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Access To Justice
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Access To Justice


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Access to Justice
  • 2. Starter
    What are the problems with legal advice?
    What help is there?
  • 3. Group Activity
    You are the Government, decide in your group your budget and how you would provide legal aid.
    You need to consider:
    who you will fund
    types of cases
    eligibility rules
    your budget
  • 4. History of Legal Aid
    1949– 1st state-funded legal aid scheme
    1980’s – system had developed into 6 different schemes
    Legal Aid Board – administered the schemes
    Cost of the system escalating
    1999 – Access to Justice Act 1999 – major changes to the system
  • 5. Legal Aid before 1999
    6 schemes
    Legal advice & assistance scheme( the ‘green form’ scheme)
    Assistance by way of representation (ABWOR)
    Civil legal aid
    Criminal legal aid
    Duty solicitor- police stations
    Duty solicitor – magistrates’ courts
  • 6. Legal Aid before 1999
    Problems with the 6 schemes
    Eligibility levels dropped
    Under funding of system
    Fraud ad misuse f the system
    Poor standards of work
    Patchy coverage
  • 7. Different sources of legal advice
    The local Citizens Advice Bureau
    Law Centres, where solicitors offer free advice
    The Community Legal Services Fund for help in Civil Cases, administered by the Legal Services Commission
    The Legal Services Commission provides a range of funding
    These help with initial advice and assistance, representation in court etc.
  • 8. The Access to Justice Act 1999
    In the White Paper, Modernising Justice, the Government stated that it needed to tackle the following problems:
    Inadequate access to good quality information and advice
    The inability to control legal aid
    The need to target legal aid on real legal needs, within a budget the taxpayer can afford.
    Under the Access to Justice Act 1999 the old legal aid scheme was replaced by 2 new schemes.
    The Community Legal Service for civil matters and the Criminal Defence Service for criminal cases.
  • 9. Activity 1
    Complete the loads of bricks activity using the internet and exercise book to help you.
  • 10. Activity 2
    In your groups complete a presentation on one of the following:
    Community Legal Service
    Criminal Defence Service
    Conditional Fees
    Advice Agencies
  • 11. Activity 3
    Explain the different ways of obtaining legal advice on both civil & criminal matters [20]