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Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers

Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers



In 2008, Mom Central Consulting (MCC) connected with influential Mom Bloggers, gaining insight into the powerful Mom Blog market. ...

In 2008, Mom Central Consulting (MCC) connected with influential Mom Bloggers, gaining insight into the powerful Mom Blog market.

These findings illuminate the influence of Mom Bloggers on the Mom marketplace that will inform decisions in today’s changing marketing landscape.



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    Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers Presentation Transcript

    • www.momcentralconsulting.com Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers Phase One Mom Central Consulting September 2008
    • Highlights
      • Mom Bloggers: Mom Central Consulting Survey Results
      • Rise of Mom Bloggers and the Social Media Revolution
      • How Mom Bloggers Impact Brands
      • Measuring ROI
      • The Word of Mouth Phenomenon
      • Who We Are: Mom Central Consulting
    • Mom Bloggers: MCC Survey Results www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Introduction In June 2008, Mom Central Consulting (MCC) connected with influential Mom Bloggers, gaining insight into the powerful Mom Blog market. MCC recruited bloggers from our community and a network of contacts. 264 Mom Bloggers completed an online survey of 61 questions, focusing on specific details of their online behaviors and attitudes towards blogging, social media, brands, and themselves as a blogger. These findings comprise Phase One of our research, illuminating the influence of Mom Bloggers on the Mom marketplace that will inform decisions in today’s changing marketing landscape.
    • Who Are Mom Bloggers? www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mom Bloggers are tech-savvy, college educated women who wield extensive consumer power. Their words and opinions influence brand perception both online and off. They expect to be taken seriously by corporations and traditional media.
    • Today’s typical Mom Blogger is between the ages of 30 and 40. She lives with her husband and 2 children. She holds a bachelor’s or graduate degree and has a household income of $75,000 or more. In addition to blogging, many Mom Bloggers have or previously held careers as educators, journalists, lawyers, marketing executives and IT professionals. While diverse in many ways in terms of blog focus and opinions to writing style and background, tech-savvy Mom Bloggers wield extensive financial and consumer power. The words and opinions of these bloggers change and strongly influence brand perception both online and off. www.MomCentralConsulting.com The Typical Mom Blogger
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Articulate, prolific and passionate, these women exert tremendous influence within the Mom blogosphere. Mom Bloggers’ Experience 5% - More than 5 years 5% - 5 years 12% - 4 years 19% - 3 years 27% - 2 years 15% - 1 year 12% - 6 to 12 months 5% - less than 6 months 61% have been blogging for 1 to 3 years, while 22% have been blogging for longer.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com
          • Mom Bloggers are becoming more influential with consumers and attracting the attention of brands, public relations firms, marketing companies, and the media. They will insist upon upholding what they value most, making them so much more effective than traditional advertising. Mom Bloggers are real, honest voices.
      • Only 34% of bloggers have a relationship with a formal blog network or publisher like b5media.
      • Of those who work with blog networks, more than 63% post on BlogHer.
      Mom Bloggers Value Independence
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com More than 50% of Mom Bloggers have multiple blogs, while 25% maintain three or more blogs. 1 blog 2 blogs 3 blogs 4 blogs 5+ blogs 45% 11% 30% 9% 5% One Mom Blogger, Many Blogs
      • Moms go online to read blogs for reviews but also feel connected
      • to their favorite bloggers because of their ability to write about the
      • personal and the everyday in an honest voice. With the increasing
      • attention, some Mom Bloggers happily share intimate details of
      • their lives, but with caution.
      • 25% write under a pseudonym. Why? Some want to vent and
      • post honestly, without fear of repercussion from friends and
      • family, while others want to protect the privacy of their friends and
      • family.
      www.MomCentralConsulting.com Some Mom Bloggers Prefer Anonymity
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com 39% of Mom Bloggers spend more than 7 hours per week on their blogs. 44% spend between 3 - 6 hours. 9+ Hours 27% 3-4 Hours 25% 5-6 Hours 19% 1-2 Hours 15% 7-8 Hours 12% Less than 1 Hour 2% Time Spent Blogging
      • 28% have their own website to host one of their blogs.
