Say hello to Kentico 8! Your integrated marketing solution has arrived


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Kentico 8 is your comprehensive pain-free solution that works across multiple channels to provide customer behavior insights, nurture sales leads and strengthen engagement between your B2B and B2C customers. Kentico’s integrated marketing solution optimizes the digital customer journey by easily delivering actionable data that helps strengthen marketing campaigns, build customer loyalty, and generate higher conversion rates. Join Oldrich Januska, Director of Kentico Product Management for this first look at the new Kentico Version 8.

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  • Thank you very much Thom. I'm all fired up to talk about Kentico 8. Nevertheless, first things first; so let me introduce myself shortly - my name is Oldrich Januska and I'm responsible for Product Management @ Kentico. I have been with Kentico for some 14 months and it's my first major release to introduce. So, even more reasons to be excited. Over the last 14 months I've met with a lot of you face-to-face and ultimately, the outcome of those and many other meetings with product management, development and UX teams let to what Kentico 8 become. The single most important takeaway from this webinar is that Kentico 8 became a reality and is available worldwide, effective immediately!Starting today, a plethora of assets and other information materials will be made available to all of you. Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:We have updated (specifically, homepage & product overview page)We have launched a dedicated Kentico 8 micrositeKentico 8 newsletter is out by nowThis webinar also starts a series of 6 Kentico 8 webinars. The ones following this one will be much more deep dive oriented. Close to 800 people registered so far, so if you haven't done so, go ahead and register to other webinars too should there be of an interest to you or your colleagues. So, that'senough of an introduction I suppose. Maybe a little note here - I have some two great videos to share with you so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the technology gods will be on my side... Talking about videos, let’s go and see one!
  • Show the video from the desktop. So, what do you think? This video is also available both via youtube channel and Kentico 8 microsite.
  • So, here comes the agenda for the rest of today’s presentation.We are almost done with the introduction. Before moving into our UX journey and other great stuff to talk about today, I’d like to spent a little time on our milestones and Kentico’s long-term product vision.
  • It’s with a great pleasure to confirm that we’ve met all milestones we set for ourselves and that Kentico 8 is a reality. Obviously, there is follow up work – as far as the Kentico 8 upgrade is considered we are doing our best to be able to deliver by the end of April. Last but not least, Kentico 8 training will be made available within 60 days of the release date. There is one more reason to show this slide – specifically MMP’s. Minimal Marketable Product. We have started with the concept with Kentico 8 and will keep using it moving forward. In a nutshell, it’s a concept of sharing incremental improvements along the release cycle to get an early feedback in order to stay as close to solving your real needs as possible.
  • Now, I'd like to refresh your memory and show how does Kentico long-term product vision look-like. In a nutshell, Kentico is evolving from a pure CMS player into a customer centric, content driven, Integrated Marketing Solution for masses. Available on premise or in the cloud. Whatever way you prefer. We keep developing our key product areas (i.e. web content management, e-commerce, online marketing, communities and intranet, focus on integration with other applications used by our customers. Needless to say, performance and great UX experience on any given device are an imperative. Last but not least, we will bring innovative ways to develop and distribute our and our partners solutions via Appstore. And Kentico 8 is just a beginning. 
  • Ultimately, it’s about a user. In our case about marketer and developer.Because of the facts on the slide, Kentico has commited to the UX and build a team of UX experts. What they did? They visited partners & end clients, did interview, observations, and usability testing. We have started to work with the concept of personas (fictional users with characteristics derived from the research that helped everybody imagine the real person)As a next step, UX team provided wireframes & prototypes of new features. UX Issues:PERFORMANCETwo typesOverall system response timesTask performance (how many steps give task required)COMPLICATED UIUser interface was full of controls and various toolbars, presenting too many options (which were typically only needed a fraction of time)This had a negative impact on less tech savvy users“Banner blindness” – people couldn’t see and important controlLEARNING AND DOCUMENTATIONLearning system proved to be difficult for non-technical users (complicated UI, they couldn’t find documentation etc.)Most users never notice small question marks for context helpWhen documentation was find, it was difficult to understand itCOMPLICATED CONTROLSControls (like CK Editor) were difficult to use or behaved differently than user expected (context menu)PLATFORM HABITSThe whole system didn’t behave as other web applications. Back and forward buttons didn’t work properlyUsers couldn’t easily work with Kentico in multiple browser tabs etc. LOOK AND FEELOutdated and inconsistentEach module looked slightly different
  • ATAG Preparation
  • Prototype(s) first shown @ Kentico Connection events. It looked dramatically different – and it was.
  • These are the examples of the before mentioned prototype realization. We’ve managed to deliver on our promise. Even though, Kentico 8 is just a first iteration of our UX’s team plan. As you may see, there are things which are on the prototype yet not in Kentico 8 yet (e.g. resizable tiles, live data in tiles etc.). These are all next steps.
  • You might remember – we’ve shown this slide multiple time as an encapsulation of our UX issues. It’s crowded, complicated, too many UI controls, contextual help question marks are not noticeable and, most importantly, there’s a very little property dedicated to the actual content.
