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Cornerstone Social Media Seminar May 10th, 2012 featuring Bernie Borges
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Cornerstone Social Media Seminar May 10th, 2012 featuring Bernie Borges


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This slide deck is from a seminar hosted by CornerStone Title for the Bradenton and Sarasota real estate community. …

This slide deck is from a seminar hosted by CornerStone Title for the Bradenton and Sarasota real estate community.

The seminar was entitled "Social Media: How to Build Your Business Through Your Personal Brand" and was presented by Bernie Borges, CEO of Find and Convert and author of Marketing 2.0.

The seminar focused on the variety of social media platforms available to real estate professionals and the importance of "content" and "personal brand".

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology

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  • Main point: Most people have some understanding of “personal brand” but most don’t take action. These 6 guidelines can jump start a personal brand career initiative.
  • Main point: commit to at least 2 content assets. Content samples include: podcast, blog, book, video, e-books, newsletter. In the example shown, Christopher Penn has a podcast and a blog/newsletter. He is active on the speaking circuit and just launched his first book. Even if he lost his job at WhatCounts, his personal brand will glide him with ease to his next career step.
  • Main point: The word “stalker” is sensationalism used for attention grabbing purposes. Regularly “hang out” with other people’s content that interests you. Look for authentic ways to engage with them in relevant, meaningful ways. Glean ideas from their content and create content with your voice that offers another perspective, even a contrarian perspective. Don’t hesitate to create controversy. Visit blogs pertaining to your interest and leave comments. Seek to build relationships with the people that also comment on these blogs, especially other “stalkers” like you.
  • Main point: When Andrew Davis spoke about the many ways “meat loaf” is found online, he told a story that had the audience in stitches. The audience will remember his primary point and him because he told an entertaining story. Derek Sivvers uses an animated video to tell a story about a small business owner devastated by a client’s harsh email to illustrate the point that digital communication is sent between real people and often what is sent online wouldn’t be said in person. People inherently remember and enjoy stories. Produce content that tells a story to get noticed and be remembered.
  • Main point: Using the guiding principles in this presentation you can stand out from the crowd, climb the ladder in your career, and build your personal brand to fast track your career.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Contact Information:www.cornerstonetitle.bizLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterMary Howard - LinkedInTom Howard – LinkedIn
    • 2. Social Media isStill a Frontier
    • 3. 3 Stages of the Social Media ROI Cycle framework-4539106
    • 4. Stage 1: Launch 50% of businesses framework-4539106
    • 5. Stage 2: Management 40% of businesses framework-4539106
    • 6. Stage 3: Optimization 10% of businesses framework-4539106
    • 7. Adopting Social Media Strategies Measuring ROIFully Developed Strategy Have a Social Media Policy Social MediaChampioned by Highest LeadershipAt Least One Full-TimeEmployee Dedicated To Social-Media Strategy Heidi Cohen | April 18, 2011
    • 8. Benefits of Social Media Strategies Social Media Examiner Social Media Industry Report | April 2012 i
    • 9. Are You a Digital Immigrant or Native?
    • 10. Why is it called Social Media?
    • 11. A Little History… 1990 to 1999  2000 to 2010 12
    • 12. Traditional vs InternetOutbound Marketing Inbound Marketing 13
    • 13. Buyers Have Many Filters 14
    • 14. Must Be (Get) in Your DNA
    • 15. Integrate Social Media into Your Cultural DNA Content Blogs, Videos, white Papers, eBooks Social SEO On-page, off- Media page, link Twitter, LinkedIn building, analysis , Facebook, Foru ms, Blogs
    • 16. Social Media Today Publish Publish MMO Share Social Apps / Discuss Games Social Media Social Virtual Net- Worlds works Live Micro- Cast blog Like Stream
    • 17. There Are Many Qualitative Benefits Loyalty Trust Passion Interaction Brand Awareness But…how do they impact the bottom line???
    • 18. Truths…76% of people think advertisers LIE
    • 19. Most Trusted Referrals1. Recommendations from “friends”2. Other people’s opinions online3. Company websites4. Editorial content5. Brand Sponsorships
    • 20. New Marketing Paradigm… a Mindset Shift Relationship /Content Strategy Engagement 21
    • 21. Content StrategyPersona Content StrategyKeywords 22
    • 22. What is Content Marketing? marketing is an umbrella termencompassing all marketing formats that involve thecreation or sharing of content for the purpose ofengaging current and potential consumer bases.Content marketing subscribes to the notion thatdelivering high-quality, relevant and valuableinformation to prospects and customers drivesprofitable consumer action. Content marketing hasbenefits in terms of retaining reader attention andimproving brand loyalty.[1] 23
    • 23. What is Content Marketing? 24
    • 24. What is Content Marketing? 25
    • 25. It is YourFoundation
    • 26. Three Types of Media
    • 27. It Is How Your Content Reach Spreads Across the Web Re- Tweeted on tweeted 10 Twitter Times Liked/Share d on Shared on Facebook LinkedIn Your blog is published
    • 28. Life Cycle of a Content Event attributes-of-a-linkedin-company-page/ Tweets re- May 2, blog Post tweeted tweeted andarticle posted every few days sharedDrove 1,505 Posted to Posted to visitors to Facebook LinkedIn website
    • 29. And Why a Diversified Social Media Strategy is Important… Over 19% of traffic from social media
    • 30. 5 Step Social Media Plan
    • 31. Develop Your Personal Brand For What Do You Want to Build your brand… and Be Known? expand your career Give yourself permission Be who you aspire to be Sharing is not boasting Proactively promote others Become a mini-rock star* *As a result of your great content and engagement! 7/30/news/economy/building_ your_brand.fortune/index.htm
    • 32. Two Or More Content AssetsChris Griffith- A column in Slideshare presentations
    • 33. Be a Stalker
    • 34. Be a Story Teller
    • 35. Be a Networker Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Instagram Foursquare YouTube 37
    • 36. Facebook Personal Profile  Be human  Share photos  Tag company pages you follow
    • 37. Facebook Business Page  Post updates with links to articles  Tag company pages you follow  Tag people selectively
    • 38. Twitter Personal or Branded or Both  Tweet daily  Use hashtags
    • 39. Twitter Personal or Branded or Both  Tweet daily  Use hashtags
    • 40. Pinterest
    • 41. Pinterest
    • 42. Instagram• Take pictures with your mobile device. Upload to Instagram• Add a caption about each picture• Share pictures on Twitter or Facebook• Visit your Instagram stream to see if others have “liked” or commented onyour pictures• Follow and engage with other people on Instagram
    • 43. Instagram• Organize your photos into collages• Download Pic Stitch (free app) for iPhone• Download Photo Grid (free app) for Android• Create collages• Share pictures on Twitter or Facebook
    • 44. Your Content’s Purpose… Entertain Educate Enlighten Engagement
    • 45. Understand Your Target Audience Focus your content on “them”
    • 46. Empathize With Wants and Needs
    • 47. Content PlatformsSearch
    • 48. Be A Magnet 51
    • 49. Personal Branding Career Benefits Your Name Here
    • 50. Bernie Borges Contact… 727-234-0952 ext. 1001 Websites: Blogs: Twitter: LinkedIn: Marketing 2.0