      • Of those, nearly 80% blog at WordPress.com, TypePad.com, or Blogger.com, popular blogging platforms allowing bloggers control over look, feel and content.
      www.MomCentralConsulting.com Blog Platforms
    • How Do Mom Bloggers Describe Themselves? www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com “ This is a serious business for some of us – not just about potty training.” “ We are different and diverse.” “ Don’t overlook us as a powerful source of advertising.” “ We are credible and believable.” “ Our blogs can change brand perception.” “ We write because we are writers and love to write. And we’re good at it.” In Their Own Words…
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com The press has contacted 37% of Mom Bloggers about the blogging phenomenon, yet 84% would like to be contacted. 34% of Mom Bloggers consider themselves journalists. Mom Bloggers Want To Be Heard
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mom bloggers derive their main source of income from ad networks (35%), followed by banner or placement ads (21%) and product reviews (17%). Only 2% make money from sponsored contests; yet Mom Bloggers seek out this option, as it drives traffic to their site. More than 25% of Mom Bloggers use some combination of all four income streams. Though Mom Bloggers want to monetize their blogs, one successful strategy has not yet emerged. This presents a strong market opportunity for corporations. More than 60% of Mom Bloggers consider making money from their blogs important. When bloggers do make money from their blogs, the range varies greatly with typical monthly income from $5 to $1,000. Mom Bloggers and Monetization
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Expectations: Less than 25% of Mom Bloggers do not expect to make money from blogging. 35% of Mom Bloggers would like to make enough money from their blog to support them as a part-time job, while 16% would like it to sustain them as a full- time job. Reality: Mom Bloggers would like to have some money left over after expenses associated with running their blogs. While more than 75% of Mom Bloggers hope to make at least enough income to cover their costs, only 50% currently make any money from their blogs. Monetizing Mom Blogging
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mom Bloggers Want To Engage With Companies 92% of Mom Bloggers want more engagement with companies seeking product reviews on blogs .
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com 78% of Mom Bloggers review products.
    • Dedicated Review Blogs Many Mom Bloggers prefer to keep product and service review blogs separate from personal blogs, and thus approximately 28% have set up a blog exclusively to post reviews of products, services, and websites. 43% of these Bloggers did so because of ad network restrictions. www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Currently, Mom Blogs are primarily text and graphic based. They love to write but most do not incorporate video or audio streams. 86% of Mom Bloggers do not video blog (vlog). However, bloggers are open to working with brands to do so, presenting a new opportunity for engagement. 79% would be interested in participating in a vlog tour. 5% of Mom Bloggers produce podcasts. Video Blogs and Podcasts
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Product reviews spread awareness about and create loyalty towards brands. Of Mom Bloggers : 71% host giveaways 56% review services 56% review websites The primary incentive is not always money; Mom Bloggers want to discover brands that incite passion, and they work to offer useful advice and suggestions to their readers. Consequently, 60% of Mom Bloggers consider it important and 25% find it critical that PR and marketing companies familiarize themselves with each blog before making contact, ensuring accurate personal details and more connective email outreaches. Product Reviews
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com 53% of Mom Bloggers consider comments important or crucial to the success of their blogs. Only 15% believe commenting is not important to the success of their blog. Comments on blogs drive conversations, connect bloggers with their audience, and increase traffic on the site. Commenting occurs not only on a blog post itself, but due to linking, bookmarking, micro-blogging, and social networks, Mom Bloggers often write quick reactions to a particular post and link to it, taking the conversation viral. Bloggers Connect With Readers
