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  • 2 minutes – is networking all about this, or what is it about?
  • 70% of TechFest attendees think networking is crucialAsking a few questions to start with:-How have you found the networking at this event? - What if anything has helped you network?- What has hindered the networking (4 minutes total)
  • Robin Dunbar says we can have 150 friends. This number is limited by our brain. – so obviously, if we want to meet people at events, we don’t want them to become friends. We don’t want them to be tools either.So what do we want?Dunbar suggests 3 groups: 40, 150, 1500 people – bands, kins and tribes. What networking is about is forming tribes.What is the value of tribes? Tribes are big and consist of kins who, in turn, consist of bands. Now, it is relatively easy to tap into the power of tribes because they are quickly accessible. And we are accessible for everybody in our tribe.Examples of how networking has become really important, even life saving.(4 minutes)
  • Does technology hinder or enhance networking?There is an inherent fear that comes with technology. Planners are worried that attendees spend too much time on their devices.WHO IS WORRIED ABOUT ATTENDEES SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR DEVICES?This is a similar fear to hybrid events taking attendees away from event. And where’s a similar solution to both:Do not fear technology, you are not going to change it – rethink content, adapt your meeting.Stop worrying about technology, use it instead.Planners who give attendees responsibility, will receive a return – do not ask attendees to turn off their devices. Set clear(3 minutes)
  • Think pre, during and post.Pre:– Can we form a bond before the event, how can we keep it on going?– Can we motivate attendees to take part in the pre-networking?During:– Can we use technology to enable attendees– Networking still happens in the pub, acknowledge that and use mobile as a catalyst– Use mobile in order to get external audiences in– Understand what technology is adequate for your attendees, in app chat, conferize, networking games– Gamification, build a groupPost:– Provide resources so attendees can catch up– Do not try to mimic networks like LinkedIn, instead encourage to use themDo not focus on technology, focus on people, make technology work for them(4 minutes)
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  • Networking thorben grosser event mobi

    1. 1. USING EVENT TECHNOLOGY AS A KEY TO OPEN UP NETWORKING Thorben Grosser Business Development Manager EventMobi
    2. 2. Get the app! SSID: etcvenues – Passcode: 54832593
    3. 3. Who wants to get wasted?
    4. 4. Getting Started • How have you found the networking at this event? Answers • What if anything has helped you network? Answers • What has hindered the networking? Answers
    5. 5. What is our network and why? Bands – Kins – Tribes
    6. 6. So what about technology?
    7. 7. How can I enable my attendees
    8. 8. Questions?
    9. 9. Thanks • Follow me at @thorbeng • Rate me on SpeakerScore thorbentf • Get the slides from: