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Instagram Marketing



Presented by own Angie Schottmuller on April 26, 2013 as part of the Instant eTraining Social Media online certification course. ...

Presented by own Angie Schottmuller on April 26, 2013 as part of the Instant eTraining Social Media online certification course.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the human brain than text. It's time to better leverage social networks for collecting and aggregating photos for your business! Learn the basics of Instragram, cases studies of diverse successes, tips for photo challenges, tools for analytics, and more!



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    Instagram Marketing Instagram Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Instagram & Visual Marketing Angie Schottmuller Three Deep Marketing @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Angie Schottmuller @aschottmuller Director, Interactive Strategic Marketing & Optimization aschottmuller@threedeepmarketing.com @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Three Deep Marketing 180 E 5th St, Suite 910, St Paul, MN 55101  (651) 789-7701 www.threedeepmarketing.com WE'RE HIRING!  Lead Generation  Customer Acquisition  Optimization (SEO/SMO/CRO) @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • OUR CLIENTS... @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • a.k.a. "IG" @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram has over 100 MILLION active monthly users. Source: Instagram Press Page, April 2013 @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • 40+ MILLION photos uploaded DAILY Source: Instagram Press Page, April 2013 @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • HOW INSTAGRAM WORKS 1. Get/Open the Instagram mobile app 2. Load a picture to share 3. Apply photo edits and filters 4. Add caption and location 5. Post to Instagram 6. Socialize! (Share to other networks, add hashtags / engage users in comments) @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Loading a Picture... Take a photo now ...OR... select one from your photos. Scale and crop as desired. @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Easy Photo Editing ... rotate, border, blur edge, contrast, +19 filters! @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Why bother with Image-Sharing for business? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Images are Better Than Words "So easy... even kids can do it!" - Kindle Fire @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Photos Draw Eye Contact Source: ThinkEyeTracking.com Study @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Authentic Photos Boost Conversion 95% Increased Conversion Medalia Art increased engagement using photos of artists. @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • 36% of Shared Twitter Links Point to Images Source: LTU Technologies Report, 2013 @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram vs. Pinterest Instagram (New images are photographed) Pinterest (Photos already exists on the Web) Don't upload. Drive traffic to pages. @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Image Content Strategy Do images you need already exist on the web? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Image Content Strategy ...Or do you need help capturing new photos? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Gender is almost balanced (2/3 women) for Instagram. Women are 5X more likely to use Pinterest. @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • City-dwellers are almost 2X more likely to use Instagram and Twitter. Urban Opportunities? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining Source: Pew Research Report 2013, Demographics of Social Media Users
    • Case Studies Who has successfully used Instagram for business? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @BenAndJerrys - #CaptureEuphoria UGC Photos for Ads @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @BenAndJerrys - #BenAndJerrys Product Photos @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @Audi - #Audi Brand Positioning @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @DunkinDonuts - #DressDD Brand Awareness / Impressions @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @RedBull - #GivesYouWings Customer Lifestyle Celebration @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @GeneralElectric - #AgentSmith #TheMatrix Cross-Channel Promotion - TV/YouTube/IG @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @TheGarageInc Customer Persona Engagement @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @TheGarageDogs Extended Customer Persona Engagement @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @TonyHawk - #HawkHunt Real-Life Fan Engagement @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • @TonyHawk - #HawkHunt Business Partnerships @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram Tools What tools can help me on my IG journey? @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram Web Viewers @Webstagram - http://web.stagram.com @Statigram - http://statigram.com @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram Analytics Statigram.com SimplyMeasured.com @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Twitter & Instagram OLD DAYS.... AS OF DECEMBER 2012... @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram in the Last 3 Months: (since blocking embedded Twitter views) 35% Engagement 41% Followers Source: SimplyMeasured Report, Feb 2013 @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Adjusted Photo Sharing Strategy Upload images directly on Twitter. Use Instagram when posting to Facebook. @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram iPhone App URL Hacks Enter instagram:// followed by these parameters: URL OPENS app The Instagram app camera The camera media?id=MEDIA_ID Media with this ID user?username=USERNAME User with this username location?id=LOCATION_ID Location feed for this ID tag?name=TAG Tag feed for this tag More cool tricks: http://bit.ly/instagramurlcommands @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram iPhone App URL Hacks @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram Photos @ Your Business/Event @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Instagram API Power Tools @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Venueseen @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • The Beat = Instagram + Google Street View @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • The Beat - http://bit.ly/instagramthebeat @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Curation Nation @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • IG Curation Masters • @All_Shots - 42K #all_shots >> #allshots_ • @IG_Captures - 14K These accounts are leaders in featuring others' photos, hosting challenges/contests and more! #ig_captures, #ig_captures_<theme> • @Gang_Family - 15K #gang_family, @/#gf_daily, @/#<theme>styles_gf, @/#gf_<location> • @Most_Deserving - 10K #most_deserving, @/#md_macro, @/#md_skyline, ... • @Insta_Crew - 9K #insta_crew, @/#ic_daily, @/#ic_<theme> @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Watermarks used for Features http://instagram.com/p/YV0ZPAleLO/ http://instagram.com/p/YLOoyjTeuy/ Tip: Mobile photo editing apps like PhotoWizard, PicsFrame, etc. are #IETraining used to add watermarks. @aschottmuller | @threedeep
    • Photo Challenges! http://instagram.com/p/YX4zPDleA1/ http://instagram.com/p/YD4TPNzeuP/ @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Photo Challenge Finalists @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Contest Voting - @All_Shots Example In early 2013 Instagram changed it's UI to only display the most recent 135 comments. This killed the collage method of voting for A,B,C via comments. Now voting is done by the most "Likes". The usability change is an international/language barrier pain-point. @aschottmuller | @threedeep http://instagram.com/p/YhswlTleAM/ #IETraining
    • Key Takeaways:  Great for recruiting new photos  Works for B2B, B2C, small/large, etc.  Excellent for identifying advocates (e.g. industry, brand, product, lifestyle)  Easy APIs to integrate with other tactics @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Embrace the Photo-Sharing Love! @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining
    • Questions? At Three Deep, we truly "get-it" when it comes to social media strategy and ROI. Please reach out if your business needs help defining a strategy with measurable benefits to grow sales, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction! Angie Schottmuller Director, Interactive Strategic Planning & Optimization @aschottmuller aschottmuller@threedeepmarketing.com @aschottmuller | @threedeep #IETraining