    • The Rise of Mom Bloggers and the Social Media Revolution www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com 92% of Mom Bloggers use at least one type of social media site, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular, in addition to blogging. Mom Bloggers and Social Media Sites Mom Bloggers use social media sites and social bookmarking tools to connect with others and communicate information about new brands and products. The buzz creates ripples through inter-connected communities, initiating a widespread, ongoing viral effect.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Twitter is a microblogging site allowing the user to post answers to the question “What are you doing?” and followers of a particular profile to respond to one another’s posts. All messages are limited to 140 characters or less, providing a quick way connect. Ning and Gather offer platforms for creating online niche communities. Facebook began as a social networking site for college students. It has since expanded to allow anyone over the age of thirteen to join. Its users create a profile, join groups, upload pictures and videos, build a community of friends, and share public and private messages with each other. Flickr allows users to post, manage, and share photos, as well as create groups within the site. MySpace, much like Facebook, provides an online social networking site with a focus on friends, messages, photos, groups, music, and blogs. LinkedIn reflects the business side of networking with users “linking” to other professionals, sharing a virtual resume and information about business opportunities. Mom Bloggers’ Favorite Social Media
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Social bookmarking tools allow for organizing, managing, and searching popular news and website articles and blog posts. Online readers create “bookmarks” to save favorite online articles or posts on social bookmarking sites. As bookmarks are public, other users can view them, which in turn drives traffic back to the sites. 35% use StumbleUpon and 27% use Kirtsy, making them the most popular social bookmarking sites amongst Mom Bloggers, followed by 22% using Digg. A variety of other, less utilized sites exist as well, with new sites popping up regularly. Bookmarking is an example of self-expression. The sites are ‘social’ because users can form and join groups within the site, make friends, and read and vote on what others are bookmarking. Relationships develop based on individual preferences. Particular users may develop followers based on personal interests. More than Half of Mom Bloggers Use Social Bookmarking Tools
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar that allows users to discover and rate web pages, blog posts, and videos. As you click on the Stumble button on your browser, the site delivers pages matched to your personal preferences. Formerly known as Sk*rt, this site recently relaunched as kirtsy. It brings online content of interest to women to one place. “kirtsy is just like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.” Also known as “Digg for chicks.” Digg is an online community made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web by submitting links and stories and then voting and commenting on them. The site relies on the users of the community (rather than editors) to vote on their favorite news stories by “digging” or “burying” them. Delicious is a bookmark manager. It provides an open view of everyone’s bookmarks and allows users to develop profiles based on the type of pages marked. Mom Bloggers’ Favorite Bookmarking Sites
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com More than 65% of Mom Bloggers actively promote their own blogs. 57% use their own personal network, friends and family, to do so, finding it their most effective resource in building traffic on their blogs. As a result, Mom Bloggers maintain their existing connections and expand their networks through the most popular social media websites. This provides them with high visibility to other users and ease of connectivity — including mobile access for their on-the-go lifestyles. 57% 34% 33% 3% 1% Personal Network How Mom Bloggers Promote Themselves Twitter Stumble Upon * Digg *Others including Stumble Upon
    • Mom Bloggers: Measuring ROI www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Bloggers often keep readership numbers closely guarded, however online conversations can be tracked via Twitter Search, Google Alerts, Google Blog Search and other online tools like Technorati and Alexa. Some blogs will generate conversations after the post, and many have high readership among Mom Influencers who will in turn start conversations offline - something that is impossible to track accurately. Mom Bloggers Reach
      • Authority: On the web, bloggers frequently link to and
      • comment on other blogs, creating the type of immediate connection one
      • would have in a offline conversation. Technorati tracks these links coming
      • into a blog, rapidly indexing tens of thousands of updates every hour. The
      • HIGHER the Technorati authority, the more links connecting into a particular
      • blogger.
      • Traffic Statistics: This tool measure reach by tracking traffic to
      • and page views on a particular site.The actual statistics about the number of
      • readers on an individual blog post are usually not public: these stats are
      • available to the blogger (through traffic reports on large blog hosting sites
      • such as TypePad or WordPress) or buried within the page view traffic
      • numbers of a larger hosting site (such as a ClubMom).
