Cat's Claw Extract - Give Your Immune System the Boost it Needs
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  • 1. ==== ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to heal with crystals. ====Cats claw is an herb that traditionally grows in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. Its nameis derived from the thorns on the leaves of the plant that look like a cats claws. The root bark isthe part of the herb that has medicinal value. It comes in various forms including as a cats claw. Itis one of the many herbal immune system boosters that are available in todays market.Before you choose specific herbs that provide protection from infection, make sure you learn aboutdifferent ones so you are ready to make the right decision.Uses for Cats Claw ExtractThere are many uses for cats claw extract, some of which include traditional use by the natives ofSouth America. While these methods go back hundreds and even thousands of years the additionof cats claw herbs herbal immune system boosters can not be overlooked. Many herbs thatdefend the body against infection and disease have a history in alternative or traditional medicine.Some of the uses for this herb include the following:ArthritisResearchers believe cats claw has inflammatory properties and may be effective for bothrheumatoid and osteoarthritis. There is also a school of thought that believes it blocks the bodysability to produce prostaglandins that produce inflammation and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).Though cats claw extract may be effective as a pain reliever, there is no evidence it plays any rolein reducing swelling. There is not enough evidence at this time to determine if this herb is effectivefor treating arthritis.CancerThere is some evidence to support cats claw containing herbal immune system boosters.When this and other herbs that protect the body from foreign invaders enter, they may be effectivein stopping the spread of cancer cells. Some studies that have been conducted on animalssuggest it may also reverse some cell damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation treatment.These studies are not yet conclusive and though herbal treatments can help with cancer theyshould supplement rather than replace conventional treatments.In addition to arthritis and cancer cats claw extract may be effective in the treatment of otherconditions because of its herbal immune system boosters. Some of the other conditions that may
  • 2. be affected positively by this herb include the following:HypertensionHIVDiverticulitisGastritisCrohns diseaseUlcerative colitisKeep in mind that these herbs for the immune system may or may not help any of the aboveconditions. At this time there is no concrete documentation they are effective for those conditions.However, it is important to remember that many conditions result because of a breakdown in theimmune system, so if you incorporate conventional treatments with immune system boosters suchas cats claw you will certainly see and feel improvement. A strong immune system is the keyfactor to overall good health and anything we can do to improve it is definitely a step in the rightdirection. Taking positive steps to boost your immune system is the key to improving your healthor remaining healthy.Cats claw extract is one of the herbal immune system boosters. There is still ongoing researchinto how much of a role these herbs for the immune system play in promoting good health in otherareas. However, a strong immune system is the key factor in remaining healthy.Article Source: ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to heal with crystals. ====