Pædagogisk legetøj,motorisk legetøj,institutionslegetøj,legetøj til børn abc leg


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A child needs stimulation to develop physically and emotionally. This stimulation can be provided by toys. Different types of toys like institution toys, motor toys (in Danish motorisk legetøj),etc helps in skill building and encourages the child to take up challenges.

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Pædagogisk legetøj,motorisk legetøj,institutionslegetøj,legetøj til børn abc leg

  1. 1. pædagogisk legetøjmotorisk legetøj,institutionslegetøj,legetøj til børn - ABCLegAuthor : Thomsen LucasHow Different Toys like Institution Toys and Motor Toys Help In TheOverall Development of a ChildA child needs stimulation to develop physically and emotionally. This stimulation can be providedby toys. Different types of toys like institution toys, motor toys (in Danish motorisk legetøj),etchelps in skill building and encourages the child to take up challenges. When a child is able toachieve a particular milestone he or she feels elated which leads to development of the mind andbody. Parents should choose toys which they know that will make their children enjoy and at thesame time harness their potential. There are different types of skills that a child has to developfrom an early age. These important skills are motor skills, verbal and aural recognition skills,problem solving skills etc.Another important thing that parents should keep in mind, whilebuying toys is that they should buy age appropriate toys fortheir children. Educational games and toys are usually labeledwith the recommended age for playing those and introducingyour child to such toys at an early age will be very beneficial forhim or her. There are even toys for babies which show thatlearning should begin very early.Basic education and essential life skills can be best taught toyoung children through games because learning can be effectiveonly when it is enjoyable. Today to make things easier you havedifferent toys that are specially designed to enable a child develop mentally and physically. Interms of materials used to make toys you have a wide choice here. Therefore you have toys madeof materials like wood, metal, wool, plastic etc. Though nowadays you have electronic playthingsyet it is the wooden ones which are great for encouraging creativity in children.
  2. 2. Wooden toys have been popular for generations and though theselook simple these are great to teach your child the basics of science.Learning toys help develop patience in children and also plays a vitalrole in basic hand-eye co-ordination. As a parent you can buyinstitutional toys (in Danish institutionslegetøj) or motor toysfor your child but ensure that whatever you are buying your childshould have an interest in that product. The toy should be able tograb the attention of your child and it is only then it will serve itspurpose. While buying toys study the manual carefully andunderstand how that particular toy seeks to help in the learningprocess and what skills it will develop in a child. Buy toys thatconform to international safety standards. Toys for ToddlersIf you want to get toys for your tots then get the best ones which will help you to communicatewith them. At their tender age, their language and communication skills are still grossly underdeveloped and their time of concentration and their attention span is quite low too. You need toysfor children, which will help you help you develop the contact and the level of communicationbetween you and your child so as to develop a stronger bond of love.Toys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) that aid in this form of communication are widelyavailable and are very important. You can start things off by taking your little champ or yourdarling young princess to a toy store or have them sit on your lap while you browse the onlinecatalogues of any toy store and see what grabs their attention. Children, at that age, are verymuch attracted to bright colors, sounds and lights. These three things are highly helpful toremember when searching for toys. Make sure that if you get a toy that makes sounds gives offsounds that are pleasant to the ear as both you and your child will be subjected to it for longperiods of time. On many occasions a toy had to be gotten rid of because of the harsh sounds itmade, like robots that continuously scream, “Die Die!” or “Fire Fire!”
  3. 3. Focus on toys for children that will enable your child to utilize his/her sense of imagination andcreativity—a toy that lets them make decisions. Educational toys (in Danish pædagogisklegetøj) are a great place to start, the perfect example would be the Lego bricks. These toys alsohelp your child learn while letting them have fun—they have numbers, letters, colors, shapes,animals etc.Most toys also serve the purpose of being puzzles or jigsaw pieces which can be taken apart andre-assembled to improve logic and hand-eye coordination. Push and pull toys are another greatkind of great toys. Children learn that a toy has to be pulled in the reverse direction to make itmove forward or a certain amount of force is to be applied and the toy dragged a certain distanceto make it move up to a point—this improves spatial relations. If your tot loves computers thenyou can also get them a toy laptop with which they can imitate being adults.
