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A preview of the 2010 MiaGreen Expo and Conference held in Miami FL on February 25-26, 2010.

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preview: Miagreen

  1. 1. miagreen 1 preview: MiaGreen Expo & Conference The 2010 MiaGreen Expo & Conference kicks off this Thursday, February 25 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Kevin and I unfortunately have to miss the first day, but we’ll be there for Friday’s programming, as he himself will present a session titled Water Wars: Rising Demand vs. Diminishing Supply on Friday at 1:30 p.m. With six different educational tracks on Thursday alone, the event will address topics related to energy, policy, LEED, design, and economics. These are some of the sessions we wish we could see on Thursday: • Generating renewable Energy from Landfill Gas & Wastewater Treatment Plants • Existing Buildings: Sustainable Operations & Maintenance • Optimizing Energy Efficiency in the Workplace: How to Start, How to Save and Where to Focus On Friday, we’ll be sitting in on and reviewing as many sessions as possible. Our tentative list includes: • 8:30 am: Successful Entrepreneurial Approaches to the Current Green Economy (the opening session moderated by our friend Lillian T. Chiu) • 10:00 am: Carbon Monetization and Worldwide Initiatives • 10:00 am: Organizational Structures, Culture and Response to Climate Change • 1:30 pm: The Recycling Business: Entrepreneurial Inspiring Models • 3:00 pm: Architecture for Humanity: a Global Network of Building Professionals in a Time of Crisis • 3:00 pm: Capitalist vs. Environmentalist One session that I know will be interesting but which we’ll skip anyway is Eric Corey Freed’s The Myth of Sisyphus: A Roadmap to Greening Our Buildings. It was one of my favorites at BrightTALK’s 2009 Green Building Summit (reviewed here). It continues to be available at the BrightTALK website and is still worth a watch. We’ll be walking the expo floor during lunch break and in the 45 minutes between the end of the educational portion and the closing of the event. With so little time on the floor, we won’t have time to sit down with any of the exhibitors to find out the details of their ➜ threadcollaborative 11250 morrison street no. 201, north hollywood ca 91601
  2. 2. miagreen 2 companies and/or products, but it will still be a great venue to see what local efforts are being undertaken in the sustainability movement. Our reviews of the educational sessions will be posted as soon as we can write them. If you would like more information about the event, conference organizers can be contacted here. ➜ threadcollaborative 11250 morrison street no. 201, north hollywood ca 91601