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Summer school calendar



Daily calender of activities for Mr. Thomson's ENG4U Summer School

Daily calender of activities for Mr. Thomson's ENG4U Summer School



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Summer school calendar Summer school calendar Presentation Transcript

  • Summer School Calendar ENG4U
  • Day 1 – July 3 Materials: Course Outline, Portfolio, ISU, “She Unnames Them,” “First They Changed My Name,” Something to Declare3. Welcome; handout & explain Course Outline, Portfolio, ISU4. Do Attendance; comment on names: origins, meanings; when are names important?5. All words function like names; representative6. Day 1 Lectures (straight through)7. “First They Changed My Name:” Portfolio #18. Handout STD; students read 4 stories (Traplines, Swallowtails, Iguana Hunting, O What Venerable and Reverend Creatures) Tomorrow: SS Quiz
  • Day 2 – July 4 Materials: Short Story Quiz, Short Story Analysis & Assignment Short Story Quiz – “Half a Day” when done Day 2 Lectures Introduce Short Story Analysis & Assignment Analysis work time Group presentations Portfolio #2: “Early memories of school” Tomorrow: SS Booklets due, SS Unit Test
  • Day 3 – July 5 Materials: Short Story Unit Test, Recognizing Good Writing3. Short Story group booklets due4. Short Story Unit Test Essay Analysis & group assignment Group work time Tomorrow: Confirm ISU novel choice, group presentations
  • Day 4 – July 6 Confirm ISU novel choice Group work time Group Presentations ISU work time Monday: Start The Great Gatsby
  • Day 5 – July 9 Materials: Getting into GG/ Ch. 1-3 questions, Gatsby biography, Gatsby essay topics, GG Facebook asgn.3. The Great Gatsby 1920’s lecture4. Fitzgerald Biography; historic context5. “Getting into The Great Gatsby”6. Reading time7. Essay Lesson #1: Essay Structure & Outline8. Gatsby essay topics out (Essay DUE July 16! Facebook DUE July 18!) Tomorrow: Bring a big honkin’ dictionary
  • Day 6 – July 10 Materials: Chapter 4-9 Questions, Master Vocabulary List & Assignment3. Take up Ch. 1-34. Handout Ch. 4-9 questions5. Reading / work time6. Master Vocabulary work time (Portfolio #3)7. Reading / work time8. Essay Lesson #2: From Topic to Essay9. Reading / work time
  • Day 7 – July 111. Take up Ch. 4-52. Reading / work time3. Gatsby “best to worst” debate (Nick, Jordan, Gatsby, Daisy, Myrtle, Tom)4. Reading / work time5. Essay Lesson #3: Organization & Format6. Reading / work time
  • Day 8 – July 121. Take up Ch. 6-72. Reading / work time3. Imagery & Symbolism Lecture4. Reading / work time5. Essay Lesson #4: Hints & Tips6. Reading / work time Tomorrow: Gatsby Unit Test
  • Day 9 – July 13 Materials: Gatsby Unit Test Take up Ch. 8-9 Gatsby Unit Test Essay work time Monday: Gatsby Essays due Monday: Start Othello
  • Day 10 – July 16 Materials: Othello Act I Questions, Act I Quiz Gatsby Essays due Shakespeare’s Language Lecture Read Act I (Reading Parts) Act I Quiz (scenes i-ii) Act I Questions out; work time Othello Test Format Portfolio #4 Tomorrow: Acts I & II Test
  • Day 11 – July 17 Materials: Act II Questions, Acts I & II Test Take up Act I questions Read Act II (Reading Parts) Terms for Othello Test Act II Reading Acts I & II Test Act II Questions out; work time Tomorrow: Facebook Assignment Due
  • Day 12 – July 18 Materials: Act III Questions, Acts I & II Test Key Facebook Assignment Due Take up Act II questions Read Act III (Reading Parts) Take up Acts I & II Test Act III Questions out; work time
  • Day 13 – July 19 Materials: Act IV Questions3. Take up Act III questions4. Read Act IV (Reading Parts)5. Act IV Questions out; work time Tomorrow: Acts III – V Test
  • Day 14 – July 20 Materials: Acts III - V Test Take up Act IV questions Read Act V (Reading Parts) Play’s end: Comments / Questions Acts III - V Test Portfolio #5 Monday: Portfolios due
  • Day 15 – July 23 Materials: Othello film, Acts III – V Test key Portfolios due Take up Acts III – V Test Watch Othello film ISU Worktime
  • Day 16 – July 24 ISU work time & conferences
  • Day 17 – July 25 ISU work time & conferences Tomorrow: ISU Outlines due ISU Presentations (with rubrics)
  • Day 18 – July 26 Materials: DPJ / Speakers ISU Outlines due ISU Presentations (with rubrics) Exam review
  • Day 19 – July 27 Materials: DPJ / Speakers Exam Part A Film: The Great Gatsby
  • Day 20 – July 30 Exam Part B Return @ 1:10 p.m. for exam / course marks