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Strategic Inflection Points, Einstein & Learning in the CPA Profession
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Strategic Inflection Points, Einstein & Learning in the CPA Profession


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The latest trends facing the CPA Profession and training, development & learning for CPAs and finance teams. The Business Learning Institute presents a competency and curriculum approach that helps …

The latest trends facing the CPA Profession and training, development & learning for CPAs and finance teams. The Business Learning Institute presents a competency and curriculum approach that helps accelerate the career progression of CPAs in firms, corporations and other organizations. The research was based on the AICPA CPA Horizons 2025 Project where thousands of CPAs identified the skills they would need in the future.

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  • 1. Strategic Inflection Points, Einstein, and Learning in the CPA Profession Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA CEO MACPA Business Learning Institute
  • 2. Download  today’s  slides  at  …  
  • 3. The End of Business?
  • 4. Survival  is  not  mandatory  Source:  Brian  Solis  author  of  The  End  of  Business  as  Usual  
  • 5. Are we at a Strategic Inflection Point? “The point in the life of a business [or an industry] when its fundamentals are about to change. The change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely signal the beginning of the end.” - Andy Grove – Former CEO of Intel Corporation
  • 6. Are we at a Strategic Inflection Point?“Strategic inflection points can be caused bytechnological change but they are more thantechnological change. They can be caused bycompetitors but they are more than just competition.They are full-scale changes in the way business isconducted, so that simply adopting a new technologyor fighting competition as you used to is no longersufficient. They build up force so insidiously that youmay have a hard time even putting your finger onwhat has changed, yet you know something has.”
  • 7. Are we at a Strategic Inflection Point?“[It’s that time] when something is changing ina big way, when something is different, yetwhen you are so busy trying to survive that thesignals of change only become clear inretrospect.”
  • 8. What CPAs think about the future 30 Future Forums 1,000 CPAs Identified these top trends
  • 9. MANAGING  THE  SEA  CHANGE  •  Change  •  Complexity  •  Compliance  •  Convergence  •  Compe==on  
  • 10. Sinek’s Golden Circle Conven=onal   Remarkable  
  • 11. Training as a Competitive EdgeIn a world of unrelenting change, about theonly sustainable advantage is learning.Competitors can copy your products,duplicate your technology, and replicate yourprocesses, but as long as your organization islearning faster than theirs, you will alwaysremain ahead.”David Garvin – Harvard Professor
  • 12. Do you hear me Mcfly?
  • 13. Because our members told us! 2x!  
  • 14. Superior Talent Generates Results! & Superior Learning Strategy Generates Superior Talentü  26% higher revenue per employeeü  40% lower turnover among high performers and 17% overallü  29% higher level of engagement ü  36% higher readiness in leadership and management ROP = Return on People
  • 15. Benefits to organizationsTraining and development is the most highly valued employee benefit. The number choosing training and PWC Report - Managing tomorrows development as their people: Millennials at work: Perspectives from a new generation first choice of benefit is three times higher than those who chose cash bonuses.
  • 16. Why executives should care about Employee EngagementGallup studies proved that corporations with higherengagement levels generated:•  27% higher profits•  50% higher sales•  50% higher customer loyalty•  38% above average productivity“Employee Engagement is an outcome-based concept.It is the term which is used to describe the degree to whichemployees can be ascribed as aligned and committed to theirorganization such that they are at the most productive.” -The International School of Human Capital Management
  • 17. ROI = ROPROP = ROA x ROC x ROL
  • 18. Customized to meet yourfirm Competencies andaligned with your strategy
  • 19. •  The organizations that will become the household names of this century will be renowned for sustained, large-scale, efficient innovation. • The key to that capability is neither company loyalty nor free-agent autonomy but, rather, a strong collaborative community. • HBR, July-August 2011The collaboration curve replaces the experience curve
  • 20. Nowadays, no company is too big to fail or too small to succeed. Simply knowing your customer is one thing. But, understanding how they make decisions and participating in that process influences behavior while building meaningful relationships. Regardless of technology, the future of business isn’t created, it’s co-created. To succeed, it takes a culture of customer-centricity and the ability to recognize new opportunities and adapt based on what they present. – Brian Solis
  • 21. Every challenge is a frustrated opportunity "Average organizations put their best people on problems," McGrath said. "Exceptional organizations put their best people on opportunities."
  • 22. Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP   CEO   Maryland  AssociaAon  of  CPAs   Business  Learning  InsAtute   (443)  632-­‐2301   E-­‐mail   Web  hSp://  Blog  hSp://  hSp://www,      
  • 23.  Follow  me  on:  ü   TwiEer:  hEp://  ü   LinkedIn:  hEp://  ü   Facebook:  hEp://  ü Slideshare:  hEp://  ü Youtube:  hEp://  ü Second  Life  avatar  name:  Rocky  Maddaloni  Check  our  Customized  Training  Catalog  out:     hEp://