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Strategic leadership development content

  1. 1. Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results. Strategic Leadership Development 1239 First Avenue, Suite B Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 888-278-4392 2700 Westown Parkway, Suite 200 West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 515-453-9590 • fax 515-222-0565
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • Explore how leadership development helps achieve strategic goals and business results • Explore how to guide processes required for effective leadership development – Assessment – Development • Explore how to evaluate the contribution of leadership development to effectiveness – both individual and organizational Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  3. 3. Agenda • Outcomes – specifying the results to be achieved by leaders and by leadership development • Competencies – identifying required knowledge, skills, characteristics, behaviors and practices • Assessment – assessing current and/or potential leaders to identify strengths, development needs • Development – selecting and implementing appropriate programs, resources, and tools • Evaluation – measuring the effectiveness of leaders and the leadership development initiative Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  4. 4. Outcomes: Strategic Challenges • • • • • • • Sustained profit growth Steady top-line growth Consistent strategy execution Innovation and entrepreneurship Speed and adaptability to change Customer loyalty and retention Productivity improvement • Relative competitive advantage The Conference Board’s study of top business leaders’ “challenges of greatest concern” Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  5. 5. Outcomes: Human Capital Challenges • • • • • • • Successful succession Employment growth Competition for top talent Leadership bench strength Workforce adaptability to change Employee engagement, retention Performance improvement • Leadership as competitive advantage Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  6. 6. Competencies: The “right stuff” for leaders • The things which are required for effective leadership (in an organization, unit, role, job) • Knowledge, skills, characteristics, traits, behaviors and practices • Keys to current +/or future success • Differentiators of top performers • Used for selection, development, performance management, etc. Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  7. 7. Competencies: One example Direction & Alignment Leadership Talent Development Planning & Organizing Results Orientation Service Orientation Influence Communication Interpersonal Collaboration Relationship Building Personal Analysis Judgment Adaptability Innovation Learning Business/Management Professional/Technical Expertise Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  8. 8. Competencies: Another example Te am Pla i ng lop hip ve rs De lowe l Fo yin g Creating Vision g vin s Re s ult Following Through Im ple the men Vis ting ion hie Ac Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  9. 9. Assessment: Examples What competencies are required? Tools for defining leadership requirements: • Strategic Directions (organization, future) • Role Expectations (specific role, today) How proficient are the individuals? Tool for assessing current practices: • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  10. 10. Development: Getting the right mix • Individual development plans, including: • Formal training: classes, online, blended; internal +/or external programs, resources • Work-related experiences: action learning, stretch job assignments, guided task teams • Coaching/mentoring: external +/or internal; individual +/or group, in-person +/or virtual Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  11. 11. Example: LHH Leaders at all Levels • 6-month blended learning approach includes 360 feedback, classroom + virtual sessions, coaching circles, and action learning projects – Collaborative leadership – Strategic thinking and acting – Communicating intentionally – Leading high-performing teams – Coaching for optimal performance – Managing change and conflict – Innovating while managing risk Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  12. 12. Development Best Practices • Align competencies and development plans with strategic challenges, business results • Involve leaders: teaching, coaching, support • Offer mix of internal, external formal learning • Provide work-based learning opportunities • Ensure clear goals, challenge, and feedback • Access to resources/solutions (e.g., job aids, knowledge bases, experts, COPs, etc.) • Measure and link learning and performance Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  13. 13. Evaluation: Discussion • Reactions – questionnaire re: satisfaction +/or perceived value • Learning – test of knowledge +/or demonstration of skill acquired • Behavior – self-report +/or ratings of others re: application on the job • Results – other measures for assessing organizational impact Examples? Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  14. 14. Evaluation: Measure Results • • • • • • • • • Employee engagement Employee retention Productivity improvement Quality of products/services Cycle time reduction Customer satisfaction Sales/revenues Profitability Return on investment (ROI) Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  15. 15. CRG Lee Hecht Harrison Can Help • Leadership Strategy & Program Design – Succession Management – Organizational Assessment • Capability Development Programs – Leaders at all Levels – Internal Coaching – Team Coaching • Executive Coaching Programs – Top Performance Coaching – Early Impact Assimilation – Targeted Coaching Among top 10 leadership consulting firms according to Leadership Excellence magazine Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results.
  16. 16. Maximizing Performance. Achieving Results. Thank you for your participation! 1239 First Avenue, Suite B Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 888-278-4392 2700 Westown Parkway, Suite 200 West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 515-453-9590 • fax 515-222-0565