The CPA & Accounting Career - MACPA Student Edition
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The CPA & Accounting Career - MACPA Student Edition






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The CPA & Accounting Career - MACPA Student Edition The CPA & Accounting Career - MACPA Student Edition Presentation Transcript

  • CPA Profession A Career for the Future 2013 Student Edition Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA Anne Arundel County Community College October 24, 2013
  • Business Landscape .6M businesses 24 million employees Mid-Market Delegation: departments “System thinking” 3.2 million businesses 26 million employees 22 million businesses 27 million employees Main Street Owner begins to delegate “Focus on growth” Personal Businesses Consumer & Business blur 0-5 Employees Bu26 Million U.S. 2Small Businesses
  • “People  don’t  buy  what  you  do,   they  buy  why  you  do  what  you  do.”   -­‐  Simon  Sinek  
  • 4 Why MACPA?
  • The Future
  • What CPAs think about the future 30 Future Forums 1,000 CPAs Identified these top trends
  • MANAGING THE SEA CHANGE Be the Captain of your own ship! •  Continuous Learning •  Competency •  Collaboration = Career Success
  • It really is about this...
  • In  1997,  the  CPA  profession  crowd-­‐sourced  its  future  with   over  3,500  CPAs  in  the  CPA  Vision  Project   That  was  re-­‐validated  in  2011  by  8,000+  CPAs   Our core purpose, our reason for being is CPAs... Making sense of a changing and complex world. Here is what they said…
  • The  DNA  of  the  CPA   Values  &  Competencies   •  •  •  •  •  Leadership   CommunicaRon   Strategic  Thinking   CollaboraRon  &  Synthesis   Technologically  Savvy  
  • Our  Vision  Statement  for  the  future  is:   (  mandates  to  ourselves  for  a  successful  future)   CPAs are the trusted professionals who enable people and organizations to shape their future. Combining insight with integrity, CPAs deliver value by: •  CommunicaRng  the  total   picture  with  clarity  and   objecRvity,   •  TranslaRng  complex   informaRon  into  criRcal   knowledge,   •  AnRcipaRng  and  creaRng   opportuniRes,  and   •  Designing  pathways  that   transform  vision  into  reality.  
  • Expects a 16% growth rate in accounting and auditing jobs from 2010 to 2020
  • 14
  • Accounting education records broken 82,177 graduates 40,350 CPA firm new hires 2013 AICPA Trends Report
  • CPA credential in high demand! CFOs who are CPAs Robert Half 2014 Salary Guide 40 Employers: Most desired credential 35 30 Solid salary growth 25 20 Entry-level demand also strong 38% 25% 15 10 5 0 2006 2013 Source: Wall Street Journal, 8/13/13
  • The 17 The CPA Brand
  • Tomorrow’s CPA The Maryland Association of CPAs’ Student Group —  Benefits – —  Discounts on certain MACPA programs —  Connect with other students and CPAs in the Mentor Center —  MACPA Scholarship —  Brand new Internship/Job Database —  Discounts on many CPA Exam review programs
  • A CPA Story – Rebekah Brown Click here to read the full story
  • Lessons Learned: What I want you to know Click here to read all the blog posts
  • Rebekah  Brown,  CPA   Customized  Learning  Consultant     Maryland  Associa>on  of  CPAs   Business  Learning  Ins>tute   (443)  632-­‐2320   E-­‐mail   Web  hNp://          hNp://     Blog  hNp://   TwiNer  @RJBrownCPA   LinkedIn  Rebekah  Brown,  CPA    
  • How to join & get involved @tomorrowscpa (Join here: //
  • A leader s job is to define context and provide hope and inspiration..." 24
  • Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP   CEO   Maryland  Associa>on  of  CPAs   Business  Learning  Ins>tute   (443)  632-­‐2301   E-­‐mail   Web  hNp://   Blog  hNp://