  • And this is how the newsletter editor looks-like in Kentico 8. This is what I meant, when I said at the beginning of this presentation that we saved a loot of screen space. We believe, that this is much more friendly environment for newsletter editing. At the same time, hopefully it also demonstrate, that what we’ve done is quite different visually, yet simply and evolution of the logic of how system works. No revolution really.
  • DEMO 1 – (new UX overview) SUM: Single Usability Metric
  • Starting with this slide, next portion of the presentation is dedicated to solution enhancements. Platform is a natural place to start from…Web-parts:You know those situations when you configure a web part on one page, and then you would like to use it again on another with the same or a slightly different configuration?  Well, with Kentico 8, you will be able to setup a web part only once and then copy it to another location. More on this feature can be found in this blog post.Widgets:Imagine the following scenario: You have a page that contains a content editor widget zone so that editors are able to change what the page shows. All the changes must be approved by their manager so the page ishalted under workflow. In Kentico 7, widget changes are live immediately after the change has been made because the widgets haven’t been influenced by workflow. We have changed this in Kentico 8 so that these widgets now work together with your workflow. This blog post contains more info on this topic.CKEditor:We have updated CK Editor to version 4.3 in Kentico 8. The main reason for this update is to support the latest versions of the browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 11).Search:We are aware of the fact that search is becoming a progressively more important part of every large website. People are typically looking for the information by using search instead of navigation. For this reason, we have invested a lot into Smart Search module improvements, and Kentico 8 comes with many new features such as a search preview. You can learn more about all of the new features in this blog post.
  • Brand new Form BuilderThe process of creating forms in previous versions of Kentico has proven to be quite troublesome for many business users, in particular, for marketers. The typical solution up to now has been that the marketer called IT and instructed them to create a form. In Kentico 8 there is a new way to create forms using the form builder. The good news is that you are no longer required to have technical knowledge. All you have to do is just drag & drop the desired items on the form, and that’s it! We believe that this functionality will help non-technical users create forms on their own without any assistance from IT departments.
  • Document Type ScopesContent administrators can define which document types can be created under specific section (e.g. Only News items can be created under the /News sectionThe scopes simplify the work for content editors, reduce the options that may distract themEnhanced Listing ModeContent administrators can define custom filter for a document type to use custom fields for filteringContent editors can newly display the documents from all levels, not only the first level of child documents
  • We have made A LOT of improvements in our E-Commerce solution. I will continue on a few next slides to give you just a sneak peak.PRODUCT OPTIONS:Problem: new category is required (V7) for every unique combination of optionsSolution: Creating and allowing product options on product levelColor option
  • Product Variants:Problem:Not possible to track inventory of each product variantNot possible to specify SKU number of each product variantNot possible to specify price of each product variantSolution:Product variants are managed like separate products with own fields for SKU number, price and inventory
  • Catalog discounts allow you to define a discount for the specific scope of the product catalog, e.g. 5% off for all electronics. This means that the discounted product price is displayed to the customer on the live site directly when he browses the store. To be more specific, the customer can see the product's original price, discounted price and the amount that he saves
  • Discounts applied to order total price based on a defined condition, e.g.Buy over $100, get 5% off
  • FREE SHIPPING ORDERSProblem:Only one free shipping limit for the whole store without any additional settingsNot possible to define free shipping coupon codesFree shipping limit not promoted to a customer during purchaseSolution:Free shipping offers based on a defined condition, e.g. Buy over $200, get free shippingCoupon codes for free shipping offersRemaining amount for free shipping displayed in the checkout process
  • DISCOUNT COUPONSFor each order discount and free shipping offer you can define discount coupon codes. This means that customers get the order discount or free shipping only when they enter one of the defined coupon codes. This is useful when you want the discount to be offered only to the group of customers to whom you sent or gave the coupon codes. As for the coupon codes definition, you can enter codes manually or get them generated. For each code you can specify the number of uses to avoid unwanted usages.
  • CHECK OUT PROCESSProblem:Difficult coding in Visual Studio for even simple customization of the check out process Solution:Documents (Pages), Templates and Web-parts
  • DEMO 5Why? Segmentation & personalization is a huge trend on the marketCreate segments even more easily than with contact groupsEasy personalisationPersonasThey are meant for our marketer users (they are familiar with the concept of personas)They are actually build for most project and can be then easily transformed into KenticoEasy way to personalize web pages and provide personalized recommendationsSegmentation:Create segments which match identified PersonaSend emails to unique recipientsContact can be one persona onlyFAQ:Content personalization x PersonasSingle page personalized x different pages recommended for relevant visitorsContact groups x PersonasPersonas can be assigned to content = recommend relevant contentPage preview for PersonaVisitor can be assigned to one Persona onlyPersonas can be defined through Activities, Attributes, Macros
  • The integration with a 3rd-party recommendation engine enables displaying relevant content based on the behavior of the visitorsPersonalized recommendationsAutomatic learning of visitors behaviour“Amazon-like” behaviourKentico CMS supports website recommendations. Kentico EMS supporst also email recommendations (contacts must be enabled)E-Commerce Products are supported in V8. Other document types will be added in the future
  • A/B TestingProblem (V7):Missing reportsMissing statistical validity of the testNo segmentationSolution:We’ve matched A/B testing to match industry standardsSingle page for all results% traffic included in the testSegmentation of visitors included in the testStatistical validityBetter reportsA/B content testing enhancements provide a marketer complete overview of the test results including confidence of the results.
