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Counting is an essential part of learning for kids. However it is necessary to make counting for kids interesting so that they like it instead of getting bored. It is an activity that enhances numerical expertise from a very early age. Later on it helps them to tackle complex mathematical problems with ease. There are lots of educational toys meant for children which are designed to hone their different skills.

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Abc puslespil, motorisk legetøj, institutionslegetøj, puslespil til børn-abc leg

  1. 1. abc puslespil, motorisk legetøj, institutionslegetøj, puslespil til børn - ABCLegAuthor: Juha KnechtHow you can help your child to learn math toys and other Educational toysCounting is an essential part of learning for kids. However it is necessary to make counting forkids interesting so that they like it instead of getting bored. It is an activity that enhancesnumerical expertise from a very early age. Later on it helps them to tackle complex mathematicalproblems with ease. There are lots of educational toys meant for children which are designed tohone their different skills. These toys make learning fun and exciting. To help improve countingabilities of children there are math toys which are available in different varieties. Visual andmoving elements are incorporated into these toys to make them realistic. Your child will love thesetoys.It is imperative that you provide your child a conductive learningenvironment. Learning requires stimulation and this must be donefrom a very tender age. Thankfully nowadays you have so manyeducational toys that can help in the learning process. Thebeginning part can be difficult for you like choosing the right toy.However you can make this easy by choosing a simple toy and asyour child progresses you can bring in complex toys. When you buymath toys (matematik legetøj) for your child keep in mind yourchild’s interest. Get something which your child would love to playwith.Mathematical learning toys for children should be such that it helps your child become familiarwith numbers. Encourage your child to play with the toys and if necessary participate with yourchild. Gradually as your child progresses bring in toys with maths concepts. Your child will learnbasic concepts of arithmetic like addition, sorting, counting etc. When you buy toys always keep inmind your childs level of ability and the quality of the toy.There are other learning toys (lærende legetøj) too which help children to understand theirdaily lessons better. Starting from little toys meant for infants there are different types of toys
  2. 2. that cater to children up to their teenage years. Some toys are so challenging that even parentsget stumped sometimes. Toys not only entertain kids, but also stimulate their minds. This aids intheir development.If your child has a penchant for music, give him or her toys that play classical music. This will helpenhance the imagination of your child. For kindergarten children interactive toys are highlyrecommended. These help them learn words as well as numbers. There are so many educationaltoys and each comes with a purpose. Children love toys, so give them toys that make them enjoyas well as learn.Learning while Having FunYou probably see it in every household—children hunched over video games playing for hours atan end. Excessive playing durations tend to block the thinking and the creative processes and alsoreduce focus and affect development of the personality. However, scientists have found that someparticular games for children that help them to play and learn and actually contribute inenhancing the logical thinking, creativity, aptitude and imagination of the child and also improvecertain other skills.Children, especially the younger ones, get bored easily as theyhave limited attention spans and they are biologicallyprogrammed to get fed up of something fast. So it is vital thatthe teaching procedure should be arranged in a fun andinteractive way so that the child not only enjoys but learns in theprocess too. Here’s where educational games come into thepicture. These games ensure that your child’s knowledge growsin the easiest and the most enjoyable manner possible. Cardgames and video games are the two commonest of the type andthey are also much popular with kids. In addition, there are alsosome educational MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) onlineavailable for free.When it comes to online games, you will lose count. The most popular of all games amongstchildren are card games. The card games available today come in many varieties from the normalcard games to online/computer card games. So when it comes to playing card games online, thereare a lot of choices. A few of the widely popular card games are the ‘Memory game’, whichdevelops the ability to recall images, and ‘Eat Right’ which encourages kids to develop healthyeating habits. More online games include an online coloring book (Malebog) game which isextremely enjoyable and helps children play and learn by encouraging them to draw animals,birds, nature-scapes, farms etc. Election Day coloring pages and President Portrait pages are also
  3. 3. quite popular. So get your child these games and watch them grow and learn before your eyes.Presently, educational online games not only cater to the younger kids but they also are availablefor young teens too. Educational games are a lot to choose from. With increasing age groupsthere complexity and educational value also increases. So you really don’t have to worry aboutrunning out of games! Just go gift your child with an electronic coloring book and watch him/herplay and learn (leg og lær) with fun!Areas of development in KidsThere are so many things in the market with which the kids can play with and the parents of thekids also love to buy toys for their little ones, but are you sure that the toy which you are buyingfor your little one or ones are good enough to contribute in their overall development or just aregood enough for entertainment purpose only. Well of course the sole purpose of the toys to thekids should be entertainment only but they should also develop their cognitive and motor skillsside by side.There are intelligent toys in the market which help the skills to children to grow and also serve theentertainment purpose of the same. There are broadly two types of skills which need to bedeveloped in the initial stages of the child’s development. Firstly it is the cognitive development inthe child which is very important and is of prime concern to the overall development of the child.When we are speaking of the cognitive skills then I am referring to the intellectual developmentsin the child that is how they think, what they think? How to solve problems like abc puzzle (abcpuslespil ) or animal puzzle which inculcates excellent thinking patterns in the children.There are many puzzles for children (puslespil til børn) in the market and some are evenavailable online, so allow your children to play once or twice a day with them, and then see howthe thinking patterns in your child changes over the years as he or she grows old.The other factor which I am talking about is the development of the motor skills in the childrenwhich is also very necessary for the kids to develop so that they can carry out the day to dayphysical activities very well and excel I simple motor tasks like the handwriting, teeing shoe lacesetc. among this also there 2 types of motor skills, first one is the gross motor skill and the sendone is the fine motor skill.
