The State of Informal & Social Learning


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The State of Informal & Social Learning

  1. AICPA EDMAX Committee The State of Informal & Social Learning November 10, 2010 The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans, LA
  2. How can we thrive amidst rapid change and turbulence? Will the speed of change increase or decrease? Will things get more complex or less complex? CPAs and businesses are feeling overwhelmed by the rapid and turbulent pace of change
  3. “As it relates to science and technology, the rate of  change in the next decade, is likely to be 4 to7 times  faster than in the last decade.  If it is 4x faster it  would be like planning for 2010 in 1890, if it is 7x    faster it would be like planning for 2010 in 1670.” ‐Expert on Education Panel, The Aspen Institute
  4. Re‐Set, Re‐Think, Re‐Imagine – The  new normal won’t be like it was before Anticipation of a very large business model  change amidst  rapid change – Steve King There are two recessions – the obvious one and the not so obvious, the end of the industrial age where perfecting the model was the key. The new model will be completely different. – Seth Godin #4 Rethinking the Business Model (25)  from AICPA Major Firms Group
  5. Welcome to the New Normal • The Loch Ness Monster  Economy • Tsunami of Regulations &  Standards • Globalization – growth  comes from abroad • Technology! • Workforce – 5 generations  at work
  6. The Big Questions What single word has best defined our ability to reshape society, technology, and business over the past 200 years? What single word best describes the greatest challenge to our ability to innovate and to deal with uncertainty in the future? Source: Tom Kousopulos @tkspeaks 6
  7. Turbulent times require new skills and new ways of thinking “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” - Jon Kabat-Zinn Photo: Pratt’s surfing page
  8. Is leadership changing in the new normal? “What got you here won’t get you there.” – Emmanuel Gobillot - Leadershift
  9. What Leadership does is the same… • Engagement • Alignment • Commitment • Accountability “First I get all of my men facing the same direction.” - Napoleon
  10. How Leadership gets it done is changing! From: Command & Control To: Connect & Collaborate
  11. The Eight Net Gen Norms that will transform  business, education and government 1. Freedom – The freedom to work when  and where you want 2. Customization – My job my life 3. Scrutiny – I know what you did last night 4. Integrity – Be a good company to work for 5. Collaboration – Teamwork 6. Entertainment – Work should be fun 7. Speed – Let’s make things happen now! 8. Innovation – Let me invent “…when technology, demographics and global economics collide you are faced with a category six (6) business revolution” – Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams - Wikinomics
  12. The Five Qualities of Extraordinary Leaders 1. Sight ‐ Ability to see emerging  patterns and shift perspective when  necessary 2. Insight ‐ Ability to learn faster than  the rate of change in your industry “To keep pace in your industry, let alone excel as a leader, requires 3. Create ‐ Ability to think strategically  your rate of learning to be greater and creatively to gain insights that  than, or equal to, the rate of create new opportunities and foster  change.” innovation 4. Communicate ‐ Ability to  collaborate inside and outside your  organization and to build and sustain  social networks of people engaged in  the work 5. Inspire – Ability to mobilize support  and engage others to join you in  ACTION 12
  13. Leadership in the new normal Three Critical Competencies Built on strengths Strengths- and positivity Future-minded Based Self-awareness and flexible mindset Leadership In the moment Ability to make your thinking Strategic visible to others Thinking Network Collaborative and curious with the ability Leadership to ask powerful questions Boundary Crossing Capable of engaging and Inspiring people AICPA Leadership Academy – October 4-7, 2010 – Meeting summary by Business Learning Institute 13
  14. The Networked Trainer – using social media & web 2.0 14
  15. Follow us on our journey of Web 2.0,  Social Media and Second Life We will answer these questions: 1. What caused us to explore Web 2.0, social media & Second Life? 2. How did we do it? 3. What did we learn? 4. What does it mean to you and all CPAs?
  16. MACPA’s Social Media Journey 16
  17. “Tweetwall” from AICPA Leadership Academy 17
  18. Tweetbook from AICPA Leadership Academy (twapperzapper) 18
  19. Insights from DEVLEARn via Twitter Just two sample tweets from DEVLEARN10 that was happening as I was presenting at EDMAX. A great way of “being in two places at the same time” and for sharing information from conferences back home… 19
  20. Blogs supporting training 20
  21. CPA Learning 2.0 – The first self- directed learning tool for CPAs • Got Permission from Helen Blowers at Library Association to borrow with attribution • Bill Sheridan & Tom Hood worked on exercises and used blog to support self-directed learning • Oct, 2007 Staff volunteered to “do it” • Feb, 2008 Staff completed (95% participation) • Opened up to the world
  22. Twitter & MACPA
  23. Building Relationships
  24. Social media = social capital real world examples
  25. MACPA social media efforts featured in J of A and win 3rd place in Mobbies MACPA won 2 out of top 10 Biz blogs in MD
  26. Great chart from C4LPT 27
  27. What Stuck Out for You? 28
  28. What Stuck Out for You? 29
  29. What Stuck Out for You? 30
  30. What did we learn? 1.Relationships & the Network Effect 2.Listening & learning 3.Builds Social Capital (Whuffie) 4. Effective Communication Tool
  31. We learned that social media can be a valuable leadership tool Web 2.0 Association 2.0 Leadership 2.0
  32. How can we make What sense of the possibilities changing & do we see? complex world? What direction should we go? What does What new it mean to future can we us? create? How is the world changing? Who do we need to enlist to help us?
  33. Five Things to Get You Started 1. Create a digital  footprint 2. Start listening 3. Make friends 4. Create & Share 5. Recognize &  Reciprocate
  34. The BLI Story The BLI logo is a perfect symbol for our current challenges and opportunities – notice the subtle “e”? It represents all things digital (e as in e-learning, the web) that are enabling and disruptive, threat and opportunity. Then look at the tornado, the symbol of disruption, change, and the rapid technological forces that have been at work for the past decade. Finally, did you notice the people? They are sitting on top of the turbulence, collaborating and working together to stay away from the vortex at the bottom where disruption is most dangerous. The Business Learning Institute is the national leader in providing strategic thinking, leadership and communication, and other “soft skills” training to leading CPA Firms, corporate finance teams, and other organizations. We have been recognized for innovative learning using virtual worlds (second life) and social media as we experience another mega-trend – the movement from e- learning to “we” learning. We also are the co-developer and owner of the I2A – Insights to Action and M2M – Mind to Matter strategic thinking and personal leadership development systems. 35 AICPA Peer Review Board – October 11 & 12, 2010 – Meeting summary by Business Learning Institute
  35. Meeting Details AICPA EDMAX Committee The State of Informal & Social Learning New Orleans, LA November 10, 2010 For more information on the Business Learning Institute offerings or our Insights to  Action™ Strategic Thinking System for strategic planning, leadership development: Tom Hood, CPA.CITP Pam Devine CEO Business Development Director Business Learning Institute Business Learning Institute http://www.bizlearning,net (800) 888‐481‐3500 (800) 888‐481‐3500 36
  36. MACPA resources • CPA Success, our daily blog • CPA Spotlight, our weekly podcast • Other MACPA blogs: • • • • • CPA Learning 2, a Web 2.0 playground by CPAs for CPAs
  37. = Follow me on:  Twitter:  LinkedIn:  Facebook: Plaxo: Slideshare: Youtube: Second Life avatar name: Rocky Maddaloni
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