenif multiple agencies and production Interaction will drive your story. Dramaticcompanies work on it. Sometimes techniques ensure relevancy.we organize production withfreelancers and network partners. Story Architecture During Story Architecture we create a strategy and a script to tell the story properly, making decisions about aesthetics, platforms and interaction mechanics.
  12. 12. Our passion for stories.For me storytelling is all about mesmerization. I was born in a small town in the middle of rural Germany, and stories allowed me to travel galaxies, to fightdragons, to explore new worlds and to challenge reality every day. I dived deep into books, movies, fantasy games and computer adventures. I wore a Star-Trekuniform and even got to shake Captain Kirk‘s hand.At some point I knew that I wanted to know how stories work, to understand and use their magic in all possible ways. So I studied media science, game studies,marketing and screenwriting. As a digital creative, strategist, writer, and freelancer, I worked with a plurality of clients, from Coca Cola to independent film makers.I have experienced successful projects as well as hurtful fails, but seeing someone deeply immersed in a meaningful story - digital or not - is still the mostpowerful spell I know. That fuels my passion. Christian Riedel, Co-Founder & Managing Director
  13. 13. Our passion for stories.Storytelling is a powerful force. When I was a kid I learned pretty early that a good story changes a lot. Stories helped me to escape school yard fights and mademe a hero to my classmates when I saved their asses as student spokesperson. At this early stage, I learned my first lessons about storytelling, this powerful forcethat is able to change things, minds, and the world.When I finished school I knew that this force was what I was hungry for and that the media would be the field I would enter. I started working as a journalist,studying politics and psychology, combining political communication with learning about our brains and human interaction. As a journalist, webcast producer,communications consultant, writer and freelancer, I used stories and made them work for clients like AOL Germany or H&M, in the media for the likes of FOCUSMagazine and to help small startups. The disruptive power of stories makes me passionate, caring, happy - and sometimes scared, too. Valentin Heyde, Co-Founder & Managing Director
  14. 14. We have worked with: Start-Ups Brands Agencies Schools & Institutions
  15. 15. What clients say „ Three-Headed Monkeys managed to retrieve our core message from all our thoughts and ideas.  We struggled for a long time to find the right words for what we wanted to say. For us it was a revelation to see how getting to the core of our story would make everything easier for us, from figuring out what to say at a conference, „ to investors or knowing how to communicate to break the European crowdfunding record. Ali Jelveh, Co-Founder & Chief Revolutionary Officer of Protonet
  16. 16. So what is your story?
  17. 17. Contact Valentin Heyde Valentin Heyde Story Architect | Managing Partner Story Architect | Managing Partner Tel:Tel: +49 170 9096094 +49 170 9096094 Twitter: @valentinheyde Twitter: @valentinheyde Christian Riedel Christian Riedel Story Architect | Managing Partner Story Architect | Managing Partner +49 151 23062619 Tel: +49 151 23062619 @mindcaffeine Twitter: @mindcaffeineThree-Headed Monkeys GmbHc/o betahaus HamburgLerchenstraße 28aLerchenstrasse 28a22767 Hamburg, GermanyDon‘t copy. It makes you look stupid.