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Sin And Virtue
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More in: Spiritual
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  • 2. Definitions
    • Sin
      • The choice to not love God
    • Conversion
      • Turning away from sin and toward God
    • Contrition
      • The sorrow we feel when we sin
    • Penance
      • The punishment we do when we sin
  • 3.
    • Culpability
      • Our guilt caused by sin
    • Reconciliation
      • Rebuilding our relationship with God
    • Virtue
      • Gifts God has given to us to help us avoid sin
  • 4. SIN
    • 2 types
      • Mortal
        • Sins that destroy our relationship with God
        • Must be concerning grievous matter
        • Full knowledge of the sinful nature of the act
        • Full consent of the will
        • Intend the act
      • Venial
        • Sins that damage but do not destroy our relationship with God
    • Also known as the Deadly sins
    • Not always mortal
    • The foundation of all sins
  • 6. PRIDE
    • Placing your needs or yourself as more important than God or others
    • The first sin committed by man
    • All sin is a sin of pride
  • 7. GREED
    • Wanting more and more stuff
    • Never being satisfied with what you have
    • Your desire to get what you want is most important
    • Wanting more and more food and drink
    • Greedy for food and drink
    • Not what you need, but excess
    • Your desire to get more food is more important than rules
  • 9. ENVY
    • Resenting another person because they have what you want
    • Jealousy
    • Covetousness
    • Not just wanting something else
  • 10. LUST
    • Using another person for the benefit they can give you
    • Is more than just in a sexual way
  • 11. SLOTH
    • Not fulfilling your responsibilities
    • Laziness
  • 12. ANGER
    • Wanting to harm another for what you believe they have done to you
    • Revenge
  • 13. VIRTUE
    • Theological
      • Help us improve our relationship with God
      • Faith, hope, love
    • Cardinal
      • Help us improve our relationships with others
      • Comes from word for “hinge”
      • Justice, temperance, prudence, courage
  • 14. FAITH
    • The ability to believe in God
    • We cannot believe in God unless he first allows us to believe in him
  • 15. HOPE
    • Trust in God that he will fulfill his promises to us
  • 16. LOVE
    • Love God with everything we are
    • Love one another as God has loved us
    • Often translated as “charity”
      • Caritas is the love we have for others that compels us to help them
      • 
      • Love is also AGAPE  Unconditional Love
  • 17. JUSTICE
    • Giving to someone what they properly deserve
    • If you are not the competent authority, you cannot punish
    • All people deserve enough food and drink
    • The ability to enjoy good things in life without being obsessed with them
  • 19. PRUDENCE
    • The ability to choose right from wrong
    • The correct use of your conscience
      • The gift from God to help us know good from evil and to choose the good
  • 20. COURAGE
    • Also known as fortitude
    • The strength to do what is right despite obstacle