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Childhood is full of playing and enjoying life and toys acts as the catalyst for this enjoyment. Children love to play with toys as they are their best friend in their initial years of growing and understanding their surrounding.

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Bilibo,abc puslespil,malebog,undervisningsmateriale abc leg

  1. 1. bilibo,abc puslespil,Malebog,Undervisningsmateriale- ABCLegAuthor : Thomsen Lucas Sensory Toys – The Six Sense StimulatorChildhood is full of playing and enjoying life and toys acts as the catalyst for this enjoyment.Children love to play with toys as they are their best friend in their initial years of growing andunderstanding their surrounding. Being a mother or father you always keep in mind of buyingyour kid the best toys for children which he will love the most and eventually you end up buying atoy which meet his fancy only for a couple of days then you again buy him or her another toy andthe cycle continues.Have you ever thought of buying your child a toy which will develop his sensory organs whileplaying with it? If NO, then think now. Among the huge variety of Toys for Children, sensory toysare those toys which helps your child develop his sensory organs while its interaction.
  2. 2. According to scientific research, a child learns faster in the early age and the major developmentof the brain and senses takes place at the initial stage. Development of sensory organs is veryessential as he or she is going to understand the world based on his or her senses. A child spendsthe maximum hours in a day playing with the toys, so if you replace the ordinary toys withSensory toys (in Danish Sansestimulerende Legetøj) then while playing with them he will learnthe vital elements of the senses. With the gaining popularity of multi sensory learning process theneed of sensory teaching materials are increasing day by day.Multi sensory Toys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) includes fine motor, oral motor,puzzles, different types of writing instruments etc. The most common type of sensory toy is therubber ball which helps a child to develop the sense of touch. Then there is a different type ofteaching materials like multi coloured board, which helps a child to identify different colours andshades. For improving the writing skills there are zig zag patterns available. Then there arewooden shapes available to make a child familiar with alphabets and numbers. As sensory toyshelps to develop all the six senses in a child therefore, these teaching materials are used bydoctors and therapists to treat children with sensory problem.Perception and imagination are the two basic things which a child needs to develop with hisgrowing years and the foundation for this is laid at the younger age. This foundation is possiblewhen you take home a couple of sensory toys to help your child play and learn.
  3. 3. Educational Toys For ChildrenWe all know that Toys for Children are only for fun but there are some kinds of toys, which help achild, learn educational skills while playing with them. These toys fall under the genre ofEducational toys. Educational toys are such toys that help a child to develop special skills andeducational values while they are busy playing with them.The key difference between Educational toys (in Danish pædagogisk legetøj) and other type oftoys is that these toys are specially made keeping in mind a child’s developmental factor whileinteracting with the toy. Due to the fast-paced life parents can hardly spend long hours with theirchild and so nowadays, they are choosing more and more Educational toys to assist their child intheir growing years.There are thousands of toys for children available in the market to choose from ranging fromBlocks, puzzles, memory games and even electronic toys. Choosing the right kind of toy is thesole responsibility of the parents as no one knows better than them about their child’s need. Thefirst thing which you need to know is that where to find these Educational toys. So, to start withyou can head to any museum and look for the gift shop, where you will find ample number ofEducational toys from board games to animal replicas. You can also visit numerous online storeswho sell toys for children as they are great recourses for Educational toys. Beside that you canalso look for musical instruments for children as they will not only keep your child happy but willhelp them learn musical lessons as well.
  4. 4. After you know where to look or educational toys now you should evaluate which toy to buy foryour child. To start with look for those toys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) which are preexamined and recommended by medical experts, as they are more authentic and effective.For infants and babies you can buy bright coloured shapes, cloth alphabets and blocks as theyencourage them to crawl and other physical movements. Then if your child has reached thetoddler stage then go for puzzles, toys and games which excite his analytical skills. For olderchildren you can buy internet and computer learning games which stimulates their braindevelopment and also expands their imaginative skills. So, without giving a second thought buyan educational toy for your child to make playing a learning process. Use Of Developmental Toys As Teaching MaterialsToys are the best friend for a child in his growing years. They are like their most cherishedtreasures, which they hate to part with. Being a mother or father, you always try hard to providethem the best toys available in the market. Among the plethora of toys, there are some toys,which hold in them some important qualities for the effective mental and physical development ofyour child. These genres of toys are known as Developmental toys, which can be a great teachingmaterial for your kid. In the initial years, a child learns a lot from what he sees and feels in hissurroundings. Therefore, any kinds of books and pictures will not be so much attractive to themthan these Developmental toys.During the growing years, a child passes through some phases and their mental and physicaldevelopment takes place accordingly. Each phase of years has its own requirement and thereforeyou should choose the right Developmental toys (in Danish udviklende legetøj) for each one ofthem. To ease up your confusion lets discuss the different types of developmental toys, which canbe effective Teaching Materials according to age groups. The first age group starts from infant upto toddlers. In this age, your child goes through a dramatic developmental phase, with crawling,grasping, climbing and even running. In this age colourful toys, which, moves or make noiseeasily grasps their attention. Therefore, it is very essential to provide them with toys that makenoise or music.