  • When a visitors log in with their Facebook account, the system can download information from profile automatically according to fields mappingAnalytics:Facebook analytics data for your posts:Post impressions, Comments, Post likes, Post stories (liking, commenting, sharing)Facebook analytics data for your pages:Page fans, Page Fan Removes, Page Fan Locale/City/Country/Gender/Age, Page views, Page Stories (liking, posting on FB page, commenting, sharing)Twitter analytics data for your channel:Followers, Followers removed, Added ListsTwitter analytics data for your posts:Retweets, Favorites
  • Talk about shorter release cycles!
  • Say hello to Kentico 8! Your integrated marketing solution has arrived

    1. 1. Kentico 8 has arrived! Oldřich Januška, Director Product Management +420.737.289.519
    2. 2. Let’s get started… with our new video!
    3. 3. AGENDA: • Introduction • Our UX Journey • Solution Enhancements • Moving Forward
    4. 4. Kentico 8 Milestones • MMP1* – November 28th – DONE! • MMP2 – January 10th - DONE! • MMP3 - February 6th – DONE! • Kentico 8 Testing – February/March -DONE! • Kentico 8 Release date – March 31st - DONE! • Kentico 8 Upgrade – tentatively 4 – 6 weeks after Kentico 8 release *MMP (minimal marketable product – functional build we can share with partners and customers to collect feedback)
    5. 5. Kentico’s Long Term Product Vision
    6. 6. UX Journey – Why • Navigation became complex and less intuitive over the years • Performance • Complicated UI • Learning and documentation • Complicated controls • Platform habits • Look and feel
    7. 7. UX Journey – Kentico 8 Improvements Faster & Easier Navigation Reworked Documentation • Application Dashboard Task Oriented • Application List Contextual • Flat Application Structure • CMS Desk & Site Manager Merged Together Smart Tabs • Vertical • With Drop-down Menu • Automatically minimizing Accessibility • Contrast • Colors • Page Structure • Labels for Page Readers
    8. 8. UX Journey – Kentico 8: Few Facts • Up to 20% more screen space available for application content • Over 1000 unnecessary UI elements removed (borders, gradients, icons) • Over 200 partners and customers evaluated new design (via webinars and Kentico Connection Conferences) • Over 400 downloads of Kentico 8 preview versions
    9. 9. UX Journey – From a Prototype…
    10. 10. UX Journey – To Reality…
    11. 11. UX Journey – From this…
    12. 12. UX Journey – To this…
    13. 13. UX Journey – What’s Next? We’ve just started… We will listen, measure, evaluate & improve. How? SUS (System Usability Scale) • Industry standard for measuring usability & learnability, created in 1986 • Quantifiable results • High correlation with NPS (Net Promoter Score) • Shows which areas need to be improved Our plan: • We will collect V7 SUS to establish a baseline • We will continually measure all future versions, starting with Kentico 8 • We will have results categorized by user role • We will introduce more KPI’s (e.g. SUM)
    14. 14. Platform Enhancements • Copy and paste web parts between pages • Workflow for widgets • Update to the latest version of CKEditor (4.3) • Search improvements - out of the box attachment search, predictive search, search stemming, typo tolerant search, search in synonyms • Easier deployment to Windows Azure and support of the Windows Azure SDK 2.2
    15. 15. Platform Enhancements – New Form Builder
    16. 16. Content Management Enhancements • Redesigned UI • Document Type Scopes • Enhanced Listing Mode
    17. 17. E-Commerce Enhancements - Product Options
    18. 18. E-Commerce Enhancements - Product Variants
    19. 19. E-Commerce Enhancements - Rule Based Catalogue Discounts
    20. 20. E-Commerce Enhancements - Rule Based Order Discounts
    21. 21. E-Commerce Enhancements - Rule Based Free Shipping Orders
    22. 22. E-Commerce Enhancements - Discount Coupons Enhancements
    23. 23. E-Commerce Enhancements - Easier Checkout Process Customization
    24. 24. Online Marketing Enhancements – Personas
    25. 25. Online Marketing Enhancements - Strands Recommendation
    26. 26. Online Marketing Enhancements - A/B Testing
    27. 27. Social Marketing Enhancements FB Login Mapping Posting to FB and Twitter FB and Twitter Analytics
    28. 28. Moving Forward – Kentico 8.1 & Beyond • Further performance improvements • Responsiveness • Integration (E-Commerce) • Email Marketing (Online Marketing) • SharePoint & Yammer Integration (Community & Intranet) • Dashboard Customization
    29. 29. We’ve started with a video. So, let’s finish up with one too…