      • Other website trackers exist (Compete.com, Quantcast.com,
      • TrafficEstimate.com) but results are often conflicting.
      www.MomCentralConsulting.com Tracking Tools
    • Blogging Impacts Behavior www.MomCentralConsulting.com Exerting reach or influence: Some bloggers have the reach numbers to spread a message on a larger scale, while others may have a smaller readership but more passionate followers. Developing direct relationships : Mom Bloggers’ writing creates and connects them with loyal readers who look to them for information and recommendations. Companies should engage and respond to bloggers, understand the importance of the relationship and make the interactions mutually beneficial. Get products into the hands of Mom Bloggers, and they will use their connections to spread the word to other Moms. Creating traffic: Word of Mouth (WOM) creates awareness, but blogging starts a conversation and in turn, create traffics. Work with Mom Bloggers to create a mutual relationship built on respect.
    • 96% of Moms value The recommendations They find on mom blogs www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com The large majority of Moms read consumer-written product reviews online before making even small purchasing decisions. Since everyday moms now invest more time and effort researching their purchasing decisions, they feel compelled to share their findings with others. Moms, especially are leaders in this movement. No Longer Passive Consumers Many average Mom consumers transform themselves into “social researchers” by seeking out user-generated content on the Internet to make more thoughtful and well-informed purchasing decisions based on their peers’ recommendations.
    • 75% of Moms read blogs, with a growing number searching out blogs for product and service recommendations. 67% of Moms would rather get information from someone they consider a peer than a “celebrity” Mom. www.MomCentralConsulting.com Conversations Influence Purchases
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Recommendations Drive Brand Preferences 94% of Moms rely on recommendations from other Moms when it comes to purchasing decisions.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Igniting Conversations If you want to influence how Moms perceive your product, brand or company, get involved in the conversation. To provoke viral word-of-mouth among Mom Bloggers and consumers, create direct, personalized, authentic and transparent conversations with them. tralCon sulting.com
    • The Word of Mouth Phenomenon www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mom Bloggers possess a broad sphere of influence, circulating information both on and offline. 57% of Mom Bloggers take online conversations offline during the day. Sphere of influence varies greatly for each of the bloggers we spoke with. The average number of readers per week was 2,000, but for each individual blog those numbers ranged from five to 40,000 readers per week. Word-of-Mouth Takes Diverse Paths
    • the Catalyst for Consumer Behavior Changes www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mass media no longer effectively reaches today’s Moms, who tune out top-down messaging as unreliable at best and deceptive at worst. Word-of-mouth cuts though the clutter, offering an alternative way for Moms to meet and exchange information. As an honest assessment of products and services passed from peer to peer, WOM creates completely new dynamics between consumers and corporations. WOM may start online, but quickly moves offline into everyday life. Moms actively read online reviews and recommendations about products and services that make their daily lives easier. But more significantly, as social circles flow and gain traction online, they shift offline, influencing conversations between Moms, family members, friends and even strangers in a continuous and exponential process. In the new social media generation, smart brands need to work with, not against, the powerful current that word-of-mouth generates.