  4. 4. Grooms motor skills are the bigger movements which the child do that is they are hand and legmovements used by them, then comes the fine motor skills which are the small movements likeholding a pencil, tearing paper etc hence you should expose your child to motor toys todevelopment these skills properly in your child, be smart parents.ABC Puzzle – Fun Way of LearningTeaching the basics of the alphabet using ABC letters is the most important step in a child’s life.Since, this education will form the basic of your child’s entire life, it is important to use the bestpossible methodology to impart this knowledge. While most people just normally go aboutteaching the ABC letters, it is not possible that all kids will grasp the alphabet in that manner.Some children have to be worked upon for developing their cognitive functions and enhancingtheir familiarity with the alphabet. For that purpose, the abc puzzle has been found to be the mosteffective mode.The abc puzzle (in Danish abc puslespil) is a collection of colorful pieces of puzzle whichresemble the ABC letters. These puzzles have been scientifically proven to be the most effectivemode of teaching the basics of the English language. The use of colors and the interactive natureof the abc puzzle intrigues the mind of the child and makes a long lasting impression on it. As aresult, the child is not only drawn towards the learning process, he also grasps the ABC letters ina very interactive way by solving puzzles. It serves the two pronged approach of teaching thealphabet to the child, and developing his mental abilities to solve puzzles and problems.The abc puzzle is an easy to use game, where the parent or guardian can step by step take thechild to complex words. However, it is advised that the child is taught the most familiar andsimpler words first. For starters, u can use the ABC letters (in Danish ABC bogstaver) to teachthe child how to spell two or three letter words. This way, the kid will be able to learn how topronounce them without any difficulty. Teaching them how to pronounce their own name, how to
  5. 5. spell out relationship names are also advisable. While initially you are suggested to help the childout by placing the pieces of the puzzle while spelling out the word. However, in the later stageswhen the child has been familiarized with the formation of words and their pronunciation, youshould allow the kid to do the abc puzzle themselves.All the leading child psychologists believe that the ABC letters of a puzzle are the best mode oftaking the kid through the initial learning phase. So, the parents are encouraged to spend asmuch time as possible with their child on the game to help them grow intellectually.Be a Smart ParentThe kids are smarter nowadays; they are not as dumb as we were when we were of their age. Askids as far as I remember I was very dumb and hardly spoke anything during my initial years ofschooling. My class teacher always complained that never spoke anything I class and myhandwriting was very shabby and she could never clearly make out what I used to write in mybooks. Well I am sure this would not be the case in today’s children as they are a lot smarter thanwe actually were. Today’s kids can give you answers which you would never expect them to giveyou and they learn and observe small things which we would be surprised to know if we saw themdoing it or telling it to us. They can memorize so many new words, new concepts and learn longrhymes and poems taught to them in school. They love to go to school and make new friends andalso spend time with of my friend’s daughter bought home a small kid boy and declared in front of everybody thathe is boyfriend and everybody please accept him if you can. Would you believe me of I told youthat the age of the boy and the girl was 4 years. The mother was shocked and laughed at thesame time as she could not believe her ears. Well they did accept the little kid then so he came toplay with her daughter every day.So just imagine that if the kids of today’s life style are as smart as we as parents have to one stepahead of them and keep pace with them in walks of life. The toys which we give the kids to playwith are the kind of toys which we played with but I would recommend motor toys for thisgeneration as that would complement their already developed skills and also help to develop newones.
  6. 6. Motor toys (in Danish motorisk legetøj) help to improve the gross motor skills and fine motormovements of the child hence preventing him from getting into handwriting like the ones which Ihave. These toys are fun to play with and in some places they also have institution toys (inDanish institutionslegetøj). This way, things can be worked out very smartly for the cominggenerations so that we can keep pace with them.