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Three Deep Open House Capabilities Deck
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Three Deep Open House Capabilities Deck


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We prepared this deck for our open house in July of 2010 in order to help our attendees understand a little bit more about what Three Deep does.

We prepared this deck for our open house in July of 2010 in order to help our attendees understand a little bit more about what Three Deep does.

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  • 1. Strategic Marketing Consulting
    We can help you develop customer-centric strategies that drive acquisition and retention that are fully integrated with corporate branding and other marketing efforts.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 2. Web Analytics
    Gain invaluable insight into every aspect of your online presence. We offer installation, configuration, and management of your web analytics platform.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 3. Email Marketing & Strategy
    Make a Statement. Our team of email marketing specialists will help you maximize the impact and deliverability of every message you send.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 4. Search Marketing
    The entire web is your audience. We place your message in front of prospective clients and customers at the moment they want to see it.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 5. Conversion Optimization
    Every visitor is an opportunity. From landing pages to phone calls, we’ll help you maximize each visitor’s potential.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 6. E-Commerce
    You mean business. Does your website? We maximize your customer experience from the first click-through the final conversion.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 7. Information Architecture &
    User Experience
    Form meets function. Provide your visitors with clear, easy to access information and an experience that will uphold and enhance your reputation.
  • 8. Contact Center Integration
    Full service, performance-driven Contact Center services to get the most out of your leads.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 9. Social Media Integration
    You’re no one ‘til you’re talked about. Find out what the masses are saying about you, and how you can respond to their needs online.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 10. Database Marketing
    Get personal. We go three levels below the surface to send direct, timely, and relevant communications to your customers and prospects.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 11. CRM Implementation
    Get to know your customers (really). We install, configure, and manage CRM systems that work with your business.
    651 – 789 – 7701
  • 12. Website Development
    Your website is one of your most important business assets. We can help create an engaging design with the functionality necessary to meet your goals.
    651 – 789 – 7701