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Looking to take your Google Analytics reporting beyond basic traffic reports? Jeff Sauer shows you how, with tracking for Page Speed, Social Button Interactions, Video Interactions for Flash Video and YouTube, Phone Calls, Offline Marketing, CRM Integration, Mobile Websites & Apps, as well as functionality for Multi-Channel Funnels and Real Time Reporting. Go further with your Google Analytics today!

Jeff Sauer is the VP of Interactive Marketing at Three Deep Marketing, the only Google Analytics Certified Partner in the state of Minnesota. In addition to his role at Three Deep, Jeff teaches on Google Analytics at DemandQuest, and is the Technology Director for the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA). This presentation was presented on October 11th for the 10th Annual MIMA Summit.

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  • Page load sample is the number of occurrences that GA took to give the number for the page load time. The lower the ratio of sample to pageviews is the more accurate number.
  • Images of each language/logos
  • Images of each language/logos
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  • Google Analytics: Going Beyond Traffic | MIMA Summit 2011

    1. 1. BeyondTraffic In Google Analytics Jeff Sauer Three Deep Marketing 651-789-7701 @jeffsauer | @threedeep | #mimasummit
    2. 2. How can I go further with Google Analytics? Learn how to track: • Page Load Time • Social Button Interactions • Video Interactions • Phone Calls • Offline Marketing • CRM Integration • Mobile Websites & Apps Multi-Channel Funnels Google Analytics Real Time | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    3. 3. Track Page Load Time
    4. 4. Page Load Time Problem: We’ve been told one of our pages is running slow, but our developers can’t recreate these problems on their machines. They are also militant. Is there a program that can track page load times? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    5. 5. Why is Site Speed Important? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep People want things NOW!
    6. 6. 1 Step: Add Code to Tracking also available on many Google Analytics plugins
    7. 7. What it Looks Like Reports > Content > Site Speed Keep in mind the page load sample size
    8. 8. Fix Site Speed Issues | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    9. 9. Track Social Button Interactions
    10. 10. Tracking Social Button Interactions | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Problem: I have added +1, Twitter and Facebook buttons to my site because everyone else has them. How do I know if people are actually interacting with our “like”, “tweet”, “share”, or “+1” buttons?
    11. 11. Social Button Tracking 101 • Google +1 button comes preconfigured • Everything else requires the following: | @jeffsauer | @threedeep _gaq.push ({‘_trackSocial’, network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath]);
    12. 12. Social Button Tracking 101 | @jeffsauer | @threedeep _gaq.push ({‘_trackSocial’, network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath]); Your page with the Social button Only for customizing Page paths
    13. 13. Social Button Tracking 101 | @jeffsauer | @threedeep _gaq.push ({‘_trackSocial’, network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath]); Your page with the Social button Only for customizing Page paths
    14. 14. What Social Tracking Looks Like | @jeffsauer | @threedeep source: Social actions aggregated throughout the day Social network action segmented by post Visitors>Social>Social Action
    15. 15. Track Social Button Interactions | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    16. 16. Tracking Video Interactions
    17. 17. Video Interactions | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Problem: We put all of our money into making YouTube videos and never imagined that our bosses would want to measure performance. How do we track video interactions?
    18. 18. What Videos Can We Track? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    19. 19. Step 1: Determine Video to Track | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Grab the YouTube Video ID code
    20. 20. Step 2: Place Code on Page | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Grab JavaScript code from and place on website
    21. 21. Step 3: Edit States and Videos | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Choose which states you want included in your event report Ignore the rest Change the title and video id to match your YouTube videos as well as the div container if necessary
    22. 22. Step 4: Add div tags to HTML | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    23. 23. Other Methods | @jeffsauer | @threedeep YouTube provides more JavaScript instruction at: For Flash videos and event tracking, we recommend:
    24. 24. What it Looks Like | @jeffsauer | @threedeep All the defined interactions taken by the visitors
