Kentico CMS 7 – Achieving Marketing Success

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Marketing automation, visual designers, enhanced social media integration, SEO enhancements, and banner management are just a few of the new ways to achieve marketing success with Kentico EMS 7. This …

Marketing automation, visual designers, enhanced social media integration, SEO enhancements, and banner management are just a few of the new ways to achieve marketing success with Kentico EMS 7. This webinar looked at how to achieve marketing success using Kentico CMS 7.

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  • 1. Achieving Marketing SuccessVita Janecek,
  • 2. Agenda• Marketing automation• Enhanced social media integration• SEO improvements• Banner management
  • 3. Marketing automation – OM overview Contact Automatic & manually Segmentation management Contact Contacts groups Differentiate contacts. Activities Use for Newsletters or Content personalization.Track visitors. Use for Content Analytics personalization orgeneral information. Scoring Identify interesting clients. Use for sales representative.
  • 4. Marketing automation – connect with OM Marketing automation Processes Automate marketing processes. Use for Newsletters + E-mails, Data.Com, Salesforce or Contact modification. Contact management Segmentation Contacts Contact Analytics groups Activities Differentiate Scoring contacts. Use forTrack visitors. Use Newsletters or for Content Identify interesting clients. Use for Contentpersonalization or sales representative. personalization. general information.
  • 5. Marketing automation - what it can do with contacts? Modify contact / account Start Modify another contact automation group process Send Replicate newsletter Marketing contact to issue / automation Salesforce email leads Update Subscribe contact to from newsletter Log custom activity
  • 6. Marketing automation – how it works Contact changed Condition Activities Score changed Automation process WaitContact added manuallyHow can be marketing automation process started How marketing automation works
  • 7. Marketing automation – demo (automatic process start)Lead nurturing – eBook download• Visitor comes to a web site, submits a form to receive PDF file• MA process is started and sends a Newsletter e-mail with link to download eBook• Wait & decide – if he didn’t download eBook, e-mail it again• Wait & decide – if he bought anything on the web site then update Contact status & send e-mail to sales representative• End MA process
  • 8. Marketing automation – demo (manual process start)Lost customer survey• Visitor comes to a web site, submits a form to receive PDF, then he downloads PDF but doesn’t buy anything on the web site• Create Contact group with above described visitors• Manually start MA process with Contacts from Contact group• Send e-mail with link to survey• Wait & decide – if he didn’t replied then update Contact status; otherwise send “Thank you” e-mail• End process
  • 9. Enhanced social media integration• new Web parts• new Form controls• actions in Advanced workflow• Demo – twitter feed
  • 10. Enhanced social media integration – FacebookForm controls: Facebook auto post (field for document types, e.g.: News)Advanced workflow: Publish to Facebook (automatically publish status updates to the Facebook page) + demo Advanced workflow – visual designer
  • 11. Enhanced social media integration – FacebookExisting web parts: Facebook activity feed (display most interesting recent activity) Facebook comments (allow users to comment on your site) Facebook Connect logon (log into the website using Facebook account) Facebook Connect required data (request additional information for new users) Facebook facepile (display profile pictures of people) Facebook like box (gain Likes & see how many users already like specified Facebook page) Facebook like button (display Like button on your site) Facebook recommendations (show personalized recommendations to users of your website) Facebook send button (allow users to easily send content to their friends)
  • 12. Enhanced social media integration – TwitterWeb parts: Twitter feed (display recent Twitter updates on a web page) Twitter follow button (allow users to follow a Twitter account) Twitter tweet button (allow users to share your web site with their followers)Form controls: Twitter feed (field for document types, e.g.: News)Advanced workflow: Publish to Twitter (automatically publish tweets)
  • 13. Enhanced social media integration – Google +Web parts: Google+ +1 button (visitors can recommend your content on Google search or Google+) Google+ activity feed (display list of public activities from Google+ page) Google+ badge (engage on Google+)
  • 14. Enhanced social media integration – LinkedInWeb parts: LinkedIn apply with (enable candidates to easily apply for your jobs using LinkedIn profiles) LinkedIn company insider (show rich content about companies featured on your site) LinkedIn company profile (display key company information) LinkedIn member profile (display LinkedIn member profiles) LinkedIn recommend button (enable users to recommend your products to LinkedIn’s audience) LinkedIn share button (enable users to share your web site with LinkedIn’s audience)
  • 15. Enhanced social media integration – PinterestWeb parts: Pinterest follow button (enable your users to follow selected Pinterest user) Pinterest pin it button (let your users ‘pin’ something to Pinterest)
  • 16. SEO enhancements• Review of HTTP response codes• Document-based 404 error pages specified in content tree• Replacement page for deleted documents (demo)• Avoiding duplicate content (extended options in settings)• Culture specific domains (enforcing separate domain names for individual culture versions of the web site)• XML Sitemap and robots.txt improvements• Securing user links (instruct search engine crawlers not to follow links posted by users on forums)• Search crawler reports (track crawlers in web analytics)
  • 17. Banner management• Manage and display advertisements in the form of banners• Monitor impressions (banner views) and clicks• Global x Site banner categories• Utilizes Web analytics & Reporting
  • 18. Banner management – demo• Create & manage banners• See statistics
  • 19. Q&AAny questions?