    • Moms’ Purchasing Behavior www.MomCentralConsulting.com Activating Mom Blogger enthusiasts : WOM enables you to identify brand ambassadors and enthusiasts, who spread the word to Mom consumers. As Mom Bloggers actively seek out information online and share their own brand and product experiences with others, they create powerful buzz. Engaging in direct dialogue with Moms : Want to better understand how your consumers engage with your brand? WOM allows for honest and open lines of communication. Tapping into WOM can even help to quickly and effectively address and mitigate a brand crisis. Revolutionizing control of brand : Since companies can no longer control the dialogue surrounding their brand, jumping into the dialogue becomes essential.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Mom Blogs tap into the conversational nature of Moms and spark discussions both on and offline. They build brand reputation through word of-mouth recommendations or criticisms with a community of readers who trust what they say. Unlike advertising or banners, each post shares a first person perspective and lives on a site (and thus in search engine results) indefinitely. Mom Bloggers Create and Activate Word-of-Mouth Moms want to be part of a collaborative community and love introducing new products and services to their Mom friends. Once Moms read about a certain product on their favorite Mom Blog, they will be more likely to buy the product based on the review.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com This viral movement deeply affects your brand.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com Companies such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and Sony recognize the impact bloggers’ opinions have on Mom purchasing habits and brand awareness. Over the last year, a growing number of companies invited bloggers to events held at company headquarters or a specific, company-related location to build brand enthusiasm with Mom bloggers. Though only 11% have attended a corporate blogger retreat, 94% would be interested in attending upcoming events. Bloggers Want New Ways To Engage With Brands
      • Blogger retreats bring 15-25 Mom Bloggers together at a venue to look deeper into a company’s product’s brand, mission, and vision. Brand managers give bloggers an “insider’s look” at how a company works. Lectures and information sessions broaden a Blogger's perspective on the company and its products. Retreats include interacting with the product to give bloggers a full understanding of its potential impact on Moms’ lives.
      • Benefits of Blogger retreat
      www.MomCentralConsulting.com Blogger Retreats C ompanies have the unique opportunity to have Mom Bloggers serve as a review board to provide them with insights on particular campaigns. Mom Bloggers give honest opinions on what they perceive as valuable to them and their audience. This blogger “brain trust” powerfully formulates campaigns that will most effectively reach Moms nationwide.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com An effective social media strategy involves the creation of communities and movements, the ability to facilitate external and internal dialogues, a commitment to transparency and, above all, an unfaltering ability to view your company’s faults and strengths through the eyes of your Mom consumers.
    • www.MomCentralConsulting.com When you target Mom Consumers, integrate relevant social media strategies and tactics into overall marketing, branding and public relations campaigns. This approach lends itself to multiple tactics, each designed to building trust and personal relationships with millions of Moms you may not reach using traditional methods. At Mom Central Consulting we focus on research to help you understand and foster these connections in order for your company, brand or client succeed. Join the Social Media Revolution
    • Mom Bloggers Phase Two
      • Phase Two, to be released Winter 2008, focuses on
      • “ Corporate Blogger Retreats.” Blogger Retreats typically bring
      • 15-25 bloggers together at a venue to look deeper into a
      • product’s brand, mission, and vision.
      www.MomCentralConsulting.com Our national survey will investigate how Mom Bloggers feel about Blogger Retreats, how to host a successful retreat, and how to accurately determine objectives and actionable outcomes.
    • Mom Central Consulting: Who We Are www.MomCentralConsulting.com
    • Mom Central Consulting We implement social media technology to activate and engage the Mom community. We are the premier marketing and consulting firm with expertise and focus on Moms. Our vision test: will this make the world better for busy Moms and their kids?
    • What We Do
      • Strategic Consulting
      • Advisory Panels
      • Blog Tours
      • Word-of-Mouth Viral Outreach Campaigns
      • Micro-blogging
      • Social Media Bookmarking
      • Social Media Positioning
      • Sampling, Contests and Coupons
    • What We Do
      • In-depth Website Analysis and Editorial
      • MomCentral.com brand Microsites
      • Geo-Targeting
      • SpokesMom Bureau
      • Chat Forums
      • Mom Research (R 2 ): Survey and Analysis
        • Listening
        • Test Panels
    • Revolution + Research = R 2 www.MomCentralConsulting.com
      • R 2 is the specialized research team from Mom Central Consulting.
      • Our qualitative strategy embraces the importance of each conversation.
      • Mom insights can change campaigns, sharpen marketing, and shape
      • product and concept positioning.
      • Expertise:
      • Unique ability to measure
      • consumer enthusiasm
      • Identify insightful trends
      • Tap into targeted networks
    • Mom Central Consulting www.MomCentralConsulting.com Stacy DeBroff CEO [email_address] Twitter: @MomCentral Tracey Hope-Ross VP of Research [email_address] Twitter: @thopeross 617.244.3002 77 Chapel Street Newton, MA 02458