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  1. 1. Government Mailing List Buy Prepackaged & Customized Government List, Government Database, Government Mailing List and Government Marketing List By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets In The USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia! Governments, being public bodies, actively need and use almost every kind of conceivable product or service, making them the ideal targets f or any kind of marketing drive. Additionally, city governments make f or an excellent target audience f or two reasons; their immense annual revenue and the highly cosmopolitan populations that they administer. Marketing To The Government Demands A Skillful Approach If you intend to successf ully market towards the government, you can be sure of volume sales driven by a strong business relationship and ef f ective products. However, in order to acquire a market share, it is essential that you achieve two key objectives: Target the right individuals within the governmental hierarchy Individual purchasers tend to f ocus on f unctionality and ef f iciency, while volume buyers tend to look at price and value. Time your marketing campaign Since f ederal budgets can't be carried over, most agencies spend the bulk of their allocation towards the end of the f iscal year - an excellent time to release your targeted campaign. The Best Government Mailing Lists With Thomson Data Isolating a target audience can immeasurably boost your chances of success since the people you market to will have much in common, making them much more receptive to a single, ef f ective sales strategy. Thomson Data can help you narrow down your sales demographic using the f ollowing selects, Elected/Appointed Federal/State/District/County Area of operations Party af f iliation Title and Role Size of Administered population Government-level budget Department-level budget Thomson Data can also create a custom government mailing list that targets key decision- makers in multiple governmental departments including, Forestry Services
  2. 2. Agriculture Def ense Transport Health & Human Services Community Development Telecommunication And hundreds more! If you're new in the business, the marketing experts will be happy to assist your ef f orts in anyway possible. When you experience the kind of results we can deliver, you'll always know who to call when it comes to pushing f orward your product and driving up your ROI. Maximize prof its and minimize costs - contact Thomson Data now. Call us today at: 1-800-385-8221 Email us at: