Thos003: Pest Control Guy's Perspective of Social Media


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Having worked in marketing with Bulwark Exterminating, Thomas Ballantyne has gained first hand knowledge of online media and the customer's ability to influence consumer perception.

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  • How do you increase relevancy?
    Build Code and Content that focus on terms that surround your head term, get people to notice you
  • Thos003: Pest Control Guy's Perspective of Social Media

    1. 1. Pest Control Guy
    2. 2. ? There are a Plethora of views on social media. I would hate to think you are using it without understanding what it means.
    3. 3. #SearchEx Phil Buckley
    5. 5. #SearchEx The beginning of social media…
    6. 6. Cavemen – Humph Word of mouth, Cave ART Scholars – Written, Print AT&T – American Telegraph and Telephone Mass Media – Radio, TV Digital Media – BBS, Internet, Email Online Socializing – Groupies, Chat, Think Tanks, FB, Twitter, Youtube… ……..And then came the buzzzzz word Social Media #SearchEx
    7. 7. When you share content, how do you typically share it? (select all) *CMB Consumer Pulse 2010 (n=1391) Email - 86%  Facebook - 49%  Telephone 25%  Mail 9%  Print out 7%  Twitter 4%  Blog it 3%  Linkedin 2%  None of these 1%
    8. 8. Understand so you…
    9. 9. Fun – DaMentals 72% share because they find something interesting or entertaining, much more than thinking about what recipients might value (58%) *CMB Consumer Pulse 2010 (n=1504) content/uploads/2010/09/Social_Sharing_Research_Report_CMB1.pdf #SearchEx
    10. 10. POWER OF
    11. 11. #SearchEx The power of social media lies in it's ability to shape customer perception. – Thomas Ballantyne
    12. 12. #SearchEx Toyota CamryChevy Malibu $17,499 $19,499 1/3 Buy Based on Price 1/4 Buy Based on Price (Cars sold per year) 250,000 x $2000 = $500,000,000 2004 Case Study by J.D. Powers These two cars are mechanically and fundamentally the same but GM loses…
    13. 13. #SearchEx How is this perception earned? By User Experience. By WORD OF MOUTH. Don't be a commodity. Don’t compete on price. Perception is reality.
    14. 14. #SearchEx Story of Duncan Before YELP.. Travelling salesman becomes Pioneer Food Critic. Writes book for friends. Adventures in Good Eating (1935) Lodging for a Night (1940) Adventures in Good Eating at Home (1950s US Newspaper Columns) …Sharing recipes he collected from restaurants. Becomes Original Content Scraper Duncan Hines Bread (1952)
    15. 15. Those are stars. Two Stars? Review stars. Someone isn’t happy with you. That’s CRAP! I’m a super HERO!!!! WTF?!!! Try reaching the reviewer and fixing it. I don’t need this drama. Why did you bring me into this? Well you are Spiderman, and that’s relevant to me (pest control guy)… And I think its funny.
    16. 16. #SearchEx WARNING: This influences buying habits
    17. 17. #SearchEx Thisiscontentproducedbyconsumers
    18. 18. •Serve the most relevant results for the users search query I want to “BUY RUNNING SHOES” Reviews with Verified Purchase Thanks Brian McDowell and Conductor for slide. Reviews in SERPs influence perception.
    19. 19. Ebay Users with Higher Ratings Sell More and Sell for Higher. #SearchEx
    20. 20. Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted -- nearly 12 times more – than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users by online video review site EXPO. eMarketer, February, 2010 Why Do Online Reviews Matter? #SearchEx
    21. 21. WHY DO ONLINE REVIEWS MATTER? According to GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study, 81% of consumers go online before heading out to the store, up 20% from last year. (July 2013) purchases #SearchEx 71% say they read online reviews before making a purchase. ( 85% say they read online reviews for local businesses. (
    22. 22. #SearchEx
    23. 23. #SearchEx ( denial )
    24. 24. Consumer perception of your brand. Brands don’t own their brand message anymore. Understanding Social Media can help brands guide consumer conversations.
    25. 25. #SearchEx
    26. 26. #SearchEx
    27. 27. #SearchEx
    28. 28. #SearchEx Let’s TIE this all together Use social media to build: T- Trust I- Influence E- Engagement
    29. 29. #SearchEx