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The empower network

  1. 1. The Empower Networkby Howard Shen | on December 17, 2011The whole idea of the Empower Network started when David Wood and David Sharpe formallylaunched it on October 31, 2011. 31st may be the last day of October but it was as well the startof the company’s success until now. And would you believe that in just 72 hours, over $250,000in affiliate commissions were dropped straight in the member’s bank accounts? Well believe it!Empower Network is such a super authority website I tell you because for the past 30 days,10,000 paid subscribers have been generated. Imagine?What’s more? Its super growth has caused database crashing. Because of the enormous numberof people joining, the internet almost gave up leading to a server crash which marks its launch asone of the record breakings internet history has ever witnessed.Empower Network Being An Authority SiteThis is probably one of the few things you have or need to be critical within the internet world—keeping an eye of the websites page rank. Of course, you have a goal and you want to achievethat for a couple of months. With Empower Network, you can be successful. Remember, thehigher the page rank is, the more the site is deemed in becoming an authority. Let us take a lookbelow the four known and popular sites in the whole wide world having unique and distinctniches. The data are from .comStarting with the man behind the Four hour workweek book, Tim Ferries, his site about lifestyledesign and doing business in accordance to the four hour workweek has attained the rank of2,159 in US.
  2. 2. Oprah .comI bet you expect to see this site included in the list. I mean who doesn’t know Oprah, the talkshow host who goes viral in the Media? No wonder her site ranks 651st in the US.Perezhilton .comToo much about Paris because there is more to tell from her lovely sister, Perez. Her site talkingabout fashion and girls stuffs have reached the hearts of not only the American girls but as wellguys having it ranked at 338th in US.
  3. 3. Empowernetwork.comDown to the last and must have the most awaited, Empower Network topping from among thefour mentioned sites at 286th rank in US.Now, why else would you choose other sites when the numbers in front of you are proofs thatyou can get highly exposures and easily rank in the search engine? It took the empower networksite 30 days to gain all the 10,000 paid subscribers, how many days would you want to take foryour site?So, now you are faced with the other questions of what and how? If what is it in the EmpowerNetwork are you really looking for and how are you going to start with it. The answer is simple.Read below.Whatever reasons you have for the Empower network, may it be a search for a proven affiliateprogram, a thirst for a fresh network marketing opportunity or just a mere solution to help youstart earning commissions, the company is at most qualified of any of those.As long as you have the strategies and trick to get the magic of the Empower network startworking, then you’ll be not having some problems in the long run. With only $25/month, youcan earn up to $625 or more at the other end. Remember all these are deposited directly into yourbank account. Plus, combining your small knowledge in paid advertising approach will help youin winning the attention of you prospect clients.
  4. 4. The $25 Empower Network SystemThe Empower network only costs $25 per month and you are all good to go. You’ll receive yoursearch engine optimized blog. No other stuffs needed to install. You’ll just simply set up yournew blog and fill up the information about yourself. Once you are done with that then you areready to:1. Blog Daily2. Tell Others3. Make MoneyBut wait! Of course you still have something to learn before blogging your very first post andearning your first commission because you need to know first where and how to cash in those inthe the Empower Network.The Full RevelationTo fully reveal what is within Empower Network, let us start with the two different accounts youcan choose from in receiving your money.1. Merchant Account – Usually this is the best and only takes 24 hours processing. This givesyou the accessibility to use your credit card as a mode in collecting and accepting payments. Avideo instruction is available for this and the steps are very easy to follow.2. Paypal Account – The easiest and most immediate. You only have a few things to fill up, addyour paypal email, click the save button and you’re done.Empower Network for Affiliate MarketingEarlier from this post, I have mentioned the Empower network as a candidate for your quest ofaffiliate marketing, network marketing and a solution. Generally, the company is the solutionitself for your desire to earn commissions and breaking it down to pieces; we’ll branch out intoaffiliate and network marketing.Affiliate marketing from the name itself associates you with the Empower Network giving youthe opportunity to sell its products and services to others. Through promotions online and offline,you can naturally gain leads from those. And the known simple 3 steps viral blogging system canhelp you in instantly depositing your money into your bank account starting today. Blog Daily—Tell Others—Get Money
  5. 5. Empower Network for Network MarketingThe other way around is having the Empower network as a network marketing. Using the threesteps, you can promote each of your post to get them in Google page one. Just target those highlysearched keyword so you get 100% sure your articles or post will be read. Take note of traffic—visitors—sales—commissions. If without these, all your hard work are put to waste.So if you simply want to make more money online, grow your MLM business and affiliatebusiness to the next level or just by the thought of gaining exposure, take Empower Network as atool. It’s a simple proven 3 step system that works since day 1 of the Internet. Empower Networkalso provides complete easy to follow, step by step watch over the shoulder training thatguarantees you to drive massive traffic to your website and generate leads on demand and evenhelp you generate money right off the bat to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solutionto help you and your team get started–regardless of your experience and no technical skillsrequired. Watch the free video here!This entry was posted in advertising, Business, Home Business, Internet Marketing, NetworkMarketingAbout The Author: Howard ShenI am a 2 Times Best Selling Author, as seen on CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX NEWS. I am a man whopassionately and ridiculously loves Freedom! I love to chill, blog about random stuff that benefitthe readers such as what I ate for my breakfast, and constantly seeking like minded entrepreneursto lock arms and fight the forces of evils. O, and about the breakfast... I like my eggs sunny sideup and break the yolk and mix with toasted toast...MMMMMM, yummy! I work from home, andcoach people on how to build online empire from their living room with nothing more than acomputer, an internet connection, 2 pairs of underwear, and an all out passion to win. I LOVE toEmpower People