  4. 4. Toys Are Really UsKids are the most wonderful creation of the Mother Nature. They fill the life of their parents aswell as people around them with immense innocent joy and energy. Their presence makes everyother thing pale. Their exhilarating smile makes us forget every worry and stress we have. Havinga kid at home is something like having a live on-going show. Their activities, their curiousinterrogation, their innocent ways of filling up our life with terrific happiness are unmatched. Theywill laugh without any reason, they will occupy their whole day with something or the other andtheir best friends in life are the toys. They will talk to them, love them, break them, and play withthem and eventually also sleep with them.Toys are something which every child needs. Children are given toys based on their gender duringtheir early days when they are unable to select one for themselves. For example, boys are givenmore boyish kinds of toys and the girls get very much delicate and tender stuff to play. Once theygrow up little bit, then their ideas about selecting their own toy get developed ,still boysdominantly select toys like toy vehicles, adventurous games, outdoor games, whereas the girls gofor stuff toys, dolls and more feminine stuff.Kids’ personality is reflected in selecting the game. Their fantasies of becoming some particularprofessional like astronaut, doctor, policeman or model or even teacher, gets reflected in theselection of various toys. There are number of toys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) outof which they can select. Generally girls prefer to play with dolls and stuff toys as well as variousother games like skipping rope, hoopla-rings, art and craft games and so on. They rarely includerobust toys like robot, skateboards to their toy list. Boys always prefer sensory toys (in DanishSansestimulerende Legetøj) like remote controlled vehicles, robots or block games which canbe turned into real life games using various machines. This demarcation is based on general trenddisplayed by the kids while selecting the toys.Toys not only appeal to kids but also to the elders. They get equallyengrossed while playing video games, outdoor games or even in doorgames like chess, carom etc. These games have a worldwide appeal.Almost every household contain these games, which whole of the familycan play together and enjoy.
  5. 5. Educational Toys to Help Children LearnChildren are a gift of God and the first stage in every individual’s life. Even the grown up peoplenow were in that stage once upon a time. Hence, everyone should remember how it felt to be thatage and what were the restrictions and the problems that one can face. Having said this, it is alsonoteworthy that not every person is born equal, and each child has different abilities and qualities.While some are extremely athletic, others are extremely smart, and some have both the qualities.So, it is unrealistic to expect that just like one child can learn something very quickly, the otherchild would also be able to do it in the same speed. Also, there may be some children who areborn with some learning disabilities, which naturally inhibit them from grasping even the simplestof concepts and ideas. These children face a lot of confidence issues and need to be helped by theparents and guardians in picking up the speed and the ability.While many of the parents take their kids to counseling and tutoring for enhancing their learningpower, there are many other ways of doing it at home also. The educational toys available thesedays are specially designed to incorporate the various aspects of learning by making it fun at thesame time. Doing so, makes them approach learning new concepts in a fun manner which doesn’trepel them in any way. Besides, they are attracted to playing these puzzles for children (inDanish puslespil til børn) for longer periods of time, hence giving their brain ample exercise and
  6. 6. growth opportunities. The educational toys are not just an experimental concept, but they havebeen scientifically tested and have been found to increase the neural activity of a child havinglearning disabilities.Puzzles for children are available in almost every toy store these days, and because of the contentand style, they are increasingly becoming popular amongst the kids as well. So, the guardian doesnot have to force these educational toys (in Danish pædagogisk legetøj) upon their child, asthey are being picked out by the kids on their own. However, considering the fact that your childmay have problems getting used to the educational toy initially, you should ensure that you helpin solving these puzzles for children by sitting with them. This would give them the confidenceslowly and steadily, and eventually they’ll be able to solve them on their own. Toys That Teach Effectively Are Great GiftsKids have their own world and they love being in there. Their world mainly consists of toys andgames. They can play all day long and do not get tired. On the contrary harder they play moreexcited they get. Only when their physical strength gives up, they retire to sleep. When it comesto gifting them something for their special occasions like birthdays, special achievements or if youwant to make any normal event a special one you can gift the kid with a Bilibo. It is a veryexciting toy specially designed for kids varying from age group 2 to 7.
  7. 7. A Swiss designer Alex Hochstrasser designed it for kids keeping in mind their varied imaginarypower and creative playing abilities in the year 2001. It is a shell shaped toy made out of hardplastic safe for children and is unbreakable as well as hard wearing. This toy is also winner of toyof the year award in 2010 apart from that various other awards like several international awards,including Spiel Gut in Germany, the Swiss Product Design Award in 2002 and Toy of the Year – UKGood Toy Awards in 2006.Kids enjoy playing with such flexible toys, where they do not have to follow any pattern and canlet their creative fluids flow freely. Kids are more attracted towards toys which are not restricted intheir usage by a particular way; instead they prefer to bend the toy their way. For example theywill break their car roof and make a boat out of it. One can never tell what a child will see incertain thing. My 7 year old daughter tries to find various shapes in clouds and loves the gamevery much. Similarly, every kid wishes to be free to use his/ her imagination with toys the waythey want to and not the way the toys are meant to use.Keeping this in mind a highly creative designer created this toy with special consultation ofexperts in child development. These toys can be used for various plays which improve motor,balancing and imaginative skills of kids of different ages. Play and learn (in Danish leg og lær)is the aim achieved by the teachers when they let children play with this toy, as different children usethis toy in different way, thus giving creativity and learning a free flow. This toy can be used indoors aswell as outdoors.