  5. 5. The next age group is the preschoolers. In this age, your child will have an inclination towardssome realistic details. Your child will thoroughly enjoy playing with puppets, building blocks andconstructions. You can also provide puzzles and mathematical games, racing cars, activity groupsetc, as they are excellent Teaching Materials (in Danish Undervisningsmateriale).Beside mental development, there is equal importance for physical development as well. As yourchild, reach the preschool age bar you can give him or her gross motor toys, which helps them tostrengthen their large muscles of the body, like trains, a toy lawn mower, shopping carts etc, sothat they can push and pull very easily, which in turn helps to strengthen their lower bodymovement and co ordination. After gross motor toys, you can also opt for fine motor toys, whichhelp in building the small muscles preferably the hands. Therefore, now you know the benefit ofDevelopmental Toys and their role of Teaching Materials for your child in his growing years.
  6. 6. Play and learn; Together In A Great Combination Accepted Worldwide.Learning is a must to develop your mind. Kids hate that the most. Now a child can’t be devoid ofknowledge. If he has it, then it should be used and nourished when he is in his childhood. That isthe time period for a human being to grasp the most amounts of information and tricky wits inthem. The wisdom got in the age between 7 and 15 is the most efficient ones and tough to erasefrom mind if they are deep borne with good understanding.In today’s world the kids are more exposed to playing games on computers and play stations. Thisno doubt only helps the kid to sharpen his skills of confidence and wit but at the same time he isdepriving from the studies and not able to spend time for that. Not because he does not want tobut because it seems a bore for them. No kid loves studying but it is our job to present them thedaily study data in the form of a play and learn routine. The teachers can get innovations in thelearning process for enhancing the study process. Like for instance online market has been veryhelpful for these, you can have books-grammar books of different volumes availed. Here theseresource books contain material for a wide variety of games to be played in the Englishclassrooms. They have traditional ‘noughts and crosses’ games as a like and other sections alsohave sentence building activities where they have to do this in a group competition. This seems tobe a fun atmosphere in the classroom and likewise students can also realize their weak pointswhile competing with their own counterparts. The play and learn (in Danish leg og lær)experience so far has a great deal of takers.
  7. 7. Parents and teachers are actively looking forward for such ideas and implementing them with theirkids. Humanistic and effective approach involves the students in thinking and action. Studentsfighting from reading problems also can develop their skills by learning online. They can be dealtwith love and care. The parents and teachers need to understand this. It can be dyslexia- thecommonest reading problem (in Danish læseproblemer) found in kids. This has easy but timeconsuming remedy like the kid needs to get practiced with the reading and writing thing daily. Hehas to be encouraged instead of disparaging him from the world.The solution for every problem in the world is known but the biggest solution lies in the way youhandle your problems. Bilibo – The Best Puzzle For ChildrenBeing a caring mom or dad you keep no stone unturned to provide the best toys and amusementstuffs to your child but to your surprise, your child very soon loose interest in that toy. This is thebasic behavioral trait of kids in the initial years. Toys and puzzles are the best friend of any child
  8. 8. in his or her growing years. They not only keep them engaged but also help in their braindevelopment. To ease the tension of the parents, the toy manufacture companies have come upwith a range of amusing puzzles for children called Bilibo. They claim these puzzles for children tobe the best in the market, which will catch the attention of the kids to the fullest. To every onessurprise, their claim has been validated by the amount of growing popularity of Bilibo among kids.Swiss designer Alex Hochstrasser first produced it in the year 2001, after numerous sessions ofdiscussions with child development experts.Then let us talk elaborately about the toy. Bilibo is a shell shaped, hardwearing, non-toxic andrecyclable polyethylene material puzzles for children, which, is non-breakable and non-destructible. This toy comes in two different sizes namely big, small, and available in differentcolours as well to attract the attention of the children. The bigger one is about 16 inches in bothlength and width and in 9 inches in height. Due to its bigger size, children can easily sit and spinon it, can wear it as a helmet, can also fill it with snow, sand and even water. The smaller onescomes as more handy to kids, they can take it while bathing and swimming, as it is waterproofand floats on water, it gives great pleasure to kids playing with it.Due to its multipurpose nature, it gives enough room for children to expand their imagination anduse it according to their choice and mood. For the uniqueness of the toy, Bilibo got manyInternational awards, like, Swiss Product Design Award in 2002, Spiel Gut in Germany award, andUK Good Toy Awards in 2006 as Toy of the Year for being by far the best puzzles for children (inDanish puslespil til børn). The driving force behind making this puzzles for children was tostimulate their sensory organs and help in their over all development. Therefore, all you mom and dadout there, stop pouring over electronic games and other sci-fi paying stuffs and bring a box of Bilibo asyour child’s best friend in his growing years.