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Poetry Collection

  1. 1. Poetry Collection
  2. 2. Five Senses PoemFormulaLine 1: Tell what color the abstraction isLine 2: Tell what the abstraction sounds likeLine 3: Tell what the abstraction tastes likeLine 4: Tell what the abstraction smells likeLine 5: Tell what the abstraction looks likeLine 6: Tell what the abstraction makes you feel
  3. 3. Five Senses PoemExample:Problems are black.They sound like children crying.They taste of castor oil.And smell like spinach.They look like monsters.They make you feel unwanted.
  4. 4. Diamante’ PoemFormulaLine 1: one word, subject of poemLine 2: two words, adjectives describing subjectLine 3: three words, participles (-ing verbs)Line 4: four words related to subject(For lines 5-7, describe opposite/antonym of subject)Line 5: three words, participles (-ing verbs)Line 6: two words, adjectives describing opposite of subjectLine 7: one word, opposite/antonym of subject in Line 1
  5. 5. Diamante’ PoemExample Love Happy, secure Dreaming, talking, loving Husband, wife, children, home Quarreling, loathing, degrading Angry, mad Hate
  6. 6. Cinquain PoemFormulaLine 1: one word, subject of poemLine 2: two words, description of subject (adjectives)Line 3: three words, participles (-ing verbs), actionsLine 4: four words, simile describing feelings about subjectLine 5: one word, synonym for subject
  7. 7. Cinquain PoemExample Feather Purple, unpredictable Wiggling, wobbling, plummeting Wild as an angry bumblebee Plume
  8. 8. Color PoemColor (title)Color is describe looks, describe looks,and feels like describe feel.Color is the taste of describe taste.Describe smell and describe smell smell color.Describe how color makes you feel makes me feel color.Color is the sound of describe sound and describe sound.Color is place that reminds you of color, place that reminds you of color,and place that reminds you of color.Experience that makes you feel this color is color.Experience that makes you feel this color is also color.Color is anything you want for this line.
  9. 9. Color PoemExample TurquoiseTurquoise is magic, manatees, and silly putty.Turquoise is the taste of sherbert.Juicy pears and the desert smell turquoise.A cleared mind makes me feel turquoise.Turquoise sounds of splashing paint and tubas.Turquoise is Yashiro, a calm pool of water, and a coral reef.Painting is turquoise.Making new friends is turquoise.Turquoise is having siblings.
  10. 10. I WishWrite a poem about things that you wish for…Pattern:  Line 1 ---- A  Line 2 ---- A  Line 3 ---- B  Line 4 ---- B  Line 5 ---- B  Line 6 ---- B
  11. 11. I WishExample: I wish for a cat, I wish for a dog. I wish for a storm without a fog. I wish to be, I wish to see. I wish to be a great big flea. I wish to swim in the sea. But most of all, I want to stay..........ME!!!!!!
  12. 12. Build-A-PoemFormulaLine 1: one word, topicLine 2: two words, colorsLine 3: three words, adjectivesLine 4: four words, participles (-ing verbs)Line 5: five words, a sentence about your feelings or experiences
  13. 13. Build-A-PoemExample:Fallyellow, orangeshiny, wet, windyraining, changing, playing, fallingThe days grow too short.
  14. 14. HaikuTypically, the topic of a haiku is nature.A haiku follows this pattern: 1. Think of something in nature. 2. Brainstorm words for each of the senses. 3. Now, use the following pattern to create your haiku!Line 1 ----5 syllablesLine 2 ----7 syllablesLine 3 ----5 syllables
  15. 15. HaikuExamples:Most cannot see it.It’s intertwined and complex.A beauty in dew.SunRising in the East.Golden goddess in my eye.Bringing light to day.
  16. 16. 8-line Rhyme Poem Line 1________________________ Line 2________________________ Line 3________________________ Line 4________________________ Line 5________________________ Line 6________________________ Line 7________________________ Line 8________________________Lines 2 & 4 should have end rhyme.Lines 6 & 8 should have end rhyme.
  17. 17. 8-line Rhyme PoemExample:Weird-Bird by Shel SilversteinBirds are flyin’ south for winter.Here’s the wierd-Bird headin’ north.Wings a-flappin’, beak a-chatterin’,Cold head bobbin’ back ‘n’ forth.He says, “It’s not that I like iceOr freezin’ winds and snowy ground.It’s just sometimes it’s kind of niceTo be the only bird in town.
  18. 18. Limericks 5 line poem Meant to be humorous The pattern is a-a-b-b-a Lines 1, 2, and 5 contain 3 beats and rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 have 2 beats and rhyme.
  19. 19. LimericksExample:A flea and a fly in a flueWere caught, so what could they do?Said the fly, “Let us flee.”“Let us fly,” said the flea.So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
  20. 20. LimericksQuick Practice:There once was a pauper named MegWho accidentally broke her______.She slipped on the _____.Not once, but thriceTake no pity on her, I _______.(Can you guess which words go in the blanks?)
  21. 21. Concrete/Shape Poems A way of placing words on paper to give a visual effect to match the feeling of the writing. The shape expresses what the writing is about. Use strong, colorful language to describe the topic of the poem. Remember to think about your five senses.
  22. 22. Concrete/Shape Poems
  23. 23. Concrete/Shape Poems
  24. 24. If I WereIf I were , would love me. would think I’m .My is .They .Rhyming Pattern:Line 1 ---- ALine 2 ---- BLine 3 ---- CLine 4 ---- BLine 5 ---- C
  25. 25. If I WereIf I were a rosebud,Noses would love m e.B would think I’mgrand. eesM perfum is sweet, y eThey love m in F e rance.
  26. 26. Used to…But Now A poem about feelings that you used to have, but have now changed. Should have 5 examples, which would be 10 lines in the poem. It can rhyme, or be free verse.
  27. 27. Used to…But Now I used to hate reading. But now I really love reading I used to be afraid of change. chapter books. But now I love new adventures. I used to run really fast. I used to be shy. But now I dont run that fast. I used to hate my sister. But now I’m the life of the party! But now I love her a lot. I used to hate cleaning. I used to love to play Legos. But now I enjoy the smell of a clean house. But now I love to go on the computer. I used to be annoyed by my mom. I used to hate school! But now I wish she lived closer. But now I LOVE school I used to be afraid of a crowd. because I have a good teacher! But now I love standing in front of a class ofBy: Evan students! By: Miss Brannack
  28. 28. Clerihew Light-heartedly pokes fun at a well known or famous individual. Four lines long Must have the person’s name at the end of the first line Pattern:Line 1 ---- ALine 2 ---- ALine 3 ---- BLine 4 ---- B
  29. 29. ClerihewThere was a principal named Matthews,Who always chewed on some cashews.He was known to say “Happy Monday,”And actually enjoyed being a human sundae!