    25. 25. Bonus: Google Analytics in YouTube | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Add GA to your Premium YouTube Channel!
    26. 26. YouTube Analytics IRL | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Same metrics as a usual dashboard Track what queries people are using to get to a video Understand which of your videos people are watching
    27. 27. Tracking Phone Calls
    28. 28. Phone Call Tracking Problem: Only half of our visitors fill out a web form. The others call our contact center, making it difficult to judge ROI. How do we attribute phone calls to our search campaigns? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    29. 29. Solution Partner with a company specializing in phone call tracking: | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Have Phone Calls Post Back to Website
    30. 30. What it Looks Like | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Find out what keywords/ads generated leads and configure goals to understand economic value of calls generated
    31. 31. Tracking Offline Marketing
    32. 32. Offline Marketing Tracking Problem: We have no idea if offline marketing drives visitors to our site. It’s not something we have been able to measure before. How can we measure? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    33. 33. Offline Marketing Tracking Once you have your segment, use the GA URL Builder to build tracking, then send to a QR code or link shortener | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Your web page Add your segments into the builder as content or term
    34. 34. Use Your Link for Your Print Marketing | @jeffsauer | @threedeep A QR code isn’t enough. Make sure you use campaign tracking codes! Do you think marketing on a billboard is still valid? Stop guessing, start measuring! Dear Valued Customer…
    35. 35. What it Looks Like | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Your segments will show up under Traffic Sources > Campaigns
    36. 36. CRM Integration
    37. 37. A Comprehensive View of the Customer Problem: When I ask a customer how they found us, their answers are questionable at best. Can I eliminate the guesswork? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    38. 38. The Basics of CRM Integration | @jeffsauer | @threedeep 1. Extract the visitor’s source data from the __utmz cookie 2. Manipulate data as needed 3. Place data in hidden form fields Your Web Form JavaScript Code Standard CRM data GA Data Server CRM
    39. 39. How Do You Do This? 1. Code it 2. Hire a Google Analytics Certified Professional to assist 3. Use CRM Applications with built in GA Integration
    40. 40. What it Looks Like CRM Data GA Data
    41. 41. Mobile Websites & Apps
    42. 42. Analytics of Those On-The-Go Problem: We make cool apps. Measuring things isn’t cool, so we never thought to put tracking on our app. Now my boss wants answers. Help! | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    43. 43. Google Analytics for Mobile Websites • Google Analytics for Mobile contains tracking code for sites that use PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, or Perl • Instructions can be found at: | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    44. 44. Google Analytics for Mobile Apps 1. Download SDK’s (Software Development Kit) from 2. Create a separate analytics profile for mobile 3. SDK Available for iPhone and Android | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    45. 45. Google Analytics for Mobile Apps | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Track Pageviews: or Events: 3diphoneGA Track via pageview Track via event 3dandroidGA Screenshots from Jason A. Cooper and icodeblog
    46. 46. Google Analytics - More Wow
    47. 47. Multi Channel Funnels
    48. 48. Pro Tip: Define Custom Channels
    49. 49. Google Analytics in Real Time | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    50. 50. This Was Supposed to be a Real Time Demo
    51. 51. How can I go further with Google Analytics? Learn how to track: • Page Load Time • Social Button Interactions • Video Interactions • Phone Calls • Offline Marketing • CRM Integration • Mobile Websites & Apps Multi-Channel Funnels Google Analytics Real Time | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    52. 52. More Google Analytics Pro Tips • Switch to New Google Analytics Interface NOW • Preserves date range across profiles • Link Multiple AdWords Accounts • Site Speed and Social Button Tracking • You can uncheck default segment (all traffic) • Multi Channel Funnels • Improved Custom Reports • View Graphs by Week and by Month • Compare Graphs to Past • More features to come… | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
    53. 53. Questions? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep Special Thanks to @dianekulseth for her hard work and research Download my presentation here: Google Analytics Training • 101 & 102 October 25 • 201 & 202 November 1 • 301 & 302 November 15 How’d I do? Password: mimasummit Rate the Summit: Password: mimasummit
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