Tom & Bill's Summer Reading List (AICPA EDGE)


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In an era of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners will be those who can keep their rate of learning greater than the rate of change and greater than the competition (L>C2).

Tom Hood & Bill Sheridan both presented at the AICPA EDGE Conference for emerging leaders and young professionals in the CPA Profession. In this slide deck they share some of their most recent reads and thought leaders, most of whim they have met.

Leaders are readers and we hope you like our list. Leave us comments with your favorite reads.


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Tom & Bill's Summer Reading List (AICPA EDGE)

  1. CPA Success – Tom’s Summer Reading List
  2. Tom’s Summer Reading List
  3. “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charlie “T” Jones
  4. The End of Competitive Advantage Photo:Tom Hood & Rita McGrath at BLIThought Leader Symposium in Baltimore, MD “How  would  you  think  differently  about  your  strategy  if   you  knew  your  advantage  might  not  last?”   Tom  Hood  and  Rita  McGRath  at  BLI  Thought  Leader  series  in  Maryland  
  5. Flash Foresight The  faster  things  change,   the  farther  and  wider  we   have  to  see.  Dan  Burrus   offers  some  great   strategies  to  see  these   trends  and  idenFfy  the   hard  trends  most  likely  to   impact  you  versus  the  soH   trends.  A  must  for   anybody  trying  to   anFcipate  the  future   beJer.  
  6. The Second Machine Age The  biggest  challenge  we  face  is   to  comprehend  exponenFal   growth.  Two  MIT  computer   scienFsts  offer  insights  into  just   how  fast  technology  is  advancing   things  and  how  we  should  be   thinking  about  it.  If  you  want  stay   relevant,  this  book  will  help  you   as  organizaFons  and  individuals.    
  7. Perfecting Your Pitch
  8. Leaders Eat Last “There  are  leaders  and  there   are  those  that  lead.”  Sinek   does  it  again!  This  Fme  he   tackles  leadership  and  how  to   build  trust  in  our   organizaFons.      
  9. We  are  quickly  finding  out  that  when   we  go  from  a  centralized   communica8ons  infrastructure  to  a   distributed  one,  when  we  connect   everything  and  everyone,  the  result  is   not  just  to  make  things  faster,  be>er,   and  bigger.  The  social  system  itself   acquires  a  fundamentally  different   quality:  it  becomes  more  diversified,   more  emergent,  and  oCen   unpredictable.     The Nature of the Future Marina  Gorbis,  ExecuFve   Director  of  the  InsFtute  for   the  Future  provides  some   great  insights  into  the   emerging  social  structured   world.  
  10. A Business & Its Beliefs This  is  a  classic  but  helps   explain  the  endurance  of  a   company  over  Fme  when  it   gets  it’s  “why”  right.  An  easy   read  full  of  examples  of  how   IBM  became  one  of  the   most  successful  technology   companies  ever.    
  11. Look, Lead, Love & Learn Bill  Sheridan  has  interviewed  some   of  the  top  thought  leaders  in   business  today  and  this  quick  read  is   like  having  the  cliff  notes  plus  the   added  perspecFve  of  Bill  Sheridan.  I   think  of  it  as  dispatches  from  the   future  of  business.    
  12. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE   The  Business  Learning  Ins6tute   The  Look,  Lead,  Love,  Learn  Book  Club     "Resilience:  Why  Things  Bounce  Back,"  by  Andrew  Zolli  and  Ann  Marie  Healy     "Flip!  How  to  Turn  Everything  You  Know  On  Its  Head  and  Succeed  Beyond  Your   Wildest  Dreams,"  by  Peter  Sheahan     "LeadershiL:  Reinven6ng  Leadership  for  the  Age  of  Mass  Collabora6on,"  by   Emmanuel  Gobillot     "Follow  the  Leader:  The  One  Thing  Great  Leaders  Have  that  Great  Followers   Want,"  by  Emmanuel  Gobillot     "Linchpin,"  by  Seth  Godin  
  13. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE   The  Business  Learning  Ins6tute   The  Look,  Lead,  Love,  Learn  Book  Club     "The  Likeability  Factor,"  by  Tim  Sanders     "Today  We  Are  Rich,"  by  Tim  Sanders     "Love  is  the  Killer  App,"  by  Tim  Sanders     "Escape  Velocity:  Free  Your  Company's  Future  from  the  Pull  of  the  Past,"  by   Geoffrey  Moore     "I  Love  You  More  Than  My  Dog,"  by  Jeanne  Bliss     "Give  and  Take,"  by  Adam  Grant  
  14. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE   The  Business  Learning  Ins6tute   The  Look,  Lead,  Love,  Learn  Book  Club     "Quiet:  The  Power  of  Introverts  in  a  World  that  Won't  Stop  Talking,"  by  Susan   Cain     "Flash  Foresight:  How  to  See  the  Invisible  and  Do  the  Impossible,"  by  Daniel   Burrus     "The  Silent  Language  of  Leaders,"  by  Carol  Kinsey  Goman     "The  Power  of  Habit:  Why  We  Do  What  We  Do  in  Life  and  in  Business,"  by   Charles  Duhigg     "Posi6vity:  Groundbreaking  Research,"  by  Barbara  Fredrickson  
  15. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE   The  Business  Learning  Ins6tute   The  Look,  Lead,  Love,  Learn  Book  Club           "The  Pla6num  Rule:  Discover  the  Four  Basic  Business  Personali6es  and  How   They  Can  Lead  You  to  Success,"  Tony  Alessandra  and  Michael  J.  O'Connor     “Drive,”  by  Daniel  Pink     “Start  With  Why,”  by  Simon  Sinek     “Innova6ve  Intelligence,”  by  David  Weiss  and  Claude  Legrand     “Regenera6on:  A  Manifesto  for  America’s  Next  Leaders,”  by  Rebecca  Ryan  
  16. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE   The  Business  Learning  Ins6tute   The  Look,  Lead,  Love,  Learn  Book  Club           “Trust  Your  Vibes:  Secret  Tools  for  Six-­‐Sensory  Living,”  by  Sonia  ChoqueJe     “Trust  Your  Vibes  at  Work  and  Let  Them  Work  For  You,”  by  Sonia  ChoqueJe     “The  Seven  Habits  of  Highly  Effec6ve  People,”  by  Stephen  Covey     “Life’s  Golden  Ticket:  An  Inspira6onal  Novel,”  by  Brendon  Burchard     “Lean  In,”  by  Sheryl  Sandberg    
  17. “...where the most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills.” Picture: John Drake - Flickr