Advanced development with Windows Azure


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Are you an experienced Windows Azure developer or architect looking to understand advanced development techniques when building highly scalable applications and services using the Windows Azure platform? Then don’t miss this session!

Speaker: Bryan Soltis, Kentico MVP and Director of Technology and Research at Bit-Wizards

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Advanced development with Windows Azure

  1. 1. Advanced Development With Windows Azure
  2. 2. Azure Kentico Virtual Conference AgendaTime Session Information Register7:00 –8:00 AM PST10:00-11:00 AM EST3:00-4:00 PM BSTAre you ready? Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows AzureSpeaker: Vince Mayfield, CEO Bit-WizardsRegister meBreak8:30-9:30 AM PST11:30–12:30 PM EST4:30-5:30 PM BSTGet set.. Introduction to Windows Azure DevelopmentSpeaker: Brian McKeiver, Kentico MVP and Partner/Senior Developer at BizStreamRegister meBreak10:00–11:00 AM PST1:00 –2:00 PM EST6:00–7:00 PM BSTGo…Running Kentico CMS on Windows AzureSpeaker: Thom Robbins, Chief Evangelist Kentico CMSRegister meBreak11:30–12:30 PM PST2:30–3:30 PM EST7:30 –8:30 PM BSTDeployment options for Kentico CMS on Windows AzureSpeaker: Bryan Soltis, Kentico MVP and Director of Technology and Research at Bit-WizardsRegister meBreak1:00 PM–2:00 PMPST4:00–5:00 PM EST9:00–10:00 PM BSTBest Practices for Kentico CMS and Windows AzureSpeaker: Dominik Pinter, Group Product Manager/SaaS and CloudRegister meBreak2:30–3:30 PM PST5:30–6:30 PM EST10:30–11:30 PM BSTAdvanced development with Windows AzureSpeaker: Bryan Soltis, Kentico MVP and Director of Technology and Research at Bit-WizardsRegister meBreak4:00–5:00 PM PST7:00–8:00 PM EST12:00–1:00 AM BSTCommon questions for Windows Azure and Kentico CMSSpeaker: Kentico Cloud and SaaS Development GroupRegister me
  3. 3. Agenda Deployments Multi-Data Center Deployments Multi-Tennant Deployments Startup Tasks SSL SQL Database Azure Subscriptions / Dashboard Other Stuff
  4. 4. Deployments Leveraging Production vs Staging Leverage storage account for upload packages OS Version Updates configuration Scaling Session
  5. 5. Multi-Data Center Deployments Single DB Windows Azure Traffic Manager fortraffic Latency from SQL DB location Multiple DBs Syncing data across databases Data Sync "New" tables Geared more for single tablesWeb RoleSQL DatabaseUS DataCenterWeb RoleAsia DataCenter
  6. 6. Multi-Tennant Deployments "Stacking" sites in a singleweb role Deploymentconsiderations All must deployed at once Host headers within IIS
  7. 7. Startup Tasks (PaaS) Used in PaaS (Cloud Services) Permissions Task Type Simple Elevated Install components (PHP, ASP, etc.) Set up network shares
  8. 8. SSL Single IPs / Multiple SSL sites SNI / Multi-Domain certs PaaS Packaging cert within app Uploading to Windows Azure IaaS Standard SSL setup / installation Windows Azure Web Sites New functionality for Reserved mode
  9. 9. SQL Database SQL Database Migrating data SQL Azure Migration Wizard SQL Server 2012 Backing up data Import / Export 3rd Party Tools Red Gate
  10. 10. Azure Subscriptions Co-Administration Filtering subscriptions Preview features Migrating subscriptions Pricing models Pay As You Go Pre-Paid Enterprise Agreements (EA)
  11. 11. Other Stuff Windows Azure PreviewFeatures Windows Azure TrustCenter Windows Azure TrainingKit Windows Azure dev camps MSDN subscriptions Recent changes OS Version availability Affinity Groups HDInsight Media Services Networks Recovery Services Add-Ons
  12. 12. Questions @bryan_soltis