The Future of CPA Profession, CFOs and Accounting - HHS Edition


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Entertaining and informative coverage of the major issues happening in the accounting world today. This special update, tailored for government and NFP CPAs and financial professionals will feature a conversation about the ‘new normal’—what it is and what it means. Tom Hood, recently named as one of the fourth most influential person in the Top 100 Most Influential People in the CPA Profession, will cover the four mega—trends facing the accounting and finance professions—the economy, globalization, workforce, and technology. He then drills down into the value-added finance role and the critical trends in transparency, accountability and performance management, including developments in cloud and XBRL. Tom finishes with tips and techniques to help you keep up with these rapid changes and use them to enhance your leadership and collaboration skills.

For more information on curriculum, content and courses to support the new skills for the future see our Business Learning Institute

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The Future of CPA Profession, CFOs and Accounting - HHS Edition

  1. Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA CEO MACPA & the Business Learning Institute The Future of CPAs,Accounting  andFinancial Professionals in 50 Minutes –US HHS edition Collaborating Across HHS for Accountability,Transparency, and Data Quality” Prepared for:
  2. Tom  Hood  CEO  of  MACPA  &  BLI  •  Named  Fourth  Most  Influen2al  Person  by  Accoun2ng  Today  •  Top  25  Influencers  in  Learning  &  HR  by  HR  Examiner  •  Top  25  Public  Accoun2ng  Thought  Leaders  by  CPA  Prac2ce  Adviser  •  Working  on    Learning  Management  with  AICPA/CPA2Biz,    Cloud  Curriculum,  Performance  Management  /XBRL,  Leadership  &  Genera2ons  Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMACEOMACPABusiness Learning Institute (BLI)hQp://  6/6/13   T  
  3.  @tomhood  @MACPA  Download  today’s  slides  at  …  6/6/13   T  
  4. hQp://  Ask  and  answer  ques2ons  throughout  the  day  here…  was  used  to  engage  our  members  and  encourage  open  Q&A  and  feedback  with  this  exci2ng  new  technology  we  will  begin  incorpora2ng  into  strategic  planning  and  CPE  courses  for  engagement  and  collabora2on.  6/6/13   T  
  5. Respond to a Poll Ask a Question Vote up a Question hQp://  6/6/13   T  
  6. Insights  to  Ac2on    “One  without  the  other  is  either  useless  or  destruc2ve”  6/6/13   T  
  7. Source:  WTF  What’s  the  Future  of  Business  by  Brian  Solis  What  I  have  been  thinking  about  6/6/13   T  
  8. GASB  Whitepaper  hQp://    6/6/13   T  
  9. Business  Not  for  Profits  NGOs  Government  Different  Worlds?  6/6/13   T  
  10. Inattentional blindness
  11. The  new  “Big  Four”  +  1  +  3  • Economy  • Globaliza2on  • Workforce  • Technology  +  Health  Care  6/6/13   T  
  12. 6/6/13   T  
  13. 6/6/13   T  
  14. • Change• Complexity• Compliance• Convergence• CompetitionMANAGING THE “SEA” CHANGE6/6/13   T  
  15. Compliance  -­‐  Standards  •  Interna2onal  –  IASB  &  IFRS  •  FASB  &  PCC  •  AICPA  &  FRF  –  SME  •  ASB  –  Clarity  (12/15)  •  GASB  Pension  •  PEEC  •  COSO  •  IIRC  hQp://  6/6/13   T  
  16. Health  Care  is  major  issue  Source:  Thomson-­‐Reuters    6/6/13   T  
  17. And  opportunity  6/6/13   T  
  18. XBRL  FASB  Industry  Taxonomy  Project  •  Develop  industry  specific  taxonomies  •  BeQer  suited  for  each  industry  •  Industries  par2cipa2ng  include:  •  Insurance  •  Banking  •  Brokers  and  Dealers  •  Real  Estate  •  NFPs  •  GASB?  •  Form  990  6/6/13   T  
  19. Accoun&ng  bodies  hail  G20  emphasis  on  public  sector  repor&ng    DATA  Act  &  Financial  Industry  Transparency  Act  using  XBRL  6/6/13   T  
  20. #SocialAccoun2ng  6/6/13   T  
  21. @hhsgov  @hhsdigital  @healthdatagov  @CDCGov  @CMSGov  @NIHforHealth  @HIMSS  @HITNewsTweet  6/6/13   T  
  22. Workforce  #4Genera2ons  6/6/13   T  
  23. Workforce  #TalentWar  6/6/13   T  
  24. Business  Not  for  Profits  NGOs  Government  Different  Worlds?  6/6/13   T  
  25. 6/6/13   T  
  26. #IIRC  hQp://  6/6/13   T  
  27. IIRC  Value  Crea2on  Process  6/6/13   T  
  28. CGMA  &  COSO  Balancing  Risk  &  Innova2on  hQp://   hQp://  6/6/13   T  
  29. Source:  DeloiQe  CFO  Signals™  survey,  fourth  quarter  2012  6/6/13   T  
  30. Business  Not  for  Profits  NGOs  Government  When  Worlds  Collide  6/6/13   T  
  31. HHS  Strategic  Plan  1.  Strengthen  Health  Care  2.  Advance  Scien2fic  Knowledge  and  Innova2on  3.  Advance  the  Health,  Safety,  and  Well  Being  of  the  American  People  4.  Increase  Efficiency,  Transparency,  and  Accountability  of  HHS  Programs  5.  Strengthen  the  Na2ons  Health  and  Human  Services  Infrastructure  and  Workforce  6/6/13   T  
  32. #CFOsSaveTheWorld  Through collaboration, ourCFO community managesfinancial accountability,compliance, and riskacross HHS by maximizingresources to drive results.  6/6/13   T  
  33. CGMA – CIMAThe global value-added financial professional6/6/13 T
  34. KSAs  hQp://     6/6/13   T  
  35. hQp://    6/6/13   T  
  36. #AdaptorDie  #BendAdop2onCurve  • Technology  &  Caveman  • CC  >  EC  • L  >  C  • CPA  as  Ar2st  6/6/13   T  
  37. Technology  &  the  Caveman  6/6/13   T  
  38. “In  a  period  of  rapid  change  and  increasing  complexity,  the  winners  are  going  to  be  the  people  who  can  LEARN  faster  than  the  rate  of  CHANGE  and  faster  than  their  COMPETITION.”  -­‐  Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP.CGMA  6/6/13   T  
  39. #CC>EC  #  1  Skill  is  CollaboraEon  #  2  Skill  is  CommunicaEon  according  to  2012  IBM  Global  CEO  Study  6/6/13   T  
  40. #Ar2st&CPA  •  Lots  of  ways  to  mess  up!  •  Heat  is  needed  to  shape  the  glass  •  Long  setup  2me  for  quick  finish  •  Try,  learn  and  adjust      -­‐Tim  McFadden  6/6/13   T  
  41. A leader sjob is todefinecontext andprovidehope andinspiration..."
  42. Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP  CEO  Maryland  AssociaEon  of  CPAs  Business  Learning  InsEtute  (443)  632-­‐2301  E-­‐mail  Web  hUp://  Blog  hUp://  Blog  hUp://      Follow  me  on:  ü   TwiQer:  hQp://  ü   LinkedIn:  hQp://  ü   Facebook:  hQp://  ü Google  +:  hQps://  ü Slideshare:  hQp://  ü Youtube:  hQp://  ü Second  Life  avatar  name:  Rocky  Maddaloni